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Maggie's Nightmare

Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Thirty - Part One

Hey Everyone!

It's been too long … way too long, I know.

This chapter was a tough one – very hard to write and I was struggling with what direction I wanted to take all these characters from here on out. There's still quite a few chapters left for this story; however, every step I take/every chapter from here on out will be leading up to that ending. So, I've got two possible endings and I had to kind of figure out how I wanted this story to end.

Let me just tell you that I couldn't, so I will be including an alternate ending for this story.
For those of you that are fans of the story make sure to Subscribe AND Comment on each chapter from here on outI will personally message you with the link where you will find and read the exclusive the alternate ending … it will most likely include at least an extra chapter from each major character (Maggie, Glenn, The Governor, Daryl and Beth). So, probably an extra 5 chapters for all of you really loyal readers who will benefit from my indecision of not knowing how I should end the story ;)

Anyways, that all being said …

This chapter is going to be told from a GUEST POV, someone who we haven't heard from yet – Nick Foster. It's the first time you all will now get a look inside his head, so I hope it will give you some insight to his character.

As always, thank you to everyone who has continued to read and follow this story ... I really do appreciate it.

And, of course, I would like to send a Special Thank you to: Alice_Weekes, AmberStone, and c1ndylou for commenting on the last chapter - you all seriously rock! I love you all!

finally, back to our story …


Nick's POV –

Mike and I had been assigned to one of the guard towers near the main entrance today; both of us were some of the better sharp shooters, so Lt. James thought we'd be of best use guarding the gates as of late, especially, after the hostilities with the prison group.
We'd been up since dawn at our post and I'd spent all morning and afternoon now thinkin' … about Beth and about the shift that was happening here at FortBenning. I'd overheard many conversations as of late about the Governor, about the future here at the Fort, about the people from Woodbury, and also some very interesting conversations … men talkin' about how things seemed to be changin'.

Things weren't adding up, and it wasn't goin' unnoticed by any of the men with half a brain. Like when we'd gone to capture hostages at the prison and then the men found out that one of em was carryin' his child. Well, as you can imagine, it caused a good lot of the men here to re-evaluate our beloved leader. Now, some of the men didn't think nothin' of it at first; they just drank his liquor and smoked his cigars in celebration; however, this caused a whole lot of em to start talkin'.

Lies were being exposed, things were breaking down and there was a bit of dissension amongst some of the men. Whisperin' in the dark. Words like coup, overthrow and new leadership were bein' tossed around.

It looked like there was a high likelihood that things were gonna get ugly, and I for one had seen enough of it. I wanted out. Mike certainly didn't want to have any part of it either.

So, we'd been talkin' about what we were gonna do bein' that we knew the truth – we knew it all.
Bein' that Mike and I had a brief stay at the prison, we knew all too well what The Governor had really done. We knew that the people from Woodbury that were now at the prison were in no way prisoners. Mike and I had discussed it in private and agreed it was somethin' to rally the men around … give em somewhere to direct their anger and aggression. And, it had been a very successful campaign. All the men could talk about was how we were gonna take down the group at the prison, free the people there and start life over here at Fort Benning. This was the treasure at the end of the rainbow for most of these men. We'd been workin' under the orders of The Governor to rebuild and now we were gonna start lettin' in civilians (most likely just the women and children would end up makin' it through the gates), but life was gonna begin again. Or, at least that's what The Governor promised the men.

It was very affective.

Now, we didn't figure outing the Governor and his lies would do anythin' but get us killed; we had to be smarter than that. As of the last couple of nights, we'd been leanin' towards just gettin' the hell outta here before things turned to shit. This whole bullshit meetin' that the Governor had set up with the prison group was a lie, and I suspected it was likely a trap or somethin', bein' that The Governor had labeled it a meeting to the prisoner exchange - the Greene girls for the townsfolk from Woodbury. In reality, it was likely gonna be bloodbath. So, we took this as our cue to get the hell outta here.

But, I wasn't just about to leave Beth here to rot with the Governor and that prick Lt. James. God only knows what he's been doin' to her, just the thought of it made me sick. I'd made peace with the fact that she'd gotten knocked up by that hillbilly, Daryl Dixon. I was angry at first. No, I was pissed the fuck off, but … I just couldn't stay mad at her for long.

