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Merle, page 4

I Will Always Find You

I Will Always Find You

NC-17 Romance Drama Fantasy

There is this theory that some people are drawn to each other because their atoms were near each other when the universe was created and over time the same atoms keep coming back together.


8.5 8 Votes
Of Flesh and Blood

Of Flesh and Blood

NC-17 Romance Drama Horror

Daryl Dixon/OC, Merle Dixon/OC


7.0 5 Votes


NC-17 Romance Drama

Young and in love, Daryl Dixon and Dasha Horvitz planned to run away together. Daryl ran, with Merle, Dasha was to good for him and blood comes first. What happens when ten years later he see's the woman he left behind?


9.6 13 Votes
The Irish Woman and The Rednecks

The Irish Woman and The Rednecks

R Romance Comedy

Daryl/OC - Eventual Merle/OC - No ZA


Completed ✓
4.2 7 Votes
My Own Hell Hole

My Own Hell Hole

R Romance Action Adventure



- 2 Votes


NC-17 Romance Comedy Drama

While staying at the Greene Farm Rick's group meets another group of survivors that are nearly their complete opposite.


10.0 4 Votes
Be Not So Fearful

Be Not So Fearful

PG-13 Action Adventure

You Only Live Once, but if you do it right, once is enough. Daryl and Lily have a very close friendship. They are both known for being awkward and they never got along with other people except each other, but how will they cope with a whole group of people they now have to live with?


6.5 4 Votes
New York Down

New York Down

NC-17 Romance Horror Thriller

Atlanta has fallen, she's separated from her fellow soldiers. When she runs into a certain one handed redneck her life's turned upside down even more. As if the apocalypse wasn't enough...


8.3 5 Votes
Blood is blood

Blood is blood

R Drama Action Adventure

willow is the yonger sister of merle and daryl. it will start before the group and they will find them


9.5 6 Votes
The Way I Was

The Way I Was

NC-17 Romance Tragedy

Genevieve Harris grew up with the Dixons. Daryl was her best friend. Gen was in Atlanta when the world went to hell. What happens when she finds Merle injured in the city? The two team up and go through numerous trials. Some of which change Gen forever.


10.0 5 Votes