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Maggie's Nightmare

Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Twenty-One

So ... I'm back! :-D

Still out of town, but was able to take some time to finally sit down and write!

As always, thank you to everyone who has continued to read and follow this story ... I really do appreciate it. And, now that we just had the mid-season finale ... I know everyone will be anxious to get their fix of TWD here ;) So, I will make sure to keep on top of this story and the others ... gotta have something to keep our minds off the fact that there won't be another new episode until February :(

For those of you in the US and who have seen the mid-season finale, keep in mind that everyone across the pond won't be seeing it until tomorrow ... so, no spoilers in the reviews and comments please. We can chat about it after everyone's gotten a chance to watch ;)!

Of course, I would like to send a Special Thank you to TheUndeadDixon, xoDarylxo, EG458561, neentje, and alice_weekes for commenting on the last chapter - you all seriously rock! I love you all!

Now, back to our story ...


Glenn's POV –

I just laid there staring the ceiling; I really was having a hard time processing everything that had happened. My whole life had gotten turned upside down in an instant … again. Just when you think things can't get any worse … they do.

I rolled over onto my side, looking at the side of the bed where Maggie should be sleeping right now. I couldn't help the tears that filled my eyes; the hot salty water stung my face as it slipped onto my pillow. I reached over to her side of the bed and rubbed the sheets where she slept just two nights ago, hoping I would feel close to her.

But, she was gone …

She was so far away from me now, I felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest.
Maggie had been kidnapped by The Governor, and I was facing the battle of my life. Things had never felt so desperate before; I really didn't know how this was all going to play out. What I did know, was that the soldier we captured had given us some decent intel and Rick and the others were going to have a meeting in less than 20 minutes to discuss a plan.

I had slept in my clothes from yesterday; I'd been too weary last night to undress. So, I just rolled out of bed and put my boots on. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror which made me shudder; I looked half dead. I felt dead.

I was numb inside ...

With the color drained from my face and eyes reddened with tears and lack of sleep, I splashed some water on my face to wake myself up and get ready for the task ahead of me … rescuing Maggie.

That's the only thing that mattered to me now.


When I entered the library where The Council was meeting, everyone was already there. Even Daryl was seated at the back of the room on top of one of the tables; intensely focused on the knife he was sharpening. He sat huddled over; brooding and agitated in the corner like a wounded animal.

Rick nodded to me and gestured to a chair across the table from him.

"Come on in and have seat, Glenn. We're about to start."

I didn't say a word and just at down.

As I looked around the table, I could see everyone had the same look on their faces. They felt pity for me. No one had to say a word; we all understood how serious the situation was. There was no way to spin this … Maggie and Beth's lives were in danger …. and so were all of ours if we decided to go in and rescue them. We could all die.

"Well, are we jus gonna sit here or we gonna start talkin' bout how we're gonna get our girls back?"

Daryl jumped down off the table he was sitting at and walked over to us.

Rick nodded his head. "Yes, Daryl. We're gonna try and figure that out right now." He glanced at everyone at the table. "I'm sure this goes without sayin', but I assume everyone here is on board for this rescue mission?"

"What kinda question is that?" Daryl threw his arms in the air, his eyebrows furrowed in anger.

"What? Ya think we're jus gonna leave em there! Ain't gonna happen! I'll die before I let that happen …"

"Calm down, son. Rick was just askin'." Hershel looked around the table.

Tyrese quickly interjected.

"Well, I think I can speak for everyone here … that we're all on board. What did ya have in mind?"

Sasha followed her brother's lead.

"Yeah. Does anyone have any ideas? Are we planning on stormin' in and bustin' them out? Tryin' to negotiate?" Sasha paused. "I mean … do we have any idea of what our options are?"

"Well, that's what we're here to discuss. We've got some decent intel on The Governor's location. We know he's relocated to Fort Benning. He's got guard stations along all the major roads leading in with 24 hour watch on the gates and walls."

Rick paused and a look of concern washed over his face. "And … he's got bout 200 plus men fully armed inside the walls."