I loved her. In my own way, I loved her.

Maybe not in the way I woulda described love before all this shit happened and the dead started to walk and kill the livin', but it was still love. She was a light in a world that had been filled with so much darkness for so long that I wasn't sure if I could keep on livin'. She gave me hope.
Beth had become somewhat of a beacon of light in a life filled with so much blood and death.
I could protect her and give her everythin' she needs, just as she'd given me a reason just to get up in the mornin'. I wouldn't leave her here. I'd have to find a way to get her out.


Now, originally, when Maggie and Beth were brought back to the base, I had planned on leavin' with her right away. But, she'd been shot. She was wounded, in the hospital and then she'd been given away. Since then, I'd spoken to my brother, Mike, about it on several occasions and he'd reminded me to keep a cool head and not do anythin' I'd regret later, which in his mind I had a bad habit of doing. So, I promised him I'd consult him before makin' any big decisions that might affect the both of us.

I've been known to be impetuous and spur of the moment kinda guy. That's what happened the night at the prison, and that's how Beth ended up back here at FortBenning. I had the idea and I went with it.

However, Mike wasn't like me at all in that way; he was definitely was the voice of reason between us Foster brothers. He'd helped resolve the situation back at the prison the night Daryl tried to kill me and then kicked us both out.

I mighta been a little bold with my move regarding Beth back then, but I wouldn't be so sloppy this time. I'd have to have a plan this time.

After being kicked outta the prison, I thought we were done for, but then by some miracle we hooked up with The Governor and his men when they came across us sleepin' on the side of the road in our car. I had been in bad shape after that redneck Daryl almost beat the life outta me. I was a liability to my brother, beaten, barely able to walk with a broken arm. I was gonna slow Mike down on the road, which woulda risked his life. He coulda been killed if he had to provide food and protection for us both until I was well enough to fend for myself. The Governor saved both our lives. Now, don't get me wrong, I still knew what kinda man he was and I always kept that in the back of my head. But, he was a charismatic leader; ya couldn't help but be inspired by him. We accomplished a lot under his leadership.

I owed my life to the Governor, no matter how fucked up he was. But, that didn't help the fact that I still wanted more for this life. And, I'd placed all my hope in Beth. And, now that she was just within my reach, I could literally think of nothin' else but how to get her back. I'd thought about it day and night, and I finally felt I had some sort of a reasonable plan worked out.

However, the only problem was … I would need to get close to Beth, and that was provin' to be a difficult task. With Beth locked away at Lt. James' apartment, there was no way I'd get to her and certainly no way to get her alone.

I need to get her alone. I need to talk to her and get her to understand that the only way she's ever gonna get off this base is with me and Mike.

After hearin' about Maggie givin' birth here, I figured Beth might be a lot more compliant and eager to get off the base. I knew there was no way she'd want to have her baby here. Not with the Governor around. Not with all his plotting and scheming that he was up to these days.

Now was the time; it was perfect. I was sure I could get her to listen to reason … if not for her, then for her baby.

"Enough's enough … I'm gonna talk to Beth today," I mumbled to myself as I left my post and walked over to where Mike had his rifle set up

"Hey Mike? I got some business to attend to. Ya mind keepin' an eye on things 'til I get back?"

"No, course not." Mike and I were stationed as snipers currently at the main gate. "How long ya gonna be?"

"Couple hours. Think ya can cover for me?"

"Ya know I can, Nick." Mike laughed jokingly shoved my shoulder. "But, don't be gettin' into any trouble."

"Ahh, ya know me."

Mike burst into laughter. "Yeah, I do, punk." His tone got just a little more serious as he continued. "So, ya better not do nothin' to get either of us in trouble."

"I won't. Promise." Mike bit the inside of his cheek; he looked uncomfortable. "What's up, man? Why're ya bustin' my balls?"

"Sorry, ya know I got your back, but … well, ya know?"

"Yeah. I know."

And, I did know. He was worried I was gonna fly off the handle. Do somethin' we'd both regret. He was always worried. I suppose I've given him enough reasons to think that way about me. I didn't blame him. It's almost like our roles were reversed and he was the older brother lookin' out for me sometimes.

