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Maggie's Nightmare

Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Twenty-Nine

Hey y'all :-P


I just wanted to apologize for the delay and the unintentional hiatus on this story. I know it's been a while since I posted, but as we get closer and closer to a resolution with the story (I've still got like 10-15 chapters left), but the end is now in sight at least. That being said, I've got the rough details worked out for the upcoming chapters so they should be getting up more frequently (at least more frequently that this last one) ;)

As always, thank you to everyone who has continued to read and follow this story ... I really do appreciate it.

Of course, I would like to send a Special Thank you to itslea, Daryl's Doll, Alive_Weekes, Char_, and sowhat730, for commenting on the last chapter - you all seriously rock! I love you all!

Also, quick little WARNING … this chapter is told from both Maggie and The Governor's POV and does have some possibly TRIGGERING content. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up … the Governor is a bastard in this chapter.

finally, back to our story …


The Governor's POV –

My conversation with James had left me feeling fairly agitated. He'd been pryin' into things that just weren't any of his business, if ya ask me. James seemed to be particularly interested in how Maggie got pregnant. And, although I'm not ashamed of what I did (quite the contrary), I did feel it was a personal question. Since he'd been so quick to ask me questions of that nature, I figured I could return the favor … askin' him questions about Beth. I may have come off as crude, but hey … who the hell was he to talk? Here he's wantin' details of how I got Maggie pregnant, while he's most definitely makin' use of her little sister.

He's a hypocrite if ya ask me!

My tactics worked though. I turned the tables on him, asked him for details about Beth. Sure as hell got him to shut up and get outta my house.

I was happy that he made his quick exit; I hadn't wanted to be bothered with such conversation today. Maggie was supposed to be delivered to my residence in this afternoon, so I made sure home was stocked full of baby items. A crib and basinet were all set up and ready for us … everything new parents needed for a newborn. I was ready for my Maggie's return … and thanks to the men workin' overtime on my our home was ready for the arrival of my little Evie.

As the hours passed, I became more and more anxious … I couldn't wait to see both of them. The day had finally come when I would have my second chance at a family and I couldn't believe how lucky I'd been. I didn't think I'd ever be happy again when I lost my wife, and then again when I lost Penny … but here I was – excited, happy and filled with hope. I thought about all the things that I'd share with my two girls, as I paced the apartment and waited for their arrival.

And, then finally … a knock on the door!

I quickly ran over and opened the door – and there they were! Maggie was holdin' onto Evie who was sleepin' peacefully in her arms and the two of them were surrounded by the six guards that I'd assigned to keep watch over them. I motioned for them to come in.

"Come on in …" I gave em an easy smile and nodded. "That'll be all boys. I appreciate ya bringin' them home safely."

"No problem Governor." One of the men quickly responded.

"You're all excused." I waved the men off; wanting now to have some alone time with my new family.

The men started to file down the corridor and I noticed one stayed behind to help Maggie over the couch; he had a diaper bag slung over his shoulder, which he set on the ground near Maggie's feet.

Mike Foster …

I recognized him immediately when he turned back around and headed for the door to leave.

"Foster, right?"

He turned to look at me.

"Yes. Mike Foster."

"Thanks for bringin' my girls to me. I appreciate it." Mike's eyes looked back to Maggie on the couch; he seemed distressed. I quietly questioned him about it. "Everythin' alright, Foster?"

Mike looked back at me; my eye now focusing intently on him.

Why the hell was he lookin' at Maggie like that?

I didn't like the idea of any of the men lookin' at Maggie; I found a jealousy rise from within me that I couldn't explain. I'd never been a jealous man, but I feared anyone that might possibly stand in the way of my newly found family and happiness.

My head cocked to the side; my eyebrow arched in disdain. Mike appeared to sense my displeasure in his continued presence in my home.

"Nothin' Governor. Nothin' … just wanna make sure Maggie and her baby were alright."

I hissed. "Our baby, ya mean …"

Mike's eyes narrowed. I could see that comment had angered him for some reason.

This is
amusing …I wondered if this Foster brother had any issues with me bringin' the girls here.

I know his brother Nick certainly didn't have any issues; he was the one who decided to take Maggie's sister, Beth, in the first place. I figured Mike was of the same mindset … perhaps I was wrong.