"Jesus Christ!" Carol let out under her breath; her hand covering her mouth.

Karen quickly replied. "We can't go to war with him. Not with the few people we have. We ain't gotta chance if we have an all out war."

I knew Karen was thinkin' about the last war … and she was right to be worried.

"This time it's different, Karen." Rick paused and rubbed the back of his neck. "He ain't comin' at us on our home turf. He wants us to come to him … he wants the tactical advantage this time."

I was tired and frustrated; I angrily interrupted. "So, we're gonna have to think of another way in … and soon!" I shook my head. "We can't wait. Maggie's due any day now."

At this point, I couldn't help the angry glare that was permanently fixed on my face. It wasn't really for Rick, or anyone else in the group – I was just pissed the fuck off.

Daryl was eerily calm now. His brow remained furrowed but his eyes were stone cold.

"That's right … we're gonna have to get in there soon. I ain't leavin' Beth in there in one more night, ya hear me?"

Carol leaned up in her seat; she had some questions about the interrogation.

"Did y'all get any other information from that soldier that might be helpful?"

Michonne nodded her head. "They sure did." She paused. "Probably the most important piece of information."

"An what's that?" Daryl angrily responded.

"He lied to them. Told those soldiers they were fightin' to get prisoners released. He told em that we captured all the people from Woodbury … told em we that we've been holdin' em here as prisoners." She looked around the table. "Y'all didn't spend as much time with him. He's a manipulator; he lies to get people to do what wants." She paused. "It's those lies … we can work with that."

Michonne leaned back in her seat.

"What do ya mean, Michonne? How does that help us?" I quickly replied. "He's lied to them and now they think we're the bad guys. How the hell does that help us?"

"Because, Glenn … they want the people of Woodbury released … that's what they're fightin' for." She paused and looked calmly at everyone. "So … let's negotiate the terms of their release."

Rick nodded and rubbed his chin, while he thought about it.

"I think that could work … I mean, he obviously lied about all that, but his men don't know that. He would have to set up a meeting … if his men caught word of us releasing these 'prisoners' he's been tellin' them all about."

Daryl stood stoically at the head of the table, and asked the obvious question.

"Alright? But, what about the girls? How do we get them back?" He paused and looked around.

"Cause ya know this ain't about gettin' those people from Woodbury back. He wants us dead. All of us." Daryl looked over at me; I could see the sorrow in his eyes. "And, probably jus wants to keep our girls. So, he ain't gonna trade them and jus let us go on our merry way. No fuckin' way."

And, Daryl was right. There was no way The Governor was going to just let the girls go and let us all leave alive.

"Daryl's right. Even if we can get word to his men that we're willin' to talk, he's not gonna bring the girls. He'll probably try to jus kill us like last time."

Rick nodded his head and replied. "You're probably, right, Glenn. That's why we'll have to make our own plans to ambush him." Rick paused. "We're gonna have to try to kill The Governor. Then …. Maybe we can negotiate with whoever's in charge. Try to actually negotiate a peace between our two groups." Rick paused; deep in thought. "Once he's dead … I think we've got a better shot of all makin' it through this alive … and gettin' Maggie and Beth back."

"Wait, wait, wait … how long's that all supposed to take?" Daryl interrupted. "Like I said, I ain't leavin' Beth in there with him not one more night."

Rick looked back at Daryl and replied to him calmly; I could tell he was trying to diffuse the situation.

Must be the cop in him talkin' right now, I thought to myself.

"We gotta be smart here, Daryl. We gotta stay calm." He paused. "I'm sorry that this all happened … and we're gonna get Beth back. We're gonna get Maggie back." He paused again; choosing his words carefully. "But, I need ya to stay focused on the big picture here … and, the reality is … Beth's gonna be okay, but … she's not comin' home tonight."

Oh, here we go … I was waitin' for it …

Then, Daryl erupted.

"I'm not gonna stay fuckin' calm, Rick! If you think I'm gonna let my girl stay one more night with that fuckin' lunatic … you're just as crazy as he is!"