"Okay, then. Just don't do anythin' stupid, alright?"

"You got it, man. I'll see ya in a few hours."

As I walked down outta the tower and got in my jeep to drive to Lt. James' apartment, I thought about my brother. He was younger than me, but wise beyond his years, that's for sure. He was a good man, always has been. We'd been a lot more like each other before we ever joined the military, before I'd spent several years fightin' wars in Iraqand Afghanistan. But, Mike, he'd been deployed himself; havin' served two tours before the outbreak. And, despite everything he'd seen in the war when he was deployed and everything we'd seen and done after the world ended; he'd kept himself. I couldn't really say the same about myself. I'd changed somewhere along the way. It was hard to say when, but I'd changed.


James' POV –

"It's just …" He spoke this time just to Beth. "Beth do ya mind? I got somethin' to talk to ya bout that I think you'll wanna hear."

"Yeah ….?"

Beth walked up closer and was now standing in between me and Nick.

"I do …" He leaned over and whisper in her ear. Beth's head shot up after receivin' whatever news Nick had brought her.

"James …? I knew Nick from the prison. Ya think I could have a minute with him?"
She asked so sweetly. Plus, if there was anythin' I could do to ease her pain or make her stay here more comfortable then I was all for it. If she wanted to talk to Nick, then I'd let her talk to Nick.

"Sure, why not?" I let Nick inside. "Come on in." We all just stood there in silence awkwardly for a moment, which I took as my cue to leave. "I'm just about to meet with a few of my Sergeants. Mind keepin' an eye on her for a bit Foster? Maybe an hour or two?"

"Of course, Lieutenant."

"Alright, then I'll let the guard go for a break then since you'll be here. Alright with you?"

Nick walked in and stood closely to Beth. They seemed to be friendly enough and apparently

Beth didn't have a problem with him.

"I'll be back in an hour or two."

Nick nodded exuberantly.

"Thanks, Lieutenant! Thank you …!"

"Beth you gonna be alright here?"

She nodded. "Yes, I think so. Thank you, James."

I gave her a quick smile leaving her in the care of Nick, while I set out to find my Sergeants and some of my other most trusted allies here. If I was gonna pull this off, I'd need their help and support.

"If anythin' happens to her … it's your head, Foster – literally!"

"Oh, I know, lieutenant. I know."

"Ya need anythin'; ya know how to reach me Beth. Channel seven on the CB, alright?"

Beth nodded her head yes. She looked pretty excited to see Nick; I was startin' to get real curious as to what he could've possibly whispered to her.

What was goin' on in the pretty little head of hers, anyways?

I supposed that I'd find out when I got home after Nick left; figured she'd tell me all about it … now that her and I were on the same page now. I knew I'd been wrong bout The Governor and I was doin' my best now to try and make things right. For Beth, Maggie, their family and friends and of course … all the men that were countin' on me here at FortBenning. It was time to take action. Cause there was one thing I was sure of, The Governor was delusional. He was a liar and a manipulator. And, now come to find out that he was a rapist.

He lied right to my face about it too.

He raped Maggie; I could see it in his eye. Did he really think I'd believe that bullshit story of his … that Maggie seduced him? He was a sick man. And, what he did to Maggie was somethin' he'd made me overlook on more occasions than I'd like to admit with the men. Givin' me the "boys will be boys" speech countless times, which was also a bunch of bullshit. I just couldn't do it anymore. He was supposed to be our leader. And, I just couldn't look the other way anymore – I wouldn't look the other way. Not for him, not for any of em.

He had to go. I knew it now. There was no other way.

So, I planned a secret meeting with some of the leaders I knew I could trust; Sergeants and other like minded men. I'd speak with them tonight about The Governor, the lies, and some of the options we have from this point on. I'd need support from these men in order to organize the lower ranks. They'd all be crucial for a successful coup and for keepin' the bloodshed to a minimum with the people of the prison and here at Fort Benning.

That was my goal. Get the Governor out and minimize our losses. But, I needed time to get things in order, and it was lookin' like this meeting with the prison group was gonna happen before any changes here.