"Somethin' ya want to say, Foster …?" I glared at him; daring him to say anthin' to provoke me.

He took a deep breath and looked away; simply nodding his head.

"No …" He sighed again and looked back at Maggie. "Congratulations, Maggie. She's beautiful."

He turned to walk out the door, but before he left he added, "Good luck … with everythin'."

Maggie quietly replied; her voice merely a whisper. "Thanks Mike …"

And, for the first time since I'd see her – Maggie gave Mike a gentle smile.

She smiled … for him …!

Now that really pissed me off; I could feel the blood flood to my face as I flushed with anger. I grew more and more enraged with every millisecond that passed. Maggie caught my gaze and once she saw I was lookin', the smile quickly faded from her face.

"Alright then…" Mike added. "Suppose I'll be on my way then … unless ya need anythin' else Governor."

Mike looked up at me slowly and I just glared back at him. I puffed up my chest and gave my best attempt at a smile, so I could disguise my growing anger.

"That'll be all Foster."

Mike brushed past me and walked out into the hallway and I quickly slammed the door behind him.

What nerve he had! Who the hell does he think he is anyways …?

Now both Foster brothers had been soldiers and made it through the first year almost completely on their own. I'd known them to be capable men. And, now I knew that Mike was one of those men still holdin' on to the rules and laws of a society that had been long dead; he'd remained a decent man throughout all of this.

Decency … a fine quality if ya wanna end up dead.

I have to say, I really wasn't appreciatin' his general attitude or demeanor with me today. It was obvious he was bitin' his tongue; he had somethin' to say to me, but was too much of a pussy to say it.

I might just have to deal with him another day … that is if he ever got passive aggressive with me again. I wouldn't tolerate that shit within my ranks …!

"Well, well, well …" I inhaled deeply; surveying my two beautiful ladies as I approached the couch. "Seemed like you and Mike get along …"

Maggie looked smug as she replied.

"Mike and I knew each other at the prison … but you already knew that, didn't you?"

Like a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar; my face must've expressed the reality that I in fact did know that.

"That's what I thought …" Maggie looked back down at our baby; she gently patted her back and nuzzled her close to her chest.

As she sat there soothing our child, I couldn't help but stare. Although, I'm sure Maggie had been up on and off most of the night, she still looked radiant. Her skin was glowing; her hair pulled back into a pony tail, a light purple button down top and jeans. I was amazed by the sight of my new family and my thoughts unconsciously made their way to my lips.

"Ya look … beautiful. The both of you … just beautiful."

Maggie rolled her eyes. "Whatever."

I walked over and sat to the left of her, so I could have a better view of little Evie's face.

God … she looked like Penny.

Maggie looked over at me sternly.

"What?" She paused. "What do ya want?"

I reached over and gently caressed my daughter's cheek.

"Just wanted to see my darlin' little girl. Our little girl …"

Maggie sighed deeply.

"I wish ya wouldn't sit so close." She gestured for me to scoot away from her on the couch.

"Seriously …"

I didn't respond right away; I didn't want to lash out at her unnecessarily. It was of course her first day home with the baby; I didn't want to ruin anythin', but I also wasn't gonna be told what to do in my own home.

"Now Maggie … sweetheart." I grabbed a hold of her chin roughly; anglin' her face towards mine. "Just cause you're the mother of my child, doesn't mean ya get rule the roost here. This is my house … my rules. Don't forget it."

Maggie hissed. "Fine …! Sit as close as ya want."

I let go of her face and she rubbed her cheek and jaw with her free hand.

"That's better. Ya don't always gotta be so difficult, ya know?" I looked over at Evie; she was completely passed out. Her little rosebud lips pursed perfectly. "Lemme hold her."

I reached out my arms and gestured for Maggie to give me Evie.

"No way …!" Maggie barked. My eye narrowed and my lips tightened. She must've seen I wasn't kiddin'; Maggie attempted to try and keep me from my child. She quickly tried to think of a reason, any reason, for me not to. "I … I … she's too little. Not yet …"

She forgets sometimes that I had a baby once; that I'd raised a child. Evie wasn't too little or too young to be held by me; Maggie just didn't want me to hold her.

