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Stars of the Dead


Chapter 25 – Sleep

Beth added pressure to my nose as well as rolls of tissue to stop the bleeding and eventually it did.

I was shaking and shivering, my teeth were chattering and I knew the noise drove Daryl crazy. His fingers were still interlocked with mine, he lifted them both to his face blew his hot breath in between them in an attempt to warm me up. He then rubbed the whole of my arm up and down.

I gave him a weak smile as if to say thank you.

“How we doin’ Hershel?” Rick asked nervously from the living room.

“I think we might be able to manage it.” He said almost promisingly.

“Lily open your eyes please,” Pete asked. “Lily?!”

I could hear every word said, every noise made but the pain had become too much for me and I needed to sleep, I needed to rest now.

Someone was tapping the cheeks of my face to get me to open my eyes.

“Come on Lily, not now. Not now ya’ve gotten this far!” It was Daryl trying to liven me up.

“I just need to sterilize the ends of the tube and we can get started, not long now Lily. Good girl.” Hershel spoke.

I was so fond of Hershel, I see him as a granddad type figure even though I haven’t known him for too long.

“This’ll sting slightly..”


“..Pete, now hold still.”

I heard a quick intake of breath then nothing; I’m guessing the tube was inserted in my Uncle Pete’s arm.

I felt a pair of hands on me that weren’t Daryl’s, they felt worn and old, they were Hershel’s and he was lifting up my arm I’m guessing to find a vein.

“Lily you still here?” Daryl asked nervously.

I squeezed his hand and managed a ‘Mmm’.

“Good girl,” Uncle Pete cooed.

There was a sharp slice in the crease of where my elbow bent, I winced and groaned which sparked more comfort from Daryl; like in Woodbury, he rubbed his thumb over the back of my hand.

“Just breath normally,” Hershel instructed.

I understood why Hershel told me to do so because there was a horrible, uncomfortable pain in my arm. The tube was thrusted into my vein. I moaned now that I was very irritable, can’t they just leave me alone and let me sleep.

Dr Hershel lifted up my eye lids and shone a rather small but very bright light into my eye. I couldn’t find my voice so I used my facial expressions to communicate.

“Ooo she wasn’t too happy about that Hershel,” Daryl noted.

“She won’t be too happy if she gets really ill because I didn’t check, it won’t be long now Lily. Pete’s blood is starting to flow to you.”

As soon as Hershel spoke, I felt this strange cool liquid enter my system; something new, something strange. Hopefully something that will make me stronger.

“Just a little bit longer Lily, then you can rest.” Pete told me.

Thank fuck for that, I was started to get angry and annoyed, they kept fiddling with things, messing with me, irritating me. I’ve had enough.

“Just let me go,” I whispered to Daryl, I opened my eyes for him.

His face was in disbelief, “What? No! What do you mean let you go?”

“Let me go,” I repeated.

Pete stood up from his chair, the now red tube still connecting us. “No Lily, don’t talk like that.”

What were they talking about? I want to sleep for goodness sake.

“Lily ya said ya’d never give up, ya give on yaself you give up on me.” Daryl reminded me although there was no need, I was very aware of my promise.

They were taking this the wrong way, calm down you bunch of girls. Let a tired girl get some shut eye. What I have just been through, it was seriously draining both energy wise and physically.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful Rick and everyone came, I’m thankful Daryl and I are out of Woodbury and alive, and I am unbelievably grateful that I have at least one family member on this horrible planet with me. But please, I can’t take anymore pain. I’m imprisoned by my own body, my body is my own personal torture chamber and I want to escape it all, the only way is sleep.

Finally, after what felt like years, I drifted into what could possibly be a dangerous slumber.

I woke up in a terrible mood, my stomach was eating itself and my throat had dried up.

I groaned and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes.
“Thank God Lily,” My Uncle Pete said with a sigh of relief.

“What?” I croaked.

“You went to sleep too soon for my liking,” Hershel said, “I wanted a good amount of blood in you before you slept.”

“Ya might not of woke back up.” Daryl said.

I didn’t see Daryl at first but he was exactly where he was before I closed my eyes for good.

I looked around the place; Hershel was sat by one side, Daryl the other and Pete was by my feet. Beth was hovering around the kitchen lighting some more candles. There was no one else downstairs.

Beth put down a candle on the kitchen top, “Do you need anything?” she asked politely.

“I could do with some water, and is there any food?”

“Yeah, I’ll get you some.” She replied.

“Thank you,” I smiled at her, her looking like Sarah had stopped being scary and almost soothing.

“What time is it?” I asked.

“Like 3am?” Daryl replied even though he wasn’t entirely sure himself

“You guys should get some sleep,” I looked at my carers, all of which looked sleepy.

“I guess we could..” Hershel thought, “We know you aren’t dead or not going to wake up. How do you feel?”

“Better,” I answered truthfully.

I really did feel better apart from my hunger and thirst, I felt almost okay. My headache was nowhere near as bad as before, my left eye could open more than it could earlier therefore the swelling of my cheek has went down some. I lifted my hand to my face and felt that my cheek was cold; someone must have had an ice pack on it earlier. Stroking my other cheek I felt a band aid across the three grazes I suffered from Bella.

The other bloody and painful wound I got from her on my stomach and that was okay too, although I was aware it was there. I knew it would take so long to heel fully. I also knew that my body would be aching for days, I couldn’t see at the moment but I just know I’ll be covered in dark bruises that would hurt at the slightest touch, but they would go soon enough.

