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Of All These Yesterdays


We arrived in the walker infested city, knowing full well what we were getting ourselves into. If I had it my way we wouldn’t have had to return here, but Merle’s life hung in the balance, and not to mention, the guns Rick had dropped in his struggle to escape a horde of walkers. Those guns could be a tremendous advantage in ensuring that our survival is that much easier. Being well-equipped never hurt anybody; especially in the situation we were in now with the dead rising back up to devour the living. I don’t care what the others back at camp think about this decision. I agree with Rick. We needed those guns.

“How long have you known Daryl? You two look pretty close, it’s actually kinda weird.”

I glanced over to see Glenn walking beside me. We were following the railroad tracks into the city. We had left the U-Haul a little ways behind us as to not draw attention to ourselves. Walkers being the ones we didn’t want to catch the attentions of.

“We were neighbors before this. I’ve known him for a very long time.” I simply replied with a shrug, trying to forge indifference. Glenn seemed nice enough, but I still wasn’t sure about these people, not yet anyway.

I was building up my walls around me, making sure they were impenetrable. I didn’t want to get too close to anyone else other than Daryl. I knew what getting close to someone in this situation got you. Hurt. I was taking a huge gamble with Daryl, but he was family, the only family I really had left in this world. I couldn’t just push him away.

We continued walking in awkward silence until he spoke again. “Did Daryl teach you how to use that?” He pointed at the crossbow I wielded as I cautiously scoped out our surroundings to make sure no walkers were prowling around. So far none were in sight. Still I didn’t let down my guard. These drooling freaks were unpredictable.

“My brother taught me,” I answered all the while, keeping my eyes anywhere, but on the man beside of me.

Glenn must have noticed my discomfort of where the conversation was leading to, so he dropped it completely to my relief. Instead we walked in rather comfortable silence beside one another.

All we had to do was get in and get out, but I knew deep down it wasn’t going to be that easy. I personally had a bad feeling about venturing back into the danger zone of a city, but my allegiances rested with Daryl, and pretty much wherever he went, I followed. And it wasn’t like I could turn back now that I was here. Daryl needed me more than ever. I couldn’t just leave him. Even if he won’t admit it, Daryl knows that he needs me for backup and not only that, moral support. And since everyone in this camp appeared wary of him, I was the only one on his side, especially now that his brother had been left chained on top of a roof of a building somewhere in the city.

When Rick asked what the objective was to be done first: Merle or the guns, Daryl made it pretty adamant that his brother was the main priority of this mission. He thought that the guns could wait until after we had rescued Merle, but it was Glenn who decided which came first. Since he knew the geography of the city, he decided that finding Merle would be first and then the guns later. I don’t know if Glenn was afraid to go against Daryl or he was just making a logical decision on the matter, but Daryl seemed pleased with the man’s choice.

With that being decided, we all moved further into the city in search of the warehouse Merle was chained on top of. My only hope was that when we arrived, Merle would be there alive and not a rotting, drooling corpse. This mission couldn’t fail because I don’t think I could handle an emotionally compromised, Daryl Dixon or keep him from going on a murderous rampage for revenge. No one could handle Daryl’s unadulterated rage; all expected maybe the two sheriffs, Rick and Shane. Back in the camp, that had been displayed. For T-Dog’s sake, Merle had better be alive when we arrive on the roof because I for one, sure as hell didn’t want to see any bloodshed.

“I’ve got your back, Daryl,” I whispered, keeping close to him as we came upon the said warehouse where his brother, Merle was chained a top.

Daryl grunted. “I don’t need ya help. I can take care of myself. You just stay behind me, and remember our agreement.” Never did he once turn to look at me as I followed along behind him.

“Aye, Aye, captain,” I whispered, saluting him, and even from behind, I could feel Daryl roll his eyes at me.

“Cut the crap, Ellie. Focus.”

“Jeesh, okay, okay, I got it.” Then to myself, I whispered, “Focus, Elena.”

