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Maggie's Nightmare

Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter 26 - Part Two

Hello Everyone!

Long time ... no post!

I apologize for the delayed chapter ... this one was HARD TO WRITE!

My muse has been on vacay forever now, and this was a tough chapter to write either way. But, good news is ... I was finally able to finish it ... AND ... it is a SUPER long chapter ... so I hope y'all feel like it was worth the wait ;-)

As always, thank you to everyone who has continued to read and follow this story ... I really do appreciate it.

Of course, I would like to send a Special Thank you to Candyl_86, Alice_Weekes, Daryl's Doll, SaraBee84, and Dixon'sVixen for commenting on the last chapter - you all seriously rock! I love you all!

Now, back to our story ... I hope you enjoy it!


Maggie's POV –

"I'm gonna be a father again …"

His grin reached from ear to ear; the inexplicable joy on his face made me sick to my stomach.

He leaned down towards me, offering his hand to help me up.

"Come on sweetheart, let's get ya changed outta those clothes."

"Mmm, mmm." I mumbled as I cowered back against the wall; not wanting him to touch me, but he insisted.

"Oh, come on now …" His hand stretched out further. "Dammit, Maggie, don't be such a pain in the ass!"

He lunged forward and grabbed a hold of my arm tightly, just above my elbow; he yanked me to my feet.

Oh God … another contraction …

"Oww …!"

I yelped in pain and grabbed my stomach. The pain was so excruciating that I would've fallen if he hadn't been holdin' on to me. I started to cry a little as he led me back into the bedroom; he sat me on the edge of the bed. As he started to rummage through the dresser drawers for a change of clothes for, I just sat there and watched. I was in so much pain and by the time the cramping subsided; he was standin' right in front of me, his hand held out an outfit for me to wear.

"Here … put these on. You'll be more comfortable."

I just stared at him; his form blurred by the tears that had filled my eyes. I felt so vulnerable and so alone … and it was all his fault!

I hated this moment.

I hated him.

I grabbed the clothing out of his hands and stared at the bundle of pink velour fabric now lying in my lap.

"Well …?" I gestured with my head for him to leave. "Can you give me a minute?"

His eye narrowed and he shook his head. He was pissed I could tell, but I really could give a shit right now. He sighed and then turned around and quickly walked back into the living room.

I got up and quickly closed the door behind him.

I whispered under my breath; too quiet for him to have heard.

I was still feeling nauseous. With everythin' he'd just told me and now with the baby finally coming … the whole thing just made me sick. I thought about what he said "It's no meetin' at all, darlin' … No … it's gonna be a slaughter." The words echoed in my head. I didn't have too much time to dwell in my own self pity before another contraction hit me.

Oh, God …

I panted shallow quick breaths and squeezed my eyes shut. I just wanted it to be over. I couldn't help but whimper as the cramping in my stomach and back grew and grew. And, then before I thought I might pass out … it was over.

"Whew …"

I got up off the bed and waddled my way back into the bathroom to clean up. I undressed and go out of my soiled clothes; wet from vomit and from my water breaking. I stared blankly as they lay in a pile on the bathroom floor, then I looked up and saw my naked pregnant body in the mirror. My hands clutched my belly; it was so big now.

I look like I'd pop if I had to go another day being pregnant, I thought to myself.

The thought of it made me laugh; if only for an instant, before the tears found their way to my cheeks again. My emotions were on freakin' a roller coaster. I really didn't know how to feel in this moment.

And then … I could feel the uneasy waves of pain starting to form again. It felt like someone was wringing out a washcloth or towel … on the inside of me. I really didn't know something could be so painful. I put my hands on the sink to steady myself until the pain subsided again. I continued to breathe deeply; trying to calm myself.

I can't believe the day has finally arrived. I'm gonna have my baby …!

It was excitin' … scary … and for brief moments here and there … I was kinda happy?

The pregnancy would be over and I'd meet my little boy or girl. It took me time, but I had overcome the reality that this child wasn't Glenn's. But, I didn't want to just be "okay" with my baby, so during this pregnancy I tried my best to get ready to be a mother to this child. To love this child no matter what. There was nothin' I could do about what happened to me and this child didn't ask for this happen to me … this child was innocent in this and I tried my very best to look at it that. And, with Glenn's love and support; the three of us would've been a family.

