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Maggie's Nightmare

Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Thirteen

Hey Y’all!
Sorry it took a little while to get this next chapter up. This was a much longer chapter, plus I went ahead and updated Chapter One of this story - I just felt it needed a little tweaking. So, for those of you that want to check it out, let me know what you think of the new "Chapter One." If you don’t want to ready the updated Chapter One - don’t worry, I didn't really include too many new details … just wanted to make the first chapter a little more captivating :-D

As always, thank you for reading and following along with this story - you know I appreciate you all :-D

And, a Special Thank you to The Undead and chroniclesofcharnia for commenting on the last chapter - you rock! I absolutely love to get feedback, so thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now back to our story … present day


Maggie’s POV – present day

I couldn’t sleep last night; I found myself tossing and turning. My belly has gotten so big; I just can’t seem to get comfortable on these prison cots. It was still dark when I decided to just get up and start my day. Glenn wasn’t there; he’d had night watch last night, so he was still out.

Since I was up early, I figured I’d go keep Glenn some company for the last part of his watch. So, I got dressed; putting on an over-sized t-shirt over my head, jeans and combat boots. I splashed some water on my face and ran it through my hair, pulling my hair back in a low ponytail. We had a mirror in our cell, and I examined my outfit and my ever growing belly. I stood looking at my side view and lifted up my shirt and rubbed my belly. From the front I didn’t look that big, but from the side – I looked huge! I swear I thought it looked like I had a basketball under my shirt! There was still a chill in the air, so I put on a sweater and bundled up; heading straight for the prison yard to look for Glenn.

The prison was quiet; no one else was up yet. So, I tipped toed around until I reached the exit to the prison yard. When I walked outside I could see Daryl; his crossbow slung over his shoulder.


“Oh, hey, Maggie! What’re you doin’ up so early?” Daryl smiled. I could tell he was tired from the night watch.

“Oh, you know … I was just in the neighborhood. Thought I’d come out and say hello and see what you boys were up to.” I jabbed Daryl in his arm in jest.

“Ahh … okay.”

“Is Glenn around?”

“Nah … he’s on the other side of the prison. He should be back soon though. How ya feelin’?”

“Oh, alright.” I rubbed my belly. “Just a little tired. I’ve been having a hard time sleepin’ lately.”

“You getting’ nervous?”

“Well, yes. But, that’s not why I’m not sleepin.’ I’ve just gotten so big, I really can’t get comfortable. I’m definitely ready to have this baby.”
“Well, it’s got to be any day now, right?”

“Yep, any day now.” I breathed in deeply; I could smell jasmine in night air. “Ahh … I love that smell. It reminds me of high school. I remember driving around at night with my friends with the windows down, listening to music. And, I’d smell that night jasmine. It’s funny how a smell can take you right back to a moment in your past.”

We stood there in silence, overlooking the yard. There were a few random walkers nearing the fence, and I could see Tyrese had already spotted them. He whistled for them and they turned towards his direction.

“What’s he doin’?”

“Well, we’re not letting the walkers pile up at all. Rick wants us to keep the walkers off the fence. He thinks them constantly leaning on it will weaken it over time. So, we’re just takin’ them out as soon as we see em.”

Once the walkers reached the fence, Tyrese used a metal rod and thrust it through each of the walker’s heads. They both fell to the ground.

“Geez! Does he really think the fence could be compromised?”

“Oh, no need to worry, Maggie. You know Glenn and I will make sure this place stays safe for you, Beth and the babies. You better believe that. We ain’t gonna let nothin’ near our girls or our little ones.”

Daryl reached over and put his one arm around my shoulder, pulling me into his side for a hug.

“Oh, I know, Daryl. I know that …” I smiled and looked up at him. I knew he would always protect us. I leaned my head into his shoulder.

“So, Beth seems to be feeling really good lately. Have you two decided when your gonna tell everyone?”

“Not yet, I’m waiting for Beth. She said she wanted to wait until after the first trimester. But, she’s almost four months now. So, I hope we can tell everyone soon. I mean, she’s already startin’ to show.”

“Oh, I know. She’s shown me her little bump. She’s so cute. I can’t believe how small she is. I popped really early; she’s lucky.”

“I think it’s cute.”

“You getting’ excited?”

“Hell yeah! I can’t wait!”

Daryl continued to talk about how excited he was, but all I kept thinking was how cute Daryl was when he talked about that baby. I’d never really seen him like this. He just gets the biggest smile on his face when he’s talking about their baby – it’s just the sweetest thing ever!

“You know, Daryl. You’re a real sweetheart, you know that?”

Daryl got a bit shy, his eyes trailed to the ground. He ran his hand through his hair.

“What d’ya mean?”