When we finally arrived on top of the warehouse’s roof, Daryl’s worst fears had come to light. His brother wasn’t there. Merle was simply gone, and the only thing to indicate that he had been there was a gruesome sight of a severed hand and dull bloody hacksaw. This didn’t surprise me in the least that Merle had had the big enough balls to cut off his own hand in order to free himself of his binds.

Daryl was distraught and from the way his body tensed up, he was fuming.

“No! No!” He shouted with his face distorted in equal measures rage and anguish. “No!” Daryl shot a glowering look back in T-Dog’s direction, as he continued to pace back and forth, looking down at the scene before him. The other man just looked on eyes wide with fear and remorse etched upon his face.

Tentatively while the others watched on, I approached Daryl and put a comforting hand on his shoulder. I didn’t say a thing even when he turned to look at me with tears of anger in his eyes. Futilely, I tried to soothe the beast within him. I knew very well what he was feeling and going through. I had lost Sam. If anyone understood, it had to be me.

He shook his head, pulling away from my touch while he glanced down in distress at the scene of what remained of his brother, Merle. I knew my attempts were futile in the beginning, but I had to try. I didn’t want to see any more bloodshed.

“Daryl, look at me.” I commanded as steadily as possible. He didn’t turn. I could feel the tension rising in the air. I was pretty sure the rest of the group could too.

I tried again. “Daryl, don’t do anything stupid. It was a mistake. No one needs to get hurt. It ain’t gonna solve anything.”

“You gonna take their side, huh, Elena? ‘Cause that’s what you ‘r doing.” Daryl grunted, not turning to look at me.

“I am not. I just don’t want to see any more bloodshed. Is that too much to ask for?!”

“Merle’s blood - family, you know that.”

“But it doesn’t make it anymore okay to start somethin’.”

Daryl adamantly shook his head. He was beyond listening to me at this point, so I walked away to stand by Glenn, and as I did, Daryl let out an infuriated yell. I turned around to catch a glimpse of my best friend rounding on T-Dog, crossbow shoved directly in his face. Rick pull out his gun at the same time, it was mere inches from touching Daryl’s temple, the man’s trigger finger ready.

“Daryl, he ain’t worth it. Put it down. Merle may still be alive.” I encouraged while walking back over to him, pulling on his arm and trying to drag him away from the unwinnable fight, but Daryl was as stubborn as a mule, wouldn’t budge. “Daryl, you gotta calm down. We’ll find him. He couldn’t have gone far.”

“I won’t hesitate. I don’t care if every walker in the city hears it,” Rick warned, coolly trigger finger still unwavering. By the look in eyes, the sheriff wasn’t buffing, which frightened me and caused me frantically to pull and pull on Daryl’s arm.

“You know Merle. He’s tough.” I said as calmly as possible. “Please, lower your crossbow. We’re wastin’ time. Merle could still be out there.” If we didn’t get to him in time, Merle would bleed out or worse get cornered by a horde of walkers.

At this, a defeated Daryl lowered his crossbow, knowing he was outnumbered. Rick followed suit with his own gun, and I let out a long sigh of relief.

After Daryl made a closer evaluation of the scene where his brother had cut off his hand, we continued on, following the trail of blood that would hopefully lead us to Merle in the end.


Sorry for the long wait, but I've been having terrible Writer's Block!:/ Inspiration is becoming hard to come by! I hope you lovely readers enjoyed this chapter and I will try my hardest to update again! I know this update wasn't much, but I really, really wanted to update!

Comments, subscriptions and votes are appreciated!:)


this is good

Nina Nina

Thanks so much for the comment!:) Glad you enjoyed the update!XDD I was afraid this update wouldn't be good enough for my readers. I had really, really bad Writer's Block, and that was the whole reason why I had not updated in quite awhile.

I was so excited to see that you had updated! I'm glad Elena and Glenn are starting to interact. I'm sure he'll be able to break down the walls she's putting up around herself. Can't wait for more! :)

dixiewolf dixiewolf

I am about to update right now!:) I hope you enjoy!:D Sorry, I haven't updated in quite awhile! I've been having terrible Writer's Block!:/

dracovengeance dracovengeance

please update

Blakeray Blakeray