But, the fleeting moments of happiness were mostly overshadowed by sadness, anger, despair and hopelessness. I know it sounds dark, but that is because my existence (in this very moment) was incredibly dark – like a fuckin' nightmare, really. The sadness of becoming pregnant the way I had; the pain of sharing this moment with the monster that did this to me … there would be no end to my suffering in this birth.

And, he'd be with me; not my Glenn, like I'd imagined in my head so many times. It was already gonna be scary enough with Glenn and daddy by my side … now I was here and The Governor would undoubtedly want to be holding my hand as I pushed; be wiping the sweat from my brow as I labored.

The thought of it all was just so incredibly upsetting. I started to weep as I cleaned myself off and sat back down on the bed.

I picked up the outfit he'd picked out and examined it; pink velour jogging pants, an over-sized white t-shirt and a matching pink velour hoodie.

What the hell is this on the back? Juicy Couture?

I rolled my eyes.

Figures! I'm not really the Juicy Couture kinda gal, but I guess beggars can't be choosers.

I had just finished putting the pants and t-shirt on, when another contraction hit me. This one was intense, and I couldn't help the moan that slipped from my slips.

"Ya alright in there?" I heard him call from the other room.

I barely managed to eek out. "Mmm, hmm."

"I'm comin' in."

And, before I could say another word, he barged in and stood in the doorway.

"Well, don't you look cute? I just love ya in pink."

He smirked and licked his bottom lip.

I rolled my eyes; he always had a way of makin' anything and everythin' … disgustin'.

"Jesus …!"
I yelled out as my attention was again diverted to the extreme pain of my contractions. "Oh, God … it hurts."

He rushed over to the bed and sat on the edge near me. Snaking his arm around me; he used his hand rubbed my lower back. As much as I hated him; rubbing my back actually really did help with the pain.

I hate that he's helpin' in any way. I hate it …

My eyes squeezed together tightly, as if I closed them the rest of the world would go away. Him. The Pain. All of it. As much as I tried to block him and the pain out … I just couldn't.

"I've radioed Doctor Montgomery. He's expectin' us …" I looked up at him and nodded; gritting my teeth; the pain was so intense. He continued. "I just can't believe it! Our baby is finally gonna be here …! I can't wait to meet our little one."

I shook my head.

"Our little one ... He's fuckin' delusional!" I thought to myself.

The contractions just kept comin' … and they were gettin' closer and closer. The pain was overwhelming and then I remembered my breathing techniques that I'd read about and that daddy had showed me months ago.

"He, he, hoooo. He, he, hoooo …"

As I practiced my Lamaze breathing, all I could think about was that I wished that Glenn was here right now holding my hand; helpin' me breathe.

My heartache grew as I thought the fact that not only was Glenn not here … neither was my mother … or my step-mom … or daddy … not even Beth.

Beth? Beth …? Why wasn't she here? I thought to myself.

"Phillip …?"

I turned to look at him; he was smilin' at me like some man in love.

I knew if I called him by his name he'd like that. God he was predictable sometimes!

So, I continued.

"Do you think … maybe …"

He looked up at me; his eye was filled with something other than anger, rage … it was filled with hope and excitement.

"What Maggie? What is it …?"

"I'd really like it if … Beth could be there to help me."

His eye narrowed again; searchin' mine for any ulterior motives, but he didn't find any. Mostly because there wasn't … I just really wanted my sister by my side. Some sort of comfort right now …

He nodded his head.

"Okay …" He leaned over and kissed my neck softly. "Anythin' for my Maggie."

Then, he stood up and walked out of the room. Then, I could hear him on his radio.

"Lt. James?"

"Yes, Boss?"

"Could ya please bring Miss Greene to the hospital? Maggie's gone into labor and would like her sister there."

"Affirmative. I'll bring her over right away."

Thank god! At least I'd have Beth by my side.

He walked back in with a smug look on his face.

"Done! Beth'll be there."

I smiled and graciously thanked him. Over the next thirty minutes I sat on the couch and watched as the man who'd raped, beaten and kidnapped me ran around his apartment like some beaming new father … the whole scene was just too ridiculous … too cruel. And, the contractions continued; the pain keepin' me from the absurdity of the Governor's ramblings about becoming a father again and his flittering about the house like a goddamn kid on Christmas mornin'.

