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Stars of the Dead


Lily Scott is a 20 year old English girl who moved out to Georgia with her mum and dad to be with her mum's brother, her Uncle, Pete and his wife and family. The epidemic hits and the world goes to shit, the family manage to hold their ground in their house for a while but of course, the Infected (walkers) take over. Young Lily is forced to leave her family behind and take off in hope of survival with her older cousin Jake, only things don't go too smoothly. Lily, eventually, is introduced to Daryl, Rick and the rest of the survivors but not only has she been dragged into their lives but their problems too. Lily is in the middle of a civil war, is this young girl strong enough to take on The Governor with Team Prison? To complicate things even more, she finds herself falling for a certain redneck that is 10 years her senior. How does Lily's dark tale unfold?


I do not own any of AMC's The Walking Dead characters although I do own my OCs.


Beth Greene

Beth Greene

Beth is 17 years old and happy to have a girl close to her age join the group. Although Beth and Lily both have blonde hair and green eyes, what is most strange is that Beth's mannerism and actions closely resemble Lily's cousin Sarah, not only by her pretty face but Beth's depressive past too. Is the comparability between Beth and Sarah to much for Lily to handle or will it have the opposite effect?

Carol Peletier

Carol Peletier

Still as kind and sweet as ever, Carol easily warms to the new girl giving her the support she needs since she also lost her family (and because she is so darn lovely) but when Lily starts relations with other certain members of the group does Carol's morals change or is it just her heart that gets broken?

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon

Daryl is rather volatile but still level headed and logical, more so than others in the group. He still likes to think of himself as a loner and he doesn't need anyone but no one can make it alone now and he needs at least one person to rely on. Daryl thinks he already has that person in his life but all changes with the addition of Lily Scott.

Jake Anderson

Jake Anderson

Jake is the older cousin of Lily and brother of Beth. He's 23 years old and very capable of surviving the infected world. Where Beth and Lily and similar due to their looks, Jake and Lily's whole personalities match. They are both; out going, fun loving and happy people but does the pressure of the situation end their good relationship? Or is it just a life that ends..

Lily Scott

Lily Scott

Lily's 20 years old and from England, she moved to Georgia just over a year ago. During this nightmare, she loses the majority of her family, forcing her to become a lone wolf. But how long will she be alone for? With her long, blonde, straight hair and emerald green eyes Lily doesnt seem the type to be able to totally kick zombie ass, but she proves herself worthy of bad ass status by having some major responsibilities. Lily finds the fun in everything and may even bright light into this dark world, or dark prison..

Pete Anderson

Pete Anderson

Pete Anderson is the father of Jake and Sarah Anderson and the uncle of Lily Scott, he is the brother of her mother. He's a man prepared for this dead world, with natural survival instincts and the skills he posses with guns and knives. Pete risks his life for his family and the people he loves, he wants them safe.

Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson

Sarah is Lily's 17 year old cousin. They share similar look but are different when it comes to the adapting of this new apocalyptic world, she's struggling. She young, pretty and petrified. Sarah may lose to the infected and her mental state but her presences remain with Lily.

Team Prison

Team Prison

The rest of the Atlanta group feature.


  1. Comfort Zone

    Lily and her family's home base is over taken by 'the infected' forcing them to leave, but who manages it unscathed?

  2. Grief on the Road

    Lily is forced to take off with the other last surviving member of the Scott/Anderson family resulting in having to endure the pain of loosing the others while on the road.

  3. I'll Take Your Hand

    Lily has to accept the fact that not only has the world go to shit but the people too.

  4. 95 Degrees in the Shade

    Can Lily last in the open, unprotected long enough to find the guys from before?

  5. Water, Pain and Welcoming

    Lily begins to formally introduce herself to the group even thought some have seen her naked already. Does she get in well with these members of the group and how does she cope with the news of everyone is infected?

  6. Little Mr Authority

    Lily finally meets Rick but its not his approval she feels like she needs..

  7. Stars

    Lily and Daryl a buddied up to do the night watch, do they keep a look out for any danger or do they end up star gazing?

  8. Show Me What You Got

    Lily proves to the group that she's not just a pretty, pink face but a mini Lara Croft who can take out walker with ease.

  9. Gone

    Lily, Daryl, Maggie and Glen go to Lily and Jake's crashed car to retrieve the supplies and end Walker Jake.

  10. Living Nightmare

    Lily has to face the group after her meltdown and go through her deceased family's stuff, does it set her off again? Also Lily and Daryl get a lot closer after a quiet day between them.

  11. Just Go

    Lily and Maggie have what feels like normal girl talk, only for it to be interrupted by something that sends the group into chaos.

  12. All Tied Up

    Lily and Carol find themselves all tied up in a dangerous situation.

  13. Maggie

    This whole chapter is from Maggie Greene's point of view.

  14. Survivors

    Lily comes across some more survivors who she never expected to see..

  15. For All To See

    Lily finds herself in a similar situation to Maggie, only it isn't The Governor who's pulling the strings.

  16. Relationships

    It's a small, caotic world..

  17. Screams

    How do Daryl and Lily react? Is Lily's temper going to get her in deeper trouble?

  18. Things That Go Bump in the Night

    Bella finally gets her hands on what she wanted, but is it Daryl or Lily?

  19. Get In Undetected

    Maggie, Rick, Glen, Michonne and Carl go after Carol, Lily AND Daryl. How does is all play out?

  20. He Makes Me Sick

    Pete takes the rescue mission into Woodbury, but it won't be easy.

  21. Mission: Rescue

    The last in Maggie POV for the time being, the rescue team split up for better chances of surviving.

  22. If We..

    Lily, in her fragile state, expresses the thoughts and feelings she has but is it her mental and physical state altering her feelings or are they genuinely true?

  23. Hallway of Hell

    How are Rick and the rescue team going to get Lily and Daryl out of their confinement?

  24. I Ain’t Goin’ Anywhere

    The rescue team have to get Lily and Daryl to Hershel before it's too late.

  25. Sleep

    Does Lily get that blood transfusion or is Hershel unable to make in such sort time?

  26. Our Room

    Find out what went down between Pete, Michonne, The Governor and Bella.

  27. Vase of Wilted Flowers

    Lily and Daryl clash over Bella.

  28. All in Good Time, Blondie

    Final Chapter - Read to see if Lily and Daryl end the story on good or bad terms..


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