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Stars of the Dead

95 Degrees in the Shade

Chapter 4 – 95 Degrees in the Shade

I had managed to bring on a major head ache from my loud and hard cries so I gave myself some time to rest my head, dry my eyes and clear my nose before I went back on the road again.
I concentrated on breathing in through my mouth and out my nose, finding it difficult due the build up of snot..

Before I did anything else, I tried to smash the front window completely like Jake's side was. I couldn't see a thing because of all the cracks. I switched positions in my chair and fully forced booted the window causing it to smash. The edge of the window still had sharp and jagged pieces but I could see clearly from how I sat.

The sun was already blazing down and I didn't want to get any flies in my teeth so I searched the car's glove compartment for some sunglasses, thankfully I found a pair.

I leaned over to Jake sat him up straighter and strapped him in. I didn’t want his body falling on my as I drove, it would only bring on a scream and more tears.

The car didn’t hit the tree with too much force; the engine would still start although the bonnet was messed up.

I reversed from the tree and turned around till the car was facing the opposite direction we had been driving before.

I would take Jake to the lake.

Since I was driving at such high speed with no window, the tiny pieces of glass I broke off earlier blew back onto my lap and due to the sun rising up over us they twinkled in the light looking like diamonds. At least there was something to preoccupy my mind as I had my cousin’s dead body casually sat next to me.
It was a long 3 hour drive, and as I suspected I had hundreds of flies hitting off my face and chest at 60mph. I made note to keep my mouth firmly closed.

Soon enough I meters away from pulling in by the lake side when I heard a small groan and it wasn’t from me.

I glanced at Jake quickly, and then laid my eyes back on the road.

I’m on boarder line insanity, I diagnosed myself.

Again, I heard the same groan but much louder than before.

I felt ridiculous but asked any way, “Jake?”

His head rose, being held by himself. The groaning continued.

“What the fuck Jake?!” I shouted, this was not possible. "You died three hours ago!"

He looked at me and almost growled but the face I seen was not my handsome Jake’s.

His eyes.. His eyes weren’t his usual shade of green but a murky brown colour in the pupil, and for the rest of his eye that was suppose to be white was yellow.

Had he gone blind? Was that why he was moaning and groaning because he couldn’t see and was confused? WHAT IS GOING ON?

His skin was a light shade of green, his lips slightly darker. Not only the skin on his face green but all down his neck, his veins in his neck were more distinct like they were popping out, also his arms were green. Green was not a healthy colour.

“What’s going on? Are you okay?” I asked in a very confused manner.

It was like he suddenly discovered how to move and began to thrash his head from side to side.

I screamed thinking he was having a fit or seizure when suddenly he grabbed for me, I jumped to the side in fear doing so caused me to veer the car right off the road, down a slight hill; head first into the shallows of lake.

The car wasn’t sinking; the bonnet could reach the bottom. With my lack of windows the water rushed in to neck level. The water seemed to have calmed Jake slightly, or the minor crash, but this wasn’t Jake, he had turned.

I started to feel the swish of the water below as he still tried to reach for me, his groans turned into barks and growls. I fiddled under the water for my seat belt and with a press and a tug, I was free.
I pulled myself up slightly by the frame of the broken window in front, although it had smashed glass around the edge. My movement angered the infected Jake and he grabbed me some more, squeals of fear escaped.

With all my strength, I pulled myself up higher so my torso was nearly on the roof. I felt the jagged pieces of glass left in scratch my stomach. The infected Jake grabbed my ankle as I did so.
I screamed and flailed my leg around managing to loosen his grip and have him release my leg. I winced at the pain on my stomach but finally pulled my whole body onto the roof.

I climbed off the roof onto the lake bank, keeping good distance between myself and the half sunken car.
What the fuck had just happened? Jake got shot, not bit. He got shot 3 hours ago and died in front of my very eyes. How could this happen? What is going on? I'm so confused and emotional drained to deal with this.

I settled by the lake edge about 20 meters away from the car which had everything I need to survive, but wet. Well at least I still had my sunglasses, always look on the bright side of life ey?

Even from what I thought was a safe distance, I could hear the groans from Infected Jake and could see the car shaking from him thrashing around. I guess the infected weren't clever enough to undo a seat belt.
My head was spinning. Crazy thoughts and theories rushed through my mind and what didn't help was the sun at its highest point shining down upon me.

