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Devil's Angel

Devil's Angel

Devil's Angel

Hello everyone! I'm Ciara, I'm from Ireland and I'm thirteen years old :D
I'm an atheistic Zen Buddhist, wannabe psychologist and dreamer. I love writing in the fantasy, horror, drama, crime, suspense and romance genres. My favourite authors would be Stephen King (the madman), George R.R.Martin (DRAGONS) Richard Montanari (master of suspense) H.P Lovecraft (even if he was an asshole) and Shakespeare.
My favourite TV shows would be Game of Thrones and.....GOT is all I watch :D Do I do enjoy Charmed, The Sorpranos and would like to watch Mad Men, True Blood, Breaking Bad, Bates Motel and Sons of Anarchy when I get the time.
I watch Youtube all the time and my favourite channel is GAMEGRUMPS! LOVE THEM!
I mainly write original AU fanfictions. Message me about anything x <3