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Maggie's Nightmare

Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Twenty-Four

As always, thank you to everyone who has continued to read and follow this story ... I really do appreciate it.

Of course, I would like to send a Special Thank you to alice_weekes,
Char_Gray, EG458561, and SaraBee84 for commenting on the last chapter - you all seriously rock! I love you all!

Now, back to our story ...


Maggie's POV –

I didn't sleep a wink last night; not with him next to me. It was light out when he finally got out of bed and it wasn't long after that I had fallen asleep. I couldn't be sure what time it was when I woke up, but when I opened my eyes I peered around the bedroom and there was no sign of him.

Thank God for small favors …

I got up and got dressed quickly; I didn't want to chance him coming home and seeing me changin'. I searched the dresser quickly and found everything I needed; even one of those stretchy bands that you put over the top of your pants when you're pregnant.

He really had thought of everything.

What a psycho …!

I slipped into a pair of jeans, a white tank top, and a new pair of black military issue boots … ya never know when you're gonna have to run these days. I splashed some water on my face, dampened my hair and pulled it back into a low ponytail.

I sighed as I looked at myself in the mirror. Realizing where I was, who I was gonna have to deal with at some point today.


Thoughts of Glenn, Beth and the others crept into my head and I could feel the sadness threatening to overcome me. But, I couldn't let that happen. So, I put my shoulders back and tried to straighten up my posture. My eyes narrowed and I did my best to put on a brave face.
I'd have to see him at some point; I doubt he'll let me hide in here all day.

The bedroom door was closed, so I quietly opened the door and popped my head out. My eyes darted back and forth searching for any sign of him.

Nothing! No one …

I walked out into the living area and then to the dining room table, where I saw that breakfast was already set up; eggs, oatmeal and an apple. A tall plastic bottle of water was also on the table with a note. I rolled my eyes at his bizarre displays of care and read the letter.


I've gone out on a run.
Please make yourself at home and I'll be back around noon.
Do your best not to get into any trouble
while I'm gone and please eat your breakfast -
I don't want to come home and find that you didn't.

"Love, Phillip … really?! What the fuck is wrong with you …!" I said aloud to myself.

I really didn't get it. How he could be so cruel, so vile and then try to act like nothing happened? And, what I really didn't understand is how he thought that after everything he's done … how could he think I'd ever be able to reciprocate any kind of affection for him?

He's outta his fuckin' mind! Obviously …

I sat down at the table and attempted to eat breakfast. At first, I really couldn't get a thing down. My stomach was in knots from everything that had happened and I felt like I could vomit at any moment. As I sat there alone in this apartment, and finished my eggs and oatmeal I grabbed the apple and got up; I figured I have a quick look around and see if maybe I could find something useful.

When I walked in the kitchen, the first thing I noticed was a small clock on the counter. I set down my apple and picked up the clock to assess the time. Battery operated of course and it was ticking away; the sound drummed into my brains.

Tick, tick, tick …

Looks like it is twelve o'clock.

My eyes widened, I did a double take and I ran back over to the note I left on the table. I immediately felt a wave of panic flood my body; my palms started to sweat and my face flushed.

Oh God … he'll be back soon …

I prayed to God that he'd have mercy on me and that Phillip wouldn't make it back; maybe some walker would be my savior today. Or, maybe Glenn and Daryl will have hunted him down by now.

I really hope so …

I looked at the clock and back at the note. He had wanted me to finish breakfast, so I ran back into the kitchen dropped the clock back on the counter-top and grabbed the apple that I still needed to finish.

I'd never eaten anythin' so fast in my life!

I just really didn't want to give him any ammunition to use against me, so the apple disappeared within a minute or two. And, it was literally just in time …

I heard the locks on the door start to click open; the latches to my cage being undone. And, then … I heard him

"Maggie, sweetheart … ya up?"

I slowly walked out of the kitchen with the apple core still in my left hand.

"I'm here ..."

My head drooped a bit; I did my best to not look directly at him. I just couldn't.
He walked over to me and gently kissed my forehead and then reached for my hand taking the apple core from me.

"Here. I'll take that. Go on and have a seat."

He gestured for me to sit down at the table and then found his way to the kitchen to throw away the apple core.

He yelled out from the kitchen. "Glad to see ya have your appetite this mornin'."

"Mmm, hmm …" I quietly replied.

"Phillip" sauntered outta the kitchen and over to the table and sat down with a thud on the chair across from me.