Daryl started to storm out of the room and stopped and looked at me.

"And, you! You're wife's in there! What the hell are ya jus sittin' around here talkin' to these fools for? They don't get it … it's our women that are in there. Ya jus gonna sit there or ya comin' with me?"

"Daryl?!" I stood up from my seat. "You know, I want Maggie back!" My eyes started to well up with tears. "She's my wife … and I want her back. Just like you want Beth back. But, we're not gonna get em back, if we're both dead." I paused and rubbed my face; wiping the tears away. "I wanna go on in there guns blazing jus as badly as you do. I wanna cut that fucking guys balls off and feed him to walkers, I hate him so much. Trust me on this … I want him dead more than any of you for what he did to Maggie. And, I will do whatever it takes to get her back. But, we at least gotta have some sort of plan … cause the reality is, Daryl … he's got a plan. So, we need one too."

Daryl just stood there and stared at me. I couldn't tell if he understood what I was sayin' or if he was just pissed off.

"Maybe …"

Carol stood up and walked over to Daryl.

"Daryl, come on. Sit down. We will figure this out."

I looked over at Daryl and I knew he was feelin' exactly what I was feelin'. And, my gut was tellin' me that I wanted revenge; I wanted to kill that son of a bitch, and I wanted my girl back. But, I didn't want my emotions to stand in the way … of that actually happening.

"Daryl, he's playin' games with us … and, we need to play back. Make our own moves; we need to control this game. Okay?"

Daryl just nodded; he seemed to be calming down.

"I saw we at least take a small group over today. Let's scout the location, look for any weak spots in the defenses. And, let's try to get word to The Governor's men that we want to play ball."

Daryl sheathed his knife and slung his crossbow back over his shoulder.

"Alright. I'll start packin' the truck."

Daryl walked out of the room; he was obviously anxious to get on the road already. Then, out of the corner of my eye I could see Hershel makin' his way over to me. He walked over to me and put his hand on my shoulder.

"We risk our lives everyday out here; we just gotta decide what we're riskin' it for." He paused.

"Maggie and Beth are my life Glenn. I don't even wanna consider livin' in this world without them."

"I know, Hershel. Neither can I."

"I want ya to promise me somethin' though." Hershel leaned in and spoke quietly. "I want ya to watch out for Daryl; I don't got a good feelin' bout it, and we need him to get the girls back."

Hershel paused and wiped the tears from his eyes. "He's not handlin' this well. I mean, none of are … but, he's … on the edge, do ya understand what I mean?"

I nodded. "I know …"

"Ya need to keep an eye out for him, while you're out there. Okay?"

I nodded. "I will. I always do."

"I know ya do." He paused and hugged me. "You boys are like sons to me." He pulled away and started to walk towards the door. "I want you boys back here in one piece too." He gave a half-hearted smile and walked out the door.

Rick found his way over to me.

"So, we're gonna leave Tyrese and Karen here to watch the prison. Me, you, Daryl, and Michonne are gonna leave; see what we can find at Fort Benning." He paused. "We'll keep it small; keep quiet and see if we can see any other way in."

"And, if we can't?"

"Then, we're gonna look for those guards. Greg said they're posted on watch alongside all the major roads leadin' into the fort. We'll get a message to the soldiers there that we wanna meet."
Rick paused. "We're gonna force his hand; force him outta the walls of Fort Benning and get him onto neutral ground where we have a fightin' chance against him."

I nodded. "Okay. I'm in."

"And, Glenn? I need ya to keep Daryl on track."

"I know, I know." I angrily replied.

This was seriously startin' to piss me off. All this talk about keepin' an eye on Daryl. Damn, it was gettin' on my nerves!

I looked back at Rick and crossed my arms. "Listen, Rick. I'll keep an eye on him … but, I'm not gonna stop him from doin' whatever he thinks he needs to do to get Beth back. Or, Maggie." I paused. "And, if he thinks there's a way to get them back today … I'll back him 100% … just so we're all on the same page here."

