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50 Shades Of Shane


The guttural growls echoed throughout the small convenience store. She could hear them growing louder and louder, could hear their dirty nails digging against the worn wood of the place. She could smell the blood on their breath, could feel the desperate in their pounding snarls for the food they craved. They were mindless, driven with hunger, and she was their next meal. The snarls grew louder, along with the pulse that she could hear inside of her head. It was a rhythm that beat with their hands, with the creak of the wood in steady thumps.



The wall next to her head exploded and a scream rocketed out of her lips as a hand reached itself in. It was mindless, just searching for the thing they knew was on the other side. But the snarls grew louder, right in her ear, and she knew they had her scent. The smell of blood was more prominent and she bit down into her lip. She began to back away from the wall, her legs shaking as she glanced around for a way out. Adrenaline was supposed to make you smarter, more keen to your surroundings, or so the movies always said. But stuck in that moment, with wide eyes as she stared at the lifeless eyes through the hole, it's teeth bared and moans of delight slipping through its mouth, there was no survival instinct in her. Not the type that was Indiana Jones worthy, at least.

The only thing she could do was run, and buy herself more time until the Walkers slipped through the door and she became what she feared.

Turning on her heel as she heard the wood give once more, the girl tore her way through the abandoned shelves, medical supplies kicking up everywhere. The racket was enough to get more of the Walkers attention, gave them enough leverage to know that their chase had not been in vain. She pushed another shelf over, bumping her arm into it roughly as she moved. Another bottle of pills scattered across the floor and the empty bottle landed against the door.

It was only there for a moment before the bottle burst across the floor in a plastic mess, the door and wall giving way to the Walkers outside. They charged in, running full blast after their prey. She turned her back to them, hoping that the shelves that she had pushed over would keep them at bay for enough time. She reached the half rotted out staircase, taking it by twos and not watching her step. She didn't have time to; she could feel the dead on her heels, breathing their breath onto her clothing and staining their memories into them.

She reached the top of the stairs, bursting through the door and slamming it shut behind her. The top room was a stock one, full of shelves that mirrored the ones downstairs. It wouldn't be long until they broke through the worn wood of the door at her heels, but the shelves would give her a little bit of extra time to try and find a way out. She was dumb for climbing up; the only way up was down. Cursing quietly to herself, the girl grabbed the end of the shelf, dragging the material with all of her energy towards the door, watching as the wood was already beginning to quake and the sound of the Walkers began to ascend up the stairs. Pushing her back against the front, the shelf slid smoothly into place, providing a harder brace for the ambush ahead.

She was trapped like a mouse, and she couldn't escape. After running for months, this was how it was all going to end—in a convenience store just outside of Atlanta. She had tried to get out of the city, but they had chased her into the store before she had a chance to. She had been surviving for months by using the rooftops, but she wasn't naive. She knew that the food supply had been running out, and she had to get out of the city if she had any chance of survival. Her plan had been to steal a car, hot wire it, and manage to get out before the Walkers caught wind of her.

She had underestimated their senses greatly.

It had all been so simple a few months ago, back before things had gotten out of control. She had been holed up in a more quiet neighborhood of Atlanta, one where everyone knew everyone and was in everyone's business. She had always joked about leaving the city and making something of herself, that she didn't want to be in that same dead end community forever. That was back before her neighbor had knocked on her door one night and tried to make her part of the undead. It was the first attack in the neighborhood, but Atlanta was quickly falling. She had been rushed to the CDC that was in town, but even their fortress quickly fell and she was forced to move on.

It was all supposed to blow over, or at least that's what Jenner had said originally. It was going to blow over, they were going to find a simple shot, and then things would be better again. But as the Center fell, her hope fell with it. Even Jenner had sealed off the doors once everyone had left, and she knew that the beacon that stood outside the doors today was a haunting reminder that no one was welcome.

But she had thought that she'd make it out of Atlanta at least, not holed up in the convenience store that she had past so many times before when she had gone into town, Walkers on her heels and ready to destroy her. A tremble ran throughout her body, shaking her to her core as she heard their footsteps, then the pounding of their hands on the door. They'd stop at nothing to get to her, and she knew it. Reaching down, she grabbed for the gun that was safely tucked away inside of her boot.


A wince graced her face as her fingers trembled, opening the mag of her gun. There was one bullet safely stored away, to be used in the gnat if it was absolutely necessary. Guns were too noisy to use on an every time basis, and she felt as if anyone who was trying to survive knew that. But it didn't stop her from carrying the gun with her; there were desperate times and desperate measures.

Now was one of them.

But what would one bullet really do?


It would only draw more Walkers to her hiding spot.

She was fucked. Utterly and completely trapped with no way out, and it was her own fault. She had underestimated their senses, she had been forced into the store, and she had gone up instead of trying to find a way around. They were all rookie mistakes, and ones that she should have learned from the group that she had found beforehand. They had all died for their mistakes, and they were in vain; she hadn't learned a thing.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

She swallowed hard, running her fingers through her dark hair and backed up. Her back hit the large window that was there, her body slowly turning against the dirt and grime to stare down at the city below. Walkers were everywhere, crawling over each other and bumping shoulders to get to the store. Cars were littered around, long since abandoned and their owners lurking the streets, in desperate need of flesh.


