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Share your TWD fanfiction!

I suppose you could call this an advertising thread...but I feel like we're always looking for ways to get our stories out there and share them with as many people as possible. I for one know I'm ALWAYS looking for something new to read. So if you think you got something good that you wanna share, post it here to be read! And hopefully other people, besides just me, will come across this thread and read it too.
AintItFun AintItFun
Hi! This is a good idea! I have a story that I just updated. Hopefully more people will find this thread. Check out my story? It's a Daryl Dixon/OC story. :)
Awesome! I'll check it out, thanks! :D
I also have a Daryl/OC story too.

AintItFun AintItFun
Sweet! I shall check it out! :)
I get a lot of good feedback on my story. Everyone says its different than any other Daryl/OC fic they've ever read. Check it out :) I love outsider girl characters and tried to create one of my own.
Alva Starr Alva Starr
Hello all, I recently stumbled upon this site and I uploaded my story if anyone is interested. It's a Daryl/OC with a twist. If you're not familiar with the tv shows Buffy & Vampire Diaries you may not get some of the characters but you can read it anyone if you want. It's called Alive.


RomanticBlondie RomanticBlondie

Hey there AintItFun :))

I've got three fanfics posted here that you might want to check out ...

Maggie's Nightmare - the interrogation at Woodbury goes differently (more like the comic book series) and it changes Maggie's life forever (basically writing the aftermath of that through flashbacks until we get to present day). I've now got 16 chapters posted, so it's incomplete but being updated regularly. If you like Maggie, Glenn, The Governor, Daryl and Beth - then this one's for you. It's a bit dark at times, but also has some tender moments as well.

My Guardian - A companion fanfic to Maggie's Nightmare. In Maggie's Nightmare, there is another relationship that blossoms at the prison in the aftermath of the war with the Governor. So, if you are a DETH/BETHYL fan (or are at least open to the idea) - then this is a great one. This story is more of a romance for now; however, as it catches up to the storyline of Maggie's Nightmare - things will get a bit dark for our favorite TWD characters. Not for the faint of heart (eventually). This story can be read as a companion to Maggie's Nightmare or if you just want to stick with DETH/BETHYL, you can read this on it's own ;)

Also, started Opposites Attract - Daryl/OC. Just have one Chapter Posted, but would like to get some feedback and comments so I know where I'm going to take this story. Really positive comments so far, but I'd love to hear what y'all think :-D


My Dead Dahlia My Dead Dahlia
@Alva Starr

I've been following your story for a while now - what an awesome story and I LOVE Danni ... she's a great character and I love the relationship you developed with her and Daryl. And, I really like the tarot card and Celtic/Gypsy influences you've incorporated - very well done!

I've got three fanfics posted here (Maggie's Nightmare, My Guardian and Opposites Attract). I really respect your writing and I'd love to hear your thoughts on any of my stories. Reviews, comments, feedback is all appreciated :))

My Dead Dahlia My Dead Dahlia
Hi there, I know you from fanfic.net! Thanks for the compliments on the story and my writing. I will totally check out your stories. I love giving feedback so expect comments ;)
Alva Starr Alva Starr
@My Dead Dahlia

Those sound awesome! I'm definitely gonna check them out! :)
AintItFun AintItFun

Hey I don't know if anyone will see this, haha, but I'm new and I love to write, I also love The Walking Dead. I was encouraged to go with this so I did. I have one chapter up let me know what you think!

Haha I don't know if anyone even looks at these but got my second chapter up today! Please take a look if you're interested!

I have a Daryl/OC Fanfic which I think some of you will enjoy reading.
You guys should take a look. :-)


Brittanymia Brittanymia

I've got an O/C story called Survival Is Not An Option. I'm working on Season 2 if anyone's interested to take a look at it.
I've also got a Governor story called Through The Eyes Of The Governor, but haven't been able to update it, due to computer problems :(

Old Snake Old Snake

Hey there.... first of all, let me just say that it was a lengthy process for me to finally be able to communicate with you (anyone from this site) lol.... now that I'm able to, I wanted to pick your brains a little bit on something. I'm writing you from my personal tumblr blog, but I'm actually the "owner" or whatever for The TV Times (http://thetvtimes.co.vu/) and first of all we face a lot of what you guys appear to be facing as far as "getting out there" to the masses, but second of all (and initially my reason for reaching out to you) is that I lost my writer for TWD due to life circumstances beyond her control and she could no longer dedicate the time to recap or post 'whatever' (we have a pretty much "anything goes" policy with regards to our writers' shows and what they post about them) to The TV Times so I'm search of someone that might want to take that show's coverage over. I personally haven't watched the show beyond the first season, and I'm covering some pretty big hitters myself so I can't take it on, but it's got such a huge fanbase that I'd hate to drop it from the shows we offer "entertainment" about. Even if you post a recap and also fanfic stuff, your shows are yours to do with them whatever you want, our goal is to try to build enough readership to eventually get advertisers interested in advertising on the site.

We are currently running the site off of tumblr, however have purchased domain name and are creating a standalone website. I'm working with a Business Intelligence expert on gaining readership and on functionality for the site (one of our biggest hindrances we've discovered is the seeming inability to really be able to interact with our readers, like on a FB sort of level....) so that's a key component we're working on with the new site is that ability to really interact and comment/post/debate/etc.., freely.

Anyhow, I'm probably already way ahead of myself with all these details but - - if someone is interested, check out the site, you'll get a good idea of what's working and how we "do things" by checking out "The Blacklist" as that's the most successful show thus far with regards to readership. I've never done fanfic before but am curious about it and could possibly get into it from what I do know, so I'm wondering if there might be a way to maybe combine efforts (join forces) and really light some shit up!? Let me know.

Cheri (aka Baby Z on The TV Times)

#47079 #47079

Hi, I have a One Shot TWD/MerleDixon/OC fanfic to check out. I've wanted to write a longer fanfic, but am yet to come up with an original idea. I don't just want to follow the story line word-for-word and add my OC into it. Check it out!
I'm currently reading 'Note to Self: Don't Die' by Alva Starr.
It's a very good read so far, I'm up to Chapter 26. :)

deleted deleted

Hey readers!!! Just like everyone else, I'm also writing a Daryl fanfic. The name, Don't Let Me Go. Go ahead and check it out if you like. I posted Chapter 28 about a week ago. So, if you're interested, go check it out!!! If not, that's ok as well!!

Happy Reading!! :)

LovingAnything LovingAnything

I am writing a daryl dixon fanfic :) I update a lot. Once or more every day so y'all should check it out :) it's called "the redneck has feelings?"

thanks! :)

KaylaDixon KaylaDixon

Is there somewhere where it expains how to post a Story?

cdnmaggie cdnmaggie

Go to the drop down menu with your username on it and there is a My Stories button. Once you click that you should be directed to a page that hosts your stories, if you don't have any yet there will be a button that says something along the lines of make a story.
hope that helps ^_^


walkerbait walkerbait