"Maggie, look at me …"

I looked up and examined him as he just sat there … lookin' back at me; his arms in front of him on the table, hands clasped with a sappy smile on his face.

He seemed pleased with himself and I wanted to slap that stupid smile off his face so badly. I couldn't look at him for another second.

It was like lookin' in the face of pure evil …

I was so uncomfortable just by his general presence in the room. I placed my arms and hands coverin' my belly and stared down at the table, hopin' he'd just leave me alone.

No such luck though.

"I hope ya had a good mornin' … I figured I'd let ya sleep in today bein' that you and my baby need your rest."

He paused waiting for some sort of a response, while I just sat back in my chair and stared right back him. Since I didn't say a word, he continued.

"Well, I had a great mornin', thanks for askin …! Went out on a run with Lt. James, well … I suppose it was more of a scoutin' or surveyin' mission. Actually, we were securin' a location for a very important meetin' we have comin' up here next week. A meetin' I'm sure you'd be interested in …"

My eyes flickered up at him; he still had a smile on his face, so I engaged him further in the conversation to see what the hell he was talkin' bout.

"And, why is that? What's so interesting …?"

This outta be good …

"Well, sweetheart … seems your boys back at the prison made contact with some of my men stationed on guard outside the Fort." He paused waiting to read my reaction.

"Did they …?"

I kept my excitement to myself, but I was screamin' inside.

Glenn! Oh my God, he's okay …

My heart filled with hope at that very moment.

I finally looked up at him and met his gaze. He seemed agitated now and I could sense the tension in him brewing; like a volcano ready to erupt at any moment.

He rubbed the back of his neck and continued.

"Seems like they want to talk." He exhaled deeply and then pointed his finger at me. "They wanna talk about you, I'm guessin' … bout Beth."

"Really …?" I exhaled deeply and I couldn't help the smile that found its way to my face.

"When's all this happenin'?"

He waited a few moments before replying.

"Six days from today. We're set to meet in La Grange."

His Southern drawl emphasized heavily on La Grange and I recognized the name. Not from before, but from the day he took me. I wasn't positive, but I think that was the town where The Governor had me taken after I was kidnapped from the prison.

"Ya mean, the place where …"

The Governor interrupted me.

"Yes, where you and I first saw each other again for the first time." He laughed under his breath.
"Well, face to face that is. I saw you well before that from behind the gates of the prison, while
we were plannin' our … mission."

My eyes narrowed; my lips tightened.

"Your mission …?"

He nodded yes.

"Yes, I saw ya out in the garden several times before we actually went in an got ya."

I could feel the anger bubble up from deep within me.

"I can't believe you! So, you were stalkin' me?! Unbelievable!"

I felt violated … again!

I couldn't look at him for another second, so I stood up from the table and went to walk away. He quickly reached out and was able to grab a hold of my forearm; he grabbed it hard, squeezing and yankin' me forward over the table.

"Sit yer ass down …" He hissed. "I ain't done talkin' to ya yet."

I glared back at him.

"Fine …" I quietly responded.

He let go of my arm and I sat back down.

We just sat there in silence for a minute or two before there were several loud knocks at the door.

"Governor! Ya in there?"

"Be there in a second." The Governor stood up and shot me a knowing glance. "It's Lt. James.
Now I expect ya to be on your best behavior, understood?"

I nodded yes.

When he opened the door, I saw a tall muscular man at the door dressed head to toe in military tactical gear.

Well, he looks very "official" …

"Lt. James … won't you come in?"

I could see the man shake his head and quietly respond.

I could barely hear, but I could make out from the brief conversation in front of me that he had
wanted to talk to him alone. The Governor shook his head no and they continued to talk quietly in the doorway.

I tried desperately to eavesdrop on their conversation, especially, since this was … James … the man The Governor had mentioned. The Man that I had been forced to request my sister be given to.

I tried to asses him from afar; tried to determine his demeanor in how he stood in the doorway, how he was dressed, how well he kept himself. His short hair brushed back neatly, beard scruffy but trimmed. He looked big and tough, but I could tell from the few times he glanced over at me … that there was no malice in his eyes.

"That has to be a good thing," I thought to myself.

I could only hear a word here or there.

"How many?"

"Guard posts."

"Missing ears! All of them?!"

My heart skipped a beat. I immediately thought of Daryl. I remembered that day back on the farm when he came after lookin' for Carol's little girl; he'd made a necklace outta walker ears.

Is it possible? Is Daryl responsible?

