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Of All These Yesterdays


“So, is this place safe?” I asked in a skeptical whisper, turning to glance up at Daryl as we entered the camp of Atlanta survivors. Relief flooded my veins, knowing I wasn’t the only one, who had managed to escape that fateful day when the bombs were dropped on the city.

New faces glanced up at us as we passed, and most of them were suspicious of the new arrival. It also didn’t bode well that I was entering the camp with one of the Dixon Brothers. Most people, who didn’t know Daryl, were wary of him, but I wasn’t in the less bit. The man had been my neighbor for over two years, and in that amount of time, I had learned so much about him. He was just misunderstood. After all, he came from a broken home – just as I had – and both of us could relate on this level.

You could say Daryl and I are friends in some sense.

And then there’s his big brother, Merle, who is constantly starting fights and mouthing off to anyone - it didn’t matter who you were. He lived to antagonize and was as hotheaded as ever. He loved to stay drunk and high all the time, which made me wary of him the whole time we lived beside each other, but I had Daryl to make sure he didn’t bother me.

Averting my eyes from the suspicious eyes that examined me as if I were under a telescope, I focused my attention on what Daryl was saying.

“Yeah, for the most part it has been,” He replied, keeping his eyes ahead and not meeting any one of the camp members’ eyes. “We haven’t had much trouble with walkers so far. Every once in a while a lone one will appear, but other than that, we are as safe as safe can be.”

At his encouraging words, I felt relief flood my entire body, but at the same time a small voice whispered inside my head. This place can’t possibly last. Those things will tire of the cities, once everything living is devoured and gone. They’ll show up sooner or later. This realization sent shivers down my spine and made the hair on my neck raise up.

“Who’s this, Daryl?”

I glanced up to be met with the dark eyes of a man with just as equally dark hair. He had his hands on his hips, analyzing me with a cautious eye. Beside him stood a woman with lengthy brown hair, who had an arm protectively around a little boy, which I assumed was her son.

“Who is she mom?” The boy asked in a loud whisper, glancing up at his mother curiously as he pointed a finger at me.

“Ssh, Carl, don’t be rude,” the mother reprimand, not looking down at Carl as she spoke, but instead she chose to continue staring at me with a guarded glint in her brown eyes.

“This here is Elena O’Shea,” Daryl answered, indicating to me with the hook of his thumb, “found her near the rock quarry. She’s been surviving out in the woods.”

The two adults and child looked at me simultaneously, taking in my dirtied face and disheveled hair. All too suddenly, I felt self-conscious of my appearance. Putting a hand up to my dark brown hair and blushing in embarrassment, I realized just how deranged I must appear to them all, but it wasn’t like I could’ve helped it. After all, I had been struggling to survive in the woods, and not get eaten alive by the reanimated dead.

See, I didn’t exactly have time to take a shower.

“Elena, it’s nice to meet you,” the man said with a smile, and then, he indicated to the woman and child beside of him, “I am Shane and these two over here are Lori and her son, Carl.”

The man put out a hand for me to shake, expectantly, which I glanced down at warily. Could I trust these people?

Finally, with some afterthought, I shook hands with Shane, tentatively. All the while, Lori watched me with wary eyes, not sure what to make of me. Slightly tick off by the woman’s attitude and face reddening; I swallowed back a rather nasty insult that popped into my head.

“It’s nice to know someone’s surviving this. Welcome to the group.” Shane smiled.

Beside me, Daryl started walking away without a word, and I stood there, awkwardly in front of the two, who appeared to look like a family. I knew these people would start asking questions, and I didn’t want to answer any of them. All I wanted was to get away from them and their questioning gazes.

Nice Daryl, just leave me here, and I thought we were friends.

Fidgeting my hands, I asked uncomfortably, “Can I go take a dip in that quarry, I was just at?”

“Certainly, Elena,” Lori answered rather quickly and then stared expectantly at her husband beside her. She put her hands on her hips, tapping her foot on the ground, “Can’t she, Shane?”

Wow, such hospitality, I thought sarcastically, resisting the urge yet again to cuss this woman out. I hadn’t even done anything to prove myself harmful to the group’s welfare, much less Carl’s. I had just about had it with this woman’s crappy attitude and was about to voice my displeasure, but before I could a group member appeared, jogging up to Shane.

“We’re getting ready to head out,” the man informed and then turned to glance over at me. The young Asian man asked bewildered, “Who’s this, Shane?”

“Elena O’Shea is our new addition to the group, Glenn. Daryl found her down by the rock quarry, brought her here. She’s been surviving in the woods for quite a while.”

At this, Lori shot a smothering glare at her husband, who didn’t notice or chose to ignore her completely. Whatever he was doing, the wife decided to walk off, ushering Carl alongside her, who strained his neck to look back at me, curiosity glimmering behind his eyes.

I sighed in relief once the overprotective mother was out of sight. I had come to the conclusion that with this woman in the group, I was going to have a hard time keeping things civil between us. After all, I have a short fuse with people who are rude, but since I was new to this group, I’d maintain that fuse and try and get along with her. People weren’t exactly trusting of others, especially with the dead rising back up and eating everyone in sight.

“Hey, Elena, I’m Glenn Rhee,” he said, introducing himself rather hurriedly.

“I wish the situation was better, but it’s nice to meet you, Glenn.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” He chuckled. The man turned his attention back to Shane, and I began to back away to begin my walk to the quarry to wash off.

I walked back the way I came, ready to wash away all the sweat, dirt and blood that had accumulated over the past few weeks. I walked with my head down, once again not wanting to meet the suspicious eyes of the members I passed.

“Hey, you must be Elena, the new member of the group.” I stopped in my track to the quarry to glance up to meet the aquatic blue eyes of the speaker. She smiled warmly at me, and stuck out a hand. “The name’s Andrea.”

“How’d you know?” I asked as we shook hands.

“I overheard Lori talking about you; I thought I’d introduce myself.”

“Is she always like that?”

“Like what?”

“Such an – excuse my language – “bitch” to everyone she meets?”

“Oh, yeah, she can be, but don’t let that get to you. She’s just looking out for her son.”

“I can understand that, I guess.”

“Are you going to the quarry?” Andrea asked, changing the subject. “I could give you some clean clothes and stuff, if you want?”

“Yeah, that would be nice. I think maybe these have seen their better days.” I glanced down at my soiled clothes in disappointment.

“I’m sure, Carol and I can get those stains out,” the woman said, leading me back up the hill from the rock quarry to supply me with some clean clothing.

Maybe stumbling across this camp of survivors wasn’t so bad after all.


Sorry for not having more Glenn and Elena interaction, but that can't be helped. He probably won't be in the next chapter because he is after all, going out on the run that brings Rick back to the camp, but I promise they'll have more interactions later on in the story!:) Thanks to the ones who have commented, subscribed and voted! It means a lot to me!:)

P.S.: I know Andrea goes with Glenn and the group to Atlanta for supplies. I just realized that, so I'll fix that in the next chapter!


this is good

Nina Nina

Thanks so much for the comment!:) Glad you enjoyed the update!XDD I was afraid this update wouldn't be good enough for my readers. I had really, really bad Writer's Block, and that was the whole reason why I had not updated in quite awhile.

I was so excited to see that you had updated! I'm glad Elena and Glenn are starting to interact. I'm sure he'll be able to break down the walls she's putting up around herself. Can't wait for more! :)

dixiewolf dixiewolf

I am about to update right now!:) I hope you enjoy!:D Sorry, I haven't updated in quite awhile! I've been having terrible Writer's Block!:/

dracovengeance dracovengeance

please update

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