He'd packed a bag for me, which he set by the door. It was just like a scene from out of a movie; the excited father to be, the wife in labor panting as she tries to breathe through her contractions, the luggage for the overnight stay at the hospital. It was all there. Except the man standing next to me as I walked through the doorway and was met by four armed guards … was the Governor. Not Glenn. Not my husband … but the man who raped me.



When we pulled up in front of the hospital, I saw Beth standing out front with the brawny Lt James. She looked so small compared to him; he was so tall … so muscular. I cringed at the thought of what he might be doin' to her. I felt like such a terrible sister for having decided to send her into this man's house. I knew it was the lesser of two evils, but … this man looked intimidating. I really hoped he wasn't hurtin' her.

The Governor quickly ran around the side of the vehicle to open my door and help me out, when another contraction hit me.

"Ow …!"

I doubled over in the passenger seat in pain and when I looked up for a moment; I could see the Lieutenant holdin' her back from comin' to me. She looked scared.

The pain was crippling; like my organs were being wrung out of me. I started my Lamaze breathin' again. After about a minute or so, the pain subsided. The Governor grabbed me by the arm and helped me out me out. I had to hold onto him because I feared I might fall if another contraction came, and we slowly made our way to the steps of the hospital.

Beth was on the stop of the steps; tears streamin' down her face.

"Oh, God … Maggie …!" She yelped.

She held out her arms and ran towards me. This time the Lieutenant didn't hold her back. She flew into my arms, put her head on my shoulder and cried. We just held each other for at least a good five minutes while The Governor and Lt. James continued to talk. We held each other until my next contraction hit.

"Oh …." I started to pant from the pain.

"Another contraction?" Beth whispered.

I nodded yes.

"Jesus! That's really close to the last one." Beth looked over at the Lt. James. "Her contractions are close; she's definitely in active labor."

Lt. James nodded and whispered somethin' to The Governor; he nodded yes. I don't know what it was about, but Lt. James then disappeared into the hospital and moments later he reemerged with a doctor.

"I'm Dr. Montgomery." He held out his hand, which I hesitantly shook. "Now Maggie … you've been in labor for what …? Just a couple of hours now, right?"

I nodded my head yes. "About three hours now since my water broke."

"So, how close are your contractions?"

Beth quickly chimed in. "She's probably about 5 minutes apart now."

"Wow! Are ya sure?"

Beth nodded yes.

"That's very quick to be that close … hmmm…"

"My mother was only in labor for 9 or 10 hours before she had me. It didn't take long."

The doctor nodded his head.

"Makes sense then that you'd be the same, now wouldn't it."

"Guess so …"

"Well, then … let's get ya inside and get ya set up so you can have this baby, alright?"

I nodded okay and Beth helped me walk in the hospital and back to my room … my delivery room. I sat down on the hospital bed and Beth sat beside me; rubbing my lower back.

"Here put this on." The doctor handed me a hospital gown. "And, I'll be back in to check and see how dilated you are in just a few minutes, okay?"

I nodded my head. "Okay. Thank you."

The Governor and Lt. James followed the doctor outside the room, while got into my hospital gown. I wrapped my arms around Beth's neck and immediately asked Beth took our brief time alone to see how Beth was doin'.

"Are you okay, Beth?" I cried into her shoulder.

Beth whispered. "I'm fine, Maggie. I'm fine."

I pulled away from her to look her in her eyes … I wanted to see if she was tellin' me the truth.

"Ya sure? Has he … hurt you …?"

Beth smiled. "No … he hasn't. Lt. James is actually a really nice guy, Maggie. He's been lookin' after me."

I couldn't believe what I just heard.

"What? Really?"

"Yeah … he's … well, he's nothin' like The Governor. The exact opposite, really."

I closed my eyes and cried. I couldn't believe it.

"Thank God … I was so worried about you!" I reached over and brushed Beth's hair from her face and tucked the loose strands behind her ear, just like I'd done when she was a little girl.

"He made me … choose, ya know? Made me decide whether or not to "give" you to Lt. James … or …"

Beth looked puzzled. She obviously had no idea of the behind the scenes drama surrounding her move into Lt. James' home. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to even tell her, but it just fell off my lips anyways.

"The Governor made me choose … Lt. James. Or, he was gonna give ya to the rest of the men."

"Jesus!" Beth was stunned. "No, he didn't!"

