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Stars of the Dead

For All To See

Chapter 15 - For All To See

It broke my heart into millions of pieces to know that the girl Daryl cared enough to keep a picture and lie about it, was alive and here, right in front of my eyes. She’d already had Daryl’s heart in the palm of her hands and I will never have the chance to try a real relationship with him because no doubt, this girl would end my life.

This gothic, biker chick slowly walked up to me. She walked as if she were on a cat walk; she knew she had every pair of eyes set on her legs. Even Uncle Pete’s but he was anxious as she was centimetres away from my face.

She quickly breathed out of her nose, like she was going to laugh but didn’t have the energy.

“Back off.” I said through gritted teeth.

“What ya gonna do blondie?” her voice was alluring but coated in venom.

She couldn’t call me blondie, Daryl does.. Daryl did. My heart stopped.

She laughed out loud this time, “There’s nothing ya can do.. is there?”

I glared at her.

“It’s a shame ya have such a shit attitude, ya have a nice, young, pretty face. If ya up for it and want to stay alive ya could give some to these men? They’re feeling a bit neglected at the moment, bein’ the end of the world and all, and there ain’t no way I’m touching them.” She tormented me.

Some of the men cheered and whistled.

“I’d rather die.”

“That can be arranged,” she winked.

Biker chick moved from my radius and strutted over to Carol who was shaking.

“Aw bless,” she said in the most intimidating tone. “Ya like a scared little rabbit or somethin’.”

“Stay away from her,” I warned.

I didn’t like the thought of this woman being in such close quarters with Carol, she was hardly coping as it was.

“Can this one not talk for herself? This.. this lesbian?! Is she too scared to talk to a gorgeous girl like me?”

“HA!” I scoffed.

Biker girl charged over to me, furious that I had insulted her appearance.

“What ya think ya hotter than me?” she challenged.

I bit my tongue; I didn’t want to push this one. I think I had met my match.

“Come on!” she shouted. “Let’s see what ya’ve got!”

Bike girl untied my wrists from behind the pole.

“Take it off.” She commanded.

I refused to move, holding my head high I ignored her command. I was not going to get naked in front of all these men.

“I said take it off you blonde bitch!” she shouted and accidently spat in my face when doing so.

I made it clear that she sprayed me with her saliva and wiped my face, “Thanks for the shower..” I said sarcastically.

This infuriated her. Biker Girl slapped me hard across the face, my cheeks were taking a beating today.

“Take it off, take it off, take it off!” The crowd of men began to chant.

Biker girl had a smug look on her face, she’d won this one.

I had to.. I pulled my open checked shirt off my shoulders; then took off my white tank top and left my white bra exactly where it was. There was no way that was coming off, it was chilly after all. I took a deep breath and reached down to undo the button on my jeans. I pulled them off completely so I was stood in just my black pants.

I was quite happy with my figure, my boobs were a C cup, I had an hour glass waist and an arse that I was proud of but I did not feel comfortable stand in the street for all to see.
Biker girl eyed me up and down, her eyes fixed on the still heeling stitches I have down my stomach that Hershel did for me. Her eyes widened as if she were inspired by my injury.

“What’s this? This ain’t the look of beauty.” She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small knife.

My wound was still raw, the stitches were still in.

She stepped closer to me and held the tip of the knife and at the top of my wound.

I clenched my jaw and kept my eyes tightly closed, I knew what she’d do next and I was right.

Adding pressure to the knife and pulling it down, Biker Girl cut open my stitches and reopened my wound.

I let out a few cries of pains that I didn’t have the strength to hold back while Carol cried beside me and Unlce Pete winced at my pain.

I was being ripped open, blood poured from my wound all the way down my stomach and legs.

Once Biker Girl had gotten to the bottom of my injury she removed the knife and wiped her blade clean on my hip, she caught me causing me to bleed from there also.

The summer breeze blew causing me to shiver.

“Ya look like you could use warming up.. any offers boys?” She smirked and looked towards them.

Fat Bob stepped forward, he was desperate for some.

I know my hands were free but I couldn’t go anywhere there was no way I could run, not without Carol or Uncle Pete. The Gov, who was stood from a distance watching as Biker Girl took over, would probably shoot me down anyway if I legged it.

Biker Girl nodded, “Go ahead.”

Carol beside me cried again, I looked at my Uncle Pete who was covering his mouth with his hands. He couldn’t do anything as it would blow his cover; he just had to watch this man attack his niece.

A perverted grin spread across Fat Bob’s fat face, he waddled towards me tugging on the straps of his dungarees.

I didn’t have any form of weapon, not even a pocket knife stuffed into my knickers. I just had my knuckles and they’ve have to do me good as Fat Bob was face to face with me.

He grabbed my left wrist in an attempt to restrain me, luckily left was my weaker hand. With all my force, I punched him directly on the bridge of his nose. That protein bar had done me some good as his nose was gushing with blood.

The crowd of men shouted “Ohhhhhh,” as a response to my punch.

Both Biker Girl and The Goc stood and watched with their arms crossed over their chests; inspecting me, again.

Fat Bob straightened up, he looked angry this time but I knew I could take him. I used my old trick and turned my anger and fear into adrenaline.

