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Merle, page 10

The Dixon Brothers and Me

The Dixon Brothers and Me

PG-13 Romance Action Adventure

A story with the amazing Dixon brothers. Megan, a young, strong women, comes across a group of men who arent the friendly type, but they eventually become her family. As the apocalypse goes on read about how the characters change and who they meet along the way:) Daryl/OC Contains strong language a


6.1 16 Votes
Dear One, Beloved

Dear One, Beloved

NC-17 Romance Adventure

Starts S2E1, with a drunken stupor, and turns into a slow, methodical love story. Chapters will follow closely with the TV series.


10.0 9 Votes
Gone Away

Gone Away

NC-17 Romance Action Thriller


9.6 9 Votes
The Walking Dead (A Daryl Dixon Love Story)
Young Dixon

Young Dixon

PG-13 Drabble Autobiography

Re-submission of a story with the same name. My original profile has been deleted some how. ~ Daryl had a rough childhood, but found 'comfort' with a girl from across the woods~ Chapters may seem incomplete, but that just leaves room for inference and more imagination.


9.4 7 Votes
No Such Thing As Love

No Such Thing As Love

PG-13 Romance Horror

Carl x OC, OC x OC, Daryl x OC, Merle x OC


1.5 4 Votes
In This World, Nobody Wins

In This World, Nobody Wins

NC-17 Romance Drama Adventure

We stopped chasing monsters under the bed when we realised they were inside of us. Daryl/OFC, Glenn/OFC.


9.2 14 Votes
Already Gone ☣ Daryl Dixon ☣

Already Gone ☣ Daryl Dixon ☣

PG-13 Romance Action Thriller

"Life is a game, so fight for survival and see if you're worth it"


7.3 5 Votes
Can You Tell Me.

Can You Tell Me.

PG-13 Action Horror Thriller



- 2 Votes
We fight for the ones we love

We fight for the ones we love

R Drama Action Horror

This takes place before they find the group and later on they will find the group. Jamie is daryls daughter


7.6 7 Votes