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Till' the End

Chapter 6

It had felt like hours since, the boys have left. I was feeling worried, I caught myself catching on to an old habit. Biting my fingernails. Gahhh. I removed my hand away from my mouth. I was thinking.. If they found Merle, he would probably attack T-Dog and Rick. What if they didn't find him? What if someone got lost on the way? What if someone died? What if Daryl died? I was being tapped on the shoulder. I looked behind me and saw little Carl and Sophia both of them with big hopeful eyes, they wanted something. I smirked.

"What's up guys?" I asked. I loved kids. Honestly, I got along with kids more than I did adults, sometimes. Unless you were the kid on the airplane kicking the back of my seat.

"Me and Sophia wanna go on an adventure!" Carl explained with determination just like his father had, even though I hadn't known Rick that long, I could see Carl growing up just like him. I smirked and ran a hand thru my tangled hair. I really need to brush this mess.

"Well-" I looked in those pleading eyes. I sighed. "What do you have in mind?" I asked and rolled my eyes. Dang, kids. Part of me wanted to say no. But, when I saw his eyes I knew he needed this. Same with Soph.

"Well, I have a football... but Sophia doesn't know how to play." Carl said looking disapointed. I looked at Carl to Sophia. She looked like she wanted to play but, she couldn't. To be honest, I didn't know anything about football except for my high school boyfriends were football players, and I got asked to be a cheerleader..

"Soph.... You want to learn how to play?" I asked. She looked to Carl then back to me and nodded. She wanted to prove herself, just as much as I did.. I smiled at how much she was like me when I was younger.

"Well, let's get going. Let me ask your mothers first, okay? Get ready for a game, Carl. You too Sophia." I winked at them and they both smiled. I walked over to where the woman were doing laundry where Carol and Lori were. Carol looked up and smiled.

"The kids... uh- want to play a game.. And, I was wondering if I could take them right over there to play a few games." I smiled and pointed to the little patch of grass near the RV. Lori looked at Carol and nodded.

"I think that'd be a good idea. You think you'll be ok watching them?" Lori asked with a raised eyebrow. I nodded and gave a small smile, she returned the favor and gave the signature Lori smile. Carol just nodded and looked down at her laundry.

"I think that would be good for Sophia." Carol said shy-like and nodded. I smiled and nodded, in a way of saying Thanks and trotted off to the little monsters.

"So what did they say?" Carl asked, hoping it was a yes. Sophia looked just as hopeful as Carl did.

"Sorry, guys but they said-" They both looked sad at each other. "YES! They said yes!" I said cheerfully. "C'mon let's go now." I smirked. They cheered and Carl grabbed his football and we headed off as I smiled when I saw Sophia tackle Carl to the ground. It reminded me of Daryl and me when we were kids.


I tackled them both to the ground tickling them. They were laughing, begging for me to stop. I laughed with them and caught my breath, while they did the same.

"Thanks Izzy!" they both shouted at the same time, and ran to their mothers. I smirked. Sophia and I both caught on fast. I heard yelling.. Not just any yelling. Shane's yelling...

"Ya' need to just relax. Ya' are getting dehydrated, Jim." Shane shouted, as I saw Jim was digging holes. What the hell? I thought to myself. I went over there, and listened. I was to out of breath to give my imput and quite frankly, I didn't think Shane would listen anyway. Everything was a blur, before you know it Jim was chained to a tree while Jacqui gave him some water. He was acting crazy, but Shane was too..

"Alright then-" Shane turned around and almost bumped into me. His eyes looked into mine, trying to figure out my life story and it burned into me. "Sorry." he said and looked down then walked off. What was that about? I thought.. I was really hoping Daryl and them would come back soon. Things were getting creepy down here... I was hoping everything would be okay..


Things were going good. Everyone was eating the fish, Andrea and Amy caught and the squirrel and rabbit that me and Daryl caught. It tasted good the way Lori cooked it. I never was a seafood girl, but the fish was pretty good. Everyone was smiling, holding their loved ones, talking and laughing. It was great. Amy sat down her plate, got up and was walking to the RV.

"Where ya' going?" Andrea asked. Amy gave her a stern look.

"So much for being polite, I gotta pee." Amy said kiddingly and rolled her eyes. Everyone laughed.