I had a feelin' that this meeting, this exchange, was just another rouse; more tricks by The Governor. More lies. I just hoped it wasn't gonna cost anyone their life.


Nick's POV –

When I'd decided to come over, I wasn't even sure if Beth would even see me. And, even if she did; I wasn't sure if Lt. James would leave me alone with her even for a few minutes. So, I was pleasantly surprised when Lt. James so easily offered to let me guard Beth; knowin' we had a past of sorts.

All I had to do was tell Beth that I had a plan. "I can get us all outta here. Ask James if we can talk alone, and I'll tell ya my plan to get ya home."

Beth's eyes lit up like the sun, her face bright and full of hope as she asked Lt. James to give us some time to talk.


I immediately knew I'd been right. Beth was ready to get the hell outta here - just like me and Mike.

Wasn't but a couple minutes later and that assbag, Lt. James, was lockin' the door behind him and I had Beth all to myself.

Fuckin' finally!

I exhaled deeply.

I didn't like the guy, not one bit. He'd been a bit of a goody-goody when Mike and I first got here, and my dislike of him deepened into more of a hate when I found out that The Governor had given Beth to him. Like he deserved her or somethin', and God only knows what he's been doin' to my girl; the thought of it made me sick.

"So …?" Beth whispered. "What's the plan?"

I turned to face Beth. I reached and grabbed a hold of her forearms gently.

"Alright. Well, we don't gotta a lot of time, Beth."

Beth looked up at me; she seemed excited and nervous, but her slight smile reassured me that what I was doin' was the right thing.

"James said he won't be back for another hour. So, we got time, Nick." She stepped back a little and I let go of her arms. Beth started to walk towards the couch and sat down; she motioned for me to sit down on the chair across from her. "Now, ya said that you could get us outta here. What did ya mean by that?"

"Exactly what I said. We're gonna have to wait until nighttime; it'll be easier at night. I talked to Mike and we're gonna work somethin' out with some of our boys that guard the west tower most nights. They'll let us pass through no problem."

Beth's eyes widened. I could tell she was excited by the news.

"Really? They'll let ya just drive us on outta here?"

"Well, we're gonna have to hide ya in whatever vehicle we take. But, yeah. They'll let me and Mike out if we say we're goin' huntin' or somethin' like that." I paused. "I can get ya outta here, okay?"

Beth nodded without replyin' at first; she leaned back into the couch and her hands fell to stomach as she contemplated my offer. I watched her for a few moments as she sweetly bit on her bottom lip.

God, she has beautiful lips.

I watched her as she stared passed me towards the front door of the apartment; the door that stood between her and her freedom.

Finally, she looked back at me and smiled. "Okay, Nick."

I smiled like I'd won the lottery; happy and partially in disbelief. "Ya won't regret it, Beth. Me and Mike can get ya outta here and … we can make a better life for ourselves."

"Wait. Ya said ya can get me outta here." Beth's eyebrows scrunched together, she looked confused. "Well, what about Maggie? What about my niece?"

I sighed and clasped my hands in my lap. "Beth, sweetheart. The Governor's got them under lock and key; he ain't ever gonna let em outta his sight. Not for a minute."

"Yeah, I know." She looked irritated. "That's why we all gotta get outta here. We gotta get home. Like ya said, Nick. Home. To the prison."

I stood up from my chair and walked over towards her; Beth inched away from me as I approached.

"Listen, Beth. We can't do nothin' for Maggie and the baby." I sat down beside Beth and reached for her hand and cradled it between mine. "The Governor ain't gonna give em up unless he's dead. You and I both know that."

Beth's eyes started to well up with tears. God, did I hate to see such a beautiful woman cry like she did. After we got outta all this, I'd spend my life makin' it up to her. Makin' sure she never cried again.

"But, I can't just leave Maggie here. He's a monster; ya don't know the things he's done. The things he's doin' to her …" Beth could barely get the last couple of words out before started to sob.

I crooked my head to the side. "Course I do, Beth." I smiled and tried to reassure her and gently traced circles on the top of her hand now with my fingertip. "But, ya gotta think about yourself now." My eyes narrowed and I got serious with her; she needed to understand. "Ya gotta think about your baby, now don't ya? Ya don't want to have your baby here? Don't know what the Governor will do once he finds out."