"He did … and I've been questioning my decision this entire time. I'm so sorry …"

Beth smiled. "Don't be sorry, Maggie. There's nothin' to be sorry for. He's a monster for makin' you decide somethin' like that. A monster."

I nodded and wiped the tears from my cheeks.

"But, don't ya worry about me. Lt. James said he wasn't gonna touch me, despite me bein' some "gift" or whatever. He hasn't laid a hand on me."

"Thank God …"

"He's even sleepin' on the couch … he gave me his bed."

Beth sighed and smiled. "So, ya don't gotta worry about me. What about you …?


The question hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn't want to have to answer her. I was so happy that she was safe and that Lt. James actually ended up being some sort of gentleman … but I wasn't livin' with a gentleman; quite the opposite really.

Another contraction started.

"Beth …!"

I grabbed for my stomach; Beth rubbed my back and did the breathin' techniques with me.

"She's such a good sister. So sweet …" I thought to myself.

Finally, it subsided.

"Come on, Maggie. Let's get ya into that gown."

Beth started to help me outta my clothes and got me into the gown and on the hospital bed. She sat beside me and tucked me in.

"So …? How've you been?"

She looked so worried. I knew what she was really askin'.

I grabbed a hold of her hand and squeezed it tightly.

"He hasn't hurt me again … like that." I tried to smile. "But … he's … been cruel. He's said things. And, he's done some things …"

"Jesus, Maggie. What'd he do?"

Just then the door swung open … The Governor, Lt. James, Dr. Montgomery and another young man stood just outside the door.

"What did who do …" The Governor laughed. "You girls been gossipin' in here?" He smiled sleazily as he walked in. The others filed in behind him. "How's our girl doin' Beth?"

I watched as Beth's face cringed at the words "Our girl."

Beth looked over at the doctor and responded to him.

"She's good. She had another contraction, but she's doin' just fine."

Beth smiled smugly at the Governor. "No thanks to you."

The Governor's eye narrowed; he glared back at Beth. I squeezed her hand; a warning for her to stop antagonizin' him.

"What …?" He walked up and put his hand on Beth's shoulder. "Listen. This is supposed to be a happy day; I don't wanna fight with you, okay darlin'?"

Beth looked back at him intently. She knew she needed to back down or face the possibility of him sending her away … or worse.

"Yeah, sure …" She mumbled and she looked back at me. "My sister's been through enough already." She smiled. "Let's just get Maggie through this."

The Governor smiled and took his hand off her shoulder. "Good. So, we'll call a truce for now … what d'ya say?" Beth just nodded her head. "Excellent." He turned to the doctor and the young man who looked like his assistant. "Dr. Montgomery …?"

The doctor walked towards me.

"Merrick, can ya get the tray of instruments and bring em in here?'

Within a minute, Merrick returned with a cart; on top were a bunch of medical instruments. I tried not to look but there were all kinds of medieval lookin' things on there. I didn't even want to speculate as to what they were for … and if they were gonna be usin' them on me.

"Alright, Ms. Greene. I'm gonna just check and see how dilated you are. Now just pull your legs up together."

He gently moved my legs together and then pulled them a part; like I was sittin' in a butterfly position. Legs out to the side of me while I laid down.

"Now this may be a little uncomfortable."

I could feel his latex covered fingers enter me; the intrusion made me wince. Felt like he almost put his entire hand up there.

"Ow!" I yelped when he hit my cervix.

He nodded and pulled his hand out.

"She feels to be almost 5 cm dilated. She's half way there."

Half way there …

Half way … to meeting my new baby. Jesus!

I looked over at Beth who was smilin' as she held onto my hand. I couldn't help but smile back.

My little one was on his or her way …

"This is excitin', isn't it?"

The Governor was beaming.

God, he was somethin' else. He looked so proud it made me sick.

What was he so proud of? I thought to myself. Was he proud of raping me?

"I'll be back to check on ya in just a little bit, okay?"

I nodded my head.

"Ya gonna be okay in here the two of you?"

"Yes." Beth quietly replied.

"Alright. Well, I'll leave ya two alone for just a while." He paused and looked over Lt. James. "I gotta talk to ya bout … our meetin'. Can I see ya outside?"

'Our meetin' …
I knew what that meant. I knew what he wanted to talk about. He wanted to talk about murdering everyone that I loved and called family or a friend.

I had to talk to Beth about it; see if she knew anything. I waited anxiously for them all to leave the room.

