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Into the Nothing


“Are you alright?” Harley asked Piper as the two women returned to their cells after Rick’s outburst.

“Yeah, I think,” she frowned as she sat on the cot as if contemplating whether to tell Harley the truth or not, but what she didn’t know was the other woman had an idea of what was troubling her.

“You saw her, didn’t you, Rick’s wife?”

“Yeah,” Piper said, shivering just thinking about the images of Lori’s death that she had witnessed in her dreams and the ghostly apparitions that have been appearing in the prison ever since her arrival.

“How long have you been seeing her?” Harley questioned.

“Since we got here, and I’ve been having dreams about her death. They don’t even feel like dreams. They’re too vivid, like I was there. On top of that, I keep seeing her. . . . .” Piper trailed off, not wanting to say “ghost.”

“Have you talked to Rick?”

“No, I don’t know how to approach him about it. I mean, he’s still suffering. I don’t want to make it worse.”

“Maybe you’re seeing her for a reason.” Harley proposed.

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” Harley paused, “I’ve always believed in angels, guardian angels. Do you think she’s leading you because she wants to show you something? Maybe she wants you to comfort Rick and help him out of his rough patch.”

Biting her lip, she replied, “It’s a possibility, I guess.” Piper had never given much thought to Lori’s presence. If anything, she felt as if Lori’s ghost was haunting her to the very brink of insanity. Why had Lori chosen to reach out to her beyond the grave?

“Just give yourself and Rick time to cool down. That was pretty intense in there. You both need some rest, maybe a vacation,” Harley said as she climbed into her top bunk, burying herself beneath the blankets.

“In a perfect world,” Piper smirked and dimmed the lantern, doing the same and not trying to think about the looming threat of an ambush from the very man she had ran away from - The Governor.

Harley’s Point of View

“Good morning!” Harley exclaimed as she walked up the stairs to help Carol with laundry duty.

“Morning, you’re up awful early.”

“No rest for the wicked, right?”

Carol chuckled as she folded one of Rick’s shirts. “You’re looking a lot better today.”

“I’m trying. I have a feeling I’m going to have a gnarly scar,” Harley said while rubbing her neck.

“I think it’ll heal up fine.”

Harley grabbed a handful of clothes from the pile and began folding them. Carol held up a buttoned up shirt that the sleeves had been ripped off of. She put her hand to her mouth as she tried to keep herself from crying.

Harley saw the tears brimming in her eyes. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, it’s going to take some time getting used to without him around here.”

“I’m really pissed at him for leaving,” Harley sighed.

“Don’t be. I know it’s not easy to, but he did what he had to do. He’s a decent man; the world needs more men like him, especially now.”

“I didn’t used to think that until he saved me. When I got here, I thought he was the biggest asshole, who walked on what remain of this earth. He was so mean to me and didn’t trust me at all. After the attack in Woodbury, all that changed in my eyes. He didn’t have to save me. Hell, he was so close to getting shot when he freed me. I owe him so much.”

“We all do. He’s gone out of his way so many times to protect us.”

Glenn marched up the stairs and joined the two women. Harley could tell he wasn’t coming over to chit chat by the serious look on his face.

“Why is no one out patrolling?” He asked sternly.

“Don’t you want clean clothes?”

“That’s not important right now. I need you both outside now!”

“Alright, calm down.” Harley said, putting her hands up in the air and taken aback by the man’s bad attitude.

Harley grabbed her pistol from her cell and headed outside. Carol and Axel were securing the walkway between the buildings while Michonne checked the fences for weak spots. She turned her head to the east fences to see Hershel and Piper calling Rick closer to the prison gates. She hoped they could persuade him to come back inside. Since the attack at Woodbury, Glenn was hell bent on seeking revenge against The Governor. Something as risky as revenge could get him or the whole group killed. As much as Harley wanted to put a bullet through The Governor’s head for what he had done to her, she knew there was a time and place, and now wasn’t it.