"Fair enough." Rick nodded.

And, that was the truth. I was going to go along with this "plan" but if we were able to figure out a way in today or sooner, I was gonna be right by Daryl's side. I knew we had to be careful cause the girls would definitely never get out of there if anything happened to me and Daryl, but I was willing to risk anything, even my life, if it meant gettin' the girls to safety.

"Alright. Get your things packed. We're headin' out in 20."

Rick put his hand on my shoulder. "We're gonna get em back, Glenn. We will."

"I know … I know we will."

And, I did know that we were going to get them back … or I'd at least die trying. Maggie was worth it; she'd made this life worth living and without her … I'd rather be dead.

So, this had to work, or this was the end for me …


Daryl's POV –

"The hell's takin' everyone so long?" Daryl yelled out.

Everyone was still makin' their way down to the trucks; tossing their bags in and loading them with guns, ammo and supplies for the road.

They seemed to be takin' their damn time.

"Almost ready, Daryl." Rick called out.

Thought we were leavin' in 20 minutes? What the hell was takin' so long?

I walked over to the truck I was ridin' in; Glenn was already at the wheel.

"You drivin'?"

Glenn nodded his head yes.

"Alright, then."

I walked over to the passenger's side and jumped in. Glenn just stared out the windshield for a while before finally speakin'.

"Ya think we can get them back tonight?"

I looked over at him and calmly responded. "Hell, yeah." I paused. "I jus wanna let ya know … if there's another way in or another way to get em out … I'm takin' it."

Glenn needed to know … I was with the group on this whole plan, but I was gonna do whatever it took to get Beth back as soon as I could. I was gonna chuck these fuckin' plans out the window if it meant savin' Beth sooner.

"I agree. If there's another way … we gotta take it. I don't think I can wait for these negotiations Rick's got planned. Who knows what that fucker is doin' to Maggie." Glenn sighed. "I can't even think about it."

I nodded. I knew he was worried, and he had a right to be – that's for sure.

"Yeah, I don't know bout this whole diplomacy business … but we all know how his negotiations go." I paused as I thought of our last meeting with The Governor. I thought of Merle … and how he'd been murdered … and how I had to put him down. "Lost Merle during the last meetin' … I'm not gonna lose Beth too."

"Me neither." Glenn quietly replied.

I looked over at Glenn a little skeptical. "So, whatever it takes, right?"

Glenn nodded. "Right. Whatever it takes."

I didn't know if Glenn really had the balls to do whatever it took. I mean, I knew he'd kill for Maggie … but I didn't know how far he'd go. He'd pussed out last time, so I wasn't totally convinced. But, that didn't really matter. All that mattered was that I was gonna do whatever it took. And, I could say with certainty, that I had no limits … no qualms bout killin' or hurtin' anyone that stood in between me and Beth. Glenn said he felt the same, but I guess I'd find out soon if he was gonna be able to back up his words.


It took us bout 2 hours to drive to the area surrounding Fort Benning. Rick had radioed that he thought we should go in quietly, try not to make too much noise and let anyone know we were around.

"Remember guys … Greg said there'd be guards stationed along the main roads. They'd be tucked just behind the tree lines watchin' for any trucks or cars to pass by. So, let's go ahead and go the rest of the way on foot. Let's pull in over here."

The caravan of trucks pulled over and off the side of the road; we nestled the trucks into a clearing to keep them off the main road.

"Come on over here." Rick waved for us to meet him at his truck. "Accordin' to this map … looks like Fort Benning has several roads leading in. We're here; at this one." He pointed to the map. "Right here is where the main entrance is, so I'm thinkin' we should stick to one of these alternate roads in. Probably less guarded than the main gate."

"Ya think so?" Glenn replied, scratchin' the back of his head.

"I do. Well … that's what I would do. Put more men on the main gate and fewer on the side roads."

"I agree. He's gonna have guards on all of them, but one of these less used entrances is our best bet for getting close … unseen." Michonne chimed in, slinging her katana over her shoulder.

