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Hearts of the Past and Present


Chapter 10 – Wet
The sun had disappeared behind the tall trees of the forest, blocking out the light and also the warmth. I pulled my jumper back on from earlier to hide the goosebumps on my arms and to keep out the cold.

Daryl and I were, surprisingly, nearly finished. We had worked hard today, with only the one distraction; all we had to do now was attach the fence.

We lifted the fence up, the light breeze of the movement sent the surrounding dust up into the air for me to inhale and splutter into a coughing fit.

Daryl used the tools effectively and secured the fence, I felt safe and I felt proud, of both him and myself.

“Just in time for our curfew.” I said as I glanced up at the sky, stars were starting to appear through the gaps of the clouds.

Daryl rose to his feet, his jeans from the knee down were coated in dust and dirt so much you’d think they were purposely meant to be dye another colour, like Daryl was starting off an apocalypse trend.

He picked up his toys and put them back in the tool box, he through his crossbow over his shoulder and threw me my scarf, “Let’s go, it’s dinner time.”

Daryl picked up my hand from my side as we headed back toward the front of the prison and inside. Our hands were filthy, mine were slightly grazed and scratched from being so soft and dealing with the sharp cornered concrete, Daryl’s on the other hand were a lot tougher from years of hunting.

It seemed to go from sunset to complete darkness in five minutes, I clumsily stumbled behind Daryl as we walked up to and through the hallway to the cellblock, he dropped my hand before we came into view of the others.

I stopped myself from releasing a rather audible sigh, if Daryl didn’t feel comfortable being like that with me in front of the others that’s fine. I understand, that’s how he is, he’ll get embarrassed but I just wish he did so I didn’t feel like he was only nice to me when he felt like it.
There was a roar of laughter from inside the cell block, Daryl swung open the door to the room that was only lit up by candles.

Everyone was sat around the two tables starting their dinner, although it may count as supper now considering the time, with bottles of various alcohol we took from the motel. Rick and Glen assured us it was for medical use only, even Hershel picked out a few favourites of his and backed up the cover story.

“You’re all celebrating my birthday without me?” I asked, “That’s shocking!” I laughed.
Uncle Pete picked up a glass and filled it with whatever was closest to him, “Here ya go sweetheart, ya first legal drink!” He announced.

I was no stranger to alcohol. The legal age for drinking in the UK is 18 and I had definitely starting drinking before that, maybe around the age of 15 or 16 when people started to have house parties. The good-old crazy days!

Glen poured Daryl a glass of Jack Daniels, I watched him as he knocked it back and subconsciously I did the same.

Rick laughed at the face I pulled when the drink of mine ran down and burnt my throat, “To Lily!” he said as he stood up to raise his glass.

The rest of the group rose to their feet with their glasses at head level, even Hershel managed to stand up for me and Carl did too but with apple juice in his cup, well I think it was anyway.

“To Lily!” They all said in unison.

“Thanks guys,” I put my empty glass back down on the table and headed towards the bed block, I passed Maggie on the way that was having a refill.

“Hey where are ya goin’?” Maggie she asked and half followed me.

“For a shower, look at me.” I looked down at my legs and held up my dirty hands, “I’m filthy.”

“Ya can shower later,” She smiled.

“Now it’s party time!” Glen said as he joined her side with a huge grin on his face.

I rolled my eyes in defeat, I guess that one drink wasn’t enough, “Oh alright.” And Maggie grabbed me by the cuff of my sleeve and towed me over to socialise.

Everyone apart from Daryl and I had already had a couple of drinks in them so we were playing catch up. As soon as I had emptied my glass Maggie, Glenn, Rick or Daryl was topping me up.

I felt so pretty disgusting after today’s work; I was sweaty, dirty, dusty and tired too, but with every sip of a drink my worries were slipping away.

Beth, who only had the one or two drink from Hershel’s approval, picked up the guitar and played some lovely background music which added to the mood of the group.

I don’t think I had ever been this happy since the dead began to walk; I was having such a good time, I was having such a good birthday.

My make shift family sat around the tables, tonight Daryl had stayed by my side when usually he would do his own thing when we were amongst the others. Under the table, out of view from Pete across from me, I placed my hand on Daryl’s leg and I felt him tense up beside me.

Carl sneaked up behind me and whispered, “Pour me a drink please Lily,”

I laughed and hid the vodka bottle under the table; I unscrewed the cap and poured some into Carl’s apple juice.

Daryl craned his neck over, “Ya sure ya should be giving him that?” he asked.

“Oh he’ll be fine,” I brushed it off, and accidently poured in more than I should have.