If it was Daryl, that meant Glenn and the others were undoubtedly close by … I decided my prayers have been answered.

The Governor yelled as he punched the wall. "Son of a bitch!"

I yelped from his sudden outburst, but he didn't seem to notice; he just started to rub his hand that he pummeled into the drywall.

My hands started to shake; I could tell this information had really pissed The Governor off. He seemed really fired up as he continued the conversation; the volume considerably louder and much more intense.

The Governor told Lt. James to step up guards along the perimeters and along the walls.

"I want ya to pull all the men back in from the guard stations except for the road leadin' to the main gate. And, have Meyers and Martinez set up a search two search parties. I want those woods cleared of the living and the dead tonight."

I made a mental note of his admissions and the lack of guards along the east and wet entrances to the Fort. Not that I even knew where they were, but it could be useful at some point in time.

Lt. James nodded his head in agreement.

"I'll make sure we got men on the perimeter walls 24 hours a day. Make sure they pay special attention to the East and West entrances."

"Excellent." The Governor paused and reached over and put his hand on Lt. James' shoulder.

"And, I can trust that we will keep this information under wraps for the time being?"

"Definitely. Just Meyers and the men who found them know. And, you and me. That's it."

"Good. We can use this information, but let's keep it to ourselves until we get a little closer to the day of the meeting."

What the hell was going on? What was he up to?

He was up to no good; that was something I could always be sure of.

"Affirmative. I'll get the guard schedules re-worked and have the wooded area searched until nightfall."

The Governor looked back at me; a fire burned behind is eye. He winked and looked back at Lt. James.

"By the way, James … I've got some good news for you."

"What's that Boss?" James' eyebrows furrowed, he crossed his arms over his large chest.

"I spoke with Dr. Montgomery this morning before we left; he said Beth was ready to be released in your custody today."

I could see by the way James' head dipped and his eyes lowered to the floor beside him that this was news he wasn't all too pleased with.

Either he didn't want to participate in this little game, or he didn't want to be responsible for another mouth to feed her. I couldn't be sure where his displeasure was coming from.

"Alright …" He paused and started to rub his forehead. "I guess … I guess I'll pick her up and bring her home tonight." He paused. "Gonna have'ta wait til after I meet with the other Lieutenants … gotta debrief em bout the … events today."

"Good. I'll get men over to your apartment right away. Get it fitted for your little bird."

Lt. James exhaled deeply. "Okay …"

Then, I could seem him peek over The Governor's shoulder; cautiously lookin' in on me.

A tear slipped down my cheek, which I quickly wiped away. And, then I gave him a half-hearted smile; letting my eyes tell the story of the turmoil that I felt just below the surface of this superficial smile.

He then looked back at the Governor, put his hand to rest on the shoulder strap of his gun, and smiled.

"Don't worry, Boss … I'll take good care of her."

I could feel my stomach start to churn.

What did that mean? What "good care" was he gonna give to Beth?

Oh, God …

Panic swelled within me; even my little baby started to move nervously inside, kickin' at my belly. Poor thing must know I'm upset.

Lt. James walked out of sight and The Governor promptly shut the door; pausing before turnin' around to look at me.

I just knew he was gonna say somethin' awful.

"Looks like we got some traitorous murderers on our doorsteps, doesn't it sweetheart?"

"I don't know whatcha mean?" I looked up innocently at him; not wanting to anger him further.

"Ya know exactly what I mean. James said he found eight dead soldiers … Meyers found em murdered at their guard posts." He tried to slow his breathin' down.

He's gettin' real worked up …

"Found em … with their ears cut off. Ya wouldn't know anythin' bout that, would ya?"

Of course, I immediately knew it was Daryl. I remembered what he'd done when he had gone out that one time lookin' for Carol's daughter, Sophia. He'd come back beat to all hell, badly wounded, covered in blood … with a walker ear necklace draped around his neck. It was quite the site and was all everyone could talk about for the days following his return.

I knew it was Daryl. And, if Daryl was out there, that means Glenn and the rest of them are looking for a way to get me and Beth outta there. But, I couldn't tell The Governor that.
I nodded no. "No, I wouldn't …"

I slowly looked away from him, but secretly my heart filled with hope; the possibility for rescue from this nightmare. The Governor must've seen the glimmer of hope flicker in my eyes and immediately came closer to stamp it out.

He leaned forward and placed his hands on the table; I could see the moisture and heat from his palms leaving a steamy mark on the wood.

