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Of All These Yesterdays

Ellie Girl

Unfortunately for me, the tracking of the deer lasted all night, morning and half of the afternoon. No sleep for me. I regretted my decision immensely by going hunting with Daryl in the first place. I could’ve been asleep last night, but instead, I was and still am, tracking a damn stupid deer through the Georgian woods. Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised by this drawn-out, agonizing hunt because most hunts Sam and Daryl went on when they were younger took about this long. I understand that it is the end of the world and all and every little bit of food counts but still, I don’t have the patience for this.

Daryl and my brother, Sam had known each other for quite some time. They had known each other from grade school and up to high school. And even after Daryl dropped out, Sam and him kept in touch, hung out and did what I called when I was younger “manly-man stuff.” Sometimes, but not all the time, my brother and The Dixons would go on long hunts in the Georgian woods and be gone for a few days. Sam wasn’t too happy about leaving me, though because at the time, I wasn’t old enough to really go with them, so I camped out in the woods a little a ways from the house or crashed at one of my best friends’ houses, so as not to be stuck at home alone with my drunken stepfather. My mother worked the night-shift at the hospital as a nurse, and this was a part of the reason, she was never home most of the time, but whenever she was home, she would ignore Sam and me and let our step-father talk to us any damn way he liked. He would even get up enough guts to rough us up in front of mom, but Sam being the protective brother he was, took most of the beatings.

Deborah, my so-called mother, had immense pride in her job, but not in her own children. She was too concerned with keeping her husband, Mark Regensburg happy, that she completely forgot she had kids by her first husband, Nathaniel O’Shea. We were just trash to her, worthless. Our mother never ever cared what happened to us, and I think the day Sam died; she didn’t even shed a tear. Heck, she didn’t even show up at his fucking funeral! I had wanted nothing more than to confront her, but Daryl had convinced me not to.

I wonder if my mother is still alive or if she’s just another walker? I don’t know, considering she and her husband moved to Florida, so she could go live near her family there. I wonder if whatever this is, has hit down there. Maybe this end of the world thing will open up her eyes and see that she’s made a very, very huge mistake by mistreating Sam and me? But then, again I doubt it. She didn’t feel any kind of remorse when Sam was pronounced dead. So why should she now give two shits about whether I live or die, just the same as he had?

Damn, Daryl and his resiliency, I thought, covering my mouth as I suppressed a yawn, but still a little bit of noise passed through my hand, and the man, crouching in front of me, turned and eyed me, an eyebrow slightly twitching. He put a finger up to his mouth, signaling silence from me. I rolled my eyes at him when he turned away to face front as he glanced over some bushes to see the deer, which had one of Daryl’s arrows protruding from its hindquarters.

Hunting down the deer had taken quite some time. Every time Daryl would get closer to getting a good shot, something would spook the animal away and thus farther into the woods. It sure as hell wasn’t my fault, even though, he persisted it was every single time! The nerve of him!

Yet again for what seemed like the umpteenth time, Daryl readied his shot with cold, deadly precision. With a deep breath, he prepares to pull the trigger of the crossbow, and once he’s sure of himself that this arrow will hits its target – the deer – he pushes down on the trigger, setting the arrow flying in an arc. Just as the arrow sails through the air toward the deer, the animal’s ears perk straight up in alarm and it takes off running, but not before Daryl’s arrow buries itself into its hindquarters for the second time.

“Damn it to hell fire,” Daryl scoffs, kicking some dirt up, which creates a cloud of dust as he shakes his head and balls up the fist, that wasn’t holding the crossbow, into a tight fist.

Daryl can’t say this one was my fault, I thought as he continues to rant and call the deer a few chose swear words, which makes me unintentionally giggle at his reaction, which bad on my part because I get a reaction out of him. He glances up at me and cuts his eyes at me. “What’s so funny, Elena?” he spat. “Does this situation look funny to ya? That’s food that got away there.” He points out in the direction the deer had run off in.

“Nothin’, oh, nothing at all, Daryl is funny and yeah, I know. We need all the food we can get at a time like this,” I said, suppressing some giggles that threatened to bubble up my throat out of my mouth. I cough, trying to cover up this, but I can tell he isn’t buying it.

“Whatever, but when you’re starvin’ don’t come cryin’ to me.” The redneck turns and sets off in the direction the deer galloped off to just a few seconds ago.

“Hey, I can hunt to!” I defend, following suit at his heels.

“Ellie girl, you’re just too impatient, and ya have elephant’s feet. You ain’t ever been the best at bein’ stealthy.”

“Hey! Take that back you dumb redneck!”

“What did I say about callin’ me that?” He pauses in his walk, turns swiftly to catch me off guard, and I almost topple over in surprise with my heart lurching in my chest at the sudden movement.

