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Maggie's Nightmare

Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Seven

Hey Everyone!!

I want to thank everyone who has been reading this story and subscribing ... I really appreciate it! And, I would like to send a Special Thank You to The Undead for commenting ... as always, comments and reviews make me smile :-D

I've got some more back story as to how Glenn & Maggie were doing while her pregnancy with The Governor's child progressed.

Doing a bit of time jumping in between present day and the past, eventually everything will be all caught up in we will be in real time within a few chapters, so stay with me here ;)

Chapters 8 and 9 have some twists and additional elements to the plot, but before I can get to those, let's get to Chapter 7 first ...


Maggie's POV – 6 months pregnant

Even though life had settled down a bit here at the prison, there was still something eating away at me. Well, actually, it was growing inside of me. This baby. This secret. I'd reached my breaking point.

I had a terrible night last night; I was awake all night. I had my 6 month "check up" with my father in our newly renovated Cell Block B – a small infirmary of sorts.

The room itself had previously been a common area for the inmates. It was now our non-emergency medical center here at the prison, in addition to a storage area for weapon and non-perishable supplies and sundries. All major injuries and surgeries; including my delivery, would take place in Cell Block A - death row. The same place we'd quarantined everyone during a viral outbreak we'd had several months ago. I hated thinking about that time; I almost lost Beth. In any case, here I was in Cell Block B; it had a large open room with tall ceilings and lots of tables in the center of the room. There was a broken old TV that had been in there when we first got there. I imagined that the inmates probably gathered here to watch their favorite shows, socialize and play cards to pass the time they had been sentenced to. Probably all daydreamed of the outside world, what they were going to do or eat when they got out. Now, that outside world was a nightmare and this room we would daydream of how we were going to live inside the safety of these walls.


Dad had asked that both Carol and Beth sit in on the exam today, so that they could learn how to properly examine me to check on the progress of the pregnancy, and would be following up with the basics of delivery and c-section in the weeks to come - just in case. He wanted them both prepared, and didn't want to risk a repeat of what happened with Lori.

When I walked into the room, I noticed everyone was already there. Late again, I wandered on over to my exam table and sat down. Beth sat at the table next to mine, while Carol sat a few tables back going over some books on midwifery that my father had given her to start reading up on.

I scooted up on the tale, and sat facing my father. He felt my neck, listened to my heartbeat and began to ask me a few questions. I casually mentioned my problem; the fact that I hadn't been sleeping well. I could hear Beth quickly jotting down notes.

"Sweetheart. There's not too much I can do to help you out there." He patted my belly. "I know you're uncomfortable, but it's just a few more months. Try sleepin' on your side, an propping yourself up with some pillows." He smiled, not inquiring further.

"But, I don't think it's my belly or my back. I think I've just got a lot on my mind." I continued.

I guess I was hoping that my father would just know that there was something else going on. I didn't want to talk about things; about what happened, but I needed to. I just didn't know how to bring it up. I had been hoping that he had some intuition and would pry further, but he didn't. He did, however, ask if I had any other complaints or concerns and how I was feeling otherwise.

"I'm just tired, Dad. Other than that, I guess I'm fine," I mumbled. He wasn't going to make this easy.

Carol had a few thoughts on the matter. "It could just your hormones, honey. I remember there were times I felt I could sleep all day and others when I'd be up all night."

"Yeah, I guess it could be the hormones. I've never been pregnant before, so I really don't have anything to compare it to." I smiled softly and rubbed my belly.

But, the reality of the situation was far darker than that. Yes, I was pregnant and I was hormonal, but it wasn't for any of those reasons that I couldn't sleep. It all started after I got back from Woodbury; hadn't had a good nights rest since. But, I hadn't had the nerve yet to tell my dad, my sister or anyone else about any of that. As far as everyone knew, Glenn and I were just nervous and excited new parents-to-be.

Glenn and I had agreed to not tell anyone unless I wanted to. And, so far, I hadn't actually wanted to tell anyone. But, obviously my subconscious seemed to be trying to tell me something, and I just hadn't been willing to listen. So, my nights remained sleepless. And, poor Glenn. Every night I'd wake him, with my tossing and turning. And, if I did fall asleep, I would wake up abruptly due to my cruel and vivid dreams. He always tried to comfort me, but it was just another reminder of our situation.

Lost in my thoughts, I finally heard my father's second request to lay down on the tale.

"Go ahead and lie down, Maggie." He slapped his palm down on the makeshift hospital bed.
I laid back and looked around the room.

Carol and Beth sat watching intently from the tables across from my mine. They watched every move my father made; Beth continued with her notes like she was back in school. She would have made a great doctor or nurse, I thought. She had always been so gentle and had caring – perfect bedside manners.


I went ahead and laid down on the table. I looked up at my father, as he started his exam and then let my eyes trail up to the ceiling the way most of us do when we're getting a pelvic exam. Except, typically, this exam is done in a hospital or doctor's office; not a prison.

