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Maggie's Nightmare


This is an alternate version of the Walking Dead Series, where the interrogation of Maggie and Glenn in Woodbury goes very differently. The Governor doesn't just terrorize Maggie; he rapes Maggie during the interrogation. The rest of the Season 3 goes the same as the TV series and we pick up about 9 months after the war with The Governor.


1 - Maggie Greene

1 - Maggie Greene

2 - Glenn Rhee

2 - Glenn Rhee

3 - The Governor

3 - The Governor

4 - Beth Greene

4 - Beth Greene

5 - Daryl Dixon

5 - Daryl Dixon


  1. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter One

    The Governor sees Maggie for the first time since Woodbury

  2. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Two

    Maggie remembers finding out she was pregnant and telling Glenn. However, Glenn realizes that if she is as far along as she says she is ... that the baby cannot be his!

  3. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Three

    Maggie begins to tell Glenn about her attack at Woodbury

  4. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Four

    The Governor remembers his "interrogation" of Maggie - he's so demented!

  5. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Five

    Maggie remembers the "interrogation." And, Glenn makes sure to let Maggie know that he is there for her, no matter what!

  6. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Six

    The Governor has big plans for Maggie and the group at the prison. Now he has to get his army behind his plan ...

  7. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Seven

    This dark secret is tearing Maggie up and she hasn't slept in months. During a routine "check up," Maggie breaks down in front of Hershel, Beth and Carol.

  8. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Eight

    Glenn and Daryl head out on a supply run, and we learn more about another relationship that has blossomed at the prison.

  9. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Nine - Part One

    Daryl tries to reassure Beth about the future, and really opens up to Beth about his own fears and concerns.

  10. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Nine - Part Two

    Daryl tries to reassure Beth about the future, and really opens up to Beth about his own fears and concerns.

  11. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Ten - Part One

    Daryl tells Glenn what's been weighing so heavy on his mind - he's got big news to share!

  12. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Ten - Part Two

    Glenn and Daryl find out what why they heard gunshots and screaming - and they are about to kick some ass!!

  13. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Ten - Part Three

    Daryl and Glenn invite the woman they saved back to the prison and they are greatly disturbed by her response.

  14. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Eleven

    Daryl and Glenn talk on the ride back to the prison ...

  15. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Twelve

    The boys get back to Fort Benning, and we finally hear from the Gov'na again!!

  16. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Thirteen

    Maggie has trouble sleeping, so she gets up early and chats Daryl and has a heart to heart with Rick.

  17. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Fourteen - Part One

    It's a beautiful day!

  18. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Fourteen - Part Two

    Maggie and Beth are in the garden, when there's a serious breach in security ...

  19. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Fifteen

    Glenn and Daryl learn that The Governor has attacked the prison, and the nightmare has only just begun ...

  20. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter 16 - Part One

    Maggie finally comes face to face with The Governor ...

  21. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter 16 - Part Two

    "My Maggie"

  22. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Seventeen

    Glenn, Daryl and the group discuss what they are going to do and Michonne brings the group some interesting news that will complicate things ...

  23. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Eighteen

    Glenn and Daryl get to interrogate Greg ... Daryl loses it and Glenn finds a way to get the information they need.

  24. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Nineteen

    Maggie arrives back and Fort Benning and The Govna takes her back to his apartment. He shows her around and then gives let's her know that there's going to be rules to lving there, and if she breaks them ... there will be consequences!

  25. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter 20 - Part One

    Maggie has dinner with the Govna and she has to make an impossible decision ....

  26. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter 20 - Part Two

    After Maggie's dinner with The Govna is interrupted by Nick, he continues to terrorize her and forces her to tell him the truth ... that he is the father of her baby :(

  27. Maggie's Nightmare Update

    Happy Holidays and Status

  28. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Twenty-One

    Glenn, Daryl and a small group from the prison head out on a mission to Fort Benning ...

  29. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Twenty-Two

    Beth wakes up from her surgery and gets some unwelcomed visitors in the hospital ...

  30. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Twenty-Three

    The Governor learns that the prison group has made contact and sent the message to the soldiers that they are ready for a "prisoner exchange." Also, The Governor tells Lt. James about his gift ...

  31. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Twenty-Four

    The Governor learns that several of his men were found murdered and mutilated just outside the walls of Fort Benning. He suspects the prison group and grills Maggie about it ...

  32. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Twenty-Five

    Beth is released into Lt James' care, so you'll find out what Beth's been up to. And, we finally get to hear from Lt James' POV and get some back story on him and some insight into his character.

  33. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter 26 - Part One

    The Governor terrorizes Maggie and tells her about 'the meeting' he has set up with Glenn, Rick and the rest of her group; he tells her his real plans ... Maggie gets so upset that she goes into labor!

  34. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter 26 - Part Two

    Maggie finally has her baby ...

  35. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Twenty-Seven

    The prison group speaks to Lt. James and Beth about the "meeting" The Governor has planned. Daryl finally finds his way back home to the prison.

  36. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Twenty-Eight

    Lt. James talks with Beth and The Governor about Maggie. Beth gets a surprise visitor, whom she seems very excited to see.

  37. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Twenty-Nine

    Maggie returns to The Governor's apartment with her baby and he does his best to make "feel at home" ...

  38. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Thirty - Part One

    Nick is left alone with Beth and tries to get her to leave Fort Benning with him ...

  39. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Thirty - Part Two

    Beth is left alone with Nick and he snaps! Beth finds herself in a dangerous position with a dangerous man.

  40. Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Thirty-One

    The prison group and The Governor finally come face to face ...


@The Viking

haha thanks:')

PizzaGlenn PizzaGlenn

Awesome story! I really do love the way you, make The Govna' seem more as he is in the comic books! And i like the persons that you created, as Lt. James and some of the others...
Cant wait for the next chapter to be released!

Love your name...

PizzaGlenn... *laughing*

The Viking The Viking

this is so good! cant wait for you to publish the next part! keep up the great work :)

PizzaGlenn PizzaGlenn

Awesome and different story! LOVE IT!!! :D

The Viking The Viking