I'd already given some thought to how Jake had turned, maybe it was a poisonous bullet and it contained the infection? That was pretty much my theory for Infected Jake which I surprisingly had no family feelings towards. I understood what the infection does to you, it takes away your humanity, your own personality and DNA. The infection releases your soul and turns your body into an emotionless monster.

My next predicament was, how am I going to find the guys I seen the other day? I have done already all I can do. I've came to the place I seen them last but that doesn't mean they'll come again. What if they're just travelling and passed by the lake and it was nothing but a pit stop? The only thing I could do was wait, wait for their return or at least someone to pass. Another thing I could never be sure of is that these people and kind and safe, that they'd even take me in. Even so I'll take my chances, what else can I do?
I wiped the sweat from my forehead and went to the edge of the lake for a drink. I cupped my hand and lifted water to my lips repeatedly until my thirst was quenched.

I removed my sunglasses to splash some water onto my face to cool down, damn it was hot.

With nothing much else to do or think about, I raised my arms behind my head and laid back.

I couldn't have been asleep for long when I woke up because of a wild churning in my stomach. I quickly sat up but before I could move any further I violently threw up all the water I drank earlier.

Once I had done, I wiped my mouth and crawled away from my previous stomach contence and closer to the car. Infected Jake was still groaning.

Ugh. As soon as I had stopped crawling I could really feel the current situation of my body.

My lips were stinging, i lifted my fingertips to them and felt the roughness. squinting in the sunlight that was directly in my line of sight, I could see blood. My lips had dried up from the sun then cracked when I opened up to vomit.

My face was burning, it was unbelievably hot. I attempted with minimal movement to remove my outer checked shirt to leave me in just my strappy top. Every muscle in my body ached.

I felt like pure shit, and what better way to cure feeling like shit other than to take a nap. Again, I fell asleep.p
"Hey," a rough voice said as he knocked my arm, presumably with his foot. "What are yer doing? Sunbathing?"

Wake up Lily, I told myself. It's a person! I've done my waiting.

"Hey." The voice said a lot harsher and kicked me again.

I opened my mouth but no understander words came out, just a raspy whisper.

The guy's shadow covered my face as he couched down. He removed my sunglasses, "It's the naked girl!"

It was the guy from before!

So despite the fact I was completely naked and they could have noticed me ages before I noticed them, he remembers my face..

"Shit." He cursed when he took a closer look to my face. "How long have you been out here?"

Again I was unable to answer him but I could see him more clearly, a lot better than the last encounter. This man was about the age of 30, he had grown both his chin and lip hair, maybe not purposely but he suited it, also his hair was quite long and shaggy, a deep brown colour. And on his back was a crossbow.

I'd found them. Well, technically they found me.

With a sigh, he stretched his rather muscular arms to pick me up.

The jostled movements of him walking made my stomach churn again and I turn my head away from the crossbow guy's chest and spat out bile since there was nothing left inside me.

"Oh great." He said sourly.

He should be thankful I thought about it and wasn't sick on him, asshole.

I could barely keep my eyes open as we walked towards his vehicle, a motorbike. In what felt like a swift, easy movement, crossbow guy swung a leg over his bike and sat down. I was way too weak to be able to hold onto him from behind.

He sat me in the style of how a posh girl in England would ride a horse, both legs over one side. The lack of energy I had to hold myself up straight meant I had to rest my head on his arm as he held the handlebars of the motor bike.

He kicked his bike to a start and zoomed down the road. His bike gave no shelter from the sun that burnt my face or the wind that irritated my lips and at the speed this guy was going both elements were intensified. To protect my face from any further damage I turned my face into this strangers chest without another thought to it. He gave an awkward cough once I did so.

My face was burning, my lips were dry and cracked, every muscle ached, my throat was bone-dry and I had the biggest headache I've ever had, and I've had my fair share of hangovers.. With my whole body in pain and exhausted from it, I dangerously fell asleep on crossbow guy's motorbike.


Lily's finally met Team Prison!
Comments of your opinions would really help motivate me to write my next chapter. Every time I finish one I go over it like a hundred times to add more detail and generally make it better. Let me know what you think so far x


Thank you!
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