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Stars of the Dead

Our Room

Chapter 26 - Our Room

I gasped and shot up from my sleeping position, nearly nutting Daryl on the way. The quick and rash movement was a big mistake, my ribs ached and all I could do was breath through the pain. I began to cry from a mixture of my ribs, my aching head and body, and also my dream.

“What’s wrong?” Daryl asked; his voice husky as I had just woke him up.

I slowly pulled my legs off the sofa and side beside Daryl and nestled into his neck, releasing more tears before I explained.

“It was my dream,” I replied.

“Wanna talk about it?” My crying made Daryl slightly uncomfortable

“You died,” I sobbed.

Daryl held my head to his neck and stroked my hair, “It’s okay, am here. I didn’t die.” He soothed.

“But it was awful,” the tears didn’t stop, “Carol had turned into a walker, she was coming towards you and you couldn’t do it. You just looked at her and cried. I was there shouting you, but I couldn’t move. When she was right in front of you, you couldn’t even push her back and she bit you. You turned too Daryl..”

“Shhh, that’s enough.” Daryl ordered. “Don’t focus on that, it was just a dream. I ain’t lettin’ no walker get to me or you for that matter. Just quit cryin’, we’re okay.”

I sighed, angry and frustrated and generally fed up with everything. “We’re not okay Daryl! We’ve just been beaten half to death, I don’t think I can recover from all the pain and suffering. I’ve had to watch people I care about die in front of my eyes, and then tortured myself. I will not be the same person when I, if I, get over this. I was so stupid and naïve beforehand, still laughing and joking but there’s no time for that. I can’t take the chance of having fun and being daft because I could die, anyone around me could die. And I can’t do it anymore.”

“Hey, now stop it.” He was almost as angry as I was, but his tone returned to soothing. “Am gonna help ya Lily. Ya not goin’ to go through this alone, I’ll be right here. And ya’ve got your uncle now, that’s gotta be somethin’ to live for. Ya’ve got all of us and we need ya just as much as you need us.”

I just shook my head and whipped away my tears.

“Listen to me,” Daryl lifted up my chin so I would look into his eyes. “Before you came, the prison was damn right miserable. Slowly every one of us were goin’ insane and depressed, but that changed when ya got here. There’s somethin’ aboutcha Lil..”

I rolled my eyes.

My sarcasm and stubbornness was clearly irritating him as he spoke with more true emotion, “Imma do everything it takes to help ya become you again. Am so so sorry for what you have went through with The Governor..” The look in my eye made him extend his sentence, “..And Bella. I really am, Imma help you and ya gonna help me get through this okay?”


Right now, all I really had was Daryl. He had experienced Woodbury more than once, and the most recent with me. He can help me, he really could just he had a few issues to sort out in his own head first.. All to do with Bella.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and held him as tight as my ribs would let me, “Thank you.” I whispered.

“Lily!” Maggie’s voice exclaimed.

I looked up from Daryl to the staircase. Maggie jumped the last few and rushed over to the sofa where Daryl and I sat.

Although she may have come over to me very quickly, she took me in her arms slowly remembering my injuries.

“I’m so glad ya here and ya okay,” she said with tears in her eyes, “Both of y’all.” She corrected herself and placed her hand on Daryl’s knee.

“I missed you,” I smiled and mirrored her teary eyes.

“I missed ya too, I was so worried about y’all.” She said.

I felt Daryl frosting welcome and now understood why he was being so cold to Maggie, “If ya were so worried, why didn’t ya come with me?”

“Daryl,” I said shocked by his rudeness, I had never heard him speak to a girl that way.

“I’m sorry Daryl, but just look at how much good it did ya going in like that? Ya should have just waited till morning.” Maggie tried to reason with him.

“If I’d have waited till mornin’ Lily would have been dead, just like Carol.” He spat.

“Enough!” I said, “That doesn’t matter now, it’s in the past. We’re out of there now and don’t need to talk about it, okay?”

Daryl nodded without eye contact, like a little boy in trouble at school. Maggie gave me a weak smile.

“Sorry ya had to sleep on the sofa last night, Daddy said he didn’t think ya’d be able to move offa the table. Need more pills?” she asked when I rubbed the back of my head.

“It’s okay, the sofa wasn’t too bad but a big improvement from the table. And yes please.” I replied.

I slipped my hand into Daryl’s when Maggie went into the kitchen for me.

“Y’all will have to share a room and bed for the next few days, I don’t think ya would mind like. Ya Uncle Pete took one so y’all have the one nearest to the stairs tonight. No more sofa.” She explained.

“Good,” Daryl said and winked at me.

Maggie came back over with two glasses of water and 4 pills, two for me and two for Daryl who denied needing them but I knew he’d have a bad head just like me.

Everyone had a sleep in this morning, after the day and night they had everyone deserved a few hours extra shut eye but soon enough the group trickled down the stairs till we were all sat around the 12 seater table washing down our granola bars with water for breakfast.

Beth walked over with baby Judith, my Uncle’s eyes were on her heavily, she came over and let me hold her.

“Hey sweetie, I’m so glad to see your chubby face again.” I said to her.

