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Hi everyone, I am new this forum! I am a big fan of The Walking Dead, but never really thought of getting involved with online forums/sites! I had a few questions:

What keeps you all so engaged with this particular fan forum?

What inspires you to write fan fiction? I have read a few stories on this site since joining, they are so creative, do you write because that is how you would personally like the show to be written?

Who else is excited for the next half of season 7? I want to see Negan's back story revealed! Anyone else?

Hey there! Glad to have you join :)

For me, after not being very active on this site for a few years, I mostly stay/keep writing here because it's a nice TWD based area. Lots of creativity. It was really active when I first joined, but I like how posting is here, and the set up of the forums. It's easy to get feedback with rating, subscribers, and comment sections.

I like writing fanfiction b/c it's an outlet. I don't know if I'd say that it's the way I wish the show/comics to be written, but I always like throwing in new characters and adjusting :) As you've probably seen, we have some pretty good content up, even with a little less activity. Are you planning on posting at all?

I haven't kept up with season 7, but I'm planning on catching up. I personally LOVE Negan, and can't wait for that to be explored on the show. :D


Thank you, I am happy to have joined!

Has this site become slightly less active more recently then? I agree, the system of ratings/subscribers/comments works well on this site - do you get involved with rating/subscribing to many other people on this site?

Sounds quite interesting! I have had a browse through some of the stories on this site, they are really creative! I haven't ever tried writing fan-fiction myself, I think I prefer reading it, I am not as creative as everyone on this site! Are you active on many other TWD fan sites? I tried to join in on a forum on the official AMC TWD website, but no one responded to me!

You should catch up! Season 7 has been very good - a lot of drama! I also love Negan, he is so savage!!! Jeffery Dean Morgan has done so well with this role!



I do not know about the system rating... I cannot find a way to submit my stories for rating... I had them open, no option to rate. Had them marked "finished," still no rating options. Came to the website on a different device, my daughter's account, and see no way for anyone to rate my stories? It's okay though because I don't think I have the dedication to fiction that I once had but I do wish I could figure it out in case I went through a Walking Dead streak again


Have a good day all!

Judy Carley Judy Carley

@Judy Carley are you certain you're signed in when you view your story? The rating option only shows up if you're signed in. But I did click onto your story and the rating option was there. Might just be something about you and your daughter's devices.

Mishafer Mishafer

I wanna to take a chance here and welcome all the new users. I decided not to post in these forums anymore, but I figured I could at least welcome you.
I hope I can continue interacting with users on here in a positive matter, like I have been with a person I'm beta reading for right now and someone that I can now call a dear friend. I also hope to act like a writing mentor to some of you who want to improve your writing skills, no matter how much or how little you want to improve them. If you ever need tutoring or just have a question about writing, feel free to message me :)

Old Snake Old Snake

As a side note to what I said above, the reason I haven't been updating my Governor story for those of you who have been wondering is because of a mix of college work, depression, and my friend Wendy passing away just last Wednesday. I'm not gonna talk about that though, since it's very personal. Her husband doesn't mind if I talk about it, but I do. I've only talked about it with close friends and family about this. That's why in the RIP section of my profile there's no details about how she sadly left this world; just a brief, but loving description of her. On a more positive note though, I'm hoping to post another chapter this weekend hopefully. I've been doing that story for over four years, and I am hoping to finish it before Summer rolls around. But like I said above, if any of you have any questions about technical issues or writing, feel free to message me :)

Old Snake Old Snake


Thank You

Judy Carley Judy Carley