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Hearts of the Past and Present


Chapter 11 – Visitor

I bit down hard on Daryl’s shoulder as a wave of pleasure washed through me. I moaned into his neck with my eyelids tightly closed. I was thankful that my legs were securely wrapped around Daryl’s waist, as there would have been very little chance of me being able to hold myself up, my whole body was shaking. This was a feeling I had been longing for from Daryl.

His back was against the cool, wet tiles. It was over and Daryl slipped down to the floor with me tightly in his grasp, I sat on his lap. Still panting from my high, I kissed him as hard as I first did.

I held his slightly pink face in my hands and looked into his eyes. This was what was left in the world, the only thing we could hold onto that made us human; love.

“I think I love you,” I said without much thought. It just slipped out of my mouth, I wasn’t exactly sure where Daryl was, I had no idea if he felt the same but I took the risk.

He went a darker shade of pink, and I swear I heard his heart beat sped up a notch. “Me too.” He replied.

For the next 10 minutes or so, Daryl and I just sat and held each other under the pouring water. Our naked bodies were touching. With the tip of my finger I traced the outline of his features; his nose, his eyebrows, the dark shadows under his eyes, his cheek bones, his jaw line and his lips.

In the whole time I did so, Daryl didn’t move an inch. He just watched my face, he watched my eyes scan his own. I was completely lost in his presences.

I was dragged out of my passion filled trance with a groan. But it wasn’t the type Daryl and I had been expressing not long ago, it was a gruesome groan.

Daryl’s grip on my arms tightened and his eyes widened in alert. I held my hand over my mouth, slowly and quietly I moved from Daryl’s lap to his side. As I did so, he reached up and turned off the shower.

I pulled my legs up to my chest so my feet weren’t sticking out of the cubical, Daryl did the same. There was a slow sound of shuffling feet, this was not a member of our group, and the awful smell confirmed that we had a dead visitor.

How had one came into this part of the prison? I thought it was safe and secure? We always lock the gates, we always double check they are locked. Where had this one come from?
I was frozen with fear. Daryl and I were trapped, naked and without any weapons. We couldn’t be more at risk. Was there more on their way? Had some walked into the cell block where the others sat and baby Judith lay?

Daryl pressed a single finger to his lips, telling me to be quiet. He then pointed down and he began to lower himself to get a look at the walker from under the cubical, I did the same.

It was just the one, in a blue jumpsuit and very decayed. I put my hand over my mouth and held my breath; the smell was making my gag. This walker was slow, and badly limping, when I looked closer I realised it only had one foot. It was walking on a stump with a snapped leg bone as support.

I tapped Daryl’s shoulder and pointed to the bench where my clothes were folded, beside them were my gun and large knife. Surely we could take down one injured walker? Even if we were naked..

“Don’t you move,” Daryl whispered.

He reached up and pulled the towel off the side of the cubical I placed earlier, as quietly as he could he fastened it around his waist. The walker had now limped over to the other side of the shower block aimlessly, it was now 6 meters away from where my weapons lay, and my weapons were a meter or so away from us. Distance was in our favour.

Daryl was about to open the cubical door and race to the knife but the sound of gun shots down the corridor caused him to freeze. My heart stopped.

There were more of them. They were attacking. Where they actually in the cell block or just the corridor? Were people prepared, were they capable of taking them down while intoxicated? Alcohol and walkers was a recipe for death.

I grabbed Daryl’s wrist, holding him back from leaving the ‘safety’ of this cubical.

I bit my lip and whispered, “Don’t go.”

There was no arguing with Daryl on this, his fellow survivors were in danger and he had to help them. I loosened my grip and he went through the door.

I quickly resumed my laying position to watch Daryl run for the knife and gun, the sudden movement was caught in the corner of the walker’s eye and he spun around. He groaned and hissed at Daryl, black spit flying out of his mouth. With his one foot, the walker began to rush towards Daryl.

Of course, Daryl beat him to it. The butcher’s knife was secure in his hand, and now he was running towards the walker.

With Daryl still being wet, his foot slipped on the surface. He landed with a thump on his back, knocking the breath out of him.

“Daryl!” I screamed.

The walker was on top of him; its hands were centimetres away from Daryl’s face. Only his arm was holding it back.

Suddenly the door to the shower block flew open and three walkers fell through the door. It was Pete and Rick, bang bang bang. Between the two of them, they shot the three walkers on the floor.

“Daryl!” Rick exclaimed as he saw him over the other side, he ran over and put a bullet through the side of the walkers head, it’s brains splattering up the door of a cubical.

Daryl threw the walker off of him and caught his breath.

“Lily?!” Pete called with anxiety.

I was shaking like a leaf but I managed to get up on my feet, “I’m here.” I said and popped my head over the top.

Relief washed over Pete’s face, “Oh thank god,”


I tucked my knees under my chin and wrapped my arms around my legs. My hair was still soaked so I wrapped it in a towel as everyone took a seat in the living block. Rick was not a happy bunny.