“You just seem … well, almost giddy when you talk about the baby? I can tell your just gonna be a great dad.”

“Thanks, Maggie … means a lot that you feel that way. You know, I love Beth … and, this baby wasn’t expected, but it’s the best surprise I’ve ever gotten. I can’t get over it; it’s really a miracle, ya know?”

I got a little quiet. Thinking about my own baby. I was excited too, and so was Glenn. Or, at least I thought he was. It’s just our pregnancy was obviously a little different; it was something we had to come to terms with.

“I’m sorry, Maggie. I didn’t upset ya, did I?”

“No … no, you didn’t upset me, Daryl. I’m good. Glenn and I are real good. And, we’re even more excited knowing that our little one is going to have a cousin not too long after. It feels like we’re really makin’ a life here. A real family. And, it makes things … feel as normal as they possibly can. You know?

“Yeah, I get it. I couldn’t have even imagined that we’d all be here … like this now. It feels different. I feel really good about the whole thing.”

“Well, good.” I smiled and tried to change the subject a little. “So, you never did tell me and Beth sure hasn’t told me. When the heck are you guys gonna tell the rest of the group?”

“Hopefully, soon. I don’t think I can hold it in much longer. Plus, I think Carol’s already on to us. She was one of the first to say anything to me about me and Beth, she caught on real quick. Hell, she may have known even before either of us really knew we were more than friends.”

“Yeah. She mentioned somethin’ like that to me. She had you two pegged early on. After the first week of Beth bringing you coffee at midnight, she kinda figured somethin’ else was brewing other than just the coffee.”

Daryl and I both laughed.

“Yeah, well she would say that, wouldn’t she? She knows me pretty well, and she knows my ‘tells’ and I’m tellin’ you she definitely suspects something is up. She mentioned somethin’ jus the other day that if we weren’t careful, Beth and I were gonna end up with a little one sooner than later. Guess she kind of called that one.”

“She sure did! But, it’s a really good thing. Everyone is going to be just as happy as me, Glenn and daddy are. You wait and see …”


The sun wasn’t up yet, but it was starting to illuminate the sky. No longer a dark blue, the sky was becoming lighter and lighter. Day break was almost here. I just stood there shoulder to shoulder with Daryl as we watched the sun begin to rise. And, then I heard Glenn’s voice from behind me.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

I smiled and turned around to see him.

“There you are! I’ve been waitin’ for you…”

Glenn smiled and nodded towards Daryl and then walked straight up to me and wrapped his arms around me. I threw my arms around his neck and he pulled me into him for a kiss.

“Morning.” He smiled slyly. “What’re you doin’ up so early.”

“Thought I’d come out here and surprise you. Thank goodness Daryl was sweet enough to keep me company.”

“Well, I’m here now.” He paused and put his hands on my belly. “And, how are we all feeling today?”

“We’re both good.” I smiled. “I just had a hard time sleepin’ again last night. But, other than that. I feel pretty good.”

“Good.” Glenn kissed me on my nose.

I could hear the door to the prison open and close, boots crunched on the dirt as they walked towards the three of us.

“Morning, Maggie. Glenn. Daryl.” Rick nodded and rubbed his hands together to warm them.

“Morning, Rick.” I smiled. “Just came out to see the sunrise and keep our boys company.”

”That’s nice, Maggie.”

Rick walked up to the three of us, and began to talk to Glenn and Daryl about any incidences that happened during their watch last night. Daryl reported about killing two walkers, and how we just seen Tyrese take out two not even an hour ago. Glenn chimed in; I guess he’d killed five throughout the night.

“Damn! Five? Thought maybe I had the most kills last night.” Tyrese walked up towards us; he’d been in the lower yard and finally made his way up once he saw Rick was out. “I took out four myself.”

Rick rubbed the back of his neck. “Hmmm… that’s quite a few for just one night.”

“Sure is.” Daryl grunted.

“Well, I’m glad we decided to keep up these night watches. We don’t want these walkers to start piling up on us.”

“We sure don’t.” I shivered a little at the thought.

The door opened again, this time Michonne and Karen walked out. They were scheduled to work with Rick for the day shift, relieving Glenn, Daryl and Tyrese of the night watch.
Karen looked chipper this morning. She always did, and I’d grown to really like that about her. She’d been a nice addition to our group, and I thought she was good for Rick, too. He seemed calmer around her. I kind of thought, or hoped, maybe Rick and Karen had a little something going on. I don’t think they had actually done anything yet; they were definitely ‘just friends’ right now. But, I thought they’d make a nice couple whenever Rick was ready. I could tell Karen had a bit of a thing for him too. She had a huge smile on her face as she reached our group.

“Hey guys! Morning!”

