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World on fire

World on fire

NC-17 Romance Horror Tragedy

The world has gone to sh*t, the undead are rising up and eating the living; but that doesn’t stop love, desire and lust! Brand newish fanfic from Impala imagines. Walking Dead re-written, characters killed differently, but all still fighting to survive. Formally known as Wicked Games.


- 2 Votes
We Can Change

We Can Change

R Romance Drama Horror

Sophia never died and as a result it set into effect a series of changes for the group. Not everything happens the same way anymore. Not everyone who originally died, does. Not everyone who lived, does either. New paths are forged and a new face emerges in the lives of the survivors. (Rick/OC)​​


10.0 31 Votes
Love knows no boundaries

Love knows no boundaries

NC-17 Romance Horror Thriller

Daryl/Shane fanfiction


Sunny With a Chance of Walkers

Sunny With a Chance of Walkers

NC-17 Romance Drama Sci-fi

Vanessa Walsh is living in Alexandria when unexpected visitors come to claim their spot at their sanctuary. Curse words are exchanges, hands are thrown, things get messy.


10.0 3 Votes
The Problem with Jessie  (Oh my GAWD.  Complete Like, totally!)
Fight It ?
Alexsis Grimes vs The World: Season One

Alexsis Grimes vs The World: Season One

R Romance Comedy Horror

Alexsis and the group survive the zombie apocalypse.


- 1 Vote
Rachel Grimes-Rick's Sister

Rachel Grimes-Rick's Sister

R Drama Action Adventure

He isn't my dad...he's an abuser.-Rachel Grimes-Chambers


- 1 Vote
Truth in the Stones

Truth in the Stones

PG-13 Romance Action Thriller

Cheyenne Walsh is trying to find her way through the new world with new people and, especially when love comes her way with a certain redneck.


9.7 23 Votes
Loss & Gain.

Loss & Gain.

R Romance Action Tragedy

This world isn't meant for love anymore, but maybe losing it all will be worth it for a hot headed ex cop named Shane.


Completed ✓
9.7 11 Votes