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Alva Starr

Alva Starr

Alva Starr

If anyone is looking for my story "Note To Self Don't Die" I have removed it from this site.
I will continue to post updates on Fanfiction.net where I post all my writing. So if you do want to keep up with Note to Self, you will find it here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9342562/1/Note-To-Self-Don-t-Die

Sorry for any inconvenience. I appreciate each and every reader and friend I've made on this site, so if you do like my writing, please feel free to follow me here:

I am also posting Note of Archive of Our Own:

I am an aspiring memoir writer who loves magic, tarot, astrology, vintage clothing, animals, tattoos and coffee. I am proud mom to 2 Rottweilers and 4 kitty cats. I used to play in rock and roll bands.
I love fanfiction and I am inspired by so many talented people on this site that I finally gave it a go myself! Love TWD+ love Daryl+ love outsider girl characters = my stories! Thanks to everyone who is following. I appreciate it :) I really hope to keep entertaining you all.
I am also posting this story on FanFiction.net. and Mibba.
Feel free to follow: https://twitter.com/AlvaStarr67


I Get It Now

I Get It Now

PG-13 Romance Drama

What if Beth hadn't died during the hospital rescue mission? What if she and Daryl got their reunion? Got their happily ever after? Well, it might look something like this. Care to gaze through Alva Starr's surreal, romantic crystal ball lens? Take a peek if you like... (Daryl/Beth)


Completed ✓
10.0 8 Votes