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~ Hey there! Martha here =3
I have always loved writing, being able to weave your own tale and create amazing feature-length pictures in another person's mind. What's always eluded me was "good" writing; I remember as a kid, from 2nd grade onwards, they taught sensory imagery and plot points, but never what really flowed.
So here I am now, almost 19 years of age looking for the stories that carry that "you-make-it-seem-easy" style of writing. We all know how versatile the setting of The Walking Dead can be and I feel much dissapoint at the cookie-cutter stories. It's my goal not only to perfect my own style of writing but find that gem in rough of WD Fanfic ^^

~More About Me~
This is an attempt to dive back into writing, which I believe stimulates brain activity quite nicely. It will fit well in my schedule of painting, pot smoking, web browsing, and managing a stall at the farmers market. Sadly, I have no desire to re-watch any of my new favourite series but would love to see someone take off on the story from the end - no OC's.