But, the world had changed and this would be my doctor's office, my exam room and my delivery room. I would have never guessed I'd give birth to my first child on a metal picnic style table in the middle of a prison dormitory during a zombie apocalypse.

Since the table was metal, my father had Glenn bring in one of the mattresses off of one of the cots from one of the many abandoned prison cells – to make things a little more comfortable. However, as I lay there, I felt a slight chill, since I was exposed from the waist down.

My father made the exam quick, which I was thankful for. I knew he was a doctor and he is family, but it was still a little weird.

As my father finished up that portion of the exam he handed me panties, which I quickly slipped back on and laid back down on the mattress. As he began to feel around my abdomen, I looked around at the dingy walls, and watch the dust that seemed to catch the light as it streamed in through one of the small skylights in the room. I watched as it danced across the ceiling of the room and fell to the ground.

I was exhausted these days, so I just closed my eyes and tried to relax. That was until I felt a sharp pain.

"Oww … that hurts a bit right there!" I yelped to my father. He was pressing down hard on my stomach; feeling for the position of the baby.

"Sorry about that. That's fairly normal, Maggie. Sometimes the stomach is just tender, due to all of that stretching. Especially, at this stage, your belly is growing really fast."

I looked a bit worriedly at him and then down at my belly.

"No need to worry, darling,' it's totally normal. Okay?"

I nodded, and he continued his exam.

"I just want to feel around a bit more and see if I can find the head …"

He continued to press his fingers into my stomach, pressing in and moving on to the next spot.

"Well, I can feel the head which is still way up here, Maggie," he pointed to the top of my belly. From the looks and feel of your belly, I would say you are definitely going to have a big baby."

"How big?" I asked worriedly.

"Well, pretty big, Maggie. I know you're about 6 months along sweetheart, but from the looks of your belly, I'd say you were going to have a big … healthy baby," he laughed a bit, until he saw the continued worry in my eyes.

"Nothin' to worry bout though. Everything looks completely normal." He smiled at me, and then pulled my top back down over my stomach.

"Thanks, Dad." I gave him and hug and kissed him on the cheek.

What he didn't know was that there was nothing normal about this entire pregnancy.

"Well, your welcome. Just glad to see that my grandchild is growing well and looks to be healthy." I smiled back.

I sat back up on the table. "Yeah, it does kinda feel like I might pop any day now!"

"Well, that ain't nothin' yet!" Carol chimed in. She'd been looking on, watching my father examine me.

"I remember how big I got with Sophia … just you wait and see…"

"Thanks a lot, Carol!"

We all couldn't help but laugh. I couldn't imagine my belly getting any bigger, but I knew it would. A lot bigger!

Then, I remember how different Lori's pregnancy had been … and how she never did seem to get that big. Even in the end she looked to be about as big as I am now. However, we had been on the road for almost her entire pregnancy. Not sure if that affected anything, but we really weren't eating very regularly back in those days. With prison being so secure, life had returned to some normalcy. I'd been eating well enough, so I guess it's no wonder why I'd gotten so big.

"So, Carol. Beth. You saw how I gave that exam. Maggie will need to have this done about once a month from here on out. It's very simple; just stick to the notes I gave you both here."

Dad handed Beth and Carol two sheets of paper that had instructions and some quick diagrams for them to follow, just in case anything happened to him. It made me sad to think of anything happening to my father. But, after what happened with Lori; he wanted to be cautious and make sure both Beth and Carol had some training in the exams, delivery and possibly even in case of an emergency c-section. I appreciated that he was taking the time to make sure everyone was prepared in the event of an emergency.

"Tomorrow, we will start to cover the basics of delivery. Now, Carol, I know you're pretty much up to speed here, so this is mostly just for Beth. But, if you don't mind, I'd like you listen in anyways."

"Sure, Hershel. No problem." Carol answered and smiled softly. Carol had thought it was very sweet of Hershel to take such precautions with his daughter.

"So, Maggie. When exactly do you think you will due?" Beth walked over to the table where I sat.

Then, she looked to our dad. "Dad, do you know?"

"Well, I'd say she was about 6 months along now, so that would mean she is going to be due end of June or beginning of July. Just depends on if the baby arrives early, on-time or if this little baby takes his or her time and shows up late." Hershel laughed.

"The kid's probably gonna want to stay in there as long as possible, don't you think? With Walkers running around, I'd want to stay in there nice and safe for as long as possible!" Beth joked with me and rubbed my belly.

We all got a bit of a laugh out it. And, then my father announced that his lessons were not over for the day and that he needed a few things for the second part of the lesson.

"Be back in a few, Maggie. Just gonna got to pick up some medical supplies I need for my next part of our little lesson here." He smiled at me and winked.

