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Hearts of the Past and Present

Holly and Annie

"Holly!" Hayden screamed, "Holly where are you?"

He and his girlfriend Annie who tightly held his hand span in circles, searching the area for Hayden's younger sister Holly. Olly, who had just searched the tent, appeared and jumped on top of a car bonnet to get a better look of the over run camp.

At the entrance to camp, there was a herd of zombies in their hundreds. It was too late for the first tents on the front line.

"Over there!!" Olly shouted and pointed in the direction of the oncoming herd. "Hayden she's locked in a car!"

Hayden and Annie ran after Olly when they should be running the opposite way for a higher chance of survival. The gigantic zombie herd was ripping the 40 strong camp to shreds, they were destroying everything in sight and eating any flesh nearby.

Hayden, Olly, Holly, their parents; Nora and Dave, as well as Hayden's girlfriend Annie had their tents set up at the back end of camp, on the outskirts of the forest. Between the wilderness and their home was a simple barbed wire.

As they ran, Annie was worrying over the where abouts of Mr and Mrs Jones, it could be too late for them "Hayden, where are your parents?!" She asked urgently.

"I don't know, they'll be okay. Dad can take care of him and mom, but Holly's out priority.. She's trapped!" Hayden exclaimed.

Around the car Olly said Holly was locked in was a large about of zombies, slamming against the glass for the flesh of the little girl inside. Holly screamed hysterically at the sight of her brothers and Annie who was practically a sister.

Olly instantly pulled out his guns and fired.

Hayden turned to his beloved girlfriend who didn't have much training in zombie combat. He replaced his hand with a butcher's knife in hers, "Remember, to kill a zombie. Penetrate the brain."

"Hayden, I-I can't do this!" Annie stuttered.

"For Holly! I need you too, I trust you." He looked into her big brown eyes, "You CAN do this." He kissed her forehead and followed his brother into battle.

Hayden was incredibly accurate with his gun, no bullets could be spared at this moment. Annie wasn't as good of a shot so she was better off with a knife which Hayden had tried to teach her with one time.

Hayden charged at the group, two hands securely around his gun, a large knife strapped onto his belt. The brothers quickly shot down half of the mini herd.

Holly was banging against the window, tears rushing down her face. "Go! Just go Olly! Hayden, leave me!"

She knew how unlikely it was that she and her family would make it out of camp unscathed. More so if they stayed to fight to save her. Holly cared for her brothers lives more than her own, she loved them with all we heart.

"Don't be stupid Holly, we're not leaving you!" Hayden shouted as he shot a zombie through the eye socket. He was determined to save his baby sister.

Annie slammed her knife into the skull of an attacking zombie, it fell to the ground taking the knife with it. With all her might, Annie tugged and pulled to retrieve the knife but it was jammed in hard.

Two zombies headed straight towards her. In a panic she scrambled around the floor where bodies of fellow campers lay, if you could call them bodies. She grabbed a small pistol and aimed, blowing the top of the head off one of them. Annie jumped to her feet and hurried backwards as the other zombie advanced. She was pinned against a truck.


Annie pulled the trigger but that was the last bullet. She was defenceless.

"Hayden!" Annie screamed.

Hayden swiped the knife out of his belt loop and took the head off an on coming zombie as he ran to his girlfriend's aid. He placed the gun on the left temple of the zombie and blew it's brains out.

Annie was as white as a ghost. In a state of shock, she slammed herself into Hayden's chest, wrapping her arms around his neck and locking them in place. She never wanted to let go.

"Hayden, Olly!" A deep voice bellowed over the sounds of carelessly aimed gunshots.

"Dad, mom?!" Olly shouted breathlessly as he used his last bullet successfully.

From behind a tent, hand in hand, Dave and Nora Jones ran out into the zombie massacre.

"Holly, where's Holly?!" Nora as frantically.

"Mom!" Holly's petrified screams replied.

Two zombies had broken the front windscreen of the car and were crawling through, snapping at Holly's feet as she crawled to the back seat.

Dave and Nora grabbed the ankles of the pair and yanked them out before stamping on their heads, their brains turned to smush.

"Quickly! They're on their way!" Nora called frantically.

Dave joined his sons to battle off the remaining walkers as Nora and Annie helped Holly out of the car. Nora held one hand of Holly's and Olly grabbed the other. Hayden towed Annie along who had frozen in fear.

"Run kids!" Dave ordered, and they did.

The groaning of zombies were now roaring in their ears, no longer an echo from a distance.

The family, plus Annie, fled the camp they had held up in for a month and a half, fleeing the monsters and headed for the trees.

Olly leaped over the barbed wire, Dave climbed over then carried his wife across. Hayden lifted up his sister and handed her to Olly as Annie climbed over.

Hayden jumped over, "Come on Annie!" He said in a panic, he could now see the herd.

Dave, Nora, Holly, who was holding tightly onto Olly, were already running.

"I'm stuck!" She exclaimed.

"Oh fuck," Hayden said under his breath.

He tugged desperately at jumper which was well and truly stuck on the barbed wire.

Olly noticed the absence at his side, he looked over his shoulder to see Hayden and Annie having trouble at the fence. Dave, Nora and Holly slowed as they released Hayden and Annie weren't beside them.

"Keep running and don't stop!" Olly ordered.

He quickly bent down to kiss Holly on the cheek and gave his parents a meaningful look. Holly kept her hand outstretched, wanting Olly to take hold of it again. She gave him a desperate look.

"I'll be back." He said to her, to her this was a promise.

He then ran back to his brother and his girlfriend. "What's wrong?!" He shouted as he closed in.

"Annie's caught on the wire!" Hayden was going crazy, he couldn't leave her for a zombie feast.

