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Maggie's Nightmare

Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Eight

As I mentioned before, I am jumping around in time which will all lead to us to the showdown the Gov'na. But, I still had a lot more back story for this one, so the next couple of chapters will most likely be from the guys POV ... Glenn, Daryl and The Governor.

As always, thanks to everyone who is reading the story and are following along ... I really appreciate it :)

And, a Special Thank you to The Undead and dixiewolf for commenting on this last chapter. You made me smile today, so thank you, thank you, thank you!

Like I said above, I was inspired to do a little more back story ... and, I am adding in some new elements and a new relationship twist to the story, so please review and let me know what you think about the new development. Like it, love it, or hate it ... I'd like to know what your thoughts are ;)

Now on to our story ...

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooo

Glenn's POV – about 6 months after Woodbury, leaving the prison on a supply run

"I love you, Glenn," Maggie wrapped her arms around my neck and nuzzled her head into my shoulder.

"I love you, Maggie." She looked up at me and smiled.

"Daryl, promise me you'll look after him?"

Daryl nodded and gave Maggie a quick smile. "Will do, Maggie. Just promise me you'll take it easy just this once?"

"What do you mean, Daryl?"

"Ya know what I mean, Maggie. You're six months pregnant. You shouldn't be on yer feet so much."

"What are you my doctor now?" Maggie snickered and crinkled her nose. I loved it when she did that, she looked so cute.

"Nah, I'm no doctor. But, any fool knows a pregnant lady should be takin' it easy, right?"

"Alright, Daryl. Geez, you're startin' to sound like my daddy."

"Well, he's a smart man. You should listen to him."

I did agree with Maggie; Daryl did sound an awful lot like Hershel. He had never been so insistent before with Maggie. It didn't matter to me though, Maggie needed to hear it. She needed to take it easy.

I sighed. "Man, I've been telling her that since the day we found out she was pregnant. She's impossible this one." I smiled and wrapped my arms around her again. I could feel the bump between us, which had gotten bigger especially this last month.

I moved my head to the side of hers and whispered in her ear, "Can you at least try to take it easy. I won't worry as much when I'm gone, which would be nice to not be preoccupied while I'm out."

She pursed her lips.

"That's no fair. You know I worry about you …

… Alright, I'll promise to take it easy … as long as you promise to come back to me in one piece."


"And …"

"And?" I asked.

"And, I want you back in no more than three days."


"How about four?"

"Okay, deal. Four days it is."

I kissed her again and then finished packing up my truck. Maggie always made sure Daryl and I went prepared - food, water and weapons to last us on the road for one week. Three days out and three days in, and one extra day of supplies for the "just in case" factor. You never know what you are going to encounter on the road.

She watched on as I finished packing, wanting to spend every last minute with me until I left. And, I felt the same way. Just having her near me made me feel better. And, that's why it got harder and harder to leave – for the both us. Well, Maggie really didn't want me to leave the prison these days, especially with the baby on the way. But, she knew it was for the good of the group and always came around. Plus, she knew Daryl and I have always been able to take care of ourselves and had each others backs. Didn't help the feeling that either of us got when the day arrived for me to actually leave the relative safety of the prison walls.

Maggie walked over and sat in the passenger seat of the truck while I loaded.

"Glenn, I really don't like this. I really hate it that it always has to be you and Daryl that leaves. I understand why, but …"

"I know, Maggie. But, it's just gonna be four days tops. I'll be back before you know it." I tried to comfort her.

"It is not going to fly by; it's going to feel like forever. I swear, time slows down when you're gone and out on the road."

"It's different for me out there. Time flies. We never feel like we have enough time to get the supplies we need, especially, now that we have to push farther and farther out."

"Well, although it might fly by for you; it doesn't for me. So, you better get your ass back here as soon as you can."

"I always do, Maggie."

I finished packing the truck, when I heard Beth yell down to us from the prison door to the yard. She ran through the yard, and out the first gate; almost tripping over herself.

"Daryl! Wait!"

She ran over to Daryl and handed him something. I couldn't see what it was, since he shoved it into his bag so quickly, but it looked like a note. He smiled at her and then they seemed to be deep in conversation. She leaned over to him and gave him a hug, a long kiss goodbye. I could tell she was crying and Daryl hugged her close. It's funny, I (along with everyone else) had always thought Daryl and Carol had a little something going on between them, but turns out all that teasing was for nothing – they really were just friends. Daryl only had eyes for Beth. It was a surprise to us all.

