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Maggie, page 3

More than Survival

More than Survival

R Romance Drama Action

Rick & O/C After everything Jolene's been through hope finally knocked on the door or should I say broke down the door. After joining Ricks group things go to hell... again. Walkers, Backstabbers, murders, and love? Doing something wrong feels so right and they can't fight it anymore.


9.7 26 Votes
A Thousand Miles (GlennXMaggie)

A Thousand Miles (GlennXMaggie)

PG-13 Romance Drama Horror

Hi guys, this is my first twd fanfiction and i hope you enjoy :D


10.0 3 Votes
How-To: Date in the Apocalypse

How-To: Date in the Apocalypse

PG-13 Romance Comedy Drabble

A series of drabbles/one-shots!


7.0 10 Votes
A Breath of Hope

A Breath of Hope

R Romance Drama

Can Rick and Maggie find happiness in a world gone to hell?


Completed ✓
8.3 9 Votes
Let It Be

Let It Be

NC-17 Romance Horror Tragedy


10.0 10 Votes
In This World, Nobody Wins

In This World, Nobody Wins

NC-17 Romance Drama Adventure

We stopped chasing monsters under the bed when we realised they were inside of us. Daryl/OFC, Glenn/OFC.


9.2 14 Votes
My Lil' AssKicker

My Lil' AssKicker

R Romance Drama Tragedy

Judith Grimes has grown into strong seven year old now. But between tension in the group and a sudden complication, who will be there when Judith needs her family most?


8.8 24 Votes
How Not To Unlive

How Not To Unlive

PG Romance Action Horror

Alex's philosophy on how to not live a worthless life. Alex and Ronnie are sisters, similar yet complete opposites. How do they cope within this world, with their changed lives? Set after the midsession finale, after the death of Beth Greene.


- 1 Vote


R Mystery Tragedy

~ the smell of victory after the rain. (AU)


10.0 4 Votes
I'm Already Gone

I'm Already Gone

PG-13 Romance Action Horror

Its been 10 years since her dad died, and Judith was on her own, now. She was seperated from Carl, Carol Maggie, Glenn, Beth, and Daryl. She was 17 now. Could she handle it?