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50 Shades Of Shane


"Nobody's ever crazy. Insanity is a figment of hysteria that people use as a crazy witch hunt. Do you really want to be part of that witch hunt? I don't think you're crazy. I think that deranged bitch is crazy, and I think her lapdog of a husband will do anything for her, best friend or not. I'm not asking for much; I'm asking for you to get the fuck out of here while you still have a chance. What do you have to lose if you leave? You could find a new group, tough it out on your own for all I care. But if you stay here you could lose your life. And that'd be a shame. You really would be insane to stay here, to be their pawn. What do you have to lose, Shane? What do you really have to lose if you're crazy enough to listen to me?"

She was a nobody trying to fight her way out of Atlanta and managed to get lucky.

He had everything ripped from him and was going crazy.

(Disclaimer/Author's Note: Nothing in this story belongs to me, except for random OC characters that'll be thrown in. The world of The Walking Dead and everything in it belong to it's wonderful creators, including most of the main ones that'll appear in here. I'm not sure where this came from, remotely at all. It started off as a joke between Bite Your Lips's and I. However, it's become something real! I have cool stuff coming up, but I need to shake off my writer's block. And oddly enough? This fun little story is doing the trick. I don't think it'll take on the whole 50 Shades Of Grey persona--yes, there'll end up being sex, but not like that. I like to think of it personally as more of '50 Shades' of a person's personality. As always, comments are love. They inspire me to write!)



please update soon

Please update!

Ashleyziur Ashleyziur

This is awesome please update soon

This is so good <3

Cat-182 Cat-182
Really good! So well written and a great take on the story. You are doing an excellent job writing Shane-he is really complex. Can't wait for more.
Alva Starr Alva Starr