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50 Shades Of Shane


Rick entered the living area of the house, his eyes sweeping the room as they landed on Shane. He stood against the wall, his eyebrow raised expectingly at the child's recovery in the other room. His partner merely looked away, giving a firm yank to Aubree's arm. She scowled, feeling the pain shoot up her arm to her shoulder as Shane moved from the wall ever so slightly.

“If you and Otis are going, you're takin' her with you. If you have to, Walker Bait.” Rick's tone was cold, unnerving, and unlike anything the girl had heard back in the forest. Her brain was still thick with sleeping, trying to pull itself back under to avoid the injuries she had obtained in the forest. Another rough squeeze to her arm alerted her to the fact that wouldn't be possible at the moment, and she forced her eyes to train themselves on the man who had original pointed his gun at her.

“She ain't goin' with us Rick!” Shane's muscles were going rigid once more, tension building as the heavier man appeared from the door way. He looked terrified in his own right, and Aubree questioned what she had missed while she had been blacked out from the world. “We don't even know if we can trust her, and you're going to send her along and bargain Carl's life?!”

Rick's fingers tensed around her arm, and Aubree was pulling her arm away quickly. “I'm doing what I think is best! She isn't a liability if she isn't part of the group! I'm giving you an extra person to gamble if things go South! This isn't up for discussion, Shane!”

Both men exchanged a look, their eyes glaring and debating with one another for a tense moment. Aubree glared ever so slightly, not wanting to go along with Rick's trigger happy friend any more than she wanted to be trapped. But the heavy set man behind Shane was giving her a reassuring look, and she couldn't help but gravitate towards the nature.

After being slammed into a tree and handcuffed to a bed, Aubree was at least thankful for an ounce of kindness.

As she waited for the two muscular partner's to settle their differences, Aubree followed Otis out to the single seat old truck. It looked like it hadn't seen the turn of the century, and Aubree smiled a bit at the vintage feel of it. It felt good to have something like it in a world so dark and cold.

“She's a beauty, ain't she?” Otis chuckled, patting his hand affectionately against the bed of the truck. Aubree offered him a smile, her head swimming in pain momentarily before she pushed it away.

“She doesn't look like she's seen the turn of the century,” A slight playful tone rested underneath Aubree's accent, producing Otis' own smile as he placed a few bags into the bed of the truck. She could faintly see a barrel of a gun sticking out of one, her hands instinctively reaching for it. Before they had a chance to secure the new weapon, the door to the house slammed shut, Shane emerging from the porch steps just seconds later. His hand came down on her wrist, roughly yanking her hands away from the gun bag as she glared up at him.

“Get in the fucking truck; you ain't getting a gun.” Shane's voice was gruff, full of that of a two year old who didn't get the toy he had always wanted. It gave Aubree a mild satisfaction as he threw the truck door open, silently demanding her into the seat. She took her sweet time climbing into the middle, giving a smile to Otis as he sat to her right. Shane slammed the door shut to her left, and the truck roared to life.

“At least it's a nice day for a drive.” Otis commented offhandedly, his voice shaking with a bit of nerves as he glanced out the window. The truck jarred down the dirt road, Shane's eyes never leaving it as the firm look stayed on his face. “The school should only be about two miles from the mail box. The FEMA van will still be there with luck. We'll get in and get out, they couldn't have stuck around.”

Shane merely nodded his head, turning at the mail box that read Greene in neat cursive. Aubree noted it later, her eyebrow raising ever so slightly at the near silent exchange between the two. “So we're robbin' a FEMA van?”

“Herschel needs a few things in order to preform the surgery. It's a medical van, it'll have what we need.” Otis' voice sounded doubtful, and Aubree bit into her lip a bit. It was a suicide mission for the two of them, and Aubree was beginning to feel like it was one for her as well.

Clearing her throat a little, Aubree nodded her head. “With our luck maybe they left behind some narcotics. I don't know about you guys, but a trippy high would be pretty nice right now compared to the real world.”

Otis let out a small chuckle, his eyes transfixed out the window still. His mind was in a far away state, and Aubree couldn't blame him. With everything that appeared to be going on, she couldn't imagine purposely putting her life in danger for someone else.

Shane didn't react to her statement at all, his hands simply tightening on the steering wheel as he pressed down harder on the accelerator.