I didn't dare look at him for fear of angerin' him somehow. I submissively kept my gaze at the table where I studied his hands and the odd marks they were leavin' on the wood. But, before I knew, one of those hands reached up from the table and slapped me across my face; almost sent me flyin' off my chair.

My hands instinctively went up to protect my face and cover the side which he had just hit. I glared up at him, my eyes started to water from the pain that now radiated through my cheek.

"What's wrong with you?! How could you?!"

I tried to stand up so I could get a better bearing on my feet, so I could perhaps defend myself. But, he grabbed me by my shoulders and forced me back into my seat.

He leaned over and got in my face.

"I know … your group … is behind all this. They killed eight of my men last night. Eight! Do you hear me?!" He screamed. His breaths were short and hurried. His one eye narrowed and glared back at me. "Now ya tell me … who in your group would do somethin' so barbaric?" He slammed his fist into the table. "Tell me!"

"That's rich, comin' from you of all people!" I hissed back in his face.

And, there it was again. The familiar sting on my cheek, this time he used the back of his hand, clipping the other side of my face.

"Stop ...!" I sobbed. "Stop it!"

The fury in his eye and the intensity in his face was terrifying; he'd fuckin' lost it! Phillip; The Governor; whoever he was … wasn't there anymore. Just a monster stood there before me ... waitin' to inflict pain on me.

He screamed again and started to pace. Like a wild animal, I traced his movements waitin' for him to attack.

"Oh, you know …but you'd never tell me, would ya?" He calmly replied; almost as if he was talkin' to himself. "Well, I got news for you, darlin'." He laughed. "I know ya heard me and Lt. James talkin' … know ya heard he's gonna be pickin' up Beth later … ya sure ya don't got nothin' to say? Nothin' at all?"

I shook my head no. I was too furious to talk.

"Ya know … me and James had a nice talk bout your sister, Beth, when we were out today. Had a real nice talk."

I listened carefully to every word, but pretended not to care; I didn't want him to know he was botherin' me.

"Lt. James was real pleased with his new … piece of property."

Property?! Jesus, he's so sick …!

I rolled my eyes and continued to not make eye contact with him.

The Governor continued to antagonize me; tellin' me all about this supposed conversation with him and this James fellow.

"Lt. James was thrilled to get the news that he'd get the first crack at your little sister. Said he couldn't wait to pop that little cherry of hers." He paused and gave me a devious smile; then he hissed under his breath. "Or, has that piece of trash already popped that for her? "

He waited to get a reaction outta me, which I didn't give him. He didn't need anymore information that he could use against me. He didn't need to know if Beth was a virgin or not; I figured either way he'd tell me somethin' horrible that would make me wish I hadn't told him a damn thing … so, I didn't say a word.

He laughed. "Not talkative, huh? Well, that doesn't really matter anyways …he's gonna have fun either way."

I couldn't help but wonder if I'd made the right decision. I kept havin' to remind myself that this James guy had to be better then handin' her over to all those men here. No matter how "enthusiastic" he would be with Beth.

I just hope that he'll be gentle with her …

I hope he's nothin' like The Governor …

My heart betrayed my head and tears streamed down my cheeks.

He continued to rant and then started to scream in my face again. He was so cruel, the things he was sayin' … I did my best to try and block it out. I just couldn't take another second.
I put my hands over my ears and closed my eyes.

I jerked my hands away from my ears and shook me. "Listen to me when I'm talkin' to ya! Now, open your eyes, Maggie. Look at me!" I didn't; I just couldn't do it, so he screamed. "I said look at me, goddamnit!"

I slowly opened my eyes and looked up at him.

He was shaking he was so mad!

He looked as if he was gonna just lose it … I thought for sure this was it … I was definitely gonna get hit again.

He was tryin' to hurt me; tryin' to scare me … and he'd succeeded. I feared him and I feared for my baby.

I tried to brace myself and held my arms up to defend myself, as his hand pulled back again to strike me another time.

But, then he stopped; his arm raised high above his head ready to come down. His jaw agape; his body trembled as the rage shook his body and quicken his breaths.

"I … I …" He blinked a few times. Shook his head; lookin' as if he was tryin' to get a grasp on things. I could see some humanity find its way back to him for the moment.

Even he looked startled by his violent reaction.

"I'm sorry, Maggie. I didn't mean to do that."

He brought his hand down and crouched down on the floor beside my chair.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart. I'd never hurt ya … ya know that, right?"

He reached his hand up to cup my face and I flinched.