I tightened the grip on my crossbow. "Alright. So, we go by foot then?"

"Yeah. You and Glenn can take this entrance. Michonne and I will take this one over here." Rick pointed to the east and west entrances to the Fort. "That alright with you two?"

"Hmm hmm ..." I chewed on the skin around my thumb anxiously goin' over all the possible scenarios.

"Daryl? Did ya hear me?"

"Yeah … I heard ya."

I could tell he was tryin' to do right by the whole situation, but I didn't really have time for conversation.

"Come on Glenn let's get a move on it … we gotta lot of ground to cover."

Glenn grabbed our bags out of the truck and handed me mine.

"We'll meet back her by dark, alright? If ya should get into any trouble, head back to the trucks and get on outta here..."

I nodded.

Rick walked over to Glenn and put his hand on his shoulder and was talkin' bout somethin' … I couldn't quite overhear. He was whisperin'. Obviously, he didn't want me or Michonne hearin'.

What the hell's that all about?

"Alright, Rick. I will."

Glenn nodded in agreement with whatever it was he was talkin' to Rick about and walked back over to me.

"Let's go."

Finally …


It been bout an hour before we made it to the road that led into the west entrance. We were bout two miles down the road when I spotted it … looked like a post of some kind. Actually, it looked like a hunting hideout; seen those damn things all over the forest back in the day, but not so much these days. Not with the dead walkin' round these woods.

"Glenn …" I whispered, pointing to the hideout. "Over there."

Glenn nodded; he saw it too.

"How ya wanna handle this?"

I thought about it for a moment. We didn't know how many of em were in there, and I didn't trust Glenn to take the lead on this one.

"I'm jus gonna walk right up to em … introduce myself."

He just stood there and stared back at me blankly.

"I'm gonna surrender … get their attention away from you back here."

"I don't know Daryl …"

"Trust me. You'll be able to see me from here. I'm gonna go over there and surrender. Once I've got their attention, you need to get your ass up there … quietly, alright?"

"Okay …then, what?"

I could tell Glenn was confused.

"You're gonna pull your gun on em, and I'm gonna help take some of em out with my knife."

"So, we're gonna kill em all?"

"Nahh … not all of em." I paused. "Well … probably most of em. We're gotta leave one of em alive to take the message back. Just one …"

I slung my crossbow over my shoulder and walked towards the guards.


I walked up alongside them and made my way towards the front of their guard post, and it didn't take long for one of the men to spot me.

"Hey! You! Stop right there!" Four men spilled out of the guard station. "Stop right there and put your hands up where we can see em!"

I raised my hands to surrender.

"Alright. Slowly get down on your knees and keep your hands in the air."

I dropped to my knees with my hands held above my head. One of the men quickly ran up to
me and removed my crossbow and flung it to the ground.

"Whatcha doin' round these parts, mister?"

"Jus goin' for a walk." I laughed.

"Well, you just walked into the wrong fuckin' neighborhood."

"Did I?"

"Yeah … ya did." The man who appeared to be in charge walked up to me. "So, ya gotta name?"

I smirked. "Daryl. Daryl Dixon."

"Dixon, huh?" The man smiled; looked like he won the lottery or somethin'. "The Governor's gonna be happy to see you, I'm sure." He waved for his buddies to come closer. "This here's one from the prison group."

One of the four walked right up to me. "Man … he's told us all about you and your group. Damn! He's gonna flip when he finds out we captured you!"

I knew Glenn would be there any moment, and we would wipe the smiles off these fuckers faces.

"Captured me, huh?" I laughed.

"What's so damn funny bout that?"

Then I heard it … the click on Glenn's gun. Music to my ears.

"You're surrounded! Everyone put your guns down and get down on the ground!" Glenn yelled forcefully. "Now!"

The men all looked at each other in shock; knowin' we'd just gotten the drop on them.

"Alright.! Alright … we're puttin' our weapons down."

