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Maggie's Nightmare

Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Eleven

Glenn’s POV – 6 months after Woodbury

I had the window down and just stared at the trees that became a blur as we passed by them. I saw signs for roads that led to towns that had long since abandoned. Just like everything else in this world; it was all just a reminder, a shell of what used to be.

Daryl could see I was in deep thought. “Ya alright, Glenn?”

I looked over at him blankly and answered. “I couldn’t save her.”

Daryl’s brow furrowed; he looked concerned.

“I know man, but we can’t beat ourselves up about this. We really did everything we could. We weren’t there when they killed the guy, so we couldn’t have helped him. But, we did save her from those men. No telling what they would’ve done to her. But, with her husband dead; living would have been more torture than that. You gotta keep that in mind, Glenn. Maggie or Beth would probably feel the same if anything happened to either of us, so we did the best we could. We still tried to help her; even though we got women of our own and little ones on the way.”
I put my hands in my face and leaned my head back onto the back of the seat. I thought of Maggie, the baby, Alice, and … I just lost it again.

“I couldn’t save her. Maggie I mean. I couldn’t save Maggie, Daryl.”

Daryl looked over at me confused.

“What do ya mean, you couldn’t save Maggie?”

“At Woodbury, with that son of bitch ‘The Governor.’ I couldn’t save her from him. He threatened to kill me and she told them about the prison. She risked the lives of everyone for my life. But, not before he… he attacked her. We both knew that to insure everyone was safe at the prison; we couldn’t tell him where the prison was – no matter what.”

“Yeah, well … I know my brother didn’t help that situation much. I know I said it before, but you know I’m sorry bout all that. With what my brother did to ya.”

“I know, Daryl. It’s not what Merle did to me. It’s what that monster, The Governor, did to Maggie.”

“I heard he was pretty rough on her; I’m sorry bout that, man.”

I didn’t want to break our promise, but with everything that just happened I couldn’t keep this inside another minute.

“He raped her, Daryl. He raped Maggie and I couldn’t save her.”

“Jesus Christ, Glenn. I didn’t know that.”

“Well, no one does. We agreed not to tell anyone. No one needed to know. They could see we were beaten; no one needed to know about the rape.”

“Did … did Merle?”

“No, Merle didn’t rape her. He didn’t even know about it. No one did except for me, Maggie and … him.”

“I’m sorry man; I mean … I’m so sorry that happened to Maggie.” He shook his head in disbelief.

“He threatened to kill me if I didn’t tell him, and I was prepared to die. I didn’t realize what he was using against Maggie. He preyed on her. He told her what he was going to do her if she didn’t talk; he beat her. She didn’t say a word, Daryl! Not one word. All she needed to do was tell him about the prison, and he would’ve stopped. But, she didn’t talk. She let him do that to her to protect us all.”

“She loves you and she loves her family. She wouldn’t back down to any threat like that.”

That was the truth; she would do anything for us. She’d even sacrifice her own body.

“I know, Daryl. That’s the point. She didn’t back down. He raped her because she kept quiet. And, now …”

“And, now what?”

“She’s pregnant.”

“I know she’s pregnant. But, don’t you think that is a sign that everything has worked out. I know what happened was horrific, but you two are still alive, we’re all still alive, and now you’ve got a baby on the way. Everything’s going to be okay now.”

I could tell he was trying really hard to be supportive and understanding. He was trying to help me feel better.I just shook my head and closed my eyes.

“You don’t get it! She’s not okay … the baby is … the baby isn’t mine; the baby is his.”

I finally let it out; the secret that was eating both Maggie and I alive. It was just too much and we obviously we not able to deal with this on our own.We didn’t know how to handle it all.With everything that had happened with Alive, I needed to get all my cards out on the table, deal with this and move on! So, got everything off my chest; everything I’d been feeling and beating myself up about.

“I could’ve saved her from him, Daryl. All I needed to do was tell him about the prison, but I didn’t. I didn’t save her. I couldn’t protect her. He violated her, and for what? He still got the information he wanted. And, now … she’s pregnant with his baby.”

“How do you know that? Kid could still be yours. No way to tell these days.”

“The baby is definitely his. We weren’t ‘together’ like that during the time she got pregnant. There’s no way the baby is mine and I just feel helpless that I can’t protect her from even this. He is still able to hurt her, and I will never be able to take that away.”

“Jesus, Glenn. I don’t’ know what to say.”

“There’s nothing to say. Just … just promise me you won’t tell any of the others about any of this. I don’t think Maggie has told anyone, including Beth. So, you can’t tell her either.”

“Alright, man. I won’t say nothin’. You got my word.”

“Thanks. It’s just been real hard dealing with what happened and then to find out about the baby. Well, it’s just been a fucking nightmare to be honest.”

“I can’t even imagine. But, at least you two made it out of there. And, you two love each other, so you’ll get through this. It’s gonna be alright and you two are gonna make it through this; you know that, right?”

“Thanks, Daryl. I appreciate that. I just love her so much. It hurts to think he did that to her and that there was even a small chance I could’ve saved her. You know?”

