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A revival?


my name is Emmaleigh. You may or may not know me. Whichever it is, totally cool. I’ve had an account here for nearly a decade, and the last time I posted an actual chapter I was just a young fangirl who ultimately just loved Carl Grimes (still a Chandler Riggs Stan to this day). Since then, my writing has drastically improved. I apologize for all the craziness and drama that my ex and I were the center of all those years ago. We were both so young and deeply hated each other; but we both somehow found an odd interest in this place. He passed away a few years ago, and I’ve gone to therapy. Thankfully me and my child are both very healthy and happy now! Moving on from my sappy summary:

I’ve stuck to my self promise and I’ve not watched the walking dead shows at all since Carl Grimes was killed off. Now that I’ve heard TWD series finale came to a close (or will idk the exact date) I totally wanna finish it and write more fanfics! Writing is my biggest personality trait and this site really helped me discover that. So, if anywhere is still active…maybe…somehow…we could get this site back to the glory days!!

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