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50 Shades Of Shane


The farm had a capacity for more than it was currently taking in. With four wells on the property and good land to harvest food, it was no wonder the Greene's had managed to distance themselves from the zombie epidemic. Up until Aubree had actually witnessed the full acreage herself, she had questioned how the Greene's could be so calm when every moment you were fighting for your life. But out here, it almost felt like a resort; there were no zombies, there were high fences that could keep them out, and there was the fact that they had fresh resources that they didn't have to scavenge for. However, Aubree wasn't naive—she knew that the family would have to wake up at some point and realize that the world had ceased to exist.

Aubree's back rested against a tree as she took the scenery in, the soft lulling of the leaves against their branches nearly making her believe that the world hadn't ended. It was a terrific illusion, one that she wished that she could believe for more than five minutes. However, the licking of a fire near her boots was an alert enough that this was a survival game now, and that day dreams couldn't be involved. They were for the weak, reserved for the moments of true security.

Despite Herschel Greene's farm being so secure, Aubree had the nagging feeling that not everything was as it seemed.

Lori busied herself with the cooking, her fingers running routinely over the carrots as her knife began the routine motions of moving up and down. It was almost soothing, a routine role still carrying into the post apocalyptic world. Her eyes remained focused as she did it, her body language a little more put off than Aubree had learned over the past week or so that she had been in camp.

Pushing off of the tree, Aubree made her way over, taking a seat across from the woman who appeared to be the only one besides Carol in camp that was remotely a bit sane. “Need any help?”

Lori looked up in surprise, a look of confusion passing across her eyes before she regained her senses. “I'm fine, thanks.”

Aubree nodded a little at the shortness, shrugging her shoulders ever so slightly. “Suit yourself then.”

Lori debated for a moment, running her fingers through her hair before she breathed deep. Brushing the carrot pieces into a bucket, she then reached into the bag at her side and pulled out another knife. It looked much duller than the one that she was using, but Aubree couldn't complain. She was still the new girl in camp, and one that Shane hadn't exactly given his blessings to. As the days rolled on, she found it hard to distinguish who's approval she was trying to get—Rick or Shane's. They both gave off and eerie feel of two realistic leaders, and Aubree wasn't sure which one was going to battle ahead.

Reaching over, Lori handed her the knife and nodded to the bucket of vegetables by her leg. “It'd be nice to have some, on second thought.” She sent Aubree a slight smile, her eyes still off in a daze.

Aubree let it go for the moment, instead reaching in and grabbing a few of the stray vegetables. They didn't look like they had a very vast selection, but she figured it was the gesture of Herschel's farm more than anything. It was a comfort zone that they had taken full advantage of, and she guessed that they had been on the road longer than her. Slowly, she worked the knife through the first one, trying to get the hang of it again. A slight chuckle left her lips as she pushed the pieces into the opposite bucket. “You know, it's funny. Back then all I wanted was somethin' to distract me from routines. Now I'm practically beggin' for it.”

“Isn't it funny how that happens?” A small smile lit up Lori's face as she brushed her own into the bucket, her eyes glancing around camp. They were dazed, glazed over with better times that Aubree wasn't allowed to know about. “I'd still give anything to even go back to school and be learning.”

“I guess the grass really isn't greener, huh?” A soft chuckle left Aubree's lips as she pushed the remainder of her pile into the bucket. It landed with a light thump, one that echoed in her head and etched itself there. In that moment, it felt more like familiarity than she was truly willing to admit.

Lori pushed the rest of her pile into the bucket as well, then rose from her spot. She walked over to the fire that was set low, soft plumes of smoke rising from it. Emptying them into the boiling water, Lori stared at the flames for a moment. They let out a hiss as a few extra splashes of water hit them, not wanting to relent its hold on the twigs below.

An eerie silence fell over the two, and Aubree worked her fingers over her wrist that still felt sore after being snapped back into place. Lori glanced up at her and to her wrist, then pulled away from the fire a bit. “You're a smart girl, you have your head on your shoulders...” Aubree glanced up, her eyebrow raising a little at the older woman speaking. She had tucked her own hands into her pocket, watching Aubree with a careful curiosity and a warning behind her normally kind eyes. “Do yourself a favor and steer clear of Shane, alright? You're welcome here, you've earned your place after you saved Carl's life. But if you were a smart girl, you'd steer clear of him.”

