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Stars of the Dead


Chapter 9 - Gone

Daryl hadn't said a word to me since last night, and he's had numerous opportunities.

I'd pushed him too far hadn't I? I crossed the line saying that about his brother, no one knew him better than Daryl and there I go running my mouth. But I was being nice; I was comforting him
when he needed it.

I'll give him the space he needs, after all, guys are like elastic bands but then again Daryl wasn't like your typical guy and we weren't in our typical situation.

It was decided that Maggie, Glen, Daryl and I would go. Daryl wasn't obliged to go but he got into the driver’s seat wordlessly. I was prepared to take the back seat since Daryl wasn't talking much
today but Maggie and Glen beat me too it.

She gave me a wink and closed the car door.

I was just about to jump in when Rick called me, I walked over to him.

"I'm sorry about Jake, and it's gonna be hard to do. If ya think ya can't, Daryl or Glen will step up." His voice was lowered so only I could hear.

"Thanks, but I feel like I need to do it myself." I replied.

"I understand, now be careful out there." Rick held the top of my arm as he said so.

I nodded, looking down at the floor.

Daryl impatiently beeped the horn.

"Go on, get gone." Rick smiled.

I lightly jogged to the car and got inside.

The contrast between the front seats of the car and the back were laughable. In the back were Maggie and Glen being their loved up couple selves, it was nice that they had each other. Their hands were entwined and they sat very close to one another whispering into each other’s ears and

Whereas, in the front, Daryl and I were silent. He kept his eyes on the road and his hands on the steering wheel. I awkwardly readjusted Glen's hat and played with the tips of my long hair. It felt like we were on a never ending road.

I didn't get what Daryl's problem was, maybe he was just embarrassed, or maybe he thought he gave out the wrong signals last night or was it something Carol had said to him when I left him this morning? I wasn't sure, be something was up.

We were at the lake. Daryl pulled on the hill and parked. Glen leaned forward from the back seat and put his hand on my shoulder, "Are you ready to do this?"

"Ready as I'll ever be," I sighed.

We got out of the car and looked down to my half submerged one, it was untouched and the car was still full. I didn't realised how vertical the car was, it was in pretty deep but again just to my neck level when sat down, I think I was quite lucky to not have gone deeper and drowned.

Daryl held his crossbow out, scanning the area. It was clear.

We walked down to the car; I could feel the pistol Rick gave me in the pocket of Maggie's jacket patting against my leg as I made my way down the steep hill.

No, I couldn't use it. It would attract walkers.

I reached for the knife in my pocket, this would have to do. I gripped the handle.

Daryl went ahead and checked out the car.

"Urm Lily," Daryl was either being serious or still in his mood since he didn't call me blondie. "Ya boyfriend ain't here."

"He's not my boyfriend!" I ran to the car, no one was inside. "Fuck!"

In anger I kicked the car, only to hurt my toe.

"How did he get out?" Maggie asked.

Daryl inspected the car, "I guess he was hungry," he held up a piece of chewed seat belt.

"Fuck! I can't believe this." I was so angry and upset with myself.

How could I leave Jake as a walker? I should have ended it as soon as he turned.

"Lily, we'll look around. See if we can find him." Maggie said.

"No point, he'll be long gone by now." Daryl spoke his mind.

I glared at Daryl whereas Maggie shot him a disapproving look.

"Woah, sorry." he said.

"You lot just unpack the car, I'm going to look down the road." I said and checked my ammo, it was full.

I could tell by their faces they weren't too happy with me going off alone but I was so angry and upset, I needed time to myself.

"Stay by the road, don't go into the forest because I ain't comin' after ya." Daryl called; I ignored him and stormed off.

“I think, as a family in this situation, we should make a pact.” My Uncle Pete began.

He was stood at the head of the table; everyone else had taken a seat either side to hear what he had to say.

“You’ve seen those things, they aren’t human. And that is something I pride myself on during this apocalypse, I’ve stayed true to myself and my family, and I have not lost my humanity - I don’t plan on it. That’s why I think we should make a pact. If ever one of us got bit by an infected, we’ve got to die as ourselves and only experience death once. I want, one of you, any of you, to end my life for me if I ever do get bitten.”

Jake rose from his chair, “I second that dad; I do not want to become a monster.”

Nods of agreement went round the table.

We all promised to end each other’s lives to prevent ourselves from becoming a walking dead.


I have failed my cousin.

I promised him, we all promised to do this one thing and I was too stupid and scared to do it.

Jake was so against becoming a monster; how could I practically betray him? I hate myself for it.

I was far away for Maggie, Glen or Daryl to not hear my sobs. I wiped away my tears with the sleeve edge of Maggie’s jacket only for my cheeks to become wet again by more floods.

I took Daryl’s advice and did not enter the forest, getting lost was the last thing I needed right now. I walked along the forest edge, keeping an eye out for Jake.
I had to, I had to end this. But I knew Jake was gone and I had very little chance of finding him.

I’d been searching for a good half an hour, I really started to lose hope of finding him today. Just as I was about to give up and turn around to head back to Maggie, Glen and Daryl who were probably worrying about me ..well maybe not Daryl, I heard the groans.