“You motherfucker!” I exclaimed and kicked him with all my strength in his balls.

He fell to the floor in pain; my knockout received another “ohhhhh” response from the men.

“Ya can fight in ya underwear, I’ll give ya that.” Biker Girl commented.

My hand was shaking as I tried to wipe my wound, it only caused more pain. I took deep breaths in and out to control myself, it was stinging so much.

This must be the beginning of the torture Carol and I were bound to endure..

Biker Girl tied me back on to the pole, ten times tighter than before, realising there wasn’t a chance a man could touch me. My body withered against the poll, shaking from the pain of my wound.

She played with her knife in front of me, wondering where to inflict more pain. She teased me and traced the tip along my collar bone.

“Just leave her alone!” Carol shouted.

“Ya feeling left out missy?” Biker Girl walked over to Carol and held the knife under her chin.

Carol was shaking in fear.

“Do ya want some attention too? I can give ya that if ya like.” She winked.

Thankfully, her knife was put back in her pocket but Biker Girl still had her hands and very long black nails. With one swipe of the face, Biker Girl had inflicted three deep scratches on Carol’s right cheek. She took the slap like a trooper and didn’t flinch or cry afterwards, that shocked me.

“Why are you even doing this to us?” I asked through my gritted teeth, mainly because of the pain, “Who even are you?”

Biker Girl shrugged, “Why not, The Gov don’t seem to like ya’ll so we might as well have some fun with ya before he kills yas one by one. And who am I? Ex’s have called me the Devil’s Daughter, and I don’t blame ‘em.”

“You’re a fucking bitch, that’s what you a-“ my sentence was interrupted by someone being thrown out of a second story window from across the street.

“What the fuck was that?!” The Governor shouted. “Martinez, Jones upstairs. I want the rest of ya on the walls, I think we have company.” He ordered, and oh what a surprise the Mexican who slapped me was actually called Martinez.

The men took to their orders and rushed from the poles, I looked to Uncle Pete; he gave me a single nod and patted his pocket indicating that the photo was in there, safe. He jogged off down an alleyway.

The commotion stopped Biker Girl from retaliating to my insult, she rushed to The Governor’s side, he stood tall, waiting and anticipating the next move of the group.. if it really were them.

Carol and I scanned the area, searching for any clues whether the group were hear to rescue us. I looked to the man who had fell, or had been pushed, out of the window. His neck was slit, he was on his way to death before he was hurtling to the ground. A pool of blood surrounded his head area.

“Do you think it’s them?” Carol asked hopefully.

“I can’t be sure. Would they do something like that though? Create a big scene right in front of everyone and let them know they are here? Something isn’t right.”

I analysed the situation. Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie and Michonne were the fighters of the group, even Carl was but I wasn’t sure if Rick would risk his son’s life with The Governor, but these guys were smart, they wouldn’t do this purposely. Something bad had happened if it were any of them.

There was a gun shot from the same place the guy fell.


This definitely wasn’t an accident, this must have been a member of the group, only bringing attention to themselves because it was either that or death.. Even though attention to them would also lead them to their deaths.

I prayed and prayed in my head that the gun shot fired did not hit a member, no matter who it was just as long as it wasn’t one of our own.

I heard the thuds, punches, impacts, gasps and cries from the same window, Martinez and Jones were beating them up. It soon stopped and Martinez popped his head out of the window.

“We’ve got him Gov,” he called down.

“Bring ‘im down and let’s see who we’ve got.” He replied, pleased with Martinez's work.

‘We’ve got him,’ I replayed in my head. ‘We’ve got him.’

My heart beat grew harder, like it was pounding against my rib cage.

“Please no, please. Not him.” I whisper to myself, chin to my chest again.

“What Lily?!” Carol asked alerted, “Who is it? Who do you think it is?”

The Gov and Biker Girl walked, linked together by their crossing of arms, over to us, thankfully their back to us as they awaited the intruder.

My breathing was a lot louder as I tried to keep myself contained and calm by focusing on my breathing, in and out, in and out.

“Here he is Gov,” Martinez said proudly.

I shifted positions to view the intruder since Biker Girl and The Gov were in the way. I craned my neck to see a half unconscious man being dragged from inside out to the poll beside me.

His right eye was swollen and cut underneath, the bottom half of his shirt was ripped and it was hanging off. On the back of the other guy, who went by the name of Jones, was a crossbow.

“Holy shit.” Biker Girl exclaimed.

“DARYL!!” I screamed, tears pouring down my face.

He looked up woozily in the direction of my voice, “Bella?”


Dun Dun Duuuuuunnnnnn!

I really hope you have enjoyed the story up to now! This is the last chapter I will be uploading for now because for the next
two weeks I will be in Cyprus. But don't you worry, as soon as I am home I will continue exactly where I have left off - updating regularly.

This holiday will give me a break and give me time to analyse the story and come up with great ideas for the end of it.

I hope you stick around and wait for my return, I have really appreciated the comments, votes and subscribers - you've made me want to write more and more! Thank you so much and I'll see you in two weeks.

Big thanks to Thewalkingdixon, Mrs-Daryl-Dixon, Cherokee_Rose_Daryl and SierraaDixon for commenting. X


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