The brothers pulled with all their strength on the back of Annie's jumper and ripped it open, ripping her free.

"Come on!" Olly shouted.

Hayden grabbed Annie's hand and dragged her into the looming darkness of the forest.


The trio came across a waterfall face, over the years the left face had crumbled, piles of rocks had fell and landed on the group and on top of each other creating a small cave structure. Tonight, this was Hayden, Olly and Annie's safe haven.

Hayden and Olly, who were bathed in sweat, used the last of their energy to secure their safety by rolling then standing up a large log in front of the gap in the cave which acted as a door.

Annie sat in the darkest corner and concentrated on her breathing as Hayden and Olly paced the cave.

"We're never going to see them again!" Hayden exclaimed.

"You don't know that H, we could." Olly said weakly.

"The chances are scarily slim." He gave him a stern look, "They won't last long without us."

"Dad did a great job looking after all 5 of us when it first happened, he can look after mom and Holly." Olly replied.

Their dad taught them everything they knew about fighting, killing zombies and survival.

Hayden nervously chewed on his nails, "What if.."

Olly was confused, "What if what?"

"What if they die and I never got to say goodbye."

"I never got to say goodbye either!" Olly half shouted.

"You kinda did! I gave them nothing to hold onto, nothing. We need to find them so I can have the chance to say goodbye." Hayden was distraught at the fact that him and his parents and sister had been spilt up. They were his rock.

"If we find them, we wouldn't have to say goodbye." Olly said.

Hayden smiled and pulled his younger brother in for a hug. "And thank you for turning back around, thank you for saving us."

Hayden said 'us' instead of Annie because there was no way he would have left her; if she were to die that way, he would too.

"What are brothers for?" Olly asked as he smiled into Hayden's shoulder.

A jagged breath interrupted the touching moment. Within the same second, Hayden was at Annie's side.

Annie was asthmatic and all the running had caused her to loose control of her breathing. She needed a paper bag, or her inhale.

"Just keep concentrating on breathing in and out babe, that's right, in and out." Hayden soothed as he pulled her ginger hair off of her sweaty forehead.

The breathing routine she managed for a short while had spiralled out of control, Annie was shuddering violently an gasping like a fish out of water. Hayden placed a hand on each of Annie's green cheeks.

"Annie, Annie look at me. Just breath okay, breath."

His calm voice didn't help, Annie was now grinding her teeth together to stop her for screaming out.

Olly timidly stepped forward, "Is that blood on her jumper?"

Hayden looked down Annie's torso to see a growing red stain just above her left breast.

All the colour washed from Hayden's face, "Annie, is that your blood?"

Annie fought hard with her voice to stay even, "From the b-barbed wire.. I wasn't - bit. It, it was- when I.. got caught." She explained.

"Annie.." Hayden said sternly, already tears were forming in his eyes.

A single tear fell down Annie's cheek.

He reached up to the collar of her jumper and pulled it down. Her chest was covered in blood, her bra cup was soaked and just above it were 8 distinct open wounds of teeth marks.

"No." Hayden whispered.

Olly ran his hands through his hair in distress.

"When? W-when did one bite you?" He asked reluctantly, not that the information would make him feel any better.

"When I-I was pinned ... against the car... f-frozen." She explained. "It's my fault.."

"No!" Hayden protested. "I shouted have forced you to-" he burst into sobs, "-this is all my fault!"

"Shut u-up Hayden, don't you.. dare say that.. Or even th-think it!" She half shouted but struggled to string her sentence together. "I'd do anything f-for Holly, she's m-my little sister... I'd die for her."

And she was.

Hayden pressed his forehead to hers. He knew what he would have to do.

He and the rest if camp realised that your turned into a zombie once you died when an old man died of a heart attack. He changed and killed his own daughter who couldn't kill her own father. This was when they found out that they all carried the infection.

"I can't do it Annie, I can't." He cried.

Olly bit his fist to hold back his tears.

"You're going to.. have t-to. Otherwise.. I'll hurt y-you and Olly."

"But I love you." Hayden was now hysterical.

"And that's why you n-need to... I don't want to b-be a zombie... You need to s-stop it from happening." Annie replied, she was taking longer gaps to speak. "And I love you too Hayden.. now let me go ...and don't let me turn." Her voice had dropped into a whisper.

"I won't, I promise." Hayden gave in.

He pressed his lips to Annie, and surprisingly she returned the kiss although her lips were as cold as ice.

"Bye Olly," she smiled.

Olly chocked on his tears, "Bye An,"

"I love you always H," Annie said and lifted her hand to his face and cupped his cheek.

Hayden placed his hand over hers and she went limp. Her head tipping slightly to the side.

"Annie?!" Hayden said, "ANNIE!"


Hayden and Olly stood over Annie's dead body the night. It was too soon to venture out of the cave. The herd might not have passed yet, but morning rose and they couldn't leave Annie's body any longer, it was a ticking time bomb.

"You've got to do it man." Olly said.

"I know, and I will." Hayden replied.

Her body was laid covered in flowers. Hayden kneeled by her head. He ready his knife by the top if her head, he didn't want to go through an eye or between the two, he wanted to keep her face beautiful.

"I love you Annie," he said as he thrusted the knife through the top of her skull and into her brain.


Poor Hayden!! Annie was his true love and a member of The Jones family. I hope this chapter have you a good insight on Hayden's past relationship and the brother's relationship with their 14 year old sister. X


Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

ElyseStyle ElyseStyle

Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

ElyseStyle ElyseStyle

Love it, Lily and Bella bonded how sweet anyhoo great chapter can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)

MoMo_chan92 MoMo_chan92

thank you! :D

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Hahaha thank you so much!!! X

walkingrosie walkingrosie