Lori reached her hand out, squeezing at Aubree's good shoulder with a small motherly like look on her face. Then she was heading off towards the tents in camp, her body frame ducking away inside of the secure plastic while she left questions on Aubree's tongue.

It wasn't until the sun was beginning to trail over the tree, painting the skies with a darkening hue of orange that Aubree managed to drag herself away from her thoughts. The flames were licking at the pots again, the stew that Lori was preparing earlier starting to take form as everyone began to form in the camp once more. Dale was propped up in the opening to the RV, watching the camp through spectating eyes as Andrea and Shane interacted without a care. A few short laughs were shared, hands lingering on arms, and with every touch Dale's eyes darkened.

Lori watched through her own jaded eyes, ones full of memories that made her stomach clench uneasily. There was something there, beneath the brim of the exterior that Lori tried to withheld. It reminded Aubree of back when things had been more human, more realistic, and more dying for a voice in the dying sunset. Back when television shows and mundane things like chores seemed like such an inconvenience. But there was something there that didn't put Aubree at ease, and her eyes remained focused on Lori as she shakily swirled the wooden spoon in the thick broth.

Foot steps jarred her out of her thoughts, and it wasn't long until a tall, casting shadow was at her feet, close to her ear from behind and speaking like a ghost in the night. “How 'bout you come with me.”

It wasn't a question—it was a command. Aubree turned ever so slightly, her shoulder jarring into Shane's chest as she raised her eyebrow up at him. There was a dark, semi-humored look in his eyes as he observed her, lips pursed. Aubree opened her mouth to protest, but there was something in the darkness of his eyes that kept her from doing so. She nodded her response, turning fully on her heel and heading over towards the RV where Dale was still standing post.

As they approached, Dale and Shane's eyes met. Some silent battle went on that Aubree wasn't allowed in on, and from the dark hues in both of their eyes, Aubree truly didn't want to. Her mind was racing with enough thoughts, and as Dale moved to let Shane into the RV, he moved back in front of the door to block her entry. She heard Shane let out a light disbelieving scoff as he disappeared further into the RV, and Aubree raised her eyebrow in question.

“I need to get in there,” she stated simply, arms crossing against her chest and hips taking on a familiar stand. Dale merely shook his head, never once letting his eyes take on the same warm hues that she had seen him have with the likes of Lori and Glenn.

“You're a smart girl, you're staying out here.” His voice was rough, bordering on the edge of something that Aubree couldn't exactly place. It was the same warning tone authority used, but one that gave hintings to something deeper, more sinister.

When Aubree really thought about it, it was the same tone that Lori had used with her earlier on in the day.

“I need to get in there.” Aubree repeated her statement, her tone hardening as her stance did. She stepped forward a bit until her knees were touching Dale's, a threatening stance that she had learned long ago. Dale raised his eyebrow back at her, his eyes darkening and widening a bit in surprise at the same time. Her fingers gripped at her hip out of pure instinct, ready to pull the gun that had always proven its' worth in a dire situation. But she came up with empty air, and Dale's eyes slowly narrowed into a glare.

“Calm down, hormones.” A deep chuckle came from behind Dale, Shane reemerging from the darkness. His bemused look was settled on her hip where she was clutching open air. Dale tensed up, glaring at Shane as he slowly moved from the entry way once more. Shane smirked, stepping down the stairs and twirling the two guns in his hands. “Dale's just old, thinks that girls an' boys shouldn't be playin' together. Ain't that right, Dale?”

Dale said nothing, moving away from Shane with a warning stance in his eyes. A smirk tugged at Shane's lips, his mouth falling open ever so slightly as he watched the older man move towards the security of the group. Aubree's eyes remained trained on the man in front of her, her muscles tensing up in the chance of danger. She knew what Shane was capable of, and she wasn't going to over step a boundary if she could help it.

Shane turned his gaze back to Aubree, chuckling as his hand found it's way to her lower back. Giving it a firm shove, Aubree glared back at him as she began to walk forward. “Go to the truck.”

“I ain't a prisoner here,” she quipped back, letting her feet carry her over the familiar territory of the farm land. The contour of the land rose and fell underneath the motion of her legs, catching on the worn contours of her boots. She could hear the much heavier steps behind her, and could also hear the hard clack that erupted every time the guns moved against one another.

