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Stars of the Dead

Get In Undetected

Chapter 19 – Get In Undetected

The next few chapters will be written in Maggie Greene's P.O.V

It's fair to say I did not get a good night's sleep after Daryl left us.

I tossed and turned, guilt and a bad feeling kept slept at bay. I should have gone with him, I should have grabbed a gun and got in that car voluntarily instead of trying to talk Daryl out of going.

What was I thinking? It's Carol and Lily for god sake! Both of them were a vital member of our group; Carol was our mother, she's take care of us, look after Judith, make us feel warm and safe, Lily; she was something special, and she was exactly what we all needed, as soon as she woke up the bad mood in the prison was lifted, she brought us happiness and laughter and you can't have too much of that these days.

Every time I closed my eyes, images of Carol and Lily being tortured and sexually assaulted filled my head as well as Daryl being caught and killed.

How could I have let Daryl go it alone when I know exactly what The Governor is capable of but then again how could Daryl go alone when he knows it too? He put him up against his own brother!

With all my fidgeting, Glen didn't have the best night's sleep either but down couldn't have came quick enough for him as I pushed him out of bed as soon as the clock's hand struck 6.

I shot downstairs, Glen followed sleepily behind. His body may have been slow but his mind was on game, he knew what our mission was this morning.

Michonne was carrying a large bag out of the door to the car and in the living room stood Rick and Carl, I was quite surprised.

"Carl's comin'?" I asked.

"Yes." Rick said almost reluctantly.

Glen shook his head, "Naw, no way. It's too dangerous." He protested.

"Yeah, it's dangerous. That's the exact reason why he is comin'." My mind was boggled, had Rick had whiskey for breakfast. "We're already 3 men down, 2 being our good fighters. We need Carl."

Throughout Rick's mini speech, Carl stood tall and held his gun strongly across his chest. For a moment he seemed years beyond his youth but it was easy to forget how old he truly was, he had been through what 80 year old war heroes had never experienced.

Both Glen and I took a deep breath, "Okay," Glen agreed to it.

We knew we needed all the help there was to offer.

"I need to tell Daddy-" I began but stopped mid sentence when I heard his crutches from above.

"Where ya'll off too?" He scanned the room, "Where's Daryl? Did he not come back last night?" Daddy asked, he knew we wouldn't not take Daryl so he was slightly confused.

"Daryl went after them alone list night," Rick's voice was full of regret, I guess his night was similar to mine.

"Oh," daddy's eyebrows butted together with worry. "I pray to God this ain't a rescue party for three."

We gathered our weapons, ate a very quick breakfast for strength and went to the car.

Threw a bag into the boot then began to walk over to Daddy to say my goodbyes but Rick had beat me to it.

"I'm going to end this today." His tone was serious. "The Governor ain't going to cause us anymore trouble."

"Watch yaself Rick, and keep an eye on that boy." He nodded toward Carl who had just climbed into the passenger seat.

"I'll keep them safe," Rick replied, referring to all of us.

Daddy pulled Rick in and kissed his forehead. Rick was like the son he never had.

It was my turn.

I walked over and kissed Daddy on the cheek, "Tell Beth and Judith I'll be back soon."

He nodded, "Now you keep ya self safe," Daddy spoke louder, "That goes for all of ya."

"Bye Hershel." Glen smiled weakly and got into the car, I followed after him.

These drives to Woodbury were becoming too frequent for my liking. The thought of the place turns my stomach upside down.

We parked the as far away from the road to Woodbury as possible, as deep as the car could go into the forest. We'd walk the rest of the way.

We walked for a good 20 minutes under the pink sky with multiple guns and blades strapped on our hips, ankles and back. I think we'd have enough ammo and knives.

The stacked up cars that acted as walls were in site through the trees, two voices of what sounded like agitated men came from above the main gate. The thick trees gave us camouflage and the time we needed to discuss our plan.

“The main gate was never an option, and we can’t go the way we went before. They’ll probably be expecting us by now.” Michonne said and motioned towards the tired looking guards.

Rick nodded in agreement, “We need to get in undetected. We’ll go round the right of this place, search for a way in. Stay in the trees and be as quiet as ya can.” Rick was in his mission mode; he couldn’t be taking any more risks, like he said we were already 3 men down.

We lurked beside Woodbury that seemed as creepy as ever, the houses were empty and the streets were quiet. God knows what happened to those who weren’t old or young enough to be part of The Governor’s army.

Rick held his arm out to stop us in our tracks, “There’s a man on the outside of the wall.” He whispered.

I craned my neck and spotted a man, who I did not recognise. He had no guns strapped to his back, none were in his gun belt either, just what I think was a small knife.

Unlike the two on the main gate, he seemed more calm and collected but on a duty. He was scanning the forest, was he looking for us? Was he looking for us to bring to The Governor?