“Jake?” I shouted. I’m so stupid, it’s not like a walker is going to answer me back going, ‘I’m here!!’

About 5 yards in front of me, on the forest edge, 4 walkers emerged.

Neither one of them were my Jake.

Instinctively, I grabbed for the pistol in my pocket but the noise would only attract more and I was a half an hour walk away from the guys at the lake, I’d probably be dead by the time they got to me, so I guess it’s all down to the knife from Rick.

I took this opportunity to release all my anger and stress, so with every swipe of the knife, every piercing of the skill I shouted, screamed and grunted as the tears poured.

The 4 walkers must have caught scent of the living in the summer breeze; they are turned to face me, groaning.

I ran at the first one, the closest one. It must have been a walker for a long time since it was the most gruesome one I have ever come across. A chunk of its face was missing, what was supposed to be a cheek was now ripped, rotting flesh hanging off the face. I penetrated the skull of this walker with my knife.

The next three would be tougher to take down; they were stood in a row and all heading in the same direction. To me.

With all my strength, I kicked the middle one in the stomach sending it flying backwards and onto the ground. The walker on the right was missing an arm, therefore it was less dangerous. I quickly analysed the one on the left, it had all its limbs but I looked like it was missing a stomach.

I violently struck my knife upwards under the chin of the walker; blood spurted out its mouth and got me in the face.

I looked at the walker with an arm missing, I looked at it pathetically. With one quick blow to the side of the head with my blade, it went down.

I middle one I kicked early was hissing and groaning on the ground, struggling to get up; it’s ankle had snapped in the fall. I walked around to the head of it and with every ounce of energy I had left in me; I stamped on its head repeatedly.

Crunch. I broke the nose.

Crunch. I broke the jaw off.

Crunch. The skull caved in, but that didn’t stop me.

I screamed and cried as I stamped on the demolished walker head. Because of my very loud mourning, I hadn’t heard the truck we drove down in pull up behind me.

Daryl leaped out of the car and ran towards me; he grabbed me by my shoulders.

“Lily! Are ya okay? Are ya hurt?” He asked, panic stricken after clearly seeing the pile of walkers around me.

My mouth was wide open but no words were just coming out, just screeches as I tried to catch my breath. I bet I looked like something from a physco film with sore red eyes and a pink face that was splattered with blood.

He wrapped he large arms around me and pulled me in close. He pulled me in so quickly and with so much force that Glen’s cap fell from my head when I collided into Daryl. One of his hands held the back of my head and pressed it against his chest.

“Shhhh, it’s okay. You’re okay.’ He soothed.

Daryl calmed me down as he gently swayed with me in his arms, the tears poured down my face and I still made those awful crying noises but I was settling.

Glen and Maggie got out of the back of the car and jumped in the front.

Daryl had his arm around my back leading me to the car; I bent down to pick up Glen’s cap and got in.

For whatever reason Daryl wasn't speaking to me for was forgotten about for the time being and he was being a friend.

I was prepared to sit at opposite quarters of the car like we did on the way down to the lake, but with Daryl’s little care for seat belts; he pulled me by the waist right up to his side. He kept his arm around my waist and I rested my head on his chest, crying on his shirt.

If it wasn’t for my gasps for air, it would have been a very quiet drive ‘home’.

Just as we pulled up to the prison’s fences I had nearly stopped crying, only because I was falling unconscious. Sleep was beckoning me.

Through half closed eyes, I saw Rick and Carl open the first gate for us, then Carol and Michonne for the second larger one.

Glen parked the car by the prison door. It wasn’t too far to walk but not that I had the choice; Daryl climbed out of the car but then ducked back in to lift me out. He held me like a baby, and once again I was close to his muscular chest.

Only Beth, Hershel and the baby were in the living cell to witness me as an emotional wreck.

“Is she okay?” Beth rose to her feet as we entered.

“She’s emotionally exhausted,” Daryl said, thanks Daryl I couldn’t have put it better myself.

“Did she do it?” Hershel asked.

Maggie’s lips were pressed into a fine line, Glen shook his head, “He wasn’t there.”

With all the bed cells on the lower level taken, Daryl had to carry me up the metal stairs and lay me in one of the upper cells although this was kind of his zone.

He used his thumb to catch the falling tear down my cheek, and without a word he left my new bed cell for me to sleep.


Hope you enjoyed seeing the aggressive side to Lily and the cute side to Daryl, tell me what you thought of this chapter! It's about to get interesting real soon..

Pre Warning: I'm going on holiday for two weeks on
Sunday the 28th, so I'm trying my hardest to write as much as I can for now and leave it at a cliff hanger for you all to be on the edge of your seat and wait for me to return to the story!

Your comments keep me going, thank you all x


Thank you!
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I hope I am not upsetting you, I was trying to make it constructive criticism, if I didn't truly enjoy it I wouldn't bother to comment at all I would have stopped after the first chaptee. :D
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Well it's only the case for the first chapter or so, this is my first ever fanfiction
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