"Oh … look at you … I scared ya, didn't I?"

I just glared at him.

"What do you think? Ya just hit me …"

"Ahh … well I certainly wish ya hadn't made me so upset. I hate to have to raise my voice with ya." He laughed a little under his breath. "And, I certainly don't wanna have to hit ya."

"Well, I'm glad we had this talk, Maggie. I don't want to have to raise my hands to ya. I don't want to ever hurt ya again."

I nodded.

"So, just make sure ya behave … and do what I say … and we won't have these problems anymore. Okay?"

He brushed some hair away from my face, his calloused fingers made my skin crawl. I mustered enough strength to get out one word.

"Okay …"

The Governor stood up beside me; his waist was in face. He pulled my head into his hip and front of his pants; gently smoothing my hair, which was his weird attempt to make me feel better.

"There, there, sweetheart … it's gonna be alright now. It's just me and you. And, our little baby from here on out. We gotta stick together as a family."

Ick! He's soooo fucked up …

Every part of me was disgusted by him, but I couldn't show it. And, being this close to his most vile weapon just inches away from my face … was making me extremely anxious. I wanted to pull away from him so badly, every fiber of my being was screamin' to run away … but I stayed and let him hold me until he was finished.

He placed his hand underneath my chin and pulled my face up to look at him.

"We're a family now, aren't we?"

I nodded my head yes. "Of course we are…" I tried to seem as sincere as possible.

He continued.

"And, families don't lie to each other." He stopped. "So, I want ya to select the next words that come outta your mouth … very carefully."

I stared up at him blankly. I was completely defeated by my interactions with him today, which seemed to be the point of every conversation that he had with me.

He wanted to break me …

"Do you know who was responsible for the dead soldiers?" He paused. "Which one in your group?"

He paused, intensely searchin' my eyes for any indication that I might know somethin', but I was just as convicted in my resolution not to say a word.

"No! I don't know who it could be." I looked deep into his eyes and grabbed a hold of his hand. "If
I knew, I'd tell ya. I wouldn't risk it … But, I don't."

I waited to see if he believed me, and I must've put on some sort of actin' performance because he smiled and squeezed my hand.

"I believe ya, Maggie. I do."

I sighed in relief.

"I think he believed me," I thought to myself.

I would never tell him that I knew exactly who killed those men …!

And, even with The Governor's hand still touchin' my face, the knowledge that Daryl (and hopefully Glenn) were nearby made me feel hopeful … truly hopeful.



So, Maggie now knows that Daryl (and she thinks Glenn too) is nearby; killin' off The Governor's men. She's got some hope finally in this nightmare. However, as you know, that never lasts too long ...


1. Do you think The Governor really believed Maggie?
2. Or, do you think he's gonna do something awful because he thinks that she lied?

As for this newest chapter, let me know what you think; like it, love it, hate it ... let me know your thoughts. If you've got a moment, please leave me a note or comment on your way out ... I'd love to hear from you all :-D

** Also, I have Chapter 25 started ... So, as soon as this chapter gets 5 reviews - I'll get it posted ASAP!

To all of you that consistently review
I just want to thank you for your continued support and thoughtful comments.

Author's Note:
This review challenge is really more of inspiration for me; every time I see a new one comment - it really does make me smile every time I see a new review and let's me know that you guys are all enjoying the story as much as I enjoy writing it :-D

Here's a Teaser Chapter TWENTY-FIVE:
Beth is finally released into the custody of Lt. James and he takes her "home" to his apartment. Beth learns about the status of Maggie and later overhears Lt. James talking to a couple of soldiers at the door of the apt. and learns some interesting news ...




oh my goodness. This is good. You have done an amazing job writing this. I am a little sad, I have reached the end and I like it so much. I need to finish it.... Im worried about what will happen. But I am excited

RedneckDaryl16 RedneckDaryl16

oh my goodness. This is good. You have done an amazing job writing this. I am a little sad, I have reached the end and I like it so much. I need to finish it.... Im worried about what will happen. But I am excited

RedneckDaryl16 RedneckDaryl16

This story is really good!!! I read My Guardian and I could not stop. I love Bethyl and Maggie and Glenn. I really hope you add to both stories...... I really cannot stop reading them.

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This story is amazing! I love the way you're having The Governor be more like he was in the comics... poor Maggie! I also like that while this is mainly about Maggie and The Governor, you've put some Bethyl in there. Can't wait for the next chapter!

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@The Viking

haha thanks:')

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