Then, Maggie cupped my face in her hands and kissed me one last time.

"Love you. See you soon, okay?"

She hopped out the cab of the truck and walked over to stand next to her sister. They both stood there and waved and watched as me and Daryl drove our trucks out the prison gates. I could see them standing there in my rear-view mirror; just watching as their men left them once again.


Daryl and I had been out on the road for three days. We stopped off at several small towns along the way picking up any necessities that we could find. Non-perishable food, clothes, survival gear, any weapons and ammo we could get our hands on, and any baby formula and supplies we could find. Maggie wasn't the only pregnant woman at the prison; we had another lady due any day now. Plus, we had several toddlers and children that needed items as well. Many of whom were left orphans from The Governor's rampage after his attack on the prison. So, along with the rest of the survivors, we had taken them all in.

However, the burden of supplies was tremendous – more than we ever could have imagined. Daryl and I left every other week for supply runs, leaving for four to five days at a time. Of course, this left Maggie in a sour mood every time. She hated to see me go, and I hated to leave her. But, like it or not, Daryl and I were the go to supply run guys. We were quiet, fast and could think on our feet if we came across other groups or had any run-ins with walkers. Hell, we'd even survived being stalked by a herd of walkers just outside of Carrollton, GA. We got caught out in the woods with no other options and a herd closing in on us. Rather than head up into the trees and possibly get stuck for days or longer, Daryl and I killed a few walkers, covered ourselves head to toe in walker blood and guts, and laid underneath the remains of their bodies. The herd must have been a big, took all night for it to pass by us. We could hear their moans throughout the night, as they walked by, walked over and occasionally walked right on top of us.
The herd eventually passed by with no problems, but Maggie was sure upset when she saw us return all covered in blood. Her face turned white when she saw me and I felt horrible cause I knew she thought I was covered in my own blood; wounded or worse. She ran over to me and when she got closer, she finally realized it was just walker blood and guts. However, she was so relieved that I was okay that she still wrapped her arms around me and kissed me - walker goo and all.

The next time we had an incident, I made Daryl promise to not disclose to Maggie or Beth what had happened. Just two months ago, we were gone for over a week after being trapped in a Wal-Mart in LaGrange, Georgia. The store stunk to high hell with all the walkers we killed inside. But, we couldn't get out; the herd outside had blocked all of our exits. Finally, we heard some cars and trucks drive by, honking at the herd and led them away. We figured another group was leading the herd away, so they could get inside themselves. So, once we spotted the herd leaving, Daryl and I slipped out the back door with four duffel bags of supplies and sped off - leaving the Wal-mart to whomever had led that herd away. When we got back to the prison, we just told the girls that we needed to go out further and that's what took us so long. Both the sisters gave Daryl and I the same questioning glare, but their relief to see us seemed to quiet any questions they had.

This run had been fairly quiet so far; nothing real serious. There were walkers of course in every town, and in several of the stores, pharmacies and shops we plundered. But, that was typically. However, the run had pushed us farther out than we had originally planned. We needed to go farther out, and extend our search to new towns and cities in hopes of finding ones that hadn't already been depleted by us or by other survivors. And, for the most part, our new venture was proving to be a successful one. We had gotten all of the supplies on the lists Rick and Hershel had given us, so Daryl and I decided that we should head out into the woods for a quick hunting trip. We always tried to bring back some deer or other meat to the group whenever we came home. We couldn't survive on canned goods and vegetables, so we picked a quiet spot and parked off the main road.

We parked our trucks, and made sure they weren't visible from the road. Daryl had his cross bow and bolts. I had two handguns and a shot gun. Daryl had always preferred to go out hunting on his own; however, since the group from Woodbury got to the prison and we started making regular supply runs together, we really started to be able to hunt in sync. Well ... really it was Daryl doing most of the hunting and I was just really quiet – more of a lookout man. Another pair of eyes looking for game, checking for walkers and keeping an eye out for other people.

"We're gonna head north up here; just about a quarter mile. Then, walk east from there. Should come across somethin'... a deer or maybe some rabbit."