"I want to hold my daughter Maggie … give her here." My arms extended and ready to receive the baby; Maggie just sat there and stared at me. "Now, Maggie … don't make me ask ya again." My tone was much more menacing this time.

She thinks she can keep me from my child! Unbelievable …!

"Please … Phillip. She's …"

I interrupted her. "She's mine, Maggie." I nodded, gesturing for her to hand Evie to me. "She's my baby too. And, I wanna hold her." I paused. "Now!"

When I raised my voice, little Evie stirred in her mama's arms. I reached over and scooped her outta Maggie's embrace.

"Come here, sweetheart." I brought her to my chest; holding her next to my heart. "Daddy's got you."

I stood up and walked with her. I remembered how that always seemed to calm Penny as a baby. And, sure enough, my Evie was the same. She quickly drifted back to sleep. I looked over at Maggie; her eyes filling with tears. A few streaked down her face.

"Ahh … Maggie. Don't be upset. Looks like Evie's gonna be a Daddy's girl." I nuzzled against her soft cheek. "Aren't ya, darlin'?"

"Your sick, ya know that?" Maggie hissed.

I smiled as I walked over to the basinet in the bedroom. "Hmm …?" I gently laid Evie down and spent a few moments just takin' in what a beautiful little girl we'd created. "Sick, huh …?"

I was gonna show her sick …

I closed the doors to the bedroom; leaving it only slightly ajar so we could hear her if she woke up.

I sauntered back over to Maggie who had brought her knees to her chest; sitting defensively on the couch. Her arms wrapped tightly around her knees; she quietly rocked there. Staring straight ahead; not even lookin' at me as I got nearer and nearer.

"You can ignore me if ya want, but it's just gonna make me more eager to get your attention, Maggie."

I stood in front of her and pushed the coffee table back with my foot so there was more room for me to stand.

"Look at me." Maggie didn't move, but I could see the fear in her eyes. I yelled this time. "Look at me!"

Maggie frowned and looked up at me. And, by the look on her face, hatred would probably be the best word to describe the feelin's she was feelin' right now. She wasn't afraid; she was mad.

Hmm … interesting.

"What …? What do you want …?"

"I just wanted to talk really. Now that we have a child together … don't ya think we should talk bout some things?"

She closed her eyes for a moment to compose herself.

"What could we possibly have to talk about?"

Maggie looked back at me. "Hmm? I mean, really? I don't have anythin' to say to you."

My lips curled into a half smile; I was feelin' a bit ornery today. Messin' with Maggie was just too damn easy, and I have to say … I was havin' a bit of fun with her.

"Well, now that you two are home I was thinkin' bout how ya wanted to split up watchin' her. I know the nights can be long and difficult for a new mother. I'm assumin' ya need some help there."

Maggie snapped at me. "I don't need help. And, even if I did, I certainly wouldn't want any from you! I hate you …"

I leaned over so that I could look Maggie at more directly.

"That's not nice, Maggie."

I reached my hand back and could see Maggie flinch as the back of my hand collided with the right side of her face. The force sent her into the armrest of the couch; Maggie immediately reached up to hold her face. It must've hurt somethin' awful, I really gave her a wallop.

"Why do ya make me do such things, Maggie?" I paused and reached down and pulled her hand away from her face and inspected the red chastised skin on her cheek. "Ya know I don't wanna have to hurt ya."

Maggie's sobs burst from her. I knew she was going to be emotional (most new mothers are), but this kind of cryin' should really be reserved for moments that deserve it. And, I didn't feel like this was one of them.

"Come on, Maggie. Don't overact. It doesn't suit you."

She looked up at me in horror. "You're crazy …"

"I'm not crazy, Maggie. I love you."

"Love me?" She sobbed. "Love me! You don't know what love is. You don't love me."

I sat down beside her. "Yes. Yes I do …" I grabbed her hand and pulled it over into my lap. "I love you very much. And, I love Evie."

Maggie shook her head. "No, no ya don't. Please stop sayin' that."

"I do. I love ya so much that I've built ya city to live in here. An army to protect ya."

"This wasn't for me … please don't say that." Maggie sniffled and wiped the tears from her face with the back of her sleeve.