"Hey, where's the toilet pap-" Amy was cut off by her own screaming. I dropped my plate, and looked that way to see one of my best friends, being bit in the arm by a monster. Everyone was screaming. Bullets, screams, cries, chomping, growling. That was all I heard. I grabbed my gun and knife out of my holster and began shooting. I saw Sophia being cornered, took out my knife pinned them all down. I picked her up, and she placed her head in my neck. She wasn't heavy at all.

"Don't look, Soph and cover your ears." I said while she did what she was told, and shot at all the uncoming walkers. I saw Carol crying for her baby. I ran to her, gave her Sophia, and kept shooting.

"Get inside the RV!" I yelled while shooting the walkers, I was almost out of ammo.

"What about you?" Carol sobbed holding on to Sophia.

"I can protect myself, I'll be fine!" I shouted and nodded to the RV where people were already ontop. I ran past Carol, and Ed's tent and saw him getting eaten and completely ignored his screams. I usually wasn't this mean, but that man deserved it. I shot, and when I thought all the walkers were gone, I got pinned down. My clip was empty and I couldn't reach my knife. I was doomed. I could practically feel the walker's warm breathe on my face trying to eat me. I got chills down my spine. My arms were giving out but, I wasn't giving up without a fight. Was this it? I thought till' I heard the most magical sound ever.

"IZZY!" Daryl screamed. He's back, They are back; I thought.

"DARYL! Over here!" I screamed. It was no use my arms were giving out, and the walker was still clawing. Just when I thought I was doomed, an arrow went right thru the walkers eye and fell on me. His arrow I thought. I pushed the body off of me, I saw his blue eyes scanning me for injuries.

"Ya' bit, ya' ok Izz?" he asked grabbing my hands. I was in shock at the moment. I can't believe I almost died. I took a shaky inhale, and pushed him out of the way and ejected all my food in my stomach out. He pulled my hair out from in front of me and rubbed my back till' I was finished. I wiped my mouth, and he gave me water and that's when I noticed.. We were back in the tent, which meant he carried me.. I sipped some water, and saw him looking at me worriedly. I nodded and looked around and noticed something.. Where was Merle?

"Daryl..." I said with a shaky tone of voice. "Where's Merle?" I asked with sad eyes..

"Tha' sumbitch' is alive, Izzy. He cut off his own hand, and escaped tha building." he said and wiped his eyes..

"I know Daryl, he's okay." I rubbed his back soothingly. "We're okay too. We are going to be okay.." I gave a small smile. And before I knew it I was looking into those baby blues that sucked me in, and he was leaning in and pressed his lips to mine. All I felt were Daryl's soft lips and my heart racing... We were going to be okay.. I just knew that for sure..

AN: Thanks for all the amazing reviews! I'm glad everyone is enjoying this story.. Please leave more reviews with suggestions, feedback. It took me 20 minutes to write this. It's 2:32 a.m right now, and I'm exhausted. I'd sure to love to see some comments in the morning. Love ya'll! Every review I get makes me write faster. :3



Wow so I haven't logged in over a year! Message me sometime, I'm deff gonna be around and start my stories again

Mrs-Daryl-Dixon Mrs-Daryl-Dixon

I know it doesn't really bother you but it certainly bothers me.
have a great day though! xox

walkerbait walkerbait

I recommend starting a new story, a Daryl/OC, and continue from there. Sometimes, your OCs do come across as perfect, and Daryl a little bit soft. And to be honest, in my opinion, I'm not a fan of the "Izzyl" pairing. I don't really think Daryl would go for her. But, it's your story, I'm just reviewing it.

@Isaac the Honest Reviewer I mean you don't have to like it, it's for my enjoyment- not for anyone else's.. but- down below someone was trying to degrade me! Like that's not nice or fair at all.. And if I don't like a story.. I simply just click off of it. It's that simple tbh. Thank you @walkerbait for sticking up for my story. One of the reasons I haven't been updating is because of this shit but it's totally okay. I've started writing when I was younger- and this story was first created a year ago then uploaded 7-8 months ago.. I was fourteen at the time, and now I'm 16.. So it doesn't bother me much anymore. It's honestly, whatever.

SierraaDixon SierraaDixon

It's a matter of opinion. Giving a review on a story doesn't make you a troll. I don't think any of these "trolls" are jealous people, they want to speak their minds. I'm a reviewer myself, and while I don't like this story, I'm not jealous of its success. And no, not everyone loves it.