“Do you think he’s coming inside anytime soon?” Harley overheard Carl asking Beth.

“I hope so. He needs rest.”

“He’s going to be alright,” Harley reassured them with a smile on her face. She wasn’t sure how long it would take Rick to come out of his current state, but she had to remain hopeful for the others and most importantly, herself.

Her smile soon disappeared as a gunshot rang out through the prison yard. Harley’s eyes grew wide as she looked at Axel’s dead body falling to the pavement in a heap on his side.

“No!” She screamed at the top of her lungs. The man’s life had been snuffed out so quickly!

She looked straight ahead through the prison gates to see him, The Governor, with a gun in his hand and a devilish grin spread across on his lips. Several armed soldiers exited his vehicle. They began firing on their closest targets, Piper and Rick. Harley led Carl and Beth behind the bleachers to safety. Seconds later, bullets were flying their way again. Carol lay on the ground beside Axel’s lifeless body. If she got up to make a run for it, she’d surely be hit.

“How many bullets do you have?!” Carl yelled over the gunfire.

“Not enough,” Beth replied as she pulled out the small carton of bullets from her pocket, disappointedly.

“There’s a shooter in the guard tower!” Harley said as she loaded her gun.

“Shooter in the woods too,” Carl said, indicating with a finger.

She looked over to the woods to see Piper and Rick on the ground. Rick was firing at their attackers while protected the woman beside him. If The Governor saw Piper, she would surely be his main target. Harley had to do something to distract him.

“Alright, I want you guys to run behind the bleachers and hide in that doorway.”

“What about you?” Beth eyes were full of concern.

“I’m heading for the bus to help out Michonne. Whatever you do, aim for the sniper.”

Harley fired several shots at the men, but none of them seemed to do any damage. She could feel the wind from the bullets as she sprinted across the prison yard. It may have been the dumbest thing she’d done in a while, but she couldn’t risk Beth or Carl getting shot. Better her than one of them.

Michonne saw her coming and distracted the men.

“Thanks,” Harley said as she tried to catch her breath. As she loaded her gun, she noticed the silence. “Did they stop?”

Michonne looked out from behind the bus and nodded, “For now.”

“Beth!” Maggie yelled as she ran into the courtyard with more guns.

“Carol, c’mon!”

Harley breathed a sigh of relief as Carol ran to safety.

“What is that?” Michonne listened to an engine roaring in the distance.

“I don’t know,” Harley responded as the van came closer to the prison yard.

Harley's eyes widened as the van plowed through the gates, unhinging them completely. She and Michonne reloaded their weapons and prepared for the soldiers that would inevitably exit the van like a Trojan horse. A gate lowered from the back end of the van, revealing nearly a dozen walkers.

"Shit!" Harley cursed under her breath at the leader of Woodbury’s tactics. This just wasn’t fair. The group hadn’t been ready for this kind of shit, Harley thought, wanting to rip The Governor limb from limb, if she ever got her hands on him.

Michonne pulled out her katana and began decapitating the walkers while Harley backed her way up and out of their reach. Harley glanced over at the east side of the yard and noticed Piper's absence.

Harley’s heart stopped and her breath hitched in her throat.

"Where's Piper?"

"Not sure. Go on, I got the rest," Michonne ordered coolly, her eyes never wavering off of the approaching biters.

Harley ran across the yard, taking down several walkers that were closing in on Hershel. She helped Hershel to his feet and led him to safety.

"Did you see what happened to Piper?"

"No," he said as he caught his breath.

The group has made quick work of the walkers and the sniper in the guard tower. Harley turned her head to see Rick pinned up against the fence. Two walkers had him pinned down and another was on the way. Harley sprinted as fast as her legs would take her. If she shot from too far away, she could hit Rick or draw more walkers in. As she drew her knife, an arrow flew through the air and into the walker's head. A smile crept across her face as she realized Daryl had come to his senses.