"Finds out?"

"Sure as shit he doesn't know about you bein' pregnant. Am I right?"
Beth nodded her head yes. "You're right. He doesn't know. No one does, but … I'm startin' to show. It won't be long."

"Do ya have any idea what you're gonna do, if ya stay?"

"No, I don't, but …" She whimpered. "I'm scared, Nick. Please help us. Please."

I tried to reason with her. I tried to be practical. Why couldn't she just see that this was the best option she had? This was the only option, really.

"What's there to think about then? I mean, who's to say what he'll even do once he finds out that you're pregnant with that redneck's kid. What do you think he'll do once ya have the kid, hmm? Ever thought about that, Beth?"

Beth's face went white, pale like she saw ghost. "What d'ya mean? What're ya sayin', Nick?"

"There's a reason there's no other women and children here. Governor's not likely to take kindly to havin' a mouth to feed, especially, when the baby's … well, ya know?"

"What? The baby's what?"

I paused. Beth was devastated. I grabbed a hold of Beth's hand; she looked like she needed comforting. The silence that fell between us seemed like it went on forever. Finally, I continued. "I mean, ya know, Daryl's the reason Merle even brought Maggie and Glenn back to Woodbury. Daryl's the reason Woodbury fell apart. Ya really think he's gonna let that baby of yours live?"

I know it was harsh to say, but it was the truth. And, I loved her too much to sugarcoat this for her. She needed to understand that her life and the life of her baby were most definitely at risk.

"No!" Beth shrieked and her free hand went to her mouth, muffling her sobs. "That's a lie!"
Beth's eyes were filled with tears. "He wouldn't kill a baby! He wouldn't, would he?"

My eyes narrowed and my jaw clenched. "What do you think?"

Why was she bein' difficult? I'm tryin' to help her!

"Seriously, Beth. If ya wanna save yourself, if ya wanna save your child, then I can get ya outta here." I squeezed her hand tightly. "But, just you."

I could feel Beth wiggle her hand free from my grasp. She wiped the tears from her cheeks and leaned over so she could rest her head in her hands. This was a lot to take in, I knew that. I just sat there and comforted her; I rubbed her back and tried to calm her down.

"It's gonna be alright. We just gotta get ya outta here."

Her body shuddered every so often as she tried to contain her sobbing. The sobbing seemed to subside after a few minutes. Then, she abruptly stood up and started to pace through the living room. She wasn't cryin' anymore, but she was upset still. Beth was gnawin' at the skin around her thumb and bitin' on her nails. Finally, she stopped in front of me; her hands went to her sides.

"You're right, Nick." Beth slowly folded her arms across her chest. "If there's a chance to get outta here, I gotta take it. It's just less ammo that the Governor can use against everyone back at the prison. And, for Maggie too. I know he's usin' me against her too." She took a deep breath. "So, ya could get me outta here safely?" I nodded yes. "And, you'll bring me back to the prison?"

I couldn't help the chuckle that escaped me.

"Umm, well … yes and no, Beth."

Beth shrugged her shoulders; she was confused. "What's that supposed to mean? Yes and no?"

"I said I can get ya outta here safely, which I can do." I paused. "But, I ain't takin' ya back to the prison, Beth. In another couple of days, the Governor's gonna raze that place to the ground. It's a fuckin' tomb, I ain't takin' ya there."

"What the hell do ya mean, ya ain't takin' me there." Beth raised her voice. "I thought ya were gonna take me home, Nick. That's home!"

She was crazy if she thought I was gonna risk my life to take her back to that fuckin' redneck. Him along with everyone else at that prison would most likely be dead in a few days and I was gonna get her, Mike and myself as far away from it as I could. I loved her. I would risk my life for her and our future, but takin' her back to the prison would mean riskin' her life. And, I wouldn't do that. Without the promise of a future with Beth, I didn't know what I'd do. I didn't think I could live without her. Not again.

"Beth, I ain't gonna take ya back to the prison. It's too dangerous."

"What the hell do ya mean, Nick. I gotta go back."