Once the truck came into view, Aubree's eyes rose up to meet Shane's on the other side of the truck. His hands paused at the door, his eyebrow rising up ever so slightly. There was an odd, neutral calm in Shane's eyes that twisted her stomach and made her unsettled. Was he a man that could truly kill twice? Aubree figured it was a stupid question, even as she placed herself in passenger seat of the truck. It still had the faint smell of Otis lingering in its' fabrics, rising up like a ghost as the doors closed around her.

Looking back towards the camp, she caught Lori's eyes. She was holding a cup of stew close to her chest, watching the girls' every moves with the slightest hint of disgust and disdain in her eyes.

The truck lulled along the dusty road, roaring and determined for attention. It cracked against every crack in the road, jarring unevenly with the potholes that had been long abandoned in the Georgia country side. The truck jarred at every angle, sending both Shane and Aubree's shoulders into the door whenever it saw fit. It was an eerie silence—the radio waves had long since stopped broadcasting the message. There was no one left to broadcast them too anymore, nor was there anyone left to listen. It was an eerie thought that forced Aubree to swallow hard and turn her eyes from the road and towards Shane's face.

It hadn't changed at all—it was a smooth, calm neutral that showed no hinting as to what was happening. Aubree had no idea where they were driving to, nor why Shane had trusted her enough to leave the two guns between them as a divider. His hand was smoothed over the leather steering wheel, watching the road with darting eyes and looking for oncoming threats.

The truck stopped when the hues of the sky began to become a darker orange and the land around her began to grow darker. Shane killed the engine, throwing the keys into his pocket as he kicked the door open. He reached over and grabbed the two guns, raising his eyebrow expectingly at her. “Get out.”

Aubree swallows hard, pulling in a deep breath to neutralized her nerves as she pushed her own door open. It creaked louder in the night, the sound of crickets coming out of hiding lighting up her senses. Chewing into her lip a little, she closed the door and waited as it echoed out into the oncoming night. She stepped away from the door and around the front of the truck, meeting Shane at the fence line that sat towards the edge of the road.

“So this is it, you're going to kill me here?” Aubree's voice didn't shake, her eyes staying trained on the rolling fields endlessly before her. She remembered when cows had taken up residency there, had provided to families and the economy around her. But now it was a vast, barren land, with the ghost of memories past still trekking through the fields.

Shane let out a slightly humored chuckle, his hands gripping at the posts of the fence. His eyes trailed out around the hills as well, carefully avoiding the girls' eyes next to him as he subconciously licked his lips. “Thought we had this conversation before.”

“Things change.” Aubree felt every hair on her body stand at end at the tone in Shane's voice. It was haunting, almost speaking the voices of the hauntings past. The breeze sent every other thought in her mind on edge as it whipped around her and through the grass, the eerie shaking of the leaves making her body tremble ever so slightly. Pulling in a deep breath she steadied herself once more. “World's changed.”

Shane turned and leaned back against the fence himself, glancing back out towards the road. He took in the truck that was still ticking with the fading heat, nodding his head a bit as he kicked at the stones at his feet. “Ain't that right...” He kicked at the stone hard, watching it skip over the ditch and bounce off the tire of the truck. Turning towards Aubree, he leaned his side against the fence post. “I ain't killin' you.”

“Then why bring me out here?” Aubree's muscles tensed as she turned, trying to read the look on Shane's face. His face remained neutral, the small hinting of bemusement hidden in his dark eyes. Aubree stepped back slightly, not trusting the look that should have been comforting to his words.

“Guess you'll find out in time,” a smirk was set in his lips before it disappeared. He reached into the holster at his hip, yanking out one of the guns that had been seated between them prior. He held it out, eyebrow raised expectingly at Aubree.

Her hands remained at her sides for a moment, assessing the situation and his words. Something told Aubree deep in her stomach that taking the gun was more than just simply doing that. But she pushed it down, reached out and grabbed the gun. Shane's hand lingered on the hilt of the gun, Aubree's on the barrel.

A battle went on between their minds without them needing to say a word—a pact was being made, whether Aubree agreed to it or not. There was no turning back from the only two options she had—Aubree was either to make the pact, or she wouldn't make it back to the farm. Shane had patience when proven, but the eerie silence that fell between them was telling enough.

The two of them stared one another down again, then Shane's hand slowly fell from the hilt.


please update soon

Please update!

Ashleyziur Ashleyziur

This is awesome please update soon

This is so good <3

Cat-182 Cat-182
Really good! So well written and a great take on the story. You are doing an excellent job writing Shane-he is really complex. Can't wait for more.
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