"It is … I built all of this for you. I may not of known it at the time, but … I knew I had to create this place. It was like God wanted me to. He wanted me to build this for you. For Evie."

I reached over and caressed Maggie's face; my fingers trailed down the side of her neck to her shoulder and then rested my arm on the cushion behind her. I could see she closed her eyes shut tightly; her face grimaced.

"What do you want from me?"

"What any father wants."

"And, what's that?"

I laughed under my breath. "To be with his child of course." A tear managed to slip from the corner of her tightly closed eyes. "I wanna see my child. Watch her grow. Protect her from all the evil that's out there these days."

"And … that's it?"

"And, I want what any other man wants …"

I brought my hand to the nape of her neck; gently stroking the soft skin. I let my fingers trail underneath the collar of her shirt and then down to the front to the first button on her shirt. I unbuttoned the top button of her shirt and let my finger slide down to her cleavage. Her breasts were so large, completely engorged with milk.

I want her so badly right now. It's been so long since I last had her.

Maggie shivered underneath my touch; I leaned in and kissed the soft skin on her neck and on her jaw line. Maggie reacted to the kiss; shrugging her shoulders to trying to get me to stop.

"What …? Can't I kiss you …?" Maggie didn't respond; she just stared off in front of her. "I just want to feel close to you …"

"Please don't …"

I kissed her neck again and pulled her face to mine. She looked so hopeless; Maggie's look of despair threatened to ruin the mood.

"Don't look so sad, Maggie. I just wanna kiss."

Her eyebrows arched and her eyes widened. Her mouth pursed to the side of her face, as she considered my request.

"I can't … I just can't." Maggie shook her head. "Ya can't expect me to …"

"Maggie … Maggie." I paused. "I can. And, I will." I looked deep into her eyes. "I'm happy that you're home. That everythin' went so well. And, that ya brought me home a healthy baby." I smiled. "I want a kiss. Do it for Evie. Wouldn't want to have to take her from ya."

I knew I was bein' a bit manipulative, but I wasn't below usin' our child to get what I wanted from her. I had leverage now, and I wanted to see just how effective it was. And, I wanted to kiss her. I knew she may not mean it, but perhaps one day she would. A kiss would symbolize the start of our new family. Now of course I wanted to do a lot more than kiss, but bein' that she just gave birth – I knew the rules. No sex … at least for a little while. So, I'd take what I could get.

"Just one kiss." I tried to be as charming as I could.

Maggie shook her head no.

"Come here." I pulled her towards me, so that she was now leaning into my chest; her head on my shoulder. I tipped her head back so that she was facing me; her mouth was just slightly agape. I took my chance. I kissed her. Soft and slowly and to my surprise without much resistance. She didn't kick and scream or try to bite and scratch me. She let me kiss her.

Looks like my Maggie is learning …


Maggie's POV –

Jesus … I think he's trying to kill me.

Not with a gun. Not with a knife. But, he's definitely trying to kill my spirit at least. I won't let him though. Even though every word out of his mouth grates on me; every touch makes my skin crawl; every feigned gesture of love makes me nauseous and every kiss … every kiss … makes me die inside a little more every time.

I won't let him kill me. I have to get back to my family. Back to Glenn. And, I will do whatever it takes to do that. I will do whatever it takes to keep my daughter safe from this monster and to keep Beth safe. I will survive this. I think …

After his disgusting kiss, I literally almost threw up. My stomach turned and I could feel the bile rise in my stomach. It took everything for me to not hit him, punch him or pull away. I knew any kind of a fight would just egg him on to push for more. And, that's the last thing I wanted. So, I just let him kiss me … just so it would be over and done with.

It worked. A kiss is all he wanted. At least for now.

"That was perfect, Maggie." He looked so sincere; I just wanted to slap his ridiculous smile off his face. "That wasn't so hard now was it?"

I rolled my eyes. "Mmm, hmm …"

He stood up so I quickly wiped my mouth, so fast that he didn't see me.

"Now Maggie …" He paused. "I'm gonna have dinner brought up in just a bit. Why don't ya go rest for a bit and I'll come get ya when it gets here."