But, before they left, the Governor must've caught Beth eyein' the tray of medical instruments.

"Merrick, grab that cart of knives and such. Don't want to give the girls any ideas."

The Governor smiled as Merrick wheeled the tray away and followed behind him.

"Damn … I was hopin' they were gonna leave that."

Beth admitted to me quietly.

"Well, aren't you full of surprises?"

We both laughed and then another contraction. However, after this one subsided I continued to tell Beth all about The Governor's plan, the "meeting" with our group and how he planned to kill them all.

Beth was devastated.

She told me she'd heard about the meeting. Lt James had told her. He also told her that our stay here was temporary; until they got the people from Woodbury back. She told me how she'd tried to tell Lt. James about The Governor, about killin' all those folk from Wood bury and about the rape.

"I'm sorry, Maggie. I didn't wanna have to tell him bout all that, but he needed to know what a monster he was servin' under."

I smiled. "its okay, Beth. I'm glad ya told him. Maybe it'll help."

I placed my hands on my belly. I could feel the baby kickin'.

"Come here. Give me your hand!"

I grabbed Beth's hand and placed it over the area where I felt the baby kick.

"That's your little niece or nephew."

I felt it again. This little boy or girl had some strong legs, that's for sure!

"Ahh … I felt it. Oh, Maggie …"

Beth smiled. I watched as her eyes glanced down towards her own growing belly.

I whispered quietly.

"Does Lt James know? Ya know …?"

Beth shook her head. "No. Not yet."

"Suppose I should tell him?"

I pursed my lips. I wasn't really sure if she should divulge that information. I mean, it's not like she'd be able to hide it for too much longer. She hadn't "popped" yet, but she would very soon and then there'd be no denyin' it.

"I don't know. Maybe. If ya feel like it will help us if he knows."

Beth got a little solemn.

"I don't know if it will make any difference. Might though."

"Well, then tell him. But, ya gotta make sure he doesn't tell the Governor. If the Governor finds out you're pregnant … it's just somethin' else he can hold over my head. Somthin' he can use against our group … against Daryl."

Beth nodded.

"I know. That's why I hadn't said anythin' yet."

"Don't … not unless you're sure it will help and that he'll keep it a secret."

"Alright. I won't say nothin' for now."

"Okay." I paused. Another contraction. "Ow …!"

My head fogged over in pain, but I could still hear Beth's little voice in my head as I closed my eyes.

"I'm here, Maggie. I'm right here. Just breathe …"


Over the next 6 hours, my hospital room had revolving door. The Governor came in and out. Lt. James visited several times; to me it looked more like he was checkin' in on Beth more than anythin'. Dr. Montgomery checked me every hour. 6 cm. 7cm. 8cm. 9cm. Until, finally, I was 10 cm dilated.

"You're ready to start pushin' now, Maggie."

The doctor helped put my feet into the stirrups and had Merrick fetch The Governor who was outside the door.

He rushed in and made his way to my side; immediately reachin' for my other hand. I tried to pull it away, but he just held on tighter.

Why's he gotta go and make this harder on me than it already is?

How he thought that holdin' my hand would bring me any comfort; I will never understand. And, I knew … it wasn't for me or about me. This whole thing was about him. It was about what the experience meant for him. What this baby meant for him.

He was a narcissistic bastard.

The Governor brushed the hair away from my face and dabbed my forehead with a damp wash cloth.

He is so predictable! It was exactly how I imagined it. He was playin' the dutiful expectant father.

Disgusting …

Over the next hour, there was a lot of moanin', screamin' (on my part that is) and a lot of yellin' for me to push from everyone else.

The pain was … excruciating. I felt like my hips were made of glass and breaking. My organs were being ripped out of me. The pain was more than I ever thought possible.

And, then … the pressure.

"Oh, God! It hurts! There's so much pressure …!"

Dr. Montgomery looked up at me.

"The baby's comin'… he or she is almost here. Keep pushin' Maggie. Bear down …"

I kept pushin' like he told me, but the pressure was so much I thought I was gonna pass out.

Lamaze breathing, tryin' not to panic, nothin' was helpin' … what I wouldn't have given for a little modern medicine; an epidural or somethin'. Instead I just had to 'bear down' and take it like a pioneer woman.

Jesus! When I thought of havin' a baby as a little girl … I never imagined it like this!

