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Wasn't Born an Angel - Comments, page 7

Jonesing for an update something awful. LOL Hope your muse has been busy during the holidays.

Serenity Serenity

Just finished reading this, all in one day since I couldn't put it down. I absolutely love the fact that you've continued your work even after the soul-crushing MSF. And thank-you so much for not putting in a Beth rape scene, or a scene where she submits herself to that preachy bastard. Really I feel like that would've ended any will she had left to live. I think Daryl is portrayed perfectly, in this fiction and in "I Will Follow You Into The Dark." I'm hoping they get to find a place together where they can sort things out, because there has to be some big discussions coming up soon! Can't stay on two different timelines forever. Really excited to read more chapters! :)

I love this fiction so much. Really. I think about it between updates like wondering how they are and what they all do and what's gonna happen next. And I am glad you will continue. I was surprised you updated so soon because you said you'll need a while after MSF. I am happy for Beth feeling better and it was a good thing that Daryl and Beth had this talk but they still need to talk some more. Same with Maggie. I think she realized now how stupid she was. They will all feel better when they'd talk about things. I can't wait for next chapter. I need to know where they want to go. I hope they will find a safe place, Eugene will find a cure and there's going to by the happiest ending ever. ;)

cccGlenisla cccGlenisla

Good one. They needed to let each other know how they feel. Now they can build on that. Thanks for continuing this great story.

gneebee gneebee

Loved it! Very strong chapter imo...can't wait for the next! Also I'm waiting...anticipating the next chapter of Will you follow me. After all this is all we have left

Daryls_Darlin Daryls_Darlin

Loved it! Very strong chapter imo...can't wait for the next! Also I'm waiting...anticipating the next chapter of Will you follow me. After all this is all we have left

Daryls_Darlin Daryls_Darlin

Of course there's still someone who read your fanfics ! MSF destroyed all fans of Bethyl and we need them to go threw that shit.
For me, I began to read Bethyl fanfics AFTER seen Coda.

Domarys Domarys

I also want to admit that that midseason finale was TOTAL bullshit and makes me so angry i want to explode into tears

Isabella Isabella

I'm happy you've decided to continue this story. We need it!

gneebee gneebee

@bbhlvr64 @aquadreams10 @sonny @daisy @Spykes_Dixon @scs05c @Daryls_Darlin @#65154
I just wanted to thank all you guys for your support and still wanting to read what I had planned for Daryl and Beth in their storylines that I have going! I really was and still am so heartbroken by what happened in the midseason finale, but I have decided that I am too attached to Beth and Daryl's characters that I have created to let them die. I do fully intend to continue both fics. There is going to be an update of "I Will Follow You..." by morning. This one...it is a little bit tougher because, I don't know, it is much darker than "I Will Follow...", and I have decided not to change any of my planned story lines because of what happened in the midseason finale. Because of the general dark tone there are still some dark things to come in "Wasn't born..." not necessarily between Daryl and Beth, just some dark and violent things that I am not really feeling like handling right now. I know you guys will be patient! I love you all so much and thank you for your support!

Aireabella Aireabella

Hi. Every single chapter is just amazing. You are really good writer. When I read your stories I feel like I am actually inside the story. Like everything is so well described that I feel like it's really happening and I actually there watching it happen in front of me.
I understand if you don't want to continue writing your bethyl fics after MSF. If this is the end of story, please let my tell you how I enjoyed reading it and I am glad you shared it with us. Thank you. I would love for this story to get proper ending, though. If it's not too much to ask, please write at least one more chapter. Daryl needs to find out Beth wasn't raped, Rick has to decide if to go to DC and Maggie should realize what she said and apologize for that.
BUT if you will continue writing for this story, I will read it. I love it. And I look forward to every chapter. Beth died in the show but she still lives in fics.

cccGlenisla cccGlenisla

Please don't stop writing your stories!! The MSF doesn't have to be the end for Beth. We can keep "Bethyl" alive through "I Will Follow You" and "Wasn't Born an Angel" if you stop writing them "Bethyl" will surely die...I am looking forward to the next chapter of this one as well as "I Will Follow You" Please don't give up!

Daryls_Darlin Daryls_Darlin

Please keep writing this story, keep Beth alive through it! I've really enjoyed reading your stories and they've helped me get past the midseason finale. Thank you for what you've written and should you decide to continue I'll definitely keep reading! :)

scs05c scs05c

Giving up on writing would be a bad decision. Let her live on through your stories. There are many people that are devastated by the last episode but that doesnt mean we'll forget her.
So please keep writing- so we can enjoy Beth and Daryl in an alternate universe :)

Spykes_Dixon Spykes_Dixon

Great chapter - it's awesome to 'hear' Beth laughing and having a good time. And beyond fantastic dialogue with Rick and Daryl. I know the episode was heartbreaking, but I really hope you change your mind and decide to continue!

daisy daisy

Please don't stop writing these two stories. I love them both so much. They give me something to look forward to.....Thanks for writing!

bbhlvr64 bbhlvr64

Please don't stop! Last night's episode broke my heart and these stories will help me get threw it all! Love these two stories. Why did Beth have to become over confident and try to kill dawn ahhhhhhhh, i sorta expected either her or Carol to go but that scene just shocked me. And daryls face, he took action to killing dawn so quickly.... sorry I'm rambling. But please keep these stories alive.

sonny sonny

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T GIVE THESE UP!! I love the stories so much and that's that only reason I was able to handle that episode, was knowing that I'd still have these to read.

aquadreams10 aquadreams10


mackyleeadams mackyleeadams

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