"Beth, sweetheart … can you help your old dad carry the supplies back?"

Beth nodded and she and my father walked back over to Cell Block C to gather some additional supplies that Glenn and Daryl had picked up on a supply run early that week.

I got up from my "exam" table and brushed myself off and walked over and sat down next to Carol, who seemed like she was daydreaming or something. She was just staring out across the rows of tables. She looked … well … amused.

"What's up with you?" I asked.

Carol's gaze rested back to my belly and then up to meet my eyes. She sighed a bit, and looked away, "Ohh, it's nothin' … jus' thinkin' that's all."

Then, she got a bit of a mischievous smile on her face. She looked up at me, rolled her eyes and then looked away. Her eyes had gleamed as if she had caught onto something maybe she shouldn't have. So, I questioned her further.

"Now what's that look for?"

"Like I said, nothin' really …jus' thinkin' how you and Glenn managed all that love making, you know?"

"Whatcha mean by that?" I smiled and snorted as I laughed.

Of all people, Carol was wondering about how or when Glenn and I had the time to have sex. Guess it was a valid question.

Carol continued, "I mean … I knew you two were together. But, with you bein' six months along, that means you got pregnant during the whole war with The Governor at Woodbury."

Carol snickered a little. "Who'd of thought you two would be goin' at it with all that stuff goin' down."

Carol continued to talk about how funny she thought that it was that we still managed time to have sex with everything that was going on at that time. She reached down and slapped my knee and threw her other hand over her mouth as she continued to giggle about our sex life at the prison.

She wasn't wrong in doing so, but in my head, I just started to think … about Woodbury, the Governor … and his baby. This secret that I had been carrying inside.

Before I knew it, the tears just found there way to my eyes; they welled up and over flowed down my cheeks. Carol must have noticed that my smiles and laughter had turned into heavy tears.

"Oh, I'm sorry Maggie. I'm not making fun of ya or anythin' … I think its sweet you two were able to keep your relationship with one another so strong through all that. I was jus' teasin' a bit."

She reached over, wrapped an arm around my shoulders and hugged me.

"Didn't mean to upset you, Maggie. I'm sorry."

Carol frowned a little and in realizing that she had inadvertently hurt my feelings she lowered her arm from around my shoulders to my back; gently consoling me by rubbing my back.

Beth and my father walked over to me.

"Everything okay, sweetheart?"

My father put his hand on my shoulder and gave it a quick squeeze and then sat down beside me. Beth sat at the table in front of me. They both looked concerned.

"Everything's fine … it's just …"

"It's just what … what's going on with you? Your hormones goin' crazy on you, or somethin?'" Beth asked sweetly.

I just couldn't hold it in anymore. I had to let this secret out; the weight of it was crushing me and I had to get this off chest.

So, through a constant stream of tears, I told my father, Beth and Carol what really happened at Woodbury. They looked on in shock and sadness as I told them about The Governor, the rape, the baby - everything.

When I was finished, all three wrapped their arms around me and held me. My father was the last to let go of me. He kissed the top of my head, like when I was a little girl.

"Sweetheart, I'm so sorry this happened to you. I wish I could take the pain away, I really wish there was something I could do for you. He paused. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

Although my eyes were swollen from the crying and my cheeks damp with tears, I smiled. I knew everything was going to be okay. I still had my family, and I still had Glenn. And, for that, I was still very grateful.



Thank you, thank you, thank you all ... for reading and following along with this story. It's been amazing to see how many people have read the story so far, and I definitely appreciate all of the comments, reviews and feedback that I've gotten.

Just so you know, I'm going to be adding in some new twists to the plot and some new relationship elements to the upcoming chapters. So, definitely check back when Chapter 8 gets posted and see what I've got in store for our favorite TWD characters :-D

And, as always, you know I love to hear from you all ... the feedback really does inspire me to write. So, if you like it, love it, hate it ... I'd love to hear from you all ...

So, make sure to leave a comment or review on your way out and I will be in touch soon with Chapter 8!



oh my goodness. This is good. You have done an amazing job writing this. I am a little sad, I have reached the end and I like it so much. I need to finish it.... Im worried about what will happen. But I am excited

RedneckDaryl16 RedneckDaryl16

oh my goodness. This is good. You have done an amazing job writing this. I am a little sad, I have reached the end and I like it so much. I need to finish it.... Im worried about what will happen. But I am excited

RedneckDaryl16 RedneckDaryl16

This story is really good!!! I read My Guardian and I could not stop. I love Bethyl and Maggie and Glenn. I really hope you add to both stories...... I really cannot stop reading them.

Bethyl333 Bethyl333

This story is amazing! I love the way you're having The Governor be more like he was in the comics... poor Maggie! I also like that while this is mainly about Maggie and The Governor, you've put some Bethyl in there. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Anonymous101 Anonymous101

@The Viking

haha thanks:')

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