The school was completely over run, their scratches and growls filing the echoing halls as the trio's feet hit the ground running.

Aubree's heart pounded in her chest as she looked over her shoulder, eyes widening as she gasped for air. Her legs burned—how many times could she run before they finally got her? Shane and Otis were around a foot in front of her, both glancing over their shoulders as the Walkers swept in closer. They were chasing at full speed now, their food in front of them in a three course meal. The burn set into her thighs as Aubree kicked it into full fear, dashing forward and between Shane and Otis as they ran. The hallway seemed to never end, and Aubree nearly ran into Otis' back as Shane and him skidded to a halt.

In front of them, the doors providing the exit were chained shut. Like most of the other buildings around there, the owners had had the common sense to lock the Walkers away, keeping them trapped and away from society. But now instead of an imprisonment, it felt like a death sentence. Aubree's heart pounded harder, her legs nearly giving out at the sight. Had they put all of this at risk just to die like this? Had all three of them spent months surviving only to fall? The rusted chains stared back at them, the lock unmoving. They hysterics began to set into Aubree's brain as the Walkers were a mere foot away. Her mind didn't comprehend the screams from Shane to move until her arm was being grabbed roughly, her entire body jerked into the gymnasium as the three did the only thing they could—climb.

“How the fuck do we get out of here?!” Aubree had to shout as the antagonizing growls peaked from below. Decaying arms reaching up, desperate to grab at her feet as she swallowed hard. Backing up, she flattened her hands against the wall, her eyes widening as the entire space was filled with Walkers. There was no way they were going to make it out alive.

“There's windows over there. We distract them, we get the hell out of here, and we DON'T panic!” Shane shot a look over towards the girl, who returned the same glare. Otis stood between them, glancing over Shane's broad shoulder and towards the windows. A frown graced his face for a moment before he pushed himself back flush against the wall, his boot coming down hard on a Walker's hand. It squealed for a moment, then was back at it once more.

“There ain't no way in hell I'm getting through there! Maybe you two, but my ass ain't getting through there.”

“Hey, none of that talk!” Shane gave a sharp elbow to Otis' arm, a stern look in his eyes. Otis gave him a knowing look, rolling his eyes slightly.

“Do I look like I can it through that damn window?!” Shane and his eyes met for a moment in a mental battle before Otis looked away, nodding at the Walkers below. “I'll distract them. You two get out of here, and I'll go out through the locker rooms.”

Shane debated for a moment before nodding, aiming his gun and firing away at the onslaught of Walkers. As soon as one was taken down, another came after it. It was endless and pointless, but it provided enough of a distraction. As Otis began to fade from view, the sound of shattering glass hit Aubree's ears, forcing her out of her trance as she quickly ran after Shane's foot steps. She saw the Walker's heads turn before she had time to alert the man above her. Her foot quickly rammed into the banister, jarring it ever so slightly as gun shots echoed in the gym once more. The two Walkers were quickly turning into a small army. Aubree kicked the banister once more, hearing the creak as more Walkers were alerted. Jarring a piece away from it's connecter, Aubree backed up as the Walkers made their way up the stairs and Shane disappeared through the window.

With a hard crack her make shift bat echoed off of a Walker's head, its blood spattering across her shirt as it collapsed at her feet. Another was taken down afterward as she made her way towards the window, the army growing larger. She turned towards the window, startling ever so slightly as another gun shot was heard and the Walker diving out the window stilled. Grabbing it's decaying waist quickly, she yanked it back through and catapulted herself through, her teeth biting into her lip hard to muffle a scream as she rolled over her arm and onto her back.

For a moment there was a stilled silence that washed over the two, the bushes scraping at their bodies as they caught their breath. Aubree could feel the burning sensation already washing through her, the bloodied steel bat laying next to her. She struggled not to scream as the white hot heat filled her body, her vision blurring momentarily as she pulled in a slow breath to put it at bay. When her eyes reopened, a large hand was in front of her, offering up a momentary truce. Aubree eyed Shane for a moment before she took it, allowing him to pull her up before he regathered the bags full of medical supplies. Aubree swayed on her feet for a moment before Shane gave her a once over, then began to make his journey away, ankle dragging against the ground.