“I know. You’ll shoot me right between the eyes.” I sigh, suppressing the undying urging to roll my eyes.

“And ya better remember it,” Daryl said, trudging on to track the deer.

We trek on with only the sounds of the forest surrounding us, but somewhere in the distance I can vaguely hear the sounds of children laughing and playing. We must be close to camp, I think as we continue on with Daryl taking the lead like always.

As the man in front of me does what he does best – tracking – the laughter of the children is a bit louder. I am about to ask Daryl a question, but I am cut off abruptly by a child’s scream. My first instinct is to charge through the forest and help in any way possible, but Daryl and I are in stealth mode and hunting the group’s breakfast, lunch and dinner. I restrain myself, knowing that the adults of the group will hear the cries for help and coming running to handle the situation. Besides, Daryl doesn’t seem to be deterred by the screams and doesn’t make a move to help. He must be thinking the same thing as I am. The adults of the group have to be close by and coming for the rescue.

And we are right because soon we hear Lori screaming her son’s name, Carl and we hear other running footsteps in our general vicinity and a lot of yelling back and forth. We can’t see them, though because of the foliage of the woods. We hear no more scream from the kids, which must have been gotten to in time after that.

We hear more running footsteps, which makes Daryl scoff in annoyance. “There scarin’ away more game and probably the deer.” He fumes as we hear the commotion and distinctive guttural moans of a walker, which are cut short by the blow that would end its sorry existence, but not before it’s beaten and what sounds like stabbed a couple times.

We hear talking from the group before Daryl and I finally emerge from the edge of the woods. This startles the group, but they soon realize it is just us.

And then, Daryl processes the scene in front of him as we come closer. “Damn, that’s my deer.”

I too process my surrounds, register what had happened. A walker had made a meal out of the deer we’d been hunting. This is not only annoying to Daryl, but to me as well. I had been up all night and missed precious sleep over hunting down this deer, and what did we have to show for it? Nothing. Zilch. Not a damn thing.

I wanted to kick something. I thought of the decapitated walker, started walking toward it, but Daryl was already one step ahead of me. He cussed and kicked the dead, motionless body lying face down on the ground.

What the hell, I thought. Might as well join in? So I and Daryl kick and kick the body. He does most of the cussing and I do most of the kicking.

We cease when a man with a white beard, commands us calmly to stop. He says that kicking it doesn’t solve a thing, which is true in itself, but I am just so frustrated by this turn- of -events, that I could care less what this man or anyone else thinks. Apparently, Daryl feels the same and lashes out on the poor man. I don’t.

Daryl asks the small group of mostly men around him if we could salvage any of the deer meat as he pulls out his arrows from its carcass, but Shane advises we not chance it.

“Daryl, I agree with Shane. We can’t chance that. What if whatever is makin’ these dead people walk is in the deer meat?”

Aggravated, he agrees with mine and Shane’s evaluation, and then he holds up his rope of dead squirrels to show them that at least he caught something and says that this will have to do. I had completely forgotten about the squirrels in my rage. At least, we got something to eat, I think while trying to hard not to be pessimistic about the whole food situation. That deer could’ve feed the whole entire group for a while.

Apparently, the walker wasn’t completely dead. Its head was still reanimated and it makes this known to us by snapping its teeth at thin air. The walker head could sense the smell of prey.

“Come on, people? What the hell?” Daryl said and shoots the walker head. His arrow buries itself into its eye and thus penetrating the walker’s brain. It is silenced forever this time. He pulls his arrow out. “It’s gotta be the brain. Don’t y’all know nothing?”

And with that, both I and Daryl walk off and into camp.


Sorry for the long ass wait, but I got stuck!:( But, I'll try and update more and as soon as I possibly can! The next chapter will most likely be Elena going back to Atlanta to help the rescue group go get Merle. I think in that time, I'll have Glenn and Elena bond and get to know each other a little more. I might even have some flashbacks of what happened in Atlanta when the virus hit, and have an explanation for what happened to Jordan, the woman who worked with Elena in the first chapter, which was a flashback.

Comments, votes and subscriptions are much appreciated!:)


this is good

Nina Nina

Thanks so much for the comment!:) Glad you enjoyed the update!XDD I was afraid this update wouldn't be good enough for my readers. I had really, really bad Writer's Block, and that was the whole reason why I had not updated in quite awhile.

I was so excited to see that you had updated! I'm glad Elena and Glenn are starting to interact. I'm sure he'll be able to break down the walls she's putting up around herself. Can't wait for more! :)

dixiewolf dixiewolf

I am about to update right now!:) I hope you enjoy!:D Sorry, I haven't updated in quite awhile! I've been having terrible Writer's Block!:/

dracovengeance dracovengeance

please update

Blakeray Blakeray