“You can’t think like that. You both were ready to die to protect each other and the rest of us. And, she loves you – nothing else matters anymore.Not when each day could be your last. You’ve told me that how many times?”

“I know. And, I do love her. I’d do anything for her. I’d die for her.”

I paused and got choked up just talking about it. I loved her so much and I can’t even think about living this life without her now.

“After today, I just can’t wait to get back to her and hold her and tell her how much I love her.”

“Well, we’re on our way man. And, you know … if you ever need to talk about things; you know … I’m here for you and for Maggie. We are all a family now, and we’ve got each other’s backs. You let Maggie know that, alright?”

“Thanks, Daryl. I feel the same way. I do.”


The rest of the drive we sat in silence. We reached our trucks and decided to leave one of the older ones behind. We siphoned the gas into one of the empty gas containers we had, and transferred over the rest of the supplies to the new truck that the men left behind. I drove Daryl’s and he drove the new truck back to the prison.

While we drove back each of us in our own trucks, I had several hours to think to myself. I thought about everything that had happened today, about Alice, about Maggie. I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to tell Daryl about everything or how Maggie would react, but I did feel a little ‘lighter’ in that someone else could share some of the burden of what happened. It wasn’t all on our shoulders anymore.

When we reached the prison, Michonne and Carol were down by the gates and quickly opened them for us. The rest of the prison was alerted that we had returned, and I could see Maggie and Beth rush outside to meet us. We were barely out of our cars for a minute when I felt the full wait of Maggie’s body press up against mine and push me back into the side of the truck. Her arms wrapped around my neck and she hugged me harder than she’d ever done so before. I pulled my arms around her waist and couldn’t help the tears that quickly made there way to my eyes. I pulled away slightly to see her face, her beautiful face. Her eyes were glossy, tears streaming down her cheeks. She looked at me and reached up and grabbed my face and kissed me hard and deeply.

“I love you, Glenn. I love you so much.”

She continued to kiss me. I pulled away to tell her that I loved her too, and then she pulled me close and held me tight. We just stood there and held each other for what seemed like quite a long time. I could see over her shoulder that Daryl and Beth’s reunion had been much like mine and Maggie’s – tears, hugs and kisses.

“I missed you so much. What took you so long?”

She pulled away just enough to look me in my face. She could see we had gone through some sort of ordeal out there, she just didn’t know what kind yet.

“Well, you gonna tell me what happened out there?”

She kissed me again. “I promise not to worry. Okay?”

“Alright. Later though. Let’s get this stuff inside and get settled in first. I’ll tell you everything later. Promise.”

“Okay.” She gave me the biggest smile. I could tell she was relieved and happy that I was home. “Let’s get you inside and get you something to eat, what do you say?”

“Sounds good, Maggie.”

I gave her a kiss and we walked inside the prison. I kept my arm wrapped around shoulders and she kept her arm around my waist. I just needed to feel close to her, feel her body, feel her soul next to mine. And, I couldn’t stand for there to be even an inch of space between us.

I would tell her about what happened. About Alice and the sacrifices that Andrew had made and what Alice had told me; about how she would do anything if it meant keeping Andrew alive. How Alice had shown me that it didn’t matter about what had happened. We still had each other, and that’s all we ever needed to focus on again. We had something that most people had lost – love, companionship, friendship. And, now we had a family. I would be the father to Maggie’s baby, and we would have a beautiful future no matter what this world would throw at us. I was sure of it and I needed her to know that.



So, for those of you who were wondering ... YES, those guys Daryl and Glenn ran into on the road were soldiers and members of The Governor's new army from Fort Benning!!

Ahh ... poor Glenn. He's just been so stressed with everything. I feel like he learned a lot from what happened with Alice, but he still needed to talk to someone about it. The secret was just too much for either of them to bare. Just like Maggie finally told Hershel, Beth and Carol; Glenn needed someone to talk to too.

I think that they will be in a much better place now that everything is out in the open. They can finally move past everything.

However, with The Governor still out there; things won't stay like this for long ...

Let me know what you think; like it, love it, hate it ... let me know your thoughts.

Please review, comment, or vote and rate this story on your way out. You know I love to hear from you :-D

And, make sure to check out my new story "My Guardian" and let me know what you think ...



oh my goodness. This is good. You have done an amazing job writing this. I am a little sad, I have reached the end and I like it so much. I need to finish it.... Im worried about what will happen. But I am excited

RedneckDaryl16 RedneckDaryl16

oh my goodness. This is good. You have done an amazing job writing this. I am a little sad, I have reached the end and I like it so much. I need to finish it.... Im worried about what will happen. But I am excited

RedneckDaryl16 RedneckDaryl16

This story is really good!!! I read My Guardian and I could not stop. I love Bethyl and Maggie and Glenn. I really hope you add to both stories...... I really cannot stop reading them.

Bethyl333 Bethyl333

This story is amazing! I love the way you're having The Governor be more like he was in the comics... poor Maggie! I also like that while this is mainly about Maggie and The Governor, you've put some Bethyl in there. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Anonymous101 Anonymous101

@The Viking

haha thanks:')

PizzaGlenn PizzaGlenn