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Been writing fanfiction for around 8 years, and watching the Walking Dead since season 1. In between college and managing my two jobs, I enjoy writing various stories for fun. Typically, all of my aliases are "mischief" related, due to my love for Harry Potter, and my first username on another fanfic site. So... I guess I go by Mischief on anonymous forums :)

Been on this site for around two years, lost a lot of my old writing and messaging friends from back then. If you've been around, or even if you're new and like my stories or just want to talk, feel free to message me, I love chatting :)


Like Dying Embers

Like Dying Embers

NC-17 Romance Drama Horror

When the world comes to an end, Carrie Andrews must fight to survive the walking dead. Merle/OC, mixes the show + comics + AU


9.3 17 Votes
Match Made

Match Made

NC-17 Romance Comedy Drama

AU in my “Like Dying Embers universe” The zombie apocalypse never happened, and life went on—for Carrie and Merle. After seven years, Daryl starts to give up on the idea of getting his own happy ending like his brother. And just when he thought that nothing could get better, he made a match. DARYL/O


10.0 6 Votes
I'll Be There

I'll Be There

R Romance Drama Horror

Her biggest mission in this fallen world is to keep her little sister alive and safe, and she'll do anything to have it happen. *Eventual Daryl/OC and a slight kind-of Carl/OC*


8.8 11 Votes
Lips Like Kerosene

Lips Like Kerosene

R Romance Comedy Drama

PRE-APOCALYPSE. - Merle Dixon's normal Friday night at Skeeter's is just what it always it: a whiskey drinking bender and picking up the easiest tail there is. But when Carrie Andrews walks in with that navy dress, Merle's whole routine turns upside-down. Merle/OC


9.7 21 Votes
The Trolling Dead

The Trolling Dead

PG-13 Comedy Adventure Biography

WDFF users BossTrolling and Toasty are fighting in a war. A war against bad fanfiction. But what happens when a mysterious new troll appears? Move over Rick, there's a new sheriff in town.


Completed ✓
8.6 16 Votes
We Are Not All Survivors

We Are Not All Survivors

R Drama Horror Tragedy

They are the fallen. The ones who did not know how to shoot, those who did not know how to live, those that did not know how to survive, those who gave up, those whose luck just ran out. These are the stories of the fallen. These are the stories of the forgotten. These are the stories of the dead.


10.0 8 Votes
Dixons Don't Cry

Dixons Don't Cry

R Romance Action Horror

Tessa Dixon, daughter of Merle Dixon and a one night stand, is about the get more than she was ever bargaining for with the impending apocalypse. All she wants is a bit of safety and sh*t not to be so confusing, is that too much to ask? -ON HOLD-


10.0 20 Votes