Daryl leaned over my shoulder and stroked Judith’s cheek with a single finger, I suddenly felt my Uncle’s eyes from across the table on me, Daryl and Judith instead of Beth.

Rick took the chair beside me and got down to business, Pete and Michonne had some answering to do.

“So what happened when yas went after The Governor?”

Pete and Michonne, who had sat next to each other, glanced to one another to see who should talk first. Pete took the lead, “He lead me out into the street and it didn’t feel right at all. The Gov’s voice was too calm, too normal although he kept the chat relevant about ways to kill Lily and Daryl and capture you guys, I just nodded along. Bella met up with us in the street saying Martinez and another guy were watching the gate but that wasn’t the case at all.”

Michonne took over, “I followed them to a room with all the weapons, they were reloading and under strict orders to kill Pete because The Gov had grown suspicious over him so I killed them both before they had the chance.” She shrugged it off like it was no big deal.

Pete returned to the story telling, “I noticed Michonne coming out of the room a couple of houses down but I kept my eyes on The Governor so I didn’t give her position away and I had to give my full attention to him because he started to get angry and twitchy.

“Tell me again what happened down there?” he asked me.

“For some reason the passage way was open and the walkers got in, none of the men were prepared for it and they all got attacked. I got in in time to kill them before the guys were ripped apart, the majority of them put a bullet to their heads before they changed.”

He didn’t believe me at all and pulled me up on the way I said walkers, not biters or the infected like I did before.

“Smells a bit fishy to me,” he said and lifted up his gun to my face, “Are ya sure that’s what happened, Pete?”

Michonne’s eye nearly popped out her head but she was like a ninja, so quiet and quick. She was at the right side of The Governor in a flash and took off the hand holding the gun to my head.

He screamed and screamed, more so in anger than anything. It took him a second to compose himself and realise who it was that just removed his hand.”

Michonne took a sip of water before continuing for Pete, “I told Pete to leg it and he did, just like the girl. I took a swing for her and caught her calf with the tip of my sword.”

I felt Daryl freeze beside me.

“I had no time to go after her, The Governor was already picking up his hand and taking the gun from it. I ran after Pete who found the fuel, quick thinking Pete.” She elbowed him in the ribs.

“Where did Bella go?” Daryl asked with fear present in his tone.

I felt a strange twinge of annoyance and slight betrayl, why was Daryl asking about Bella in such a worried manner?

I turned to Rick and handed over Judith before Daryl said anymore.

“Took off on a motorbike, she must have had it ready for days by the gate.” Pete replied.

“I don’t think she’ll last long with that leg, I cut her pretty deep.” Michonne added.

“So she’s out there alone and injured?!” Daryl half shouted.

The room suddenly got very awkward; everyone was wondering who this girl was and especially why Daryl was so bothered about her, their eyes swapped between Daryl’s and my own face.

“Who is she Daryl?” Rick asked.

“Why are you so bothered about her?” Maggie asked another question, backing me up.

“She’s my girlfriend.” He said, looking down at the table.

“Girlfriend?” Glen asked, not believing his ears.

I felt myself go bright red, everyone was looking at me it was so embarrassing.

“She was my girlfriend,” He corrected himself, “We go well back, I can’t believe she’s out there alone!”

Rick’s eyes were wide with disbelief, “Daryl, look what she did to you and Lily..”

I closed my eyes tight in an attempt to stop the tears but it failed, I gritted my teeth to hold back any angry words but that failed too when I heard what Daryl said next,”

“It wasn’t her, it was The Governor. He made her!” He tried to defend his ex.

“Bullshit Daryl! She's an evil bitch!” I screamed and slammed my hands onto the table, this caused Judith to cry but it didn't stop my hate filled rampage.

I kicked my chair backwards, it collided into the kitchen cupboards behind me but I continued and stormed off up the stairs, I didn’t care how I looked at the moment whether I looked like a hormonal teenager or a spoilt brat, I had been embarrassed enough already.

Pretty much everyone knew what Daryl and I were like with one another, apart from Uncle Pete, Hershel and Beth because they didn’t find us together in the chamber at Woodbury. They all assumed that we were practically together and then for them to hear Daryl defend the girl who nearly killed me and refer to her as his girlfriend, I felt like such a mug.

Maggie, being a girl similar to my age and who I considered as a friend, must have knew what I thought of him and how I felt, it was so embarrassing having him sat right next to me, previously hugging me, holding my hand and kissing me, to talk about her in such ways like she was one of us, just a survivor. She was wicked.

I ran up the stairs, ignoring Daryl’s calls after me and rushed into the room right at the top of the stairs. Our room. He was right behind me since he took the stairs two at a time, but I slammed the door in his face before he got any closer to me.


Do you think Daryl is over Bella? Do you think he'll finally realise that his ex isn't what she use to be and do you think Lily will forgive him and let him share her bed tonight? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Hope you enjoyed this chapter, 27 may be expolsive!! X


Thank you!
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I hope I am not upsetting you, I was trying to make it constructive criticism, if I didn't truly enjoy it I wouldn't bother to comment at all I would have stopped after the first chaptee. :D
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Well it's only the case for the first chapter or so, this is my first ever fanfiction
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