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Hearts of the Past and Present


"Daryl, can I have a word with you? Outside." Rick asked, trying hard to hide his anger.

I stared in disbelief, Daryl stole from other survivors? That was the lowest of the low.

Hayden was furious, he was slightly red in the face but there was no way he could do anything about the issue right now, I grabbed his hand and pulled him back down onto his seat. He gave me a squeeze in return.

Rick pointed to the door, and like a child being told off, Daryl sulkily headed in the said direction.

As soon as the pair left the room, relief swept through the group. Hershel released a sigh, Maggie hugged Glen tight and Pete poured Michonne and himself a drink. Alcoholic of course.

I turned to Hayden and Olly who had all this anger inside them but no energy and no way to express it.

"I'm so sorry," I cried, "I can't believe he did that, I never thought he'd do such a thing. I am so so sorry!"

"Hey," Hayden cupped my face, "YOU have nothing to be sorry for, you should not feel guilty over that scum's actions."

"Bastard," Olly said under his breath.

"But I'm still sorry," I said as a tear ran down my cheek.

The tear landed on Hayden's hand, "You are not responsible for him."

There was something in his eyes, something new, unfamiliar but something I needed. It was warm, calming, caring. It was security.

I smiled and held my hand over his which still held my cheek.

"Eat up," I said in a fake cheery tone. "I need to know what they are talking about."

I got up from the table and headed to the gate to outside, I passed Glen and Maggie on the way.

Maggie stroked my arm, "I'm so sorry about this Lily, I will do anything I can to make you feel safe and get her out of here."

Maggie must have had a pretty good idea over how I was feeling, she had been through a very similar situation with Merle being in the prison with her, Glen too.

"Thank you Glen, thanks for earlier." I smiled weakly.

"No problem," he shrugged, "I'm here for ya you know."

"I know," I whispered.

Those two were my best friends and they were damn good ones.

I walked down the black corridor that led to the first door, I could hear the men outside.

"You are not your brother Daryl!" Rick shouted, "You are not Merle."

"What's that suppose to mean?!" Daryl shouted back.

"I remember, I remember Merle spilling the beans that the night he went out on a run and didn't come back, was the night you two planned to ransack the camp. Leave everyone for dead, but not one minute did I believe that you wanted to go along with it. It must have been all Merle's idea, but now, I'm not so sure." Rick paused to let it sink in for Daryl. "I cannot believe you stole from those two young lads in there, you took everything they had and left them for dead for HER? The girl who killed Carol?!"

"It wasn't for her! It was for the baby," Daryl shouted in protest.

Rick's tone had changed, it was more calmer but still had a stern edge. "That is not your baby, I'm sorry about what happened all those years ago. But that's in the past, and it ain't your kid."

I swung open the gate, letting it bash off the wall. The two men turned around to look at me.

"What happened all those years ago?" I asked.

Rick had knew that Daryl was going out to see Bella, he must have knew she was pregnant before she was brought to the prison. But what else did he know that I didn't? Obviously Rick had confronted Daryl on his mysterious disappearances into the forest, he is a very clever man he would have figured it out soon enough. Clearly he knew something that had happened deep in Daryl's past relating to all this, and I had the right to know. Daryl owed me that much.

"It was when I was with Bella, about 8 years ago.."


Daryl was 22 years old, he was young and naive, plus he didn't have a lot going for him. With no job or much education, he was forced to stay with his father as much as they despised each other.

Merle was doing time in prison for assault on one of his clients, he had beaten this lad up who owed him money over the drugs Merle had sold him. This wasn't the first time Merle had left Daryl to his father's fists.

Will Dixon was an angry and usually drunk man. From a young age, he had beat his children, and his wife in front of his boys. Daryl, now a lot older and understood fully what type of man his father was, was capable of looking after himself but he couldn't stand up and hot back the man who badly attempted to raise him. After all, he was the one keeping a roof over his head.

One night, Will came home even more drunk than usually. Soon enough, his fists were swinging for Daryl, who also took the most of it. This time, the violence hit a new level, Will Dixon smashed one of his beer bottle and came at Daryl with the jag here's edge.

Daryl, already with a bloody nose, fled the Dixon residence and hopped on his older brother's motorcycle. He arrived at one of the local bars, not only a men's club but a strip joint too. They poor girls with daddy issues didn't go too far, they just pole dances for that extra bit of easy money. This is when Daryl met Bella.

He walked in hiding his face, he rushed through the bar heading to the toilets, unfortunately he knocks into what of the waitresses who spills her whole tray of drinks over a pole dancer. Her death black hair was sticky with the alcohol and her dark eye make up ran, it was only her red lipstick that stayed in tact.

"What the fuck do ya think ya doin' ya dick?!" She shouted.

"Sorry," Daryl mumbled, and rushed into the toilets to clean himself up.

He splashed water from the sink on his face, washing away the blood but it continued to pour. Daryl grabbed a handful of toilet roll and held it to his nose to stop the bleeding. His t-shirt was stained with blood and his eyes were already turning a slight purple, bruising beginning to show.

