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Stories, page 4

Never is a Promise

Never is a Promise

NC-17 Romance Horror Thriller

Life for Charlie had never been perfect, it wasn't the worst, but it wasn't the life that Charlie had wished for, but at this point, she would give up everything to have it back the way that it was, unless she somehow managed to find a reason to keep her pushing forward.


10.0 4 Votes
It's a Mad World

It's a Mad World

NC-17 Romance Adventure Thriller

The Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon.


10.0 5 Votes
Keep Holding On

Keep Holding On

PG-13 Romance Action

Stay strong and fight this new world, survive, but never forget where you came from, everyone you loved and cared for. Take one day at a time and keep holding on.


Completed ✓
9.8 7 Votes
Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight

R Romance Adventure Horror



8.7 8 Votes
Boom She Killed A Zombie


R Romance

He never noticed her before she started frequently showing up everywhere in the prison. She grew up and became a woman along the way. He felt drawn to her and she wasn't playing shy.


9.0 17 Votes
An Arrow To The Heart

An Arrow To The Heart

PG-13 Romance Drama Horror

Mistaking Skylar Bleu for a walker, Daryl Dixon attacks and as they become closer, she doesn't know which is harder: making sure Sarah, her younger sister is safe, trying to stay sane or finding herself hopelessly falling in love with Daryl?


9.9 9 Votes
Once Lost

Once Lost

R Romance Horror

Beth came home from college after a night she would never forget to hear the world had ended. Then some survivors come across their farm and one of them looks very familiar. Has she lost her will to live and survive? Romance and Horror. Deth? Beth x Daryl


10.0 13 Votes
The World's a Broken Bone; Melt Your Headaches & Call it Home
I Thought I Needed You But I Don't!

I Thought I Needed You But I Don't!

NC-17 Romance Horror War

Daryl and Glenn love tangle taken in season 3.


10.0 3 Votes