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Stories, page 4

The Darkest Storm

The Darkest Storm

R Romance Adventure Horror

Darcy, an alluring and strong-willed girl who is surviving on her own, comes across a group of survivors who quickly become like family to her. They provide a comfort she never thought she'd find, and she soon gets a chance at a relationship she never expected. (Daryl/OC)


9.9 197 Votes
Hell on eart


NC-17 Drama Action Horror


The Anderson Family's Survival
Through The Eyes Of The Governor

Through The Eyes Of The Governor

NC-17 Drama Action Horror

Loosely based on the graphic novel by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga, known as "The Walking Dead: Rise Of The Governor," this epic novel features the story of how The Governor descended into darkness, and became the man truly despised by many.


9.0 33 Votes
Breaking Free

Breaking Free

NC-17 Romance Drama Thriller

In hopes that he can fix the mistakes he has made in the past, Daryl Dixon is on a mission to find his place in the world and learn to live with the guilt in his heart.


Completed ✓
10.0 39 Votes
No Rest for the Undead
Quiet Mind

Quiet Mind

NC-17 Romance Drama

This is my take on what happens after Rick loses someone he loves...


- 2 Votes
The New World
Behind Blue Eyes

Behind Blue Eyes

NC-17 Romance Horror Thriller

Daughter of an Army Ranger, raised by her grandma since her mom left when she was young. Kayleigh Anne Parker lived a pretty normal life, before the apocalypse started, with a job and her hobbies.


10.0 7 Votes