“What happened tonight was an accident, but it was an accident and a mistake we cannot afford. We could have lost someone,” Rick shot a look to Daryl next to me; I placed my hand on his which was resting on his thigh. “I want to know how five walkers go into our quarters of the prison. Would anyone like to tell me?”

Rick was stood in front of the steps that led to the exit of the prison, his hands were on his hips and his face was firm. Behind him, sat on the steps, was his second in command Pete.

I glanced around the room; Maggie and Glen were so close together Maggie was practically on Glen’s knee, their hands were entwined, Hershel was looking very.. Disappointed, Beth was chewing her bottom lip in worry, Michonne was stand against the wall with her arms folded across her chest and Carl was looking very pale, I wasn’t sure whether it was from the alcohol or something else.

Glen let go of Maggie’s hands and stood up, “It’s my fault.” He said.

Rick’s eyes nearly popped out of his head, he had so much trust in Glen, he was a clever lad, very sensible.

“When Carl and I were clearing out the tombs, just before we found and fixed the showers, I-I must have left the door that leads to that corridor unlocked.” He explained, you could tell by the sound of his voice he was very disappointed in himself.

The cheery, happy mood from earlier had vanished, no trace was left.

Rick used his thumb and forefinger to brush over his eyebrows and sighed, “Wow Glen, I thought ya knew better than this.”

Glen was looking down at his feet, unable to look at Rick or Maggie or anyone. “I know,” he said.
Carl began to vigorously shake his head and stood up, “No dad, it wasn’t Glen. It was me.” He said.

It was like a caught room drama, someone let out a small gasp.

“Really Glen?” Rick asked with raised eyebrows.

He nodded once and sat back down.

Carl continued, “I had the keys, I was in charge of locking up. I forgot about the last one. Glen shouted me over because he found the showers, so I ran. Forgetting to do the gate I was at.”
Rick’s tone turned serious and into his father mode, “Did you make Glen cover for you so you wouldn’t get into trouble?” he walked forward and lowered his head to Carl’s level.

“No I didn’t ask him, he just did..”

“Because you weren’t going to own up.” Rick was furious.

“I was scared dad, I-I knew what you’d be like!”

“You know who else was scared? Beth.” Rick pointed to the now locked gate. “Those walkers had a hold of her, imagine if she got bit or scratched? It’s a hell of a good job Pete’s a good shot otherwise Beth might not have been so lucky. And you know who was also scared? Daryl and Lily. A walker went into the showers when they were in there unarmed. Do you know how lucky Daryl is? It was a close, he was lucky when Pete and I came in when we did.”

Daryl was awkwardly fixating on my knife on the table in front, unable to look at Carl and Rick. I brushed my thumb over the back of his hand.

Tears streamed down Carl’s, “I’m sorry Dad!! I didn’t do it on purpose, I’d never put anyone in harm. It was an accident and I’d never forget again.”

The tears got through Rick anger exterior; he sighed and looked towards the rest of the group. “Would y’all mind if a had a quieter and calmer word with my son?”

Wordlessly, we left the living cell and went to our beds. I stroked Beth’s arm comfortingly as I walked passed, I could feel Pete’s stare hard on our backs. I squeezed Daryl’s hand and we walked up to our level. He was about to kick off his shoes by his open bed when I pulled him over to my bed cell.

“Let’s share tonight.” I smiled, Daryl didn’t object.

I curled up against his bare chest and absentmindedly traced my finger tip along a long and large scar across his chest, one that resembled mine but on my stomach.

“Were you scared?” I asked out of the blue.

“Yeah,” He admitted, “But not in the way ya mean.”

“What way do you mean?”

He played with a damp strand of hair, “I was scared about losing ya, or ya loosing me and having to cope. Or even loosing anyone else, I don’t think ya can handle one more death , it’ll push ya over the edge..”

I thought about it and Daryl was right, personally I don’t think I could. If I stayed by myself, I’d probably be dead but, if I was alone I’d have no one to worry about because they are already dead but with being in a group and having family, I’m still petrified of them being taken away from me.

“..You’re a strong gal, one of the strongest I know. Ya could teach Beth a thing or two. But everyone’s weak point is the people they love, and you give out lots of it. It’s gonna hurt Lil,” He turned his head to kiss my temple.

“He who keeps himself silent saves himself.” I quoted.

“That’s right.”

I had figured this out long ago but had never said anything to Daryl about it. “So you do care and love people? Just never show it to protect yourself?”

He shrugged.

“Is that what you’re scared of, showing love? Are you scared of doing that more than walkers?”

“I’m more scared of you and for you.” He said.


“Either you’ll break my heart or I’ll break yours. That’s usually how these things go..”


Carl's in trouble AGAIN. Hope you liked this one, I've got some exciting stuff coming up soon!!! x


Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

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Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

ElyseStyle ElyseStyle

Love it, Lily and Bella bonded how sweet anyhoo great chapter can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)

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