"Throw em to the side over there." Glenn motioned for them to throw their guns into the brush nearby.

The four of em threw their guns and put their hands held up over their heads.

Now I'm gonna make em hurt like I'm hurtin'…

I immediately went for my knife and lunged at the guy closest to me.

"The hell …!"

He wasn't able to get another word out of his mouth before my knife found its way under his chin and into his head. Blood rushed from his mouth.

The other men started to run and that's when I heard Glenn's gun pop and then the thud of a body hittin' the ground.

Two down; two left.

Glenn had the one who appeared to be their leader laying flat on the ground with his hands over his head; Glenn's boot pressed against his neck and gun aimed right at him.

"I got this one. You go after the other one. He ran that way." Glenn motioned over his shoulder.
I ran as fast as I could to catch up; I could still see the man as he was running through the brush and around the trees. Faster and faster, eventually, I caught up to him and tackled him to the ground.

"Come here ya son of a bitch." I rolled him over and started to wail on his face.

I felt a wave of heat wash over me; rage; anger …. I wanted to hurt him real bad.

You stole my girl!

I kept punchin' him...again and again …

I didn't stop hittin' him until his body stopped moving. I couldn't stop. All I could see was The Governor's face and I pummeled him until his face was nothin' more than just a bloodied mess.

I had completely lost control …

He was dead …

I sat up and tried to catch my breath. I looked down at the corpse below me; his face bashed was in and he was unrecognizable. My hands covered in blood, my knuckles swollen and cut.

I got up and wiped my hands on my pants and found my way back over to Glenn who was already interrogating the last man at the guard station.

Glenn looked up at me, his eyes steely and cold. I recognized the look; he was in a dark place. The place I'd jus come back from.

"Is he dead?"

I nodded. "Yeah."

I watched as Glenn hit the man again with the butt of his gun; knocking him to the ground.
His right eye swollen over and his mouth was filled with blood. The man kept askin' Glenn what it was that he wanted, but Glenn kept hittin' him and pistol whippin' him. Over and over again.
I wasn't goin' to stop Glenn, he had a right … jus like I did.

Finally, Glenn calmly stood up; he dusted himself off a bit.

"We gotta message we want ya to take back to your … Governor …"

The man sat up, laughed and spit out some blood on the ground.

"The Governor's gonna hunt y'all down … and kill every last one of ya."

"We gotta message …" Glenn breathing was heavy and shallow. "We wanna talk." He paused and looked over at me and continued. "We got the prisoners from Woodbury. We wanna trade em … give em back to him."

"Do ya, now? Why would ya go and do that?"

"We wanna trade all them people from Woodbury … for the two girls he took …Maggie and Beth."

"Ahhh … I seen em." He licked his bottom lip. "Sweet little things."

This guy was askin' for it talkin' bout my Bethy like that …

"Don't ya fuckin' talk bout em like that." I growled.

Glenn kicked the man in the chest sending him crashing back to the ground behind him. The man started to laugh uncontrollably, and I could see the frustration and rage growing behind Glenn's eyes.

I walked up to the man and pulled my knife out and kneeled down next to him; waving the blade in front of him and tapping it on his leg.

"Listen, boy. We wanna send him a message … but we don't have to send ya back in one piece … ya understand what I'm sayin'?" And, that seemed to catch his attention. "Now jus listen when we're talkin' … and answer when we got a question. Simple as that."

I nodded at Glenn to continue and stood back up.

"We wanna arrange a meeting. A trade. The people of Woodbury … for the girls."

"So, y'all want a meetin' … and ya wanna trade? Anythin' else?" He glanced back up towards me.

"We jus need ya to relay the message that we're willin' to release the entire lot of em for the girls."

"Sounds easy enough … I think I can do that." He paused. "When and where do ya want this meetin' and trade to happen?"

"La Grange. Tomorrow at noon."

"Alright, alright …" The man replied.

Then, he paused; looked like he was thinkin' things over. He turned and smiled at me; he had a shit eatin' grin on his face.