The bathroom door swung open, "Excuse, have you seen what ya've just done to me? There's no way I'm making my usual tonight looking like this!"

It was the pole dancer, she came in all guns blazing but as soon as she took in the image of Daryl, her manner changed. "What happened to ya?" She asked as she chewed open mouthed on her gum.

"My dad," he said and rolled his eyes. "Dad, huh? My step-dad weren't so good to me either. I reckon we'd be better off without them."

Bella introduced herself properly then began to clean herself up in the sink next to Daryl.

She worked the spillage to her advantage, for the rest of her shift, she poured glasses of vodka over herself and let middle aged men with beards lick it off her. She made more that night that she did in the past two weeks.

She showered off after her shift and joined Daryl at the bar in a tight pair of black skinny jeans which make her ass look a lot bigger than it was, a white crop top to show off her tend stomach and her signature red lips.

"You got daddy issues?" Daryl asked, referring to her previous comment.

"Step daddy," Bella corrected. "My dad died when I was 2, this guy is my mom's boyfriend. She met him when I was 17, I'm 19 now. He doesn't do anything for her, and she's sick. She has cancer. And he doesn't do a god damn thing. He just rapes her daughter."

Daryl nearly choked on his drink, "Am so sorry."

"It's okay, I got out of there as quick as I could. I fled to here found some work and a place to stay. There was no way in hell I was living with that guy." She took a moment to neck back a shot, "It must sound awful, me leaving my dyin' mother but I ring everyday and I visit whenever her boyfriend's outta the house. I just can't stay there."

"Did you tell your momma?" Daryl asked.

"Yeah I did,"

"And she didn't believe you?" He guessed.

"No no, she did. She just didn't leave him, she couldn't really. She too I'll and he can be good to her sometimes. He just doesn't really help. This was my problem, momma already had a lot on her plate."

Daryl and Bella confined in each other and soon enough found themselves dating.

Not being able to take another beating, after only a couple of months of dating, Daryl moved in Bella's one bedroomed apartment.

Things were starting to look up for the pair, Daryl got a job at a motorcycle shop and Bella's mom split with her rapist and got a carer.

Daryl was working on a bike when he received a phone call from Bella, "Hey babe, what's up?"

"I'm pregnant."

"What?" Daryl asked in disbelief.

"I'm pregnant." Bella repeated.

"And it's mine?"

"Of course it is you dick!" She half shouted.

"How do you feel about it?" He asked.

"I feel good." She said with a smile detectable in her voice. "I think this would be good for us. What about you?"

"Yeah.. Good. Wow, I'm gonna be a dad."

Even though Bella was with Daryl and was expecting a baby, she continued to work at the bar as a pole dancer. It didn't bother Daryl much before, she did it before he met her and he couldn't tell her to stop but now she was carrying his child, he didn't feel comfortable with it.

"You've got to get another job." Daryl said as he watched Bella put on her makeup ready for her shift at the bar.


"Because I don't feel comfortable with it." He said honestly.

"I've done this the whole time we were dating, why aren't ya comfortable with it now?" Bella asked not seeing what Daryl meant.

"Because ya carrying my child now, this ain't right."

"I've got to pay the bills Daryl," she said slightly annoyed.

"Get another job, a mom shouldn't be doin' what you do."

Bella was highly offended, she grabbed her coat and heels. "Mom's shouldn't do a lot of things. Mom's shouldn't stay with men that rape their kids and mom's shouldn't let their husbands best their sons." She said and slammed the door.

The next week or so was quiet and awkward between the couple, Bella took up extra hours at the bar just to piss off Daryl. He thought two could play at that game, so he did at the bike shop too. They hardly saw each other during that time.

Daryl came home late in his oil stained clothes to find Bella tucked up on the sofa gnawing at her nails.

"We gotta stop this," Daryl began, "I hate arguing with ya. We need to stay strong and stay good to each other for the baby. If you want to continue to work at the bar for now, okay, just when the bump starts to show I doubt you'll get much or even be allowed to work their."

Bella's eyes didn't meet Daryl's, she kept them on the tv when she spoke. "There is no baby Daryl,"


"I've lost it."

Daryl and Bella both handled the miscarriage on their own and in their owns ways. It was a dark and sad time.

One day, Daryl came home with a movie and a take away, something to cheer Bella up but only found a note.

~ I can't stay here any longer Daryl. Everything reminds me of the fact that I lost our child, the bed, the sofa, the walls, you. I've got to get away from it, it's tearing me apart. I'm sorry, Bella. X ~


So that's what Rick meant when he said '...it ain't your kid...'

Daryl had lost a baby.


It wasn't exactly a flash back, it was written in the third person because I didn't think I'd be able to write well from Daryl's point of view. I hope this gave you a good insight on Daryl and Bella's past. Hope you like it!! Xx


Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

ElyseStyle ElyseStyle

Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

ElyseStyle ElyseStyle

Love it, Lily and Bella bonded how sweet anyhoo great chapter can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)

MoMo_chan92 MoMo_chan92

thank you! :D

walkingrosie walkingrosie

Hahaha thank you so much!!! X

walkingrosie walkingrosie