"Push …!"

The doctor yelled. "I can see the head!"

He cold see the head … but holy hell … I could feel it!

"Ow … it burns. Oh … it hurts!" I whimpered.

"Here it comes … the heads out!"

"Oh, God!" I screamed out.

"Just a few more pushes and you'll be all done, Maggie."

I nodded my head and looked over at Beth as she gazed down between my legs.

"Maggie …" She cried. "I can see the head."

Seeing Beth cry … I started to cry a little.

Then, I felt the urge to push again. And, just a couple of big pushes later I heard the doctor say

"Here come the shoulders …"

And, then I heard the most beautiful sound in the world … my baby cryin'!

The Governor cried out. "Oh, my God …" His hand squeezed my hand tightly, while his other hand covered his mouth. He looked stunned.

"It's a girl!" The doctor exclaimed. "A healthy baby girl!"

Oh, my God … I have a baby girl! Oh my God …

I looked over at Beth and she was cryin' as she watched the doctor clean up my little girl.
There were so many emotions runnin' through me all at once, and not one of them was hate or anger. Just joy. I cried as the doctor told me to pull down my hospital gown and set the baby down on my chest.

"Skin to skin contact until she feeds for the first time, okay?"

I cried and nodded yes.

After that it was a bit of a blur. Placenta. Umbilical cord. And, stitches down there … 25 to be exact. But, that didn't matter. Nothin' did. Not even the Governor bein' there would rob me of this moment. I wouldn't let him.

Within 20 minutes, my little girl had found her way to my nipple and had started to nurse. I'd heard stories about women havin' a hard time, but this little one … she took right to it. She latched on and didn't let go until I moved her to the other breast. Again, she suckled until she passed out.

It had to be the most precious most intimate moment of my life.

I blocked out the world, except for Beth, who sat steadfast by my side. She'd reach over and caress my little girl's face and coo at her.

"She's beautiful, Maggie."

Then, the Governor's hand reached down and touched her face too. "Yes, she certainly is beautiful. She looks just like my Penny did when she was first born."

I sighed and looked up at him.

"She doesn't look like you."

He didn't break his gaze from the baby.

"She sure does. She looks just like me; just like my Penny did. Isn't that right, sweetheart?" He caressed her chubby little arm. "Ya look just like your daddy, don't ya?"

I hated him sayin' that ... because I knew it was true. She did look like him ...

I shook my head and looked back down at the face of innocence; her eyes closed and her full little cherub lips parted slightly. She was an angel. I brushed her soft light brown hair back; her little eyes opened a little and then rolled back in her head. She looked like she was drunk.

The Governor was standin' near the doorway talkin' to the doctor still, when I looked over at Beth.

"You're a momma now, Maggie." Beth started to tear up. "She's beautiful."

I few tears slipped down my cheeks.

"Auntie Beth?" I laughed while caressing my baby girl's cheeks. Then, I whispered. "You'll look after her … if anythin' happens."

Beth sighed and hugged me.

"Maggie, don't say those things. We're gonna get outta here. All three of us."

I nodded my head in agreement, although deep down I wasn't sure that any of us would ever get outta here; not to mention all three of us. But, I didn't want to talk about that now. If I did … I would breakdown right here and now.

"I wish Glenn was here, Beth."

I could barely get his name out of my mouth. I almost lost it.

"Hey, hey … don't go there. Not right now. Okay?

I nodded. "Okay."

Beth wiped a tear from my cheek.

"I wish he was here too. And, daddy! He'd get such a kick outta seein' his first grandchild."

I smiled. "He sure would …"

Beth giggled a little; however, her laughter interrupted when Lt. James made his way back into the hospital room.

"Ahh … Lt. James! Come here …" The Governor waved for him; Lt. James walked over to the bedside and looked down at my little girl. The Governor caressed my little girl's face. "I have a little girl." He paused and smiled. "I'm the father of a beautiful little girl. I think this calls for a celebration, don't you?"

I watched as the expression on Lt. James' face changed. His smile turned tight lipped; his eyebrows furrowed.

He was upset … but why?

"Sure … of course ..." He very unenthusiastically replied; perhaps he only mildly entertained the idea of this bein' a cause for celebration.

The Governor looked up at Lt. James. "Champagne. Cigars. Whatever else the boys want tonight. We're celebratin' the birth of my little girl."