I nodded and stood up to leave. The Governor reached out and snagged me before I could make my escape to the room. His arms pulled me and he held on to me tightly; his chin rested on the top of my head. He moaned a little and I could hear him inhaling and exhaling slowly; I could feel his hot breath on the top of my head.

I just wanted to scream. To wiggle outta his embrace and run away, but I didn't. I stood perfectly still until he was done. He released me and I walked towards the bedroom without lookin' behind me; lookin' at him. But, I could feel the ominous gaze of his evil fuckin' eye as he was undoubtedly checkin' out my ass as I walked away.

Sick bastard …!


It felt like I'd only been asleep for a minute, when The Governor opened the door to the bedroom. My eyes shot open.

"Dinner's ready, Maggie. Come on out."

I sighed heavily knowing that there was no way I'd get out of our little dinner date that he had planned. We needed to eat, but I swear he used it as another opportunity to talk to me about shit that would upset me or make me uncomfortable. It was like he took real pleasure in knowing that he was gettin' under my skin. I was sure tonight would be no different.

I closed the door behind me quietly as to not wake my daughter; she was still sleepin' like a little angel. She was provin' to me such a sweet little thing; the only reprieve from the insanity of my situation here with The Governor.

"How did you sleep sweetheart?"

I walked over to the table slowly.

"Please don't call me that."

I sat down at the table.

"I'll call ya anythin' I like … sweetheart." His eye shot me a punitive glance.

The must have quite the supplies here, I thought to myself. All this food. The Governor and his men had obviously spent a good bit of time setting up some sort of a farm somewhere here on the property … must've had livestock too. I mean, he'd had a chicken dinner sent up to us and it looked like it was from a damned restaurant. I hadn't seen anythin' like it since before the world ended. We ate on fancy plates, polished silverware and even crystal glasses. I wondered quietly to myself where the hell he got all this stuff. I imagined it was difficult to come by. It's not like you could just go into a department store anymore and pick these things up. And, then I remembered … he probably just lifted them outta some rich person's estate.

"Had the boys bring up some wine too. It's vintage. 1990 Romanée-Conti."

I shrugged my shoulders. "And …?"

"Not impressed?"

"I don't know much about wine. I've never been a drinker, so I wouldn't know."

"Well, my men brought this back from a supply run a while back. I've been savin' it for a special occasion. It's … it was … very expensive."

"Oh …"

"I think this qualifies for a special occasion, don't you?" I shrugged my shoulders. "Well? Don't you?" He paused and angrily awaited my response.

"I suppose."

"Yes, well … I suppose it is too." I reached for the bottle and started to uncork it. "I mean, this is the first night we're spendin' the night together as a family."

The cork popped outta the bottle; the sound made me flinch. It wasn't loud, I was just on edge.

Our first night as a family …

He was so sick. So twisted. I tried to hide my total and complete disgust as he poured my drink.

"There! No let's have a toast."

Oh, god …

I rolled my eyes as he stood up from the table, his glass in hand.

"I'd like to toast … to us." He paused and looked down at me lovingly. "To our beautiful baby, Evie. She's the light of my life and I have only you to thank for it."

He reached down and touched his glass to mine. "Is there anythin' you'd like to add, my dear?"

Is he fuckin' serious?

I shook my head no.

He paused and I thought for sure he was gonna yell or throw some sort of fit; forcin' me to say somethin' about how happy I was that he raped me, that he kidnapped me, that he was holdin' me against my will. But, no. He didn't. Thank god.

"Oh, that's alright. I know how ya feel." He sat down and started to eat and then motioned towards my plate. "Go on. Eat you're dinner before it gets cold."

I took a few bites of the chicken and carrots, then found myself movin' the peas around on my plate like a child might do when they're playin' with their food.

"Everythin' alright?"

"Mmm, hmm …" I looked up at him. "Everythin's fine."

"Ya don't look fine."

I was upset. I was worried. I was thinkin' bout Glenn. I couldn't help it. I missed him so much. We'd never gone this long without seeing each other and every moment that I sat across from The Governor was another moment without my husband. It was really starting to upset me. And, without warning … tears began to fill my eyes. I suppose me havin' just given birth and my hormones all outta whack didn't help much, but there I was … cryin' over my dinner plate.