I looked at him and sneered. "What're you smilin' bout?"

"Nothin' … jus wonderin' why you'd be willin' to go through all this trouble. Why'd ya even take em as prisoners in the first place?"

"We didn't take em; he left all those people to die. But, if he wants em back … he can have em."

He tried to stand up, but Glenn had beaten him pretty badly. He had a hard time keepin' his balance. "Okay. I'll tell him for ya." He finally was able to steady himself. "But, I don't know if he's gonna wanna part with those little ladies now … Sorry to tell ya this, but … all the men have taken … quite a likin' to em, if ya know what I mean …"

Glenn and I both rushed the guy, but I beat Glenn to him. I grabbed him around the collar and pushed him into a nearby tree.

"What?! What?! I'm just sayin' … ya sure ya want em back? Ya might wanna think bout just forgettin' those two. Maybe findin' some other gals."

"What the hell are ya talkin' bout?" I growled in his face. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

I studied his eyes to see if I could find the truth in what he was sayin' …

"We gotta group of over 200 men … and your girls … well they been there for a couple of days now. Ya sure ya want em back after all those men had their way with em?"

I blacked out.

Next thing I knew, I was standin' over the body of the man. I could hear the gurgling of blood as he tried to breathe.

What the hell …?

I was still tryin' to figure out what had happened, when Glenn slammed his fist into my face; sending me backwards, almost fallin' over.

"Jesus Christ, Daryl! What the hell did ya do?!"

Then, I looked down at the man still moaning in pain; he rolled over and I could see death was about to take him. I could see the blood that had soaked through his shirt and had pooled around him.

I realized I had lost control … I stabbed him. Several times it looked like; even got one in on his side … straight into his vital organs.

I hadn't meant to do that …

"Damnit, Daryl! Ya killed the last guy here! Now who the hell is supposed to take this message back?!" Glenn just stood there silently starin' at the guy; he wasn't sayin' a damn word. He was obviously deep in thought. "What the hell were ya thinkin' man?"

I started to pace back and forth. "I wasn't … I didn't mean to …"

I could feel the blood rush to my face, my fists start to clench; the world started spinnin'.

"Well, ya did. Now what are we gonna do? You just ruined our chance to get the message to The Governor today … fuck!"

I really wasn't listening to Glenn any more. All I could think about was Beth.

My heart was achin'; my head was racin' and I felt like everythin' had jus slipped through our hands.

This is all my fault … I gotta fix it …

I started to walk over to my bow.

"What're ya doin', Daryl?" Glenn yelled over to me. "We gotta head back and the rest of the group know that we found one of the stations and see if they had any … success on their end."

Glenn paused as I looked back at him. "Come on … let's go, Daryl!"

I shook my head. "I ain't leavin' here until I get Beth back. I'm gonna look for another guard station."

"We can't do that right now. We need to get back to the rest of the group. See if they had any luck. If they didn't, then I'll stay with ya and look tonight."

We jus weren't on the same page …

"If they got the message to one of other guard stations … we might need to be gettin' ready to meet with The Governor tomorrow. We can't be runnin' round these woods tonight, if we got war in the mornin'. Ya understand?"

"Whatever! You can leave your girl in there if ya want. I ain't leavin' til I find another group of guards. I gotta make sure …"

I started to walk away.

"Ya ain't gonna be any good to Beth if you're wanderin' around these woods, while we're fightin' The Governor tomorrow."

"Ya don't know if Rick and the others got the message out. I'm gonna stay here and make sure we do."

Glenn ran over to me and grabbed a hold of my arm. It took everythin' in me not knock him the fuck out.

"Let's just check in with the group. If they didn't make contact … you and I can head back out tonight."

I shook my head. I was so close to Beth right now … I jus couldn't go back, not without her …

"Daryl. I'm not gonna compromise this chance we got at gettin' Maggie and Beth back … I'm gonna check in with Rick and the others."

I shrugged my shoulders and stared towards the fort.

"Do what ya gotta do, Glenn. I'm gonna do what I gotta do."

