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Hearts of the Past and Present


This story is the sequel to 'Stars of the Dead' by walkingrosie.

The story is set 2 and a half months after Lily escaped her walker ridden house with her cousin Jake, and 2 months since she escaped Woodbury with Daryl thanks to Rick, Maggie, Glen, Carl and her Uncle Pete who she thought was dead.

Bella is still out there, Daryl is a loner and Lily is border line depressed. How can the group deal with their broken members?


Bella Hanson

Bella Hanson

Still alive. Location unknown. (I have used Felice Fawn as the picture because she was as close as I could get to her appearance, I do not associate my character Bella in any other way with Felice Fawn)



Beth is now a good friend of Lily, they both share musical interests and the love of children. They take care of Judith together regularly. Beth is now a lot stronger; she takes a bigger role in the group than before and now takes part in killing walkers around the area and through the fence. Although she still is just 17 years old and adjust to this rough lifestyle. She is very family orientated and cares a lot about the group. Another survivor causes her to question everything she knows and ever knew. Could this break the group?

Carl Grimes

Carl Grimes

Carl’s growing up fast, too fast as far as Lily’s concerned. For some reason, they didn’t have a very good relationship in the beginning but they’re working on it, effort being given on both sides. Lily tries to keep a watchful eye on him, he enjoys the killing of walkers and it scares her a little. She watches out for him as a unspoken of favour of Rick, she feels like she needs to because he’s a great guy but doesn’t really know how to handle his only son with a grim mind of his own.

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon

Daryl does what he thinks is right. He is a much bigger man now; he’s more confident in his actions and he is more aware of others. It’s done him good not having his brother around although he will always have Merle’s disapproving voice in the back of his mind. Daryl has to cope with the loss of his dear friend Carol, the non-existence of a relationship he desperately wants with Lily and the fact that his ex-girlfriend is out in the woods alone. He finds away to build a relationship with Lily and things were going great till his little secret is rumbled by his one and only..

Glen Rhee

Glen Rhee

Glen is a part of the Lily/Maggie/Beth/Daryl clique they have going on. You can imagine them all hanging out together in a normal, walker-less world. He does a great job of safe guarding the group and keeping everyone sane; it is a relief for Lily to have him in the group. He is like a nerdy friend she can go to for normality. He is the best person to have around at times, the humour he has and the ability to take the mick out of himself and his future father in law is good to watch.

Hayden Jones

Hayden Jones

Hayden is 22 years old. Him and his younger brother Olly were surviving with a group on the outskirts of Atlanta, they were doing well for themselves till their camp was in path for a walker herd. They had to flee for their lives, leaving their mam, dad and younger sister Holly. Hayden is a caring big brother, doing everything he can to keep him and Olly safe, and finding their family. All they want is to be reunited with their sister. But in recent times, not all has been going well.

Hershel Greene

Hershel Greene

Hershel is still living it up in the prison on his crutches. He has very much so taken the grandfather roll for Lily. She feels this sense of wisdom just generating from him, she warms to him and feels level headed around him. Hershel is very fond of Lily and thinks she is a valuable member of the group, someone to keep us laughing when Glen runs out of cheesy jokes. He is very worried when she is depressed but so relieved when she seems to be coming round. And after Daryl.

Lily Scott

Lily Scott

Lily is 20, unknowingly to her she is soon to be 21. She and her uncle are the newest members of the prison group. After surviving and killing The Governor, Lily has found it somewhat difficult to live with what happened to know, knowing that the main person who caused so much damage is somewhere out there alive. Lily still has strong feelings for Daryl but they are muddled with slight hatred and anger for him not sticking to his promise. They are near enough strangers but things start to look up for Lily, with some bumps along the way. It’s going to be a tough road for Lily, she has to make some big decisions that tie in tightly with her emotions.

Maggie Greene

Maggie Greene

Maggie is Lily’s best friend in this apocalypse; their relationship is very similar to one that would be in a normal world, full of boy talk. Maggie is Lily back up and help, she’s the slightly older sister who helps her out with Daryl and tries to pull her out of the depression after the Woodbury incident; after all she has been there and done that. Maggie tries not to flaunt her relationship with Glen too much in front of Lily as she knows how much she wants to be with Daryl, but Maggie and her 6th sense knows it will happen soon.



Like usual, Michonne keeps a back seat but feels comfortable around the group having her input every so often. She is a key member in keeping the place walker free and people date on runs out. Nobody can beat her and her sword which almost never leaves her back. Although it may not be very vocal, Michonne is proud of how Lily has finally dragged herself out of the darkness, as she has been there herself. She sees a little fighter in Lily and she is looking forward to exercising this trait within her.

Olly Jones

Olly Jones

Olly is a good little side kick for his older brother Hayden, they make a great team. He worships the ground Haydn walks on, always having his back, how can he not after everything Hayden has done for him. He's their for his brother through thick and thin, they're each other's rock as they fight their way through life, searching for their family and 14 year old sister Holly.

Pete Anderson

Pete Anderson

Pete is Lily’s Uncle. He has returned to the prison with Rick and the rest of the group. Pete is an active member and has became a good friend of Rick’s, although he is not a fan of Daryl and his budding relationship with his niece. During his time at the prison, he has to accept the fact Lil is the only family he has left, or is it? Beth looks scarily like his daughter Sarah. Pete fights demons from the past, and dives in deep to explain what’s going on to Lily. He cares for the well-being of everyone in the group and will put his life on the line to protect them and do what is right.

Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes is a lot more at ease now The Governor is gone for good and he now has more man power in the group; Pete. They have a good relationship and both take care of the group in a leadership almost shared between them. The strain is off of Rick’s shoulders and he is a happier man with his son Carl and baby girl Judith who couldn’t be more beautiful. Rick has a good relationship with Lily, she makes him feel good inside; it’s the ora she has. Their relationship is older brother/young sister like.


  1. Time Heals All

    Find out how the group is doing and feeling 2 months after the return of Lily and Daryl and the death of Carol and The Governor.

  2. Apologies

    Lily says sorry to Carl and Rick, Maggie too. She makes an effort with the group in order to get back to her talkative happy self, but is it one step forward and two steps back?

  3. Dreamin'

    Lily begins to sort her priorities out and become productive with her 'staying sane' strategy.

  4. Long Overdue

    Lily follows Daryl, and the day folds out not like she expected.

  5. Haircut

    After a long day together, Lily and Daryl return to the prison and Glen has been using the skills Dale taught him.

  6. Nervous

    It's the morning after Lily and Daryl's kiss and Daryl goes out on a run with Rick, Michonne and Carl but there's something that keeps Lily's mind from worry about Daryl.

  7. Annette Greene

    Pete dives 17 years into the past.

  8. Surprise

    Staying human is tough in a world like this, but what's more human that to celebrate a birthday?

  9. Happy Birthday Blondie

    Daryl and Lily go on their 'date'.

  10. Wet

    Lily and Daryl return to the prison for a shower.

  11. Visitor

    Someone unexpected wanders into the shower block.

  12. Family Stuff

    Pete gets personal.

  13. Officially

    Things are made official and Pete and Lily clash again, but even harder.

  14. Curfew

    Lily was right to have a bad feeling about Daryl's hunt

  15. Hayden and Olly

    Lily is stuck like a cat up a tree, how does she escape the walkers below?

  16. Where is she?

    Lily reacts to the worst news she's had so far.

  17. More Reasons

    Daryl explains how.

  18. Baby

    Find out what happened between Bella and Daryl 8 years ago when Daryl was 22 and Bella was 19.

  19. Broken Hearts

    Lily reacts to Daryl's confession and tries to adapt to the new situation.

  20. Holly and Annie

    Find out what happened to Hayden and Olly. Written in third person.

  21. Robbed

    Hayden tells Lily when he and his brother were robbed. Written in both first and third person.

  22. Green

    The morning after.

  23. 20 Questions

    Lily talks to Daryl. Maggie talks to Lily. Realisation hits Lily hard.

  24. Snow

    It's been three months since Daryl and Lily slept together and then 'agreed' to be 'friends'. Bella is suggested to be 7 months pregnant. It's winter. (I don't actually know if Georgia has snow in its winter? I'm just saying there is to make things interesting! Hope you don't mind)

  25. The Hosptial

    Lily, Daryl, Hayden, Pete and Michonne go on a run out to the hospital for Bella.

  26. Inoccent

    The guys on the run, run into something they didn't expect in the maternity ward.

  27. Ringing

    Things go from bad to worse on the run.

  28. Karma

    The majority of the group on the run sustain injuries, but who is worse off?

  29. Bandages

    Daryl is back at the prison and the rest of the guys explain what happened on the run.

  30. Restrained

    Lily stays with Daryl all day, and is inconsolable.

  31. Pills

    Lily finds out why she was easily carried away from Daryl. She awakes and returns to his side.

  32. My Problem

    All is revealed to Maggie.. And Glen too.

  33. Friends

    Lily finally clears the air with Hayden and something uneasing is discovered.

  34. Birth

  35. After Birth

  36. Strong

    Daryl isn't pleased with the new arrangements he isn't involved in but does have a pretty good day.

  37. Brotherly Love

    Lily and Daryl are loved up, Hayden and Olly, however, aren't feeling it.

  38. Daddy

    After Lily sees Daryl with new baby Avril, she tells Daryl that she herself is expecting a baby.

  39. News

    Lily begins to tell people about her condition while Daryl is sleeping.

  40. Misunderstood

    Pete and Lily clash, as well as Pete and Daryl.

  41. Loved and Lost

    The morning after the fight.

  42. Michonne

    Michonne speaks about her traumatic past.

  43. Traumatised

    Lily lets Michonne's past sink in. With the harsh mixture of crazy hormones and the horror Lily finds herself traumatised and doubts the future of a family.

  44. 7 Better Days

    It's been a week since Lily, Pete and Daryl argued.

  45. Foetus

    After the horse riding accident.

  46. Paying Their Respects

    Each member of the group come to visit Lily in the First Aid Cell.

  47. Not Okay

    Lily spends the night without Daryl, completely alone.

  48. He's Back

    Daryl returns after mourning.

  49. God Parents

    Bella and Lily bond


Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

ElyseStyle ElyseStyle

Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

ElyseStyle ElyseStyle

Love it, Lily and Bella bonded how sweet anyhoo great chapter can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)

MoMo_chan92 MoMo_chan92

thank you! :D

walkingrosie walkingrosie

Hahaha thank you so much!!! X

walkingrosie walkingrosie