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Who wants to guess why I'm hytersically crying my eyes out?

CarlGrime'sGirl CarlGrime'sGirl

I can't believe it!!

deaddixon deaddixon

I don't think I can continue watching. I feel like a big chunk of my heart is missing. I've lasted this long watching others die, but when Carl was bit, I had to pause my TV and leave the room. I couldn't watch it, I spent the night crying in my bathroom. I never thought they'd kill off Carl, he has always been my favorite character. I know it's stupid to be so emotionally attached to a fictional character, but I looked up to him when I hit hard times. I was a in the hospital when I first started watching in 2010, and when it came on I'd forget about all the medication and test. I kinda feel like we grew up together in a sense. He was fighting walkers, while I was fighting heart disease.

Thank you, creators of The Walking Dead, for giving me something special to watch!

RIP Carl Grimes. My unforgettable fictional love, you will live on in our hearts (and fan fiction). Im sure TWD heaven has lots of chocolate pudding for you <3
CarlGrime'sGirl CarlGrime'sGirl