The girl glanced behind her, staring at the shelf as it bulged out ever so slightly. She didn't have much time now, and the window was the only way. It was about a ten foot drop, but if she managed to grab onto lips in the concrete then there was a chance she could make it down onto the abandoned car below. There was a fence separating her from the Walkers, maybe a fifteen minute time frame.


She checked for latches, hitting the rusty one up with the butt of her gun. It gave after a few hard strikes, and she pressed her palm into the window pane, trying not to think of the dirt and grime that was transferring to her hand. She gave it a firm shove, watching as it flew in and a loud creak resulted from it. It didn't seem to be enough to drag the Walkers in her direction, and she secured the gun back in her boot before hoisting her leg over the edge. It cut roughly through her shorts, digging into her thigh as she bit into her lip. Heights were something she had never been keen on, but she wasn't keen on becoming a member of the living dead—or worse, their meal.

With one last glance back at the door that was starting to give completely, tiny chunks of wood beginning to come loose, the girl hoisted herself over the edge.

Hanging by her hands, nails digging into the concrete, she scrambled her feet in order to find some ground. Her boots scraped against the concrete wall for a moment before finding purchase, her legs separated awkwardly but safe. Breathing deep, she calmed her shaking nerves before daring to move her foot away, sending the right half of her body crashing down. She bit back a hiss of pain as her knee collided with the rough stone, but kept her mouth shut as she dropped her other hand and managed to slow her opposite knee down in time.

She continued the pattern, the only thought in her mind to move as she heard the door above her break clean off of its hinges. It wouldn't be long until they were scrambling out the window, and they'd fall all over themselves if it meant getting their hands on her. Her feet finally found purchase on the abandoned car's roof when the first Walker appeared out the window. It let out a vicious growl, it's knees hitting the frame with a bone crunching noise that made her stomach churn. Then it was reaching its arms out, flailing them about, and falling over the edge.

The girl quickly pressed herself back against the wall, watching as the Walker hissed at her on its way down. Then it's head was smacking against the hood of the car just below her feet, and it went silent. She could see the pool of blood beginning to form, and she pulled in a shaky breath, attempting to keep her stomach contents down. She had seen so much of it already, but it didn't make it any easier.

She doubted it ever would get easier.

Her legs trembled as she moved off the car and over the Walker. For a moment her body tensed up, half waiting for the Walker to reach out and grab her. But it lay there still, spent on the car as it's friends watcher hungrily from above, waiting to get their hands on her. Scrambling away while she still could, the girl turned and headed towards the fence.

She could see the Walkers gathering more and more towards the front entrance to the store door, practically shoving past each other to try to get at the prey that was right under their noses. They were never too quick to get off a task, and it left her with her adrenaline running as she glanced around the street. It was packed, full of Walkers looking for their next meal.

There was no way she could get out. To her back was another alley way, and she could already hear the growls of the Walkers that had been alerted of her presence. The fence in front of her gave way to thousands of Walkers, desperate for a meal. She couldn't just sit back and wait for the herd to move—they'd find her. They always did.

Swallowing hard, the girl leaned back against the table, her fingers shaking against her arms. She kept searching, desperate to find a way out. She wouldn't become one of them, she couldn't. Ever since she had seen what had become of the humans at the Center, she couldn't stomach ever having that fate. Even if they found a cure, would it matter?

You lost all humanity as a Walker—you could never gain it back.

As the situation fully set itself into her bones, the girl trembled ever so slightly. To her left was death, and to her right was death. Above her was death, and there were no sewers to go down to escape. She could stay there for hours, maybe days if they felt like toying with her, and she'd be a Walker irregardless. She'd lose her humanity after running for so long.

Just as the thought crossed her mind, a loud ringing echoed throughout the streets of Atlanta. It was loud enough or her to clamp her hands over her ears. It seemed to echo through every Walker's skull, a beautiful lighted beacon that would lead them to their next meal. They all ran towards the sound, desperate for their next meal. The herd moved, traveling faster than she had ever seen them before.

With the ringing still in her ears, she wasted no time. She climbed over the fence, carefully dodging the path of the gurgling demons that were making their way towards the sound. She hoped that whoever was the cause of the sound got out safe and sound, but she wasn't above mentally thanking the person for their sacrifice.

As the ringing began to fade, she made her escape from Atlanta, not stopping to look back at the Walker infested city that she had once been able to call her own.


please update soon

Please update!

Ashleyziur Ashleyziur

This is awesome please update soon

This is so good <3

Cat-182 Cat-182
Really good! So well written and a great take on the story. You are doing an excellent job writing Shane-he is really complex. Can't wait for more.
Alva Starr Alva Starr