I started to walk away; Glenn stopped me again.

He doesn't know how close I am to takin' his sorry ass out …

"Daryl! Come on man, I told ya I'm with ya on this … but we gotta be smart bout this. I want em back just as bad as you!"

"You go on … and find Rick. Ya find out if they got a 'message' to The Governor." I glared at him.

"I'm gonna stay round here … see if I can find another way in."

I looked back at the Fort; towards Beth.

"You're makin' a mistake, Daryl."

He let go of my arm and I could hear him as he started to jog back in the direction of where we were supposed to meet up with the rest of the group.

I stood there for a few moments and just listened to the silence that fell around me. It was deafening. I looked around me; the sun was gettin' lower in the sky; I'd need to get a move on it if I was gonna make it to the fort by nightfall and look for other points of entry. As my foggy mind tried to formulate some sort of a plan; I walked back over to the hunter's hide out where the men had tossed their guns. I picked up two of em; a pistol and semi-automatic. I made my way into the hideout and picked up several boxes of ammo; figured the men still had most of their ammo still on em.

I walked up to the first corpse and rifled through his pockets for ammo. Then, I drove my knife through his skull several times.

And, before I knew it … I found myself thinkin' bout what that one man had said. Bout how all those men were havin' their way with Beth. My Beth …

I snapped.

I drove my knife into the corpse. Over and over again, finally reaching for his head and pulling his ear back; I sliced it clean off.

I walked over to each of the other men.

The rage. The anger. I was beside myself thinkin' bout what they were doin' to her.

She's mine! She's mine! She's mine!

The thought echoed through my brain every time my knife came down.

Over and over again; I took my blade to each of the men; mutilating their bodies before finally takin' an ear. I don't know how much time had passed. Must've spent more time with em then I thought … the sun had set.

I looked down at my hands. Both of em were covered in blood. Hell, I was covered in blood.
And, when I opened my left hand I found four ears.

Four ears …

Don't know why I took em really. Can't explain it. Jus needed to remind myself that although The Governor had my girl … he wasn't gonna win this, and I would make him pay for what he did to Beth. He would pay with his life. I was gonna kill that mother fucker as soon as I got the chance … and in the meantime … I would take out as many of these stupid sons of bitches as I could.

Four ears …

Four more ears to add to my collection …

I pulled out a plastic baggy that I had in my pocket. I had Greg's ear on a string. I pulled it out of the bag and sat down on a nearby tree stump … and began to string the four ears I'd jus taken. I finished and placed them around my neck. Five ears now … a new collection.

I wondered how many I'd have around my neck by the time I killed The Governor; by the time I was able to add his ear to my collection.

"I promise you, you son of a bitch … you're ear will be in my collection. Ya better believe that …" I said out loud to myself.

And, I meant it. I'd kill him. I'd get my girl back. My baby. And, I would make him pay dearly for it all …



So, that's where the boys are at ... not a very good place, as you can see.

Glenn's definitely focused on getting Maggie back. And, even though Daryl seems like he might want Beth back more ... Glenn's still trying to be smart about it. He wants to do whatever it takes to get Maggie back. He doesn't really care if he does it Rick's way, Daryl's way or if he finds his own way ... just as long as it gets done.

Whereas, poor Daryl, he's off the reservation ... he has completely lost his damn mind. He's out collecting ears again and all by his lonesome in the woods. He's definitely not in a good place and it's not gonna help anybody to have him out there, but he's got a lot of emotions he's got to deal with and he's finding an outlet for them ... We'll catch back up with Daryl, Glenn and the rest of the prison group in a few chapters.

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Here's a Teaser Chapter Twenty Two: We find out what's been going on with Beth. Lt. James speaks to The Governor about the message the prison group was able to send them, and The Governor makes some decisions about the prison group ... and about Beth ...




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oh my goodness. This is good. You have done an amazing job writing this. I am a little sad, I have reached the end and I like it so much. I need to finish it.... Im worried about what will happen. But I am excited

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