Aubree's stomach churned once more, but she pushed the vomit back, following after Shane's zombie like foot steps. His gun fired once more as another Walker drew his attention, Aubree glancing around for something to wield as a weapon. The slightest of moment had her arm lighting on fire once more, and she was forced to push it back as she followed Shane once more, the growls and snaps of the Walker filled world filling her senses again.

Another Walker began to come up from the South, Shane pausing momentarily to set his sights and go in for the kill. His finger shook against the trigger, no doubt the pain in his leg beginning to seep into his senses. He pulled in a deep breath, trying to steady his body once more. Before he could pull the trigger a gun shot echoed, destroying the Walker in front of him. Otis stood there, his gun smoking and a slight smug grin on his face. Shane stared in disbelief, Otis making his way over in a quick few strides.

Aubree observed them quietly, watching them with skeptical eyes as they leaned back against the unstable metal fence. Otis looked worse for wear, his breathing labored and eyes closed momentarily. Shane's ankle was at an odd angle, twisted and mangled beyond her belief. Just as his head made to move back against the fence and allow his body momentary relief, Walkers charged the fence and jolted both heavy bodies off of it. The two instantly began shooting once more, Otis tucking his arm around Shane's body as they pushed away and back towards the car. Aubree quickly moved to Shane's other side, providing him with all the support that the two combined could muster.

The trio hobbled toward where the truck had been parked, the Walkers at their heels. Aubree could feel it in her feet as the concrete shook, her body going numb to the pain as she pressed on. Her heart pounded harder, her head spinning in pain as Shane paused. His arm dropped from around her injured shoulder, his eyes on Otis. “I'm sorry.”

Otis and Aubree both stared at him confused, Aubree's mouth opening to speak before Shane fired a bullet into Otis' leg.

The truck rumbled through the familiar path that seemed like it had been traveled years ago and not just hours prior. Shane's bloodied hands gripped the steering wheel, his eyes trained on the road as his good foot pressed down on the accelerator. The headlights remained off, leaving nothing but an uncomfortable silence and darkness looming over the car.

Aubree's eyes transfixed themselves on the road, her hand cradling her arm in place. Every time the truck jeered a shooting pain traveled through her body, but she couldn't feel it any longer. She was still in shock, Otis' screams still in her mind as the scene replayed itself over and over against in her head.

What frightened her the most was how unapathetic Shane looked about the whole ordeal.

“You killed a man,” Aubree's voice was quiet, a cough working its way up her throat that she quickly pushed down. Her throat felt dry, like all the saliva her body could have managed dried up with Otis' screams.

“I did what I had to.” Shane's words were eerie and quiet, his head leaning ever so slightly against the window. An eerie edge was inside his voice, hinting at something much more dark than Aubree had witnessed since the whole epidemic had started.

“You killed him! He was living and breathing and you just...just shot him and left him to die!” Her voice rose a few octaves, her head turning to stare at the man in the truck next to her. Shane's eyes never left the road.

“I did what I had to. Because of it, a boy's gonna live. You don't know me, you don't know a God damn thing I've been through.” Shane's grip on the steering wheel tightened, his eyes moving to glance at her from his peripheral vision. “Let me ask you somethin', Aubree. What makes you so better than me? Just because you kill the Walkers? Man, they ain't nothin' but Otis, just dead. They're humans too, ain't they? And you have no problem smashing their heads in for your own survival.”

Aubree swallowed hard as the truck swerved, turning down the drive. Shane's body language was reserved and cut off, and Aubree wasn't sure what frightened her more—the fact that Shane had shot someone and left them to die with no remorse, or the fact that he had a dangerous point.

As they approached within the last five feet of the farm, Shane turned to look at her once more as the truck began to roll to a stop. A firm look was in his eyes, one that told her it would be best if she kept her mouth shut. His words were quiet, a mantra that echoed through her head even as Shane got out and retrieved the medical bags, hobbling the entire time.

“I did what I had to do.”


please update soon

Please update!

Ashleyziur Ashleyziur

This is awesome please update soon

This is so good <3

Cat-182 Cat-182
Really good! So well written and a great take on the story. You are doing an excellent job writing Shane-he is really complex. Can't wait for more.
Alva Starr Alva Starr