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Stars of the Dead

Vase of Wilted Flowers

Chapter 27 - Vase of Wilted Flowers

I quickly locked the door before Daryl tried the door handle then sat on the end of the double bed with my head in my hands to cry.

Daryl was knocking on the door, “Lily, what was that about?”

“Fuck off Daryl, you know exactly what that was about!” I shouted back.

He tried the door handle and sighed, “Can ya let me in please?”

I ignored his requested and continued to cry.

He knocked and knocked, called my name and even kicked the bottom of the door in frustration.

“Lily am not havin’ a conversation with ya through a door and for everyone to hear, now open up.” Daryl commanded and he did have a good point, I didn’t want the group down stairs to hear every angry word I was ready to say.

I reluctantly got up from the bed and over to the door, I unlocked it and swung the door open for him. Before he could look at me, touch me or say anything I turned back around and resumed my position on the bed; head in hands.

“Thanks,” he said and closed the door behind him. “Now are ya gonna tell me what that was about?”

I felt the fire within me once again; I really did have quite the temper and a foul mouth.

“Are you fucking serious?” I asked rhetorically, my eyes were wild with rage. “You’re sat there downstairs in front of everyone, fretting over the whereabouts of Bella when she nearly fucking killed us Daryl! And you go push the blame onto The Governor! Do you have any idea how that makes me feel? The Governor didn’t lay a finger on me but your ex nearly drained me of my blood.”

His face was full of shame.

“Oh, nothing to say to that do we Daryl?” I felt my confidence build, it was replacing the weak cries I was presenting only moments ago and now I had this cockiness in play. I rose from the bed and stood a foot away from his face. “If I were you I’d be embarrassed to know such a person, never mind to have actually been in a relationship with her..”

“She’s not really like that!” He jumped to her defence again, “I swear to God it was The Gov manipulating her!”

“Stop defending her!!” I screamed in his face. “Not once did I hear The Governor ask her to do anything. She, with no input from any other person, asked a man to sexually assault me, she cut open my stomach, beat me to a pulp and you know what else she did Daryl? SHE KILLED CAROL.”

Daryl shook his head in denial, “No no,” he said more so to himself than me. “She’s not like that, she never use to be. She’s not a murderer.” He was trying to convince himself.

“Do you even understand how disrespectful you are being right now?! Bella fucking killed Carol, she killed your best friend. That woman took away the only person in the world who understood you and made you the best you, you could ever be and you are saying she isn’t a murderer? What, did Carol deserve to die? Was what Bella did just an act of self-defence because Carol was dangerous and coming for her? I don’t fucking think so..”

Daryl couldn’t even answer me, the state he was in right now I didn’t think was possible for such a private and stone hard guy. The tears raced each other down his cheeks, his bottom lip quivered.

The cockiness had vanished and left me this broken shell of a girl, tears we’re in my eyes. “Daryl, just stop.” I asked him to not only stop crying because it was breaking my heart even more, but to stop sticking up for Bella also.

He ran his hands through his hair in frustration and I was now as upset as he was about everything.

“She hurt me so, so bad Daryl, but you know what hurts more?” I asked.

He hardly had the courage to give me the eye contact I deserved but he managed it.

“It hurts more at the fact that you are defending and sticking up for the person who nearly ended my life, and I thought you cared about me Daryl.” I sighed, “I can’t get hurt anymore..”

“I would never hurt ya intentionally Lily, ya must know that.” Daryl said so honest and innocently.

I laughed lightly to myself, “Guys like you can hurt girls like me in unimaginable ways, and you wouldn’t even know.”

I felt so weak and vulnerable breaking down in front of him like this, I use to pride myself on not depending on boys but everything has changed now, you’ve got to rely on someone in this world now. At the moment, I felt like he doesn’t even care and the past week has been filled with lies and fake actions, just something to pass the time.

“I do care about ya Lil,” Daryl stepped forward with his arms extended but I instantly took a giant step back, knocking into a desk with a small tv and a vase of wilted flowers on. “But it’s just Bella, we have history. I can’t just pretend I never saw her, I haven’t thought about her since all this began ‘cause a knew my chances, and she was most likely to be dead. And I honestly believe it wasn’t her doin’ what she did. It was The Gov and she was only doin’ it to get by, I promise ya.”

That was it; it was the last straw I had with Daryl being on side with Bella.

The fire was bigger and fiercer than it had ever been. I nearly growled at Daryl like a wild animal, I felt wild and insane. I picked up the closest thing to me and it was the flower vase. With all my force, I threw it at him. Unfortunately he ducked and it smashed against the door behind him, water splashed everywhere and the dead flowers fell to the floor.