Piper’s Point of View

Piper woke to the sound of Glenn’s raised voice and sat up in bed, wondering what could’ve set the young man off. He wasn’t exactly stable after Woodbury. Revenge ran strong through his veins for the man, who had presumably raped his girlfriend, Maggie.

In a way, Piper blamed herself for all the events that had occurred in Woodbury. Maybe, if she would have been braver and revealed to the group of The Governor’s true colors, then maybe none of this mess would have ever happened in the first damn place. Oscar would be alive. Maggie and Glenn wouldn’t be feuding with one another.

And The Governor wouldn’t know of the group’s whereabouts. She knew for certain that the monster of a man would soon - if not now - be on his way over to the prison in retaliation for what the rescue team had done, and it would be an all-out war. The Governor would find out Piper had been with the prison group along as well, which would make matters even more severe than they already were.

Getting out of bed, she searched the jail cell floor for her sturdy pair of combat boots and once found, she put them on and laced them up. She found her katana and strapped it to her back in its sheath, even hid a bowie knife inside her boot and holstered a Browning 9 mm, which Carol had supplied her with the other day.

Piper wasn’t much for guns. Instead, she preferred her katana in any walker type situation. Guns attracted too much attention in her book. The blade was silent, much quicker and efficient, especially in close quarters.

Just as Piper was about to walk out of her jail cell, Maggie walked by looking rather flustered and terribly troubled.

“What’s wrong, Maggie?” Piper asked the young woman, catching her off guard by her abrupt appearance.

“It’s nothing,” she said evasively, not meeting the other woman’s soft brown eyes.

“Look, I understand if you don’t want to talk about “it.” Maggie knew what she was indicating to – she and Glenn and what happened back in Woodbury. “But, I am here for you, Maggie, if there’s something bothering you, just know that.”

All Maggie could do was nod her head in understanding as the other woman put a consoling hand on her shoulder.

“I won’t press the matter. You come to me when you’re ready, okay?” Piper added soothingly with an earnest smile.

Maggie appreciated that this woman didn’t harass her for the truth of what happened in Woodbury like she knew Glenn was going to do, eventually. She actually contemplated spilling out all her emotions, but she wasn’t ready just yet, and after all, she knew by Piper’s remark that she would understand.

“Thanks, Piper,” Maggie smiled weakly at her, putting one of her own hands on the hand Piper had on her shoulder, “I appreciate it.” She patted the woman’s hand, before walking away and into her cell to be alone.

Since Piper was awake and pretty much ready for the day, the woman made her way out of the prison in search of Rick Grimes. Today, she had to talk to him, persuade him to come back into the prison and tell him of her rather haunting dreams of his deceased wife’s death and also the matter of Piper actually being about to see Lori’s ghost. Harley was right. She needed to talk to him. Rick needed to know Harley’s and Piper’s theory on why Lori was reaching out to her. This could probably do a lot for the leader’s mental state and his ability to lead the group or hinder it.

Glenn may be a decent leader, but rage was fueling him. He was headstrong, not the ideal leader at such a time like this because eventually Glenn would end up getting himself killed or worse, the whole group, whether it be by walkers or by The Governor’s hand. Piper knew the leader’s ways almost better than anyone else besides his ex-second-in-command, Merle Dixon and his most trusted ally and personal researcher, Milton Mamet. The leader of Woodbury was a master of manipulation and deception, and he built the town, convincing poor, naïve survivors of the false safety he provided – just as long as they didn’t find out his dirty little secrets.

First, Piper thought to look at the small plot of graves where Lori was laid to rest, but she found no trace or sign of the leader. Odd he wouldn’t be here, Piper thought as she glanced outside of the fence to her east to catch a glimpse of movement in the tall grasses. At first, the woman brushed it off as a wandering walker, but when she got closer to the fence, Piper noticed Rick, who appeared to be searching for something.

No doubt it was related to Lori.