“Mornin’ Karen.” Rick smiled and then turned to the rest of us. “Alright, well, we’re all here, so you boys go should head inside and get some shut eye.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna head on in. I’ll see y’all later.” Daryl rubbed his eyes and yawned.

“Be sure to be quiet when you get in there. You don’t want to wake Beth up this early.”

Daryl smiled and nodded.

“Or, maybe you do … want to wake her up?” I couldn’t help but tease Daryl a little. And, he definitely got a little embarrassed. He started to blush.

“Ahh, come on, Maggie.”

“Just kidding, Daryl!”

“Uh, huh!” He waved me away as he turned and started towards the door. “Ya know it’s too early … an I wouldn’t want to wake the baby anyways!” He laughed.


I couldn’t believe he just said that … in front of everyone!

“Guess he’s not too shy about things anymore, now is he?” Rick commented, noticing that Daryl had loosened up a bit about talking about his relationship with Beth.

Rick was right; Daryl did seem to be loosening up about it. I mean, him and Beth had kept their relationship a secret for a while … but I guess with the baby on the way, he must’ve gotten a lot more used to the idea of everyone knowing their business.

“Hey Daryl, wait up!” Glenn shouted to Daryl.

Glenn held my hands. “I gotta talk to Daryl about a couple of things before we go to sleep.”
“Oh? Alright.” Then I pulled him to the side and whispered in his ear. “Did you want to see me before bed too?” I smiled at the innuendo hoping he would get it, which of course he did.

“Sure do. Do you mind meeting me back at our cell, say in 20 minutes?”

“20 minutes. See you then.”

Glenn then kissed me on cheek and ran off to catch up with Daryl.


Rick was over talking to Michonne and Karen and as I walked back up to them, Michonne and Karen walked off. I guess they were already startin’ to make their rounds.

“Oh! I guess everyone’s getting started already, huh?”

“Yeah, sure are.” Rick smiled and looked down at my belly. “So, how re you feeling these days?”

“Oh, I’m good, Rick. Thanks for asking.”

Rick asked me again. “So, you’re feeling alright. Everything’s good?”

“Yeah, why?” I was a little perplexed why Rick would be asking me again.

“Oh, well, I know that this is your first baby, and I remember when Lori and I had Carl, we were both excited but I was also kind of a nervous wreck. Just excited and nervous all at the same time.”

“Oh, well, yeah! I mean … of course I’m nervous. I’m not exactly thrilled to be delivering this baby au naturale here at the prison. That’s a little bit of a scary thought.”

“Yeah, I can imagine. I know Lori wanted to do everything natural, but in the end she ended up getting the epidural. Funny thing is, by the time she actually delivered Carl – the epidural had worn off. So, she ended up delivering without the help of the epidural.”

“I’m not too worried. It should be fine. I mean, women have been having babies without a hospital or medicines since the beginning of time, right? So, it’ll be fine. It’s just different that I don’t even have the option.”

“Well, your one tough gal, Maggie. I know you’ll do great. And, then … your baby will be here. And, nothing else will matter. At least that’s what Lori said after she had Carl. I know she was in a lot of pain, but once Carl was here, she said it all just faded away.”

“That is what they say, isn’t it? I’ve heard that from a lot of women over the years. Carol actually said the same thing to me just a couple of weeks ago. Must be true!”

I smiled and tried not to laugh, but I couldn’t help myself. “I really, really hope that’s true …”

“So, you and Glenn are all ready?”

“Yeah, I think so. We’re as ready as you can be, you know?”

“It’s going to be a change, that’s for sure. But, like every other parent, you get used to the change and then you can’t imagine what your life was like before this little baby came into your life. And, your lucky … you’ve got Glenn here. He’s gonna be a great father and support to you.”

We stood there in silence for a while. I knew Rick was still hurting about having Judith, and not being able to share it with Lori.

“I know things have been tough with it just being you raising Judith all by yourself.”

“Well, thankfully, to your sister … I haven’t had to raise her by myself. Thanks to all of you. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you all to help with her. I mean, Beth is like a mother to Judith. It’s really incredible how everyone has stepped in and taken care of her like she was their own. And, I needed that. With everything that happened with Lori and then with The Governor, I just wasn’t in the right head space. I was falling a part, and just like a family – you all stepped in and made sure that Judith was safe and cared for. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thanked God for each and every one of you. I couldn’t have done it … hell; I still couldn’t do it with out help from all of y’all.”

“Well, we love Judith … she’s just the best baby. And, you, Judith, Carl – you’re all family; we’re all family now.”

“We sure are … and, so will your little one.”

“Yes, he … or she will be.”

“How’s Glenn doing with everything? I imagine he’s excited.”

