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Stars of the Dead

Show Me What You Got

Chapter 8 - Show Me What You Got

I was woken up by a cough, not a cough to clear your throat but a fake cough to get your attention.

As far as early morning's air goes, it was pretty warm. The breeze was still quite cool and I could hear the faint calls of birds in the forest. I could also feel another warmth that was a lot closer.

I lazily opened my eyes are realised where I was and what I was suppose to be doing. I was sat leaning against the outside walls of the mini room inside the tower, my head resting on Daryl's shoulder and his head was tilted to rest on mine. I looked down to find his hand on top of mine which was resting on my thigh.

I looked up to see Carol staring at the pair of us, her face was pained but as soon as we caught eyes she composed herself. Daryl was remained undisturbed by her cough.

"Oh Carol, I'm sorry! I should be on the look out I know," I began to apologise.

She held her hands up to stop me from continuing my rambling apology, "It's okay Lily. It's 8am, you're turn is over. It's mine and Carl's shift now. He's took his post in the other tower." she smiled.

"Okay, I should go get washed and ready.." I let my sentence drift as I had nothing to get washed with and nothing to get changed into.

I turned to Daryl, I was about to tap him when Carol stopped me.

"It's okay, I'll wake him. I want to have a word with him anyway." She said innocently enough.

I carefully lifted Daryl's hand and laid it next to him. Without waking him I managed to move my head from his shoulder. He looked so peaceful right now, and to be truthful I didn't want to be the one to disturb him.

I headed carefully down the tower's stairs and back into the prison.

Hershel and Rick were sat together on one table, Rick had Judith in his arms feeding her her breakfast, Michonne sat across from them. Maggie and Glen were on the other.

"Morning everyone," I greeted as I came down the few steps into the living room cell.

I received a chorus of morning replies.

"Your face is looking better my lady," Hershel commented.

"It feels better," I pressed the back of my hand against my cheek, it was a lot cooler than yesterday.

Remembering I had Daryl's jacket on, I tried to get through this cell block without anyone noticing and put it on his bed.

Maggie acknowledged my sudden speed, she swallowed a mouthful of granola quick enough to catch me before I was through the door, "Is that Daryl's leather jacket?" she asked.

I played it cool and pretended I had completely forgot I had it on, "Oh," I looked down, "Yeah, it got quite cold last night."

"My goodness," Maggie exclaimed, "I never thought I'd see the day that Daryl Dixon would give his leather jacket to someone! And he didn't seem too pleased to be doin' night watch with ya."

"I guess I'm just a charmer," I winked.

"He'll be lending you his crossbow next," Glen joked.

"Don't be gettin' ahead of yourself Glen," Rick joined in, he looked up from baby Judith. "That thing never leaves his side." he smiled.

It was nice to see a more relaxed side of Rick, yesterday he was so tense and stressed. I'm sure all he needed was a good night's sleep.

I laughed off the group's teasing, I was so relieved that they felt comfortable enough to joke with me. I'd much rather have it like that then have they all hate me.

I started to take off Daryl's jacket when a girl came out of a cell, 3 down from me. I stopped in my tracks, as if I had been paused. My eyes were wide, I didn't dare to blink in case she disappeared.

It was Sarah again.

Sarah seemed nervous, a little freaked out. I held as still as possible waiting for her to do something.

"Hey, you must be Lily." She said, her voice was a little different, maybe a bit higher but it had been a while since I heard it last.

Sarah took a step forward, I took one back. This caused Sarah not to move any more.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

Do I answer her? Do I acknowledged my hallucination of my dead cousin.

I was terrified that I was going crazy, I called Maggie.


Maggie and I had exchanged a few glances and enough cheerful comments for me to confined in her and tell her I think I'm going mad.

Maggie was by my side within seconds, alerted by my tone of voice.

"What? What's up?" she asked.

I turned to her slowly, "I can see my cousin, who killed herself.."

She pulled a confused face, "What where?"

I pointed to Sarah, her eyes were now as wide as mine but they weren't looking at me, but the Maggie on my right.

Maggie stepped in front of me to look at me face to face. She held my shoulders.

"Lily, just look at me." my eyes found her hazel ones, "That ain't your cousin,"

"Then who the hell is it? A twin I didn't know about?" I asked, shocked and majorly confused at the fact Maggie could see her too.

"That's my half sister Beth, you know who I told you about yesterday?" Her tone was calm and soothing.

"Holy shit," I exclaimed. "She's the absolute double of her!"

Maggie turned round to 'Beth', "Beth come here,"

Doubtful at first, but Beth made her way towards us.

It was crazy how similar Beth and Sarah were. Sarah and I shared the green eyes and blonde hair gene, from our mothers, but Beth had nearly the exact same eyes and a similar shade of blonde. They height, the figure, the facial features. This was insane.

"I'm so sorry for freaking you out and staring at you like that. But you look so much like my cousin, I thought it was her." I apologised, still in awe.

"It's okay," she held out her hand for a shake.

I accepted it, "I really am sorry, I thought I was going crazy."

"Not yet," Maggie laughed and returned to the living cell.

