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PG Romance Action Thriller

Jessica it's 'bout to find that group. Her life would change forever; but she got an mission...a mission for someone who'll be really heavy in time.


Completed ✓
- 2 Votes
Before We Were Lucky, We Were Just Survivin

Before We Were Lucky, We Were Just Survivin

PG-13 Drama Action Adventure

Brooklyna, Layla and Cassandra's life before they met the survivors. They weren't lucky, they were just surviving.


9.3 6 Votes
Fistfight at the Wafflehouse

Fistfight at the Wafflehouse

R Romance Comedy Drabble

Daryl's got a lot of explaining to do... AU Daryl Dixon/OC oneshot.


10.0 7 Votes
War Horse

War Horse

NC-17 Romance Drama Thriller

Stuck in a post-apocalyptic world, where everyone must fight for their own survival...because after all, Walkers aren't the only thing one has to worry about.


8.7 12 Votes
Keep Breathing My Angel

Keep Breathing My Angel

PG-13 Romance Action Horror

Bonds have grown and relationships are strained, but no matter the struggle the group will keep fighting to survive. New dangers arrive, but the group refuses to be broken. Will they continue to stay strong in this world or will the dead finally take over?


10.0 10 Votes
Life I Left Behind

Life I Left Behind

R Romance Horror Thriller

What's worse? Facing an army of the undead, or facing it with your former childhood best friend turned frenemy that you haven't seen in almost ten years? Charlotte Asher, aka Charlie, is about to find out. (Daryl Dixon/OC)


9.8 101 Votes
Ain't It Enough

Ain't It Enough

R Romance Drama Action

She was the one bit of Heaven he found in a world that had become Hell. Daryl/OC.


10.0 19 Votes
The Road to Atlanta.

The Road to Atlanta.

PG-13 Romance Action Adventure

A look into the lives of Lori & Carl Grimes when all hell broke lose. A story that shows everything that occurs before they find Dale's camp.


10.0 4 Votes
Deadly Passion

Deadly Passion

R Romance Action Drabble

Merle tries to kill Michonne, so she runs away from the prison. Daryl is sent out to find her. R for reason


10.0 3 Votes
forgive and forget

forgive and forget

R Romance Action Adventure

This is the story of Morgan after Rick leaves him in season three.


9.9 9 Votes