“He is; he’s definitely getting more and more excited every day.” I paused and then continued. “I mean, it’s been a challenge for both of us … you know?”

“Yes, I know.” The tone of Rick’s voice changed.

“You know?

“Glenn told me … a month or so ago. He thought I should know. But, I want to tell you something…I haven’t said a word to anyone. So, no one here knows other than the people that you and Glenn have shared that with.”

“Thanks, Rick. It was really a shock when we first realized that the baby … was his.” Rick nodded; he knew I was referring to the Governor. “But, we made it through it and we’re both in a good place about it now. It’s just …”

“It’s just what?”

“Well, I’m afraid that once the baby actually gets here … that maybe Glenn won’t feel the same. Maybe he’ll feel differently towards the baby.”

“Oh, I don’t think you have to worry about that, Maggie.”
Rick sounded so matter-of-fact; he sounded so confident.
“What makes you think that, Rick. How can you be so sure?"

Rick scratched the top of his head and he began to explain the whole story with him, Lori and with Shane.

“I mean, I don’t know if Judith is mine, biologically. I will never know that. But, I do know that I’m her father, I’m her dad. It doesn’t matter if Shane is her father because I love her and I loved Lori. And, we couldn’t help the circumstances that got us into that situation, but the truth was … that Lori was my wife, I loved her, and any child of hers was mine too. And, I look at Judith and she is 100% mine in my eyes. The biology doesn’t matter, I love Judith and she is my daughter and always will be.”

I was speechless.

‘Wow!’ Was the only word I could get out of my mouth as I absorbed what Rick had just said. I hadn’t known that there was really that much doubt about the paternity of Judith. I mean, I knew that Lori had the affair not knowing that Rick was still alive. I knew it ha caused issues and was the reason Shane went off the deep end back at the farm, but I couldn’t believe Rick just opened up with me about that. He really didn’t know if he was Judith’s father biologically, but he was her dad either way.

“Thank you, Rick. Thank you for sharing that with me. You don’t know how happy it makes me to hear you say that.”

“And, don’t you worry.Glenn feels the same way I do. And, no matter what, Maggie … this baby is yours and Glenn’s – it will never be … his. And, no matter what … Glenn loves you. And, it doesn’t matter how this baby came to be – it just matters that this baby is yours and Glenn’s now. He’s gonna love this baby so much. You wait and see.”

“I hope so, Rick. It’s taken me a long time to accept what that monster did. And, then to find out I was pregnant … well, I thought my world was just going to end. I didn’t even know how I was going to be with this baby – not to mention how Glenn was going to react. But, what you said definitely makes me feel a lot better.”

I leaned in and gave Rick a big hug and kissed him on the cheek. “thank you for sharing that with me, Rick. I really appreciate it.”

“Sure thing, Maggie. I’m glad you feel better about that.”

“I do … I really do.” I smiled. “Well, I’m gonna head on in and get started on today’s chores and stuff. Better go and see if I can find Carol.”

“Alright, Maggie. You have a good day, not. And, try to take it easy, will you?”

“I’ll try. And, you have a good day too.”

Rick nodded and then walked off; his eyes surveying the prison grounds. And, I headed back inside the prison to go and find Carol and see what all needed to be done today.



So ... let me know your thoughts on this chapter.

I wanted there to be some lightheartedness and some playful banter with Maggie and Daryl. I wanted to show that Maggie, Glenn, Beth and Daryl have all become very close over the last few month especially. Obviously, Beth and Maggie are close, but I wanted to show how Daryl has become like family now as well.

I also really wanted Maggie to get some reassurances of what it will be like for her and Glenn once the baby gets there and I thought Rick would definitely have some perspective on the whole situation.

So, let me know what you think; like it, love it, hate it ... let me know your thoughts. Please make sure to leave me a note or comment on your way out ... I'd love to hear from you all :-D

Thanks so much,



oh my goodness. This is good. You have done an amazing job writing this. I am a little sad, I have reached the end and I like it so much. I need to finish it.... Im worried about what will happen. But I am excited

RedneckDaryl16 RedneckDaryl16

oh my goodness. This is good. You have done an amazing job writing this. I am a little sad, I have reached the end and I like it so much. I need to finish it.... Im worried about what will happen. But I am excited

RedneckDaryl16 RedneckDaryl16

This story is really good!!! I read My Guardian and I could not stop. I love Bethyl and Maggie and Glenn. I really hope you add to both stories...... I really cannot stop reading them.

Bethyl333 Bethyl333

This story is amazing! I love the way you're having The Governor be more like he was in the comics... poor Maggie! I also like that while this is mainly about Maggie and The Governor, you've put some Bethyl in there. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Anonymous101 Anonymous101

@The Viking

haha thanks:')

PizzaGlenn PizzaGlenn