I watched as Beth looked up at Lt. James sternly. An unspoken communication was had between the two of them. I didn't know what about, but obviously it had somethin' to do with The Governor bein' the father of my baby. I hoped I would get a chance to ask her about it.

"I'll let the boys know. Have em bring out some cases of champagne and liquor."

"Excellent …" The Governor paused. "You can take Beth home with ya now."

I looked over at the Governor and grabbed his arm.

"No, please … please let Beth stay a little longer. Please…!"

"Oh, I think y'all have seen each other enough for one day. Besides … I want to enjoy this moment with you … alone."

I cringed and closed my eyes.

"Please …" I looked down at my baby. "She's her niece!" And, then looked back him. "Please ..!"

"No, and that'll be the end of it! I want this to be about our little girl; our family. You and Beth will see each other again soon … I'm sure."

The Governor motioned for Lt. James to come take Beth.

Beth started to cry and hugged me. "No … No …! Please … let me stay just a little while longer."

Lt. James reached down and grabbed Beth gently by the arm and pulled her to her feet.

"Say good night to your sister, Beth. You'll see her soon, don't ya worry."

Beth looked up at Lt. James. She looked like she trusted him. She nodded yes and leaned in and hugged me again, told me she loved me and kissed my little girl on the head.

"I'll see ya later sweetie. Auntie Beth loves you …"

I started to cry as I watched Lt. James lead her outta the room.

"Oh … and James?"

"Yes, Boss?"

"I know you'll be in contact with the prison group tomorrow." Lt. James nodded his head in agreement. "No one outside these walls knows bout this! No one's to know Maggie had the baby ... understood?"

"Yes, Boss. Understood."

"Alright then … that'll be all for tonight."

The door closed behind them.

Then, it was just me and the Governor and "our" little baby girl; fast asleep on my chest. I glared at him and swatted his hand away from the baby.

His eye shot up and he glared right back at me.

"What …?" He said mockingly.

"Ya couldn't let me spend just a little more time with my sister? Really?"

He reached over and caressed my face; I leaned back to avoid his touch, but to no avail. He used the back of his to stroke alongside my face. "Maggie … sweetheart …" He then open his hand and stiffly slapped my on the right side of my face. "What'd I say bout backtalkin'? Hmm…?"

My face stung and I could feel the heat and blood rush to the area where he hit me.

"Jesus! I'm holdin' a baby …"

"Yes. That's right ... you are! You're holdin' my baby. My little girl. Ya better remember that."

I snapped at him.

"How … could I ever … forget!"

He smiled.

"Well, long as ya remember she's just as much mine as she is yours."

I shook my head and looked down at my little baby girl. She was still sleepin' peacefully.
Completely oblivious to the horrors that had brought her into the world and that continued to take place around her.

Innocence … somethin' so precious and rare these days.

I envied her in that brief moment.

"Now, listen here, Maggie. I didn't send Beth away to punish ya. Or, to punish her for that matter. I just wanted to spend some time alone with you and our new baby. Is that so bad …?"

I rolled my eyes.

"I hate it when you say that."

"Say what …?"

"Our baby … like she was conceived outta love or somethin'. Makes me sick."

"Well, she was … wasn't she? I mean … you're glad she's here … aren't ya?"

I glared at him. "How dare you say that to me. Of course, I'm glad she's here!"

He shrugged his shoulders.

"Well then …? What's the problem? If you're happy she's here, what difference does it make how I got ya pregnant? He paused and I could feel the hate and anger bubbling from deep within me. "What ...? Come on, now … be reasonable. You're momma now … and I gave her to ya. Can't ya just be grateful?"

"Jesus ... Christ! That's fuckin' crazy! Why would I ever be grateful for what you did? Yes, I'm glad she's here. Yes, I love her. But, I still hate you. And, I still hate what you did. There's nothin' for me to be grateful for you son-of-a-bitch!"

"Pipe down, Maggie. You'll wake the baby."

I wiped a tear from my cheek.

"Whatever. I don't wanna talk bout this anymore."

"Good. Let's let the past stay in the past, shall we?"

I cannot believe he just said that!

"Whatever." I mumbled.

"I wanna hold her."


"Maggie. I wanna hold my daughter. Now give her here!" He said quietly yet forcefully.

I held onto my little baby as tightly as I could. I didn't want to give her to him. He didn't deserve to hold her.