“No guns.” Rick ordered as he pushed down Carl’s gun, he had raised it to the man. “No swords right now Michonne,” Rick raised an eyebrow as Michonne slowly and quietly pulled out her weapon.

It scared me that Carl immediately jumped to killing this man, it was different for Michonne she was just ready to protect us.

There was something strange about this man, if you worked for The Governor you carried a big ass gun and had a face like a slapped arse.

“What’s in his hand?” Glen asked.

That’s when I noticed the man was holding something up, a piece of paper? A note?

“Looks like a photograph,” Carl commented.

“I think it is..” Rick was stumped by this man, who is he?

“He’s looking for someone, he’s looking for us.” I told them.

“Yeah, on The Governor’s orders.” Michonne replied bluntly.

“No, it’s different. It’s like he needs us, needs us to help him?” I was rambling, I was as confused about this guy as Rick but my thoughts weren’t dark, this guy seemed like he was one of us.

It hit me.

“He might know Lily!” I jumped up.

Glen and Daryl shushed me; I had spoken a little too loudly.

“He’s lookin’ around..” Carl whispered.

The five of us, in sync, lowered ourselves to the ground. Michonne’s large blade was still exposed.

“Is anyone out there?” He called out but still in a hushed voice. “Lily and Carol’s group? Is it you? Please, I’m on your side. I’m Lily’s Uncle, check the photo.”

My eyes widened.

“Maggie, no!” Glen went to grab my hand but missed.

I ran out and emerged from the trees, about 5 metres away from where Lily supposed Uncle stood.
Just as a precaution, I held out my knife; remembering what Rick said; no guns.

“Are ya here to save Lily and Carol?” He asked.

I nodded, “Who are you again?” My voice was hard, I tried to disguise my hope; hope was dangerous.

“I’m Lily’s Uncle. Here, look.” He said in the cross over of a Georgia and English accent

He stepped forward, photo extended. Suddenly Glen emerged from behind me, he held out a gun.

“Lower your weapons.” He ordered.

My safety was not something Glen liked to put at risk.

The man held his hands up, “Okay, understandable. All a got is this knife. Let me slide it to ya.”

I nodded, and he did so. Glen grabbed the knife and swapped it for his gun. I wasn’t sure how we were going to be able to get a good look at the photo for us to know if this man was telling the truth.

Michonne, Rick and Carl marched out of the forest. The man’s eyes widened at the sight of Michonne’s sword, it was enough to frighten anyone, that and Michonne’s hostile expression. Rick took over, he was deadly serious but stayed calm, he had experience with tense situations like this.

“Now I want you to place the photo on the ground, put a rock on it and take 5 big steps back okay?” It sounded like a question but it was a command.

The man nodded gracefully and did so.

One, two, three, four, five. He did as he was told, good man.

Rick stepped forward to pick up the photo; Glen, Carl and I stayed put until he summoned us forward. The four of us rushed to glance over his shoulder at the photo.

There was Lily stood in front of, what must have been her mom and dad, their hands on her shoulders. Rick’s fingertip pointed to the other older man and it was Lily’s Uncle. I looked up to the man and back down to the photo. Rick moved his finger to reveal the man’s family; a wife and two children. The boy must have been Jake who Lily travelled with and was shot by The Governor. I looked to the other young girl and I gasped.

She was the exact double of Beth. I now understood why Lily was so weirded out in the presence of Beth, she saw her as her cousin’s ghost.

“That’s Lily’s Uncle alright,” Glen said, “Just look at his daughter, then look at Lily. They’re so similar.”

“Look at his daughter and look at Beth,” Carl said.

The resemblance was scary.

Rick looked up to the man and held out the photo to return it; the man slowly stepped forward to take it back.

“Thank you,” he said and placed it into his back pocket. “I'm Pete. Now a guess ya’ll be wondering why I am here?”

“That’s not important right now, Pete.” Rick was all about the business, “Now where are Lily and Carol?”


Ain't you guys lucky! Two chapters in one day!

I hope this is a good change from Lily's story telling, I want you guess to know what is going on outside of Woodbury with Rick and the group, the only way to do that is to write from another character's point of view and since I have already do so with Maggie, I think it would be better to do it from hers and not switch all the time.

It was pretty quick and easy to write this one, I think it's because it's in a different scenery and setting.

I want you guys to tell me what you think of this chapter, especially because it is in Maggie's point of view. What do you think of Uncle Pete? How do you think the group will get inside? You're comments make me happpppyyyy x

I want you guys to tell me what you think of this chapter, especially because it is in Maggie's point of view. What do you think of Uncle Pete? How do you think the group will get inside? You're comments make me happpppyyyy x


Thank you!
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That's great! !!
No no! Haven't upset me, just putting it out there hahaha
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I hope I am not upsetting you, I was trying to make it constructive criticism, if I didn't truly enjoy it I wouldn't bother to comment at all I would have stopped after the first chaptee. :D
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Well it's only the case for the first chapter or so, this is my first ever fanfiction
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