"No ya don't. It ain't safe. Plus, Mike and I talked. We were thinkin' about headin' to Canada. We heard there was a safe zone there."

"Canada! Ya gotta be kiddin' me?!"

"Yeah, we figured we'd stop in D.C. on the way. Heard the government set up a safe zone before the whole thing fell."

"Stop, Nick! Stop it! I'm not goin' to Canada with ya. That is not happenin'. I can't leave Daryl and my family."

Beth was really startin' to frustrate me now.

"Damnit, Beth! Why're ya bein' so stubborn?"

I was doing this for her, why couldn't she see that?

"I'm not bein' stubborn. Nick I can't leave em. I can't. And, like ya said. The Governor's got somethin' horrible planned for em. I gotta warn them. Got get back to …"

I interrupted her and stood up to face her. "What? Get back to Daryl?"

"Yes, take me back to Daryl and my family."

"No way! They couldn't protect ya before and they can't protect ya now."

"What the hell does that mean?"

"The Governor took ya right out from under their noses. They didn't even stand a chance. Is that the kind of protection ya want for you and your baby?"

"You took me from the prison, Nick. You took me! Not the Governor!"

"That's besides the point. I was the one that grabbed ya, sure. But, he arranged it all. For you. For Maggie. And, it was easy Beth. Real easy." I paused and rubbed my chin. "Ya can't live like that. In fear all the time. The Governor will never stop. I gotta get ya far away from here."

"No, what I need to do is get back to my family. Back to Daryl."

She'd rather go back to him? The man who couldn't protect her at a fortified prison? The man who let her get kidnapped? The man who couldn't rescue her now?

I snapped at her. "So, you'd risk your life for that stupid fuckin' hillbilly?"

Beth's face was reddened and scrunched in anger; her eyes lit up. She was pissed.

"Why do ya always say shit like that? He's not a fuckin' hillbilly!" She walked closer to me and jabbed me in the shoulder; tears welled up in her eyes again. "And, I love him." She jabbed me again and practically yelled in my face. "And, he's the father of my child!"

She was angry, and now I was gettin' angry. I hated even hearin' his name. Daryl! That fucker is responsible for the hell that that Governor's gonna bring down on the prison group. And, he was the only thing that's ever stood in the way of me bein' with Beth. I fuckin' hated him.

How could she just throw that shit in my face? She knew how I felt about her. How could she?

"Ya don't gotta remind me, Beth!" I paused. I was so angry, I almost felt like I could hit her. I'd never felt like that towards any woman before. "Ya know? I forgave ya for that, Beth. Why the fuck ya gotta bring it up?"

Beth stumbled backwards; her face in disbelief.

"You forgave me! You forgave me! Ha! Who the hell do ya think ya are?"

"I was gonna look past it all. Help ya raise the lil bastard!"

"My baby is not a bastard!"

"Yeah, Beth. It is! It's a fuckin' bastard. Ya got knocked up by some piece of trash and you're havin' his bastard."

I didn't get one more word out when I felt the sting of Beth's hand across my face. I couldn't believe she just did that. She fuckin' slapped me!

"Get the fuck outta her Nick!" She hissed; her chest heaved with every breath that followed.

I couldn't think straight. I was stunned. I couldn't say a word. I felt like my world was crumblin' around me. I'd risked so much for her. She was my future. I could barely hear her, but I know she was screamin' by the look on her face.

"I said, get the fuck outta here!" Her eyes were closed tightly and her fists were balled. At her sides.

I took a step back and just looked down at the floor in front of me. I could feel the heat flush to my face and the hot water that threaten to start flowin' from my eyes. I couldn't hold it back any longer.

She doesn't love me. She never will ...

I lost it.

I felt dizzy and stumbled back a little and caught myself on the wall. I looked up and Beth was comin' towards me.

Why's she screamin'?

"I hate you, Nick Foster! I hate you!"

My eyes darted around the room, but I could barely see through all the tears. I tried to blink them away.

"Can't ya hear me? I said I fuckin' hate you!"

Beth walked up to me; her face scrunched in anguish. She started to pound her fists on my chest. "I tried to be your friend! I stuck up for you when no one else would! I gave ya every chance to not be such a creep! How can ya do this? Seriously? Tell me how can ya be so cruel, Nick?"