And finally, my last and most painful injury - my ribs. They still very much so hurt with every breath taken and there was nothing I could do but take pain killers for them. I’d have to split them evenly with Daryl and his broken wrist too.

“Here ya go,” Beth said as she brought a cup of water over. “Ya don’t mind havin’ a few granola bars do ya? It’s either that or Judith’s food.”

I slowly sat up and grit my teeth through the pain, “Thank you.” I said as I took the water. “And yeah that’s fine.”

Drank the water almost in one, I only needed one breath in between for the cup to be empty. I opened up one of the granola bars and practically swallowed it whole, same for the second. I was about to open the third but I stopped myself.

“Daryl have you had something to eat?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He shrugged.

“You haven’t ate in a while and it’s late,” Hershel commented.

“Neither have you,” Daryl replied.

“I haven’t been starving for days. Now eat.”

There was no arguing with Dr. Hershel. I gave Daryl a smug grin when he took the bar off of me.

“Ya can wipe that look off ya face.” He said as he took a bite.

Uncle Pete couldn’t stop looking at me. He must be as relieved as I am that not all of his family are gone, he was happy again. But even so, he looked troubled. Maybe my face reminded him that his children aren’t here, that Jake who I left with died when he would have had the best chance of surviving out of all of us.

Then it hit me.

He’s seen Sarah. He’s seen Sarah in Beth, just like I did. It must be breaking his heart seeing a girl exactly like her dealing in this world when Sarah didn’t even take the chance. My heart ached for him, my heart also ached for the rest of my family, if only I could see them again.

“You all should get some sleep, like seriously, I’m okay. I don’t need baby sitting.” I said.

“You sure?” Hershel double checked.

“Yeah,” I nodded, “Go get some rest.”

“Okiedoke, night all.”

Hershel hobbled up the stairs on his crutches with Beth right behind him, “Good night.” I called.

“You guys should too.” I looked to Pete and Daryl who hadn’t moved a muscle.

“I’m going,” Pete gave in.

He got up from his chair by the end of my makeshift bed and came to my side.

Uncle Pete brushed some hair from my face and kissed my forehead, “I’m so glad you’re alive.”

I laughed, “Me too.”

“Good night,” He smiled and followed Hershel and Beth to bed.

I turned to Daryl, the most stubborn out of the bunch. “You out of all people should go get a good night’s sleep.”

He rolled his eyes, knowing how persistent I can be.

“Daryl you’re exhausted, I can see in in your eyes although you may be hiding it well.”

He sighed in defeat, “Okay, I’m tired but I said I wasn’t goin’ anywhere and I’m stickin’ by what I said.”

“You’re staying with me tonight?” I asked.

“Am stayin’ with ya.” Daryl confirmed.

I, being higher up than Daryl because I was sat on the table, leaned over and looked down on him. I slowly lowered my lips closer and closer to his, he couldn’t take it anymore and crashed his lips into mine.

This kiss was so different to our last one.

Before, it was full of pain. Not physical pain, but emotional as we weren’t sure of how long we had left together and on this planet. It was short, but meaningful. It was almost like a goodbye kiss because apart of us knew that it could be the end.

But this kiss felt warm, and safe and full of relief. It was a kiss as if to say, you haven’t lost me yet and don’t count on it anytime soon, because I’m going not where.

There was one of those awkward coughs made from upstairs; I’m guessing it was my Uncle Pete. The others had kinda realised what Daryl and I meant to each other when they found us and it didn’t bother them. They understood that love is love, and you can’t have too much of it in a place and in a time like this.

I broke the kiss off first being slightly embarrassed by my Uncle over hearing us. He was surprisingly over protective for an Uncle, he was worse than my dad when it came to boys but it showed that he cared so I couldn’t really complain.

I rolled back my shoulders in an attempt to relieve my aching back, the table was not comfortable.

Daryl noticed this action, “Ya can’t sleep on there.” He looked over to the living room, “Do ya think ya can make it to over there?”

I followed his stare and it wasn’t far at all, “I’m sure I can manage.”

Daryl pulled off the sheets and I pulled my legs over the side of the table, he took one of my hands and helped me down. I was a little wobbly on my feet but stable enough.
Daryl led me over to the long sofa and sat at one end, “Lay down,” he gestured to the remaining length of the sofa.

I sat beside him, then turned my back to him and stretched out my legs along the rest of the couch whereas Daryl stretched his legs out to rest his feet on the coffee table in front. With his good hand, he placed it on my back and helped me slowly lay down across him, my head resting on the arm of the chair.

He looked down at me with his sea blue eyes; I sometime lost myself in his ocean, swimming too far out. Daryl played with my hair and exhaled deeply, he seemed so relaxed with me now.

“Night Daryl,”

“Night gorgeous,” he replied.

It must have slipped out of his mouth as Daryl’s cheeks burned, I closed my eyes to save him anymore embarrassment and it was safe to say that I went back to sleep pretty happy.


I think this is my longest chapter so far although it's mainly just chatter. Keep an eye out to find out how Lily and Daryl cope with what happened to them and Carol at Woodbury and find out what went down with Pete, Michonne, The Gov, Bella and left over thugs like Martinez!

Hope you enjoyed this one and thank you for your comments, especially SierraaDixon :)


Thank you!
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That's great! !!
No no! Haven't upset me, just putting it out there hahaha
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I hope I am not upsetting you, I was trying to make it constructive criticism, if I didn't truly enjoy it I wouldn't bother to comment at all I would have stopped after the first chaptee. :D
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Well it's only the case for the first chapter or so, this is my first ever fanfiction
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