“Lily!” Daryl exclaimed, shocked at my outburst.

“Just fuck off Daryl,” The tears were constant now, they were flowing like a river. This was my last request to him.

He stormed out of our room and slammed the door behind him; the noise was ringing in my ears. I felt a strong urge to just curl up into a tight ball in this very spot but I did what every girl does and chased after the guy they adored.

“Daryl, wait!” I called and rushed down the stairs, but Daryl was already crossing in between the kitchen and living room where everyone awkwardly stood, clearly hearing the shouting and smashing of vases.

He carried on at the same pace, not slowing for me or pausing at the door, he passed through it leaving it open for me to carry on chasing him.

I was running to him and just as I was about to leave the motel, someone grabbed hold of my wrist and pulled me back inside. The unexpected tug hurt my ribs but they were the last thing on my mind right now, but I knew I’d pay for them later after all the shouting crying and throwing of objects I have been doing.

It was Uncle Pete. The look in his eye made me burst into floods of tears into his chest, I felt 16 years old and I was experiencing my first real heartbreak. He wrapped his arms around me loose enough to not hurt my broken ribs but tight enough to hold me together.

“I may not know that guy well, but he sure as hell ain’t worth my niece’s tears.”

That sentence made me cry even harder.

Pete kissed my head and held me till the cries slowed.

Daryl drove off in one of the cars in a mood, he might have done it to clear his head or get away from Violent Lily, I was pretty surprised by her myself.

I couldn’t stand being downstairs in the mitts of everyone giving me pity looks, they tried hard not to stare but I know the majority of they watched each silent tears fall and for the others I just made them feel uncomfortable, Michonne was one of those others.

I removed myself from downstairs and went to my room for the benefit of everyone and that’s why I intended to stay for the whole day but there was a knock at my door by sunset. It was Glen and Maggie, hand in hand.

“We were wondering if you fancied a drink,” Glen said.

“There’s a bar outback,” Maggie explained.

Glen didn’t mean like water or anything, he meant alcohol and I couldn’t think of anything better right now.
I followed the pair downstairs and into the back room, and there were so many bottles that could easily quench my thirst and put my head down the toilet.

Rick was already sat at the bar with a whisky, I took the stool beside him and Maggie took the one beside me whereas Glen went behind the bar to be our bartender for this wretched evening.

“What can I get cha?” he tried hard to sound cheerful but I don’t think anyone would be able to manage it today, the group’s morale was very low because of Daryl and I. We should be celebrating the fact that The Governor was dead.

“Straight vodka please,” I said.

Maggie second my request, “Me too.”

Glen poured us our vodka out generously as Rick picked up a conversation.

“Lily, am so glad you’re okay but I can’t help but think this is my fault.” I knew he would blame himself, especially after numerous whiskies which I could smell on his breath.

“Don’t be stupid Rick, no way was it your fault. You’re too kind, too much of a gentleman and a great leader, you can’t take any little issue on your shoulders; you can’t take the blame for everything because it would eventually drive you crazy. Please don’t blame yourself, this couldn’t have been helped..” I drank a mouth full of vodka, it tasted so good but very strong after all this time.

“It could have been helped! If I’da, I coulda-“

“Stop Rick,” I interrupted, “Just finish your whisky and get over it, it doesn’t matter because I’m hear right now.”
“And look at the state you’re in,” Rick said and finished the last of his drink.

Eventually Rick, Glen, Maggie and I stopped the use of glasses and drank out of the bottle, every mouthful going straight to our heads.

Even drop that travelled down my throat numbed the pain of my ribs, my head and my heart, I was slowly forgetting about Daryl and began to smile again thanks to my rescuers.

A drunk Rick summoned me to sit on his lap, “Come here Lily, I want to talk to ya.”

I obliged and took a seat.

“I just want to say how much I enjoy havin’ ya in the group, I really think y’all will do us some good. I think I speak for all of us when I say this.”

“Aw Rick, that’s so sweet. And I don’t think I could have found a better group of survivors to survive with that you lot.” I smiled then wrapped my arms around Rick’s neck.

I heard the creek of a door then a bang. I turned around to see Daryl in the doorway, he had dropped a large bag on the floor.

He looked at me and Rick then continued to the bar. He grabbed a bottle of whatever and left the room, I grabbed my bottle of vodka and followed him to our room.


Hope you enjoyed this chapter, I'd love to hear what you thought and what you think will happen between them next! X


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