“Rick, you need to come back inside!” Piper pleaded, grabbing ahold of the fence, and peering through the mesh at the leader, who was pacing back and forth, whispering incoherently. “It’s not safe out there!”

Piper waited patiently a moment for the man to respond. Rick glanced up and looked straight through her as if she wasn’t even there. The woman’s heart sank at how truly miserable the man really was, and that same urge to console the leader took over. She could have sworn she heard Lori’s voice whispering to her, saying, “Help him, please! Help my husband, Piper!”

Rick began to walk way, but Piper yelled, “Talk to me, Rick! Don’t just walk away!”

The man kept walking with the woman behind the fence that separated them, feeling desperate that he wouldn’t come through this fit of insanity. Don’t be too far gone, Rick, Piper thought, thinking about Judith and Carl and how much they needed him now more than ever. Not only that, the group needed his leadership that Piper had heard so much of from the other group members.

“Rick, I need to talk to you! Please, don’t walk way!” She felt like shaking the fence, but thought better of it; she didn’t want to attract any nearby walkers. Instead, Piper gripped the fence and rested her head upon it.

“Lori, I need to find her,” Rick mumbled, pausing in his walk to put his hands to his head as he turned in her direction. He began pulling at his dark, wavy brown hair, sweat dripping down from his face. He truly looked like a mess with his disheveled hair and sweat stained shirt.

“I know, Rick, I know,” Piper said smoothly after an interval of silence between the two, which made the leader glance up at her soft tone. Their eyes met and she could barely withstand looking into them without wanting to burst into tears, the man truly looked lost. “But, Lori wouldn’t want you out here endangering your life. She would want you to be inside with Carl and Judith, taking care of them and leading us – the group.”

Shaking his head in response, he whispered, “I can’t. I have to find her, she’s out here.”

“Rick, I know you’re seeing her,” Piper paused, not sure how to form this into proper words, “I can see her too,” she dared to look up at the grief stricken widower as she explained, “and she’s reaching out to me, I think. I believe Lori wants me to help you through this rough patch of yours.”

The leader’s mouth formed in an “o” at first speechless by the woman’s confession. Piper became aware of her face heating up, afraid that Rick wouldn’t take her seriously or much worse, get angry with her.

They stood there for an interval of silence with only the sounds of the breeze and forest surrounding them. Piper glanced down at her feet, not wanting to look into the leader’s eyes when he started screaming at her. She readied herself for the worst, but nothing came.

Rick continued to stand there speechless, staring at the woman in front of him, who confessed that she could see his dead wife’s ghost as well, which was sort of comforting, once he thought about it. This meant he wasn’t as insane as he thought he was.

Piper glanced up, taking his silence as a bad sign. “It’s okay if you don’t believe me, Rick . . . because I’ll just go,” she said fumbling for the right words. Maybe this was the wrong thing to do, the woman thought, mentally cursing herself for believing it ever was.

More silence. Piper began to walk back up to the prison, but was stopped in her tracks by Rick’s hoarse voice.

“Don’t,” he spoke, and the woman turned to face him. He was closer to the fence now. “Do you see her now? Has she spoken to you?” He asked frantically, grabbing the fence and looking Piper desperately in the eyes for some solace from the excruciating pain he was in emotionally. Rick felt as if he was slipping into a void of darkness. With everything that had happened between him and Lori, she had always been his light in the dark.

“No, I don’t, and she’s only spoken to me in dreams and she’s shown me her. . . .How she died.”

“Oh,” Rick said, looking down at the ground in disappointment.

“But, I could help you . . . let you know when I see her and what she shows me and tells me?”

Before the leader could reply, Hershel came hobbling up with a water bottle in his hand, no less for Rick. The leader let go of the fence and backed away, going back into one of his episodes.

“I see I am not the only one trying to persuade Rick to come back to the prison,” the old man said out of breath from the long descent from the prison.

“Yeah, I’ve been trying for some time. It seems he won’t budge for nothing.” Piper sighed, crossing her arms as she watched Rick begin to walk away only to be called back by Hershel.

