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Opposites Attract


Daryl grew up poor in the back country of Georgia, while Claire was raised in a political family of privilege. In the old world, they never would have looked twice at each other - they just came from two different worlds. But they would soon come to not only rely on each other, but find they cannot live without each other.


Claire Carlson

Claire Carlson

Beautiful Harvard grad, Claire Carlson, was born into a political family of privledge. Raised by her father and two older brothers, she's definitely resourceful, can handle a gun and knows her way around the woods. From Georgia's most elite family, to fending for herself in a world full of zombies. She'll find love in the arms of a man that she would have never looked at twice before; a man from another world just outside the borders of her carefully guarded life on her family's gated estate.

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon

Good ole Georgia country boy, born into a poor back woods Georgia family. Rednecks. Hillbillies. White trash. Him and his brother, Merle, had been called all those things. But, growing up in the backwoods of Georgia proves to be an invaluable assest when the world turns to shit, and the dead start walking and eating the living. His lifetime of hunting, trapping and fending for himself make him one badass crossbow carrying zombie killer. However, this former loser becomes a leader. This former loner learns the true meaning of love and trust, when he meets the beautiful yet resourceful Claire Carlson. He doesn't know what to make of her at first. But, as time goes on he will see she's "tough as nails," and will fall hard for a woman who in his past life would have never looked twice at him. But, this unlikely pair find that they not only be will they start to rely on each other; they will eventually realize they cannot live without one another.


  1. Opposites Attract: Chapter One

    Daryl/OC Character Romance/Drama/Hurt/Comfort


Love it! Cant wai for more!!

VictoriaE VictoriaE

OMG ... I checked back today to see if you updated ...


Candyl Candyl
I LOVE CLAIRE ... she sounds like a great match for Daryl!!!

Everyone puts Daryl with some outdoorsy/Survivalist chick or even another crossbow/bow and arrow or knife wielding girl ... I like Claire. She seems capable but still really girly.

And, I love the idea that he would get to start a relationship with a girl that he would never have gotten before the apocalypse, and that a girl that would have never given him a chance will see him for the man he really is. Perfect!!

A redneck and a socialite - It would be really interesting to see them get close to one another! I hope you continue this story - I think you've got something here ;-D PLZ UPDATE :)))))))
Candyl Candyl
I am picky about my Daryl fics and esp the female oc's :) Soooo first I want to say I like your original portrayal of Daryl. You have a way of writing him where I'm like 'no he's being too nice' then instantly you switch him up to the tough capable Daryl and it works! I don't know if it makes sense but I love it! I loved the meeting scene when he shot the walker behind Claire and she thought the arrow was for her. Okay, now for Claire. I like that she's NOT a redneck woman and an ultimate outoorswoman. I like that you portray her as lonely. I hope she shows some vulnerabilty as well as toughness., So far she is not stuck up or obnoxious, but I need to read more of her to give a full opinon. I am over picky w/ the Daryl F OCs LOL!! I'm counting on what you say in the author's note. I like your narrative voice and the story flows well. Your writing style is compelling -really good stuff. Can't wait for the next chapter!
Hope you don't mind such long comments :) Tell me if you do.
Alva Starr Alva Starr
Sexy story!
Please, update!
Update soon!
Update soon ... please!!

Sorry if I'm being a pest, but I want to hear what happens next :))
Dixon'sVixen Dixon'sVixen