I couldn't think with all her yellin'. The only word I could get out was, "What?"

"You're cruel and sick. I thought that after everythin' …" She whimpered. "Maybe you'd changed.
Maybe ya had a heart. But, I was wrong." Beth started to walk away from me. "Just leave, okay. And, don't come back."

I was havin' a hard time breathin'; my hand reached for my chest. It hurt. I was in pain. Physical pain; it felt like my heart had been ripped in two.

"Beth, please."

She turned to face me; her voice softened a bit. "Please, Nick. Just go."

Just go?

Don't come back?

What was goin' on? I had come over here wantin' to help her and now she wanted nothin' to do with me.

Not again!

I wouldn't give her up again.

I started to walk towards her; Beth's arms went up defensively. She looked scared, but for the first time in a long time – I wasn't scared. I wasn't scared of losin' her; scared of losin' hope. I was numb.

"Nick? Nick!"

Beth tried to back away, but I reached her and quickly turned her around and wrapped my forearm around her neck and got her in headlock. I used my other arm to help drag her towards the bedroom. She didn't scream. She couldn't scream. All I could hear were muffled gurgles and gasps as she tried to breath. She couldn't scream; she couldn't talk. And, that was a good thing – cause I was done talkin'.

I slammed the bedroom door open and it hit the wall behind it so hard that it put the door handle through the drywall. And, when I slammed it back shut; lockin' us in the room, the dust from the wall flew out into the air and particles of wall fell onto the carpet. As I drug her to the bed, I noticed how her feet were barely touchin' the ground; she was strainin' to get back on her feet and regain her balance. She lost a shoe in the process.

Wait? What the hell am I doin' in here?

I looked down in my arms and there was Beth; her hands graspin' at my arms as I held her as still as I could next to the bed. Her fingernails tore at my skin. I still couldn't hear nothin' though, just the beatin' of my own heart; it thumped like a drum in my skull. My pulse sending a sonic boom through my head.

Was she tryin' to say somethin' to me?

"Nick …" Beth managed to squeak my name as she continued to writhe in my arms; strugglin' to breath.

Why was I holdin' on so tight? Why …?

"Please …"

There she was again. She was askin' for me to do somethin', but I didn't know what. Her blonde hair thrashed back and forth as she tried to break free of me, and for the life of me I couldn't figure out how the hell I'd even gotten into the bedroom.

Then, pain. Pain in my shin. Beth had slammed the back of her heel into my shin and then threw her head back into my face. More pain. And, wetness on my mouth. It tasted like iron. It was blood that was now flowin' freely from my nose.

"You broke my nose." I calmly stated as I threw her onto the bed. I reached up and touched my nose and mouth and looked down at my fingers that were now covered in blood. My eyes felt heavy and dead; my mouth fell open. "You broke my nose …"

Beth cowered on the bed; she'd tried to roll off the other side and I screamed.

"Don't you fuckin' move, Beth! Don't you fuckin' move!"

Beth scurried to the side as I approached and crawled up onto the bed; her eyes widened with every movement I made. I reached for her legs to pull her close to me and she started to kick, but I had too tight of a hold on her.

You're not goin' anywhere. Not this time …



So, dun, dun, dun … Nick is an official creeper and he's gone mad!

QUESTIONS for my readers:

1. Nick was her alone, in a bedroom Will he or won't he? What is going to happen to Beth now that she's locked in a bedroom with Nick and he's lost his damned mind?

Do you think Nick is insane like The Governor or is he a product of the horrors of war and the apocalypse? Can he be redeemed? Or, do y'all just want him dead?

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Here's a Teaser Chapter Thirty-Part Two:
Nick has lost his mind and has Beth trapped – you'll find out what happens and if Beth is fated to have a "nightmare" of her own. And, Teaser for Chapter Thirty-Two: The Meeting finally takes place between the Governor and his men and the group at the prison.

Thanks for staying with the story … talk to y'all soon!



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oh my goodness. This is good. You have done an amazing job writing this. I am a little sad, I have reached the end and I like it so much. I need to finish it.... Im worried about what will happen. But I am excited

RedneckDaryl16 RedneckDaryl16

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