Relief swept through me, thank god I wasn't going mental. I took off Daryl's jacket completely, climbed the stairs to his open bedroom and laid the jacket on his bed.

I returned to the living cell and munched on a granola bar Glen threw me, I didn't feel tired right now. My sleeping hours were crazy.

I heard the leaver of the door clang and Daryl entered, everyone looked up including me but as I soon as I seen him I looked back down to the granola bar in my hand.

Maggie didn't miss a trick, she raised her eyebrows.

"Morning," Rick greeted Daryl.

Daryl slapped Rick on the back and continued straight into the bed cell block.

"What's on today's agenda?" Glen asked.

Rick rose from his chair and placed Judith in her cot, "Usual routine." he shrugged. "Today I was hoping to see how good Lily was with a blade, maybe teach ya how to shoot."

I looked up, "Yeah that sounds good, just there's something I need to take care of.. Jake's still in my car, as a walker. I can't just leave him. Plus my car is like packed with stuff you guys could need."

Rick nodded, "We'll send a group out with you later, but I wanna see how you can handle a gun. A don't want to send ya out there not knowin' what ya doin', okay?"

"That's fair enough." Rick was a very sensible man, he didn't want me to take the risk. This obviously showed he cared, even for me, the new girl.

Maggie lent me some of her clothes for the time being since mine were dirty and blood stained, I got changed in her cell as I didn't have one to myself just yet. Rick was outside already, setting up some tin can targets for me. I began to get a bit of an audience as Hershel hobbled outside, with Beth behind him at the ready in case he stumbled. I put on my sunglasses as it was sunny even thought it was early.

"Think of this as a bit of a test, but don't worry I just want to see where ya at Lily." Rick said as he handed me an ASP Pistol. "Just breath and aim."

There was a short wall within the prison fence, this is what Rick used to balance the cans on. I was thankful I had my glasses on as I was facing the sun, I could feel my skin starting to sting and I had only been outside for 5 minutes.

Hershel and Beth sat on a bench to the right of me, Maggie and Glen emerged from the door hand in hand to watch.

I held the gun out at arms length, both hands holding it tightly. I focused hard on the peaches can, this was my first target. I took a deep breath in and as I released it, I pulled the trigger. I must have caught the top right of the can as it moved back diagonally.

"Not bad, Lily." Rick approved.

It had been so long since I went shooting with my mum's brother, my uncle, Pete. I'd like to think I was taught by the best and he was looking over me and helping me out right now.

"Just ya feet Lily," Rick came up and stood behind me, he pointed down to my feet. "Have 'em a step apart and facin' ya target, that's it. Now try again."

With my new stance, I repeated my steps to shooting the can. Bang. This time I knocked the can off the wall. There was a little round of applause from Hershel, Beth and Maggie and Glen who had joined them on the bench.

I turned round to see who was clapping behind me and it was Michonne, she clapped slowly as she walked down the steps to join Rick's side.

"Keep going," Rick encouraged.

I turned the nerves in adrenaline and quickly shot down the other 3 cans.

"Wow," He exclaimed.

Still got it.

The door to the hall which leads to the living cell was kicked open, "Do ya mind?" Daryl called, "Ya givin' little ass kicker the shock of her life!"

In Daryl's large arms was baby Judith. He was rocking her back and forth to stop her from crying, he was shushing her as he rocked. The sight of Daryl with gorgeous baby Judith made me melt inside.

"Dad," Carl shouted from the top of his tower. "Ya've attracted quite a few walkers, shall I go get 'em?"

"Ya alright son, we will." Rick said and looked towards me.

I wiped the sweat from my forehead, only to irriate my burnt skin.

"Here Lily," Glen handed me his cap.

"Thanks," I said and followed Rick and Michonne out to the gathering of walkers.

There was around 10 walkers all pressed up against the fence, it was strange usually they were spread out. Even Rick looked puzzled by it.

"Show me what ya got," Rick pulled out a knife and gave it to me.

I rushed up to a walker, giving myself more force and stabbed it in the eye. The next in the forehead, the next, since the blade was so large, I pierce under the chin and into the brain.

"Is it my turn yet?" Michonne asked Rick sarcastically.

I loved my sarcasm.

Rick laughed and nodded.

Michonne pulled out from her back, the biggest sword I've ever seen. The sound it made as she pulled it out of it's case was like what you'd hear from a movie. With a quick swish of her huge blade, she stabbed a walker right through the middle of it's eyes, she did so with so much force the sword came out of the back.

Quickly Rick and Michonne took out the rest of the walkers as I watched, highly impressed.

Rick put his hand on my shoulder and the three of us walked back up to the others, "I think ya pretty prepared to go out to ya car today."


Hope you enjoyed Lily's almost bad ass side, you'll see a new side of her in the next chapter.
I really enjoy writing this and your feedback inspires me so tell me what you think!!

I want to thank Thewalkingdixon, Mrs-Daryl-Dixon, DeadGeekGirl and SierraaDixon for commenting. x


Thank you!
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Well it's only the case for the first chapter or so, this is my first ever fanfiction
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