"Maggie … I can have her taken away from ya all together and you'll never see her again. Is that what ya want?"

I whimpered. "No …"

"Well, then hand her over."

I reluctantly handed over my newborn baby to a man I called a monster … a man that was still her father. A man she may very well one day call … "daddy."

The thought sickened me, as I watched him cradle "his daughter" … my daughter.

She started to wake a little and let out a few quick cries, but he gently walked with her "Shhing" her back to sleep.

"We gotta name her."

I hadn't even thought to bring that up. Since we obviously had no way of knowing whether the baby was a boy or girl, Glenn and I had picked out two names. One for a boy and one for a girl.
If the baby was born a boy, Michael Glenn Hershel Rhee. Glenn's father's name was Kyung Young Rhee, and Glenn was not interested in naming our baby Kyung; however, he said that when his dad moved to the United States he went by Michael. So, we compromised on naming our baby Michael if we had a son.

And, if the baby was a little girl, Josephine Annette Rhee. Josephine was for my mother who had died when I was still a little girl and Annette for my step-mother, Beth's mom, who died when the outbreak first occurred. A tribute to both of my mothers. We were gonna call her "JoAnna" for short.

I thought it was cute. I'd always had big beautiful names picked out for a little girl, but when the world gets turned upside down like it had … there was somethin' so much more powerful about names now. They meant somethin' more … it was the little bit of history you could still pass down. There wasn't much else ya cold pass down (you could never count on any place bein' safe and you never knew what was or wasn't left behind ... this was gonna be a fact of life from here on out) … but a name … ya can take that anywhere ya go.

So, when the Governor asked me about naming the baby … I hadn't given it a thought. Glenn and I already had a name for her.

"Her name's Josephine Annette Rhee." I blurted out.

His eye shot up at me and narrowed.

"Really …?" He paused before layin' into me. "Ya think I'm gonna let ya name my little girl after that Chinese chump … I don't think so, darlin'!" He shook his head and looked down at my little baby. "She's not his, she's mine! She's gonna be a Blake!"

He paused and circled around the room to the other side of my bed; he took a seat next to me where Beth had been at my side all night.

I struggled to hold it together.

Was he really gonna take this from me too?

"Her name's … Eva. Like Eve from the Bible. I looked it up ; it mean's ... life!" He looked up at me. "Seems fittin' as she born into this new world; the first woman born into our community here."

He leaned down and kissed her on the nose.

"Eva Penelope Blake."

He was gonna take this from me

"Course ya know Penelope is for …" His voice started to crack as he remembered his dead daughter; the one Michonne put down. "Penny … her full name was Penelope. I want this little one to remember her big sister." He sniffled a little as he wept. "Penny would've been a wonderful big sister."

I couldn't really even believe what I was hearin' or what he was sayin'.

He'd stolen my body, used it for his own purposes. He'd kidnapped me. And, now he was stealin' my baby too … he was the Devil. I was sure of it.

He looked up at me; tears in his eye.

"If you want, we can call her Evie for short. Evie sounds a little more like a little girl ... do ya have a preference?" He waved his hands in front of me. "Maggie ...? Are ya in there?"

He laughed and snuggled her close to him.

Eva ...

Evie ...

Didn't matter to me ... that wasn't her name!

I didn't answer him … I just sat there and stared back at him and watched as he cuddled and cooed over my daughter JoAnna … a name I'd likely never be able to call her out loud.

She was Eva now. Or, Evie ... whatever he was gonna call her. Either way, it didn't matter.

She wasn't JoAnna anymore ... she was Eva Blake.



So, it happened ... Maggie finally had her baby! AHHHH!

And, BIG SURPRISE ... the little girl is The Governor's baby ;-D

... I apologize to all of you who were holdin' out hope it might be Glenn's baby. As I mentioned in one of my earliest chapters ... Glenn and Maggie figured out that there was no way the baby could be Glenn's :-/ Remember, this is Maggie's Nightmare ...

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QUESTIONS for my readers:

1. What do you think of the Governor's experience of having another little girl will do to him?
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3. Now that Lt. James has confirmation that The Governor IS the baby's father ... how do you think this will impact his decisions in the days to come?
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oh my goodness. This is good. You have done an amazing job writing this. I am a little sad, I have reached the end and I like it so much. I need to finish it.... Im worried about what will happen. But I am excited

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