“That’s enough Lil,” Daryl laughed and stopped my from emptying the bottle into Carl’s cup. “No more for you lil’ man.”

Carl nodded and smiled before returning to his seat beside Beth.

I felt like my head was going to fall off my shoulders, it was rocking all over.

“Jesus Lily, you’re shit faced.” Daryl laughed and brushed the hair that had fell across my face away.

“Nooo, I haven’t even had much. It’s just been so long since my last drink, I’m a lightweight!” I explained and laughed.

I laughed into Daryl’s neck, his arm wrapped around my shoulders but something made him change and he sat me back up in my chair off of his chest. I’m guessing it was Pete’s glare.

I rose from my seat a little wobbly, “I’m going to have a shower now before I’m too drunk to know what I’m doing or where I am.” I announced.

I grabbed a freshly washed towel from the pile and walked through the dark corridor to the shower block. This is when I feel the true affect my previous drinks had on me. I stumbled into the wall and bounced back off of it. I had to concentrate hard to walk in a straight line, and although I made a difficult task out of an easy journey, I got to the showers without landing on my arse or crawling on my hands and knees.

I pulled out my gun and knife from my pocket and placed it on the bench. I took off the rest of my clothes and went to the nearest cubical with my towel over my arm. I hung it on the door of the cubical and switched on the shower.

All the dust was washing off, turning the water murky before it went down the drain, dust was even washing out of my hair. I was feeling cleaner and less drunk by the second.

The shower block door swung open and Daryl walked in, with a towel and a change of clothes. Dammit, I’ve forgotten mine. So I’ll have my shower, get clean and change back in to my ridiculously filthy clothes..

“Don’t mind me,” Daryl said as he walked over to the same bench I had put my stuff on.

He pulled his tshirt off over his head, revealing his scars that shocked me every time I saw them. I must have gasped as he turned round.

Instead of saying anything about his back, he notices the sparkle from my chest. “Ya’ve left ya necklace on Lil.” He said as he pulled off his boots and socks.

I looked down to my bare, wet chest to find the necklace Daryl gave me, “Shit, I forgot. Can you take it off for me please?”

“Sure,” Daryl’s voice slipped into a deeper tone.

He walked over to my cubical, and I suddenly felt very self-conscious and vulnerable. Why was this? I was usually so comfortable and happy with myself, I am usually confident but this at this moment, I wasn’t.

And it’s because I knew where this was going to go, and I was nervous.

There was only the door that separated Daryl and I, with his head way over the top of the door, he looked down at me, seeing me completely naked under the running shower. I turned around, not so he could get a full view, but to unlock my necklace.

He unclipped it for me and took it from my neck, I turned back around as he threw it and it landed perfectly on the middle of my folded clothes.

Something, suddenly, completely washed over me. I reached up on my tip toes and grabbed the back of Daryl’s head, forcing his lips on to mine. They moved around each other’s, moaning in the middle of them.

I was uncomfortably pressed up against the door which acted as a barrier blocking me from Daryl’s bare chest. I pulled back breathlessly and swung open the door, Daryl stepped in and grabbed me by the waist and from then I stepped back so we were directly under the shower together.

With one hand on the back of Daryl’s neck, I used the other to fumble round his belt in an attempt to open it. With every passing second, the water was running down us was causing his trousers to stick to his legs and make it a tougher job for me to get them open and off.

Daryl placed his hand on the wall behind us when I moved my lips from his to his neck. I worked my way down his torso, kissing and licking his hot skin till I was eye level with his belt. Now I can see what I’m doing.

With ease I pulled off his belt and threw it under the door of the cubical. Then I unbuttoned his trousers, I tugged at them hard but they didn’t budge, the soaking material was clinging to his legs. “Fuck,” I complained as I pulled again at them.

Daryl laughed at first but then I could hear the desperation in his voice "Come on Lil," he could hardly keep himself contained. With a lot of work put into it, I pulled Daryl’s trousers completely off him and they followed the belt under the door.

The only thing left were his boxers, the flimsy material which kept hidden what was on my mind. I rose to my feet and looked into his eyes as I reached into them. Daryl closed his eyes and let his head fall back.

I didn’t just want Daryl, I needed him. He was the part of me that went missing in those weeks after Woodbury. I couldn’t survive without him, I couldn’t live without him and this was how I would let him know.


Sorry it's been 4 days since my last update but I hope this makes up for it! x


Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

ElyseStyle ElyseStyle

Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

ElyseStyle ElyseStyle

Love it, Lily and Bella bonded how sweet anyhoo great chapter can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)

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thank you! :D

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Hahaha thank you so much!!! X

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