“Was that a gunshot?” Piper questioned frantically. She had come outside the fence in an attempt to help Hershel persuade Rick to come back inside the prison.

Rick drew his gun and scanned the prison yard. The Governor was facing the prison with his gun pointed at Block C. Two more men filed out of his truck with their weapons drawn.

“Get down,” he whispered to Piper, whose heart was drumming inside her chest at the sight of the devil himself.

She didn’t think Philip would attack so quickly or much less find them this soon! I can’t let him see me; she thought as followed Rick’s orders and hid in the tall grass. Since The Governor’s men were so far away, her katana wouldn’t do her any good. Rick fired back at the attackers and ducked down in the grass beside her.

“What are we going to do? They’re firing from every direction!”

“If we try to make a run for the yard, we’re dead. I want you to take cover in the woods. I’ll distract them. Go!”

Piper dashed away from the prison and into the protection of the woods. She squatted behind a tree and looked out at the prison. The Governor and his men had stopped firing. Surely, they weren’t out of ammunition? Piper knew Philip was smart and devious. He had something else planned for the prison survivors. She sat her katana down on the ground and moved closer to see what was happening. She stopped in her tracks as she felt a gun pressing on the back of her head.

“Got any more weapons on ya?” The man asked. “I already got ya fancy sword.”

“It’s a katana and no.” Piper lied, but the man saw right through it.

“Is that right, missy?”

Grumbling and begrudgingly, Piper surrendered her gun and even pulled out the bowie knife hidden in her boot as well. Now, she was truly weaponless. She felt truly exposed without protection.

“Turn around.” Piper slowly turned around to face the man. “Well damn! Piper Noble! The Governor’s gonna love this!” The man reached around in his pocket for a zip tie as he kept his gun pointed at his target.

“Alright, you’ve caught me. Now what? Your Governor seems kind of busy at the moment, buddy.”

“I’m taking you back to Woodbury as a welcome back present for Philip.” Her captor smirked, binding her wrists together rather forcefully and causing Piper to wince in pain.

“Take me to Martinez.”

“No. It’s always Martinez. I want some glory every once in a while. Just once, I’d like to hear, ‘Great job, Chuck’ instead of ‘Chuck, go grab up some biters for the arena’.”

“You’re still going to be his lackey regardless.”

“Shut up and walk,” Chuck hissed.

The soldier led Piper deep into the forest. She was never the best with directions, especially out deep in the woods, but she knew they were going the wrong way by the orientation of the sun. Chuck’s ambition was clouding his thought process. If they continued further, they’d be at the interstate and far west of Woodbury.

“We’ve been walking a long time.”

“I know where I’m going!” Chuck shouted aggressively, indignant to the fact he had gotten them lost. “Stand by the tree, we’re taking a break.”

Piper did as the man demanded while she planned her escape. She wasn’t sure what’d she do, but her top priority was getting her katana back, but Piper was caught off guard by how quick his break was, though.

“I’m not ready to go yet.”

“Too bad,” he said as he pulled his gun out.

Piper swung her elbow back, causing Chuck to stumble over and lose his gun. The man got up quicker than she anticipated leaving her without time to retrieve her prized possession. She raced further into the woods towards the interstate, hands still bond. Before, she made it to the small ravine the soldier had caught up with her.

“Get on the ground!” He ordered with a malicious grin spread wide across his lips.

“Shit,” Piper said under her breath as she dropped to the ground without a chose.

“You know, The Governor said you were tricky. You were smart and pretty and a schemer. He told us to bring you back to him alive, but I don’t think he’d care that I got rid of ya for good,” Chuck jeered before licking his lips and placing the gun to the back of her head prepared to pulled the trigger.

This is the end.

Piper closed her eyes tightly and swallowed the lump in her throat, ready for the bullet to snuff her light out forever.

I’m sorry, Ian.


Is this truly the end for Piper?

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