Daryl motioned for me to follow him, and we quickly walked into the brush and deep into the woods. I always managed to follow Daryl's footsteps, always light on my feet as to not scare away any potential meals. We had walked for about two hours, and hadn't caught a damn thing. I mentioned to Daryl that maybe we should just head on back to the trucks and make our way back to the prison. He quickly shot me down, reminding me of Maggie.

"You got a wife in a delicate condition and she needs meat. Damn, don't you want a healthy baby?" Daryl said sharply under his breath.

That was very unlike Daryl, he'd always been real patient with me; hell with everyone.

"What the hell do you mean?" I paused. "Jesus, Daryl ... Of course I want a healthy baby! I was just saying maybe we should head back, and we can finish up the hunting after we return with the supplies. That's all."

I felt really offended that he would even suggest that. I didn't know what his problem was, but he had been a little on edge this run. Been acting really odd. Couldn't stop going on and on about Maggie and how I should put my foot down with her and make her take is easy. Finally, I had to tell him to knock it off. Told him I'd tried everything I could, and that she was a stubborn woman and there was no making her do anything she didn't want to. I know he was coming from a good place, but the constant critique was really not like him.

"What's up with you, man? You've been kind of a dick the last couple of days. I wasn't going to say anything, but …"

Daryl stopped walking and looked down at the ground. "Sorry, man. Jus been stressed is all. Lots on my mind."

"Yeah? Anything you want to talk about?" I was curious. I mean, we were all stressed weren't we? End of the world, dead people walking around, and the constant fear of the living attacking our home or not having enough to feed our growing group. Really, what else could he be stressed about that everyone else wasn't already worrying about themselves?

Daryl paused for a moment. "Ah, hell. It's nothing.' Jus got a lot on my mind. Let's head back towards the road, and we'll follow the tree line along the road to head back to the trucks. Alright?"

I nodded, "Alright. sounds good. Just want you to know you can talk to me. I mean, we're friends, right? Basically, family, right?"

I smiled and joked with him a bit. But, he was obviously not in a joking mood. I watched as Daryl passed by me, obviously struggling with something – he was in his own head, deep in thought. I didn't like to see him so unnerved. He was a core member of this group and a friend. But, not only that, the four of us – me, Maggie, Daryl and Beth had grown even closer these last three months.

It was just three months ago that Maggie discovered a little secret her sister had been hiding … quite on accident, really. She'd asked me to meet her in one of the still abandoned and secured portions of the prison; guess she wanted a little alone time. But, to her surprise … she busted Beth with her top off, making out with none other than Daryl Dixon! She was quite taken back at first, obviously, since she had no idea they were involved or even interested in one another. Daryl and Beth had asked her to keep their relationship a secret, which she did … at least from everyone else but me of course.

And, actually, they didn't keep it a secret from the rest of the group for much more than a week after that. Secrets don't stay hidden for very long in close quarters like the prison. Within the week, everyone at the prison knew - Rick, Hershel, Daryl, and the rest of us; even the newest members of our group from Woodbury knew. And, everyone was really happy for them both; including Hershel. Daryl was surprised that no one had anything to say about him and Beth, but how could we? Daryl was a great guy and Beth was a sweetheart. If they were happy together, then we were all happy for them.



Ok ... so, surprise!

Daryl and Beth are a couple for now. It's going to make a lot more sense in the long run with the story that's coming up. But, definitely let me know if you like it or if you don't ... I'd love to get your feedback.

Make sure to leave a comment or review on your way out ... the more comments, votes, and subscribers ... the faster I get those next chapters up :)


oh my goodness. This is good. You have done an amazing job writing this. I am a little sad, I have reached the end and I like it so much. I need to finish it.... Im worried about what will happen. But I am excited

RedneckDaryl16 RedneckDaryl16

oh my goodness. This is good. You have done an amazing job writing this. I am a little sad, I have reached the end and I like it so much. I need to finish it.... Im worried about what will happen. But I am excited

RedneckDaryl16 RedneckDaryl16

This story is really good!!! I read My Guardian and I could not stop. I love Bethyl and Maggie and Glenn. I really hope you add to both stories...... I really cannot stop reading them.

Bethyl333 Bethyl333

This story is amazing! I love the way you're having The Governor be more like he was in the comics... poor Maggie! I also like that while this is mainly about Maggie and The Governor, you've put some Bethyl in there. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Anonymous101 Anonymous101

@The Viking

haha thanks:')

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