"Ya gonna tell me what's on your mind?"

I wiped the tears from my cheek.

"Ya don't wanna hear it. Ya don't care."

"Of course, I care Maggie."

"Stop! Just stop! Don't pretend like ya care bout me. I don't like it."

It infuriated me when he did that.

"I do care about you. You're the mother of my child. I'll always care about you."

"There ya go again. Please just stop!"

He set his fists down loudly on the dinner table.

"What is it?" He tossed his silverware on his plate. "Still thinkin' bout Glenn, are you? You're friends?"

I didn't say a word. I didn't want to talk to him about this. I was tryin' to be calm and not upset him, but talkin' bout Glenn and my family, everyone else at the prison, was surely gonna rile me up. I didn't want to get into a fight with him … because I could never win. He had Beth. He had me. He had Evie. He always had the last word.

"No … that's not what I was thinkin' bout."

"Oh, no? Well, then … enlighten me, Maggie. What is it that you were thinkin' bout that brought ya to tears? Hmm …?"

He impatiently awaited my reply.

"It's just … I was just wonderin' …" I paused tryin' to figure out the right words to explain myself without angering him. "I was just wonderin' … what's next? With all this? What's next?"

"Ahem." He cleared his throat. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, you've got me. You have Beth. What are ya plannin' on doin' next? I guess I'm just worryin' … ya know? Bout the future."

I tried to sound as convincingly as possible.

"Well, let's see. The future …?" He grabbed the linen napkin off his lap and wiped his mouth.

"Long term future … I see you, Evie and me. Together here." I desperately tried to keep the horror of that reality off my face. "And … for the immediate future … I've got plans to meet with your Chinese fella. That bastard, Rick. That redneck, Daryl. And, that bitch, Michonne."

My eyes widened with fear; my jaw clenched at hearing him say their names out loud.

"I've got a meeting scheduled for just a couple of days from now. We're supposed to do some sort of exchange." He pointed to me. "You and Beth for the people from Woodbury."

"You'd really trade us for them?"

He laughed. "Ha! No, no, no … never." He bit his bottom lip and his gaze set more intently on me. "I'll never let you go, Maggie."

I literally died inside hearing him say that.

"You're mine now. We have a child and you're where you should be. I'm your family now."

"What …what about everyone … from the prison?" I couldn't say their names for fear I'd be dooming them somehow. "What about them?"

"Well, since ya asked." He let awkward silence fall between us; he knew I was waiting to hear the fate of my friends and family and he was torturin' me on purpose. Finally, he continued. "I'm gonna kill em all."

All of my emotions erupted from me like a volcano and I spewed profanities at him that I didn't even know I knew. I shot up from the table, my chair falling behind me and continued to berate him.

"I won't let him do this you monster…"

"You won't get away with this, I wish you were dead …"

"You'll never keep me here, you disgust me …"

"I'll find a way to get out one way or another …"

"You'll be dead before this is all over … I promise you!"

He sat there silently and motionless as I screamed at him. Finally, he stood up from the table and rushed me; his hand wrapped around my throat. He squeezed tighter and tighter. I couldn't breath. His other hand joined in; my hands instinctively tried to get his hands from my neck, then tried to push him away. I couldn't escape.

He's gonna kill me …this is it.

I was scared, but there was also a part of me that was glad it would be over soon.

"Maggie, Maggie, Maggie … what am I gonna do with you?"

His head to tilt to the side; his narrow eye glared back at me. There was nothin' behind it, no emotion … just black with rage. He said nothin'. He just stared and watched as I struggled against him; gaspin' for air as his grip threaten to crush my trachea and end it all right there.
He released his grip some, so I could breath easier. I coughed and coughed, and then managed to get enough breath back in my lungs to yell at him.

"Just do it already …!"

He smiled. "Now what are ya sayin'? Ya want me to kill you?" He laughed, apparently thinkin' that I preferred to death to being with him. "No, Maggie. I'm not gonna kill you."

"Why not?! You're gonna kill everyone I love, I might as well be dead!"

"You want me to kill you, Maggie?" He growled.

"Yes! Just get it over with! I don't want to listen to you for another second!"

