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Wasn't Born an Angel - Comments, page 8

LOVED THE CHAPTER!!! Probably the best Beth/Daryl story I've read in a while.

redsugar redsugar

Thanks for another great chapter!

bbhlvr64 bbhlvr64

Aww...thank you! That is a great compliment! I think both Beth and Daryl will be around in this story for a while...but it isn't going to be all fluffy. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Aireabella Aireabella

That was by far the BEST fanfac of Daryl & Beth that I've read! Please don't kill either of them! ;)

tattdkiki tattdkiki

Another great chapter.....Thank you

bbhlvr64 bbhlvr64

I was so happy to see this chapter this morning. It did not disappoint. This story just keeps getting better.

bbhlvr64 bbhlvr64

Thank you so much...like I said in my end note, that chapter took a piece of my soul! I am glad that you liked the changing POVs between Daryl and Beth. This fic has been very much Daryl's story so far, so we haven't heard a lot from Beth. Moving forward, while I am pretty sure that Daryl is going to be the main POV, since it is "their" story, Beth will have some sections, well, for as long as she is alive.

Aireabella Aireabella

That chapter was nothing short of amazing. The emotions, the way the views switched and we got to see both sides... so amazing!

daisy daisy

I loved it!

LightInDarkness LightInDarkness

Amazing chapter!

daisy daisy

Wow! I loved this chapter. I believe it wasn't a last one. I hope for a happy ending.

cccGlenisla cccGlenisla

Gah, perfect! I loved the line: "Daryl's knife was always razor sharp, and he'd slid it in as carefully as a man might enter his lover for the first time". Oh my! Update soon please! And please don't kill Beth :'(

MerlesRightHand MerlesRightHand

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Im so excited!!!

LightInDarkness LightInDarkness

Awesome chapter! :D Loved it, written so well :) Please update soon!!

MerlesRightHand MerlesRightHand

Another brethtaking chapter. Did I say I love this story? Yes I did. But it won't do any harm if I'd said it again....I love this story! I loved the moment when she could see Daryl and realized she was not dreaming that he survived and was looking for her. And the moment when she understands why he risked his life to come and safe her "Why?
You know...
Oh..." I was like 'oh I have so many feelings I think my heart might explode.' :D I really enjoyed this part. I think you used this memory just perfectly. I understood it like it was a kind of déjá vu. She realized he loves her (or at least that he cares for her so much that he risks his life for her) and in that moment in spite of her condition and fever she remembers everything what happened between her and Daryl and also remembers that it already happened. That she already did realize he loves her but this time she knows she loves him too. That's how I saw it.
I can't wait for the next chapter.

cccGlenisla cccGlenisla

I love this story! Can't wait for the next chapter! !


Wow! Can't wait for the next update! This story is going from strength to strength. Thank you for being such a superb writer. x

mel-2a mel-2a

This story really keeps me busy thinking about the place where Beth is. Those people are really crazy and she is such a strong woman. She's being tortured and threatened but she still has a hope and will to survive. And I feel so sorry for her. For all these ugly things she's been through. Can't wait for the moment when she's found by Daryl. And I hope there will be a chapter about reunion with her sister. Maggie thought Beth was dead that's why she wasn't looking for her as well as for Glen not because she wouldn't love her little sister. I love this story and I'm looking forward to read chapter 8.

cccGlenisla cccGlenisla

Seriously, this chapter read like a fever, half in and half out of consciousness. This is all so believable! Now I'm just afraid that you're going to kill Beth off right when Daryl finds her. I don't know if I can handle that kind of tragedy so please don't do that!

I'm late on reviewing this one. I got really busy, but I am soooo happy to come back to two new chapters! The fight between Abe and Daryl was so vivid. I love how dangerous Beth makes Daryl, but right now he's so easily broken. It really shows the feelings are there. Then Rick comforting him and the talk that followed. It was beautiful!