"You want me to kill you." He paused and hissed. "What about your daughter, Maggie? You'd leave her here all alone?"

Jesus …!

I sobbed as I thought about JoAnna. She was so innocent, but I didn't think I could live in a world without Glenn, my family and with … him!

"What about Beth? You'd leave her here?"

And, poor Beth … she'd be here all alone.

"You'd leave her here with me?"

Oh, god … why was he tormenting me like this? Couldn't he just get it over with?

"I could kill you Maggie. I could." He paused as he thought about it. "Ya know … if you were gone. Maybe I'd just take Beth. Make her mine. You are sisters … bet she feels just like you on the inside."

He was the devil …

"Stop! Stop! Enough!"

I fell to my knees. "Stop …! Why are you doin' this?"

I sobbed on the ground; my head in my hands. My neck still throbbing from the crushing grip he'd had on it just moments ago. I cried so hard my whole body shook. I wanted to die. I wanted it to end. But, in my death … I'd leave my baby. I'd leave Beth. And, he'd surely take it out on them, just to spite me. He'd already ruined me, I couldn't let him ruin them too. I felt a renewed conviction to survive this. He wouldn't kill me. I won't let him. No matter what happens. I have to live – for my daughter. For Beth.

I looked up at him as he hovered above me. My eyes red and puffy from cryin'; snot runnin' down my nose. I was a mess.

"I can't listen to anymore of this …"

I could go on, but I couldn't listen to him talk about he was gonna murder the people I loved or how he was gonna hurt Beth if I died.

"Ya just about done?" He calmly replied.

I'd gotten so worked up and cryin' that my breathing hitched and shuddered. I nodded yes.

"Good … cause I'm done listenin' your bullshit, Maggie. I've had enough."

He reached down and grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulled me up off the ground to my feet.

"Ahh …!" I yelped.

He pulled my face close to his.

"I don't wanna hear another word about Glenn, Rick, or anyone else at the prison. The meeting is set. And, they are gonna die. Ya just need to accept that. And, ya need to accept that you're gonna be here … with me!" He spat in my face. "You're mine, Maggie! Mine …" He leaned in and licked the spit off my lips and cheek.

There was nothin' I could do. I couldn't even die without riskin' Beth or JoAnna's life. He had me and there was no getting away … he'd punish me even in death.

"Ya know what …?" A menacing look came across his face. "Come here."

He dragged me over towards the couch by my hair and threw me back; I feel over the armrest and landed clumsily against the seat cushions.

"I'm gonna show ya that you're mine …"

He reached for his belt buckle.

Oh, god … that sound …

Just like last time … it was happening again …

It sent chills down my spine and I felt myself freeze. I couldn't move. The fear was paralyzing.
He unzipped his pants, leavin' them slightly opened. Then, he crawled on top of me. And, it wasn't lust that I saw in his eye, only rage and anger.

"Please … don't do this …"

He pressed himself against me and I felt his hardness against me.

Not again …!

My eyes widened and used my hands to keep some space in between him and me. He pried my arms from my chest and pulled them to the side of me.

"Don't move, Maggie. Don't you dare fuckin' move!"

I couldn't even cry, so much panic had set in. My body just screamed to get out from underneath him. I struggled but every movement felt like it took all my energy; my limbs felt heavy.

"Please … ya can't …!"

I tried to push him away again, and again he pulled my arms to my sides and laid the full weight of his body against mine; crushin' me.

"Don't tell me what I can and cannot do with somethin' that belongs to me." He leaned down and sloppily kissed my neck. "You belong to me now …"

He groaned as he moved his hips into mine.

"Oww … you're hurtin' me …!"

He laughed a little under his breath. "I know …"

"Please don't … I'm all stitched up … down there."

Maybe he would have mercy on me …

"Yeah, I know …" He stopped his onslaught of wet kisses and groping long enough to pull away and actually look at me. He smiled. "I may not be able to have sex with you … but you got two other perfectly good holes … sweetheart."

No, no … he wouldn't make me … would he?

He leaned down and continued to try and kiss me; I moved my face from side to side to avoid his kiss. He grabbed a hold of face and then slid his hand back down to my neck. I could feel his grip tighten again.

"I'm gonna show ya how much I love you …"

He would …! He was gonna do somethin' awful. Worse than last time. Just to prove a point.

He started to laugh; it was maniacal – like a raving lunatic! I'd had enough.

In my head, I screamed. Get off! Get Off! Get off!

Finally the words found their way to my lips. I screamed as loud as I could. "Get off of me!"

Then, like a guardian angel, my little baby cried out; she started to wail.

Thank you, JoAnna.

"The baby!" I paused, my breathin' heavy from tryin' to keep him off of me. "The baby! She's cryin'."

The Governor sighed deeply. "Yes … I can hear her."

He looked annoyed; his head drooped down. He let his forehead come down to rest on mine. Then, he pushed himself up and off of me. He stood above me and buckled and zipped his pants; I could see his hardness strain at the front of his jeans.

Disgusting …

He held his hand out.

"Well …? Come on … our baby needs you."

I grabbed his hand warily and stood up. He put his hands on my shoulders.

"Sorry bout that, Maggie. You … ya just really have a way of pissin' me off."

I didn't respond and just looked back silently.

"I shouldn't have done that." I reached his hand behind my neck and pulled me into him; he kissed my lips hard and abruptly and released me. "Just a lover's quarrel. That's all."

I nodded my head.

"Forgive me?" He looked earnest at first, and then he repeated the question. "Forgive me." This time it was less of a request and more insistent.

I nodded yes. "Mmm, hmm …"

"Go on then. Get Evie."

I quickly turned and headed for the bedroom to go get my little angel; she'd saved me. I'd never forget that. I entered the room and went to the bassinette and looked at JoAnna. She was wailing but I'd never seen anythin' so beautiful in my life. I quickly scooped her up in my arms and could tell she needed a change.

"Everythin' alright?" I heard The Governor call from the living room.

"Yes! She's wet, I'm gonna change her."

I laid her on the changing pad and quickly changed her diaper and buttoned up her onesie. I picked her up and put her against my chest, her head near my shoulder. I could hear her start to make little sucking noises.

She's hungry …

I walked over to the bed, laid JoAnna on the other side propped up against a blanket and sat down. I scooted up against a few of the pillows and got comfortable so I could feed her. I looked over at the doorway and he wasn't there, thankfully, and unbuttoned my shirt and opened my bra. (Yes, I had a nursing bra … one of the many perks of being held captive here). I picked up JoAnna and got her situated and as soon as I pressed her against my breast, she latched on; sucking hungrily.

She must be starving! I laughed to myself.

"What's so funny?"

I sighed and looked up and there was The Governor standin' in the doorway – watchin'.

"Nothin' … she's just hungry is all."

He walked over to the bed.

"I can see that."

He sat down on the other side and scooted in close to me.

"Isn't she just the sweetest little thing?"

He reached over and touched her pudgy cheek as she continued to nurse, while starin' up at me wide-eyed.

"Yes, she is …"

"Take this off." Tugging at my shirt and bra strap. "It'll be easier for you."

"I'm fine."

I looked over at him and could see clearly it wasn't a suggestion.

"Fine …" I handed him JoAnna to hold, while I stripped off my shirt and bra. "Give her here." He didn't hand her over right away, instead taking a moment to leer at me. "Come on, she's hungry."

"Here …" He laughed and handed her back to me and she quickly latched back on to me.

"Doesn't that feel better?"

No, it doesn't …!

But, I couldn't say what I was thinkin'. I had to bite my tongue. I didn't say a word the rest of the time that I fed JoAnna. I didn't say a word as he made a point to touch me and kissed my shoulder. Not even when he cupped my other breast; obviously lookin' to get a reaction from me.

I didn't give him one. I was stoic. I remained calm. I remained focused on JoAnna. No matter how this all ended … she would get me through this. And, I still truly believed deep down in my heart that I would get through this. That I would see Glenn again. That we'd be reunited. Although the odds were stacked against us, I still had a flicker of hope.

I'd hold onto that hope for as long as it took …



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oh my goodness. This is good. You have done an amazing job writing this. I am a little sad, I have reached